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  1. Search Engines (Gen. Philatelic - for clubs, people, companies)
    Dr Peter G. Aitken's Philatelic Search Engine
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resources
        : Including: Newsgroups

    American Philatelic Society, .us-PA
    Cite: Clubs USA
    See Also : APS Speciality Societies

    AskPhil's Specialty (& Topical) Organizations Engine

    Joe Luft's Resources on the Web
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resources

    NetCollections (Resources)

    Search Stamps.com
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resources

    StampSites.com [Linn's Stamp News] .us-OH
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    See Also: Index Entry : Resources
  2. Searchable Databases (for stamps)
    All World Stamps [Stanley Gibbions]
    Cite: currently homepage only: Stamp News section

    CoolStamps [topicals], .us-CA

    Stamp Dealers International (SDI), .us-FL

    StampFinder.com/TopicalStamps.com [Taylor Clark Gallery] (Affilate) .us-FL

    Zillions of Stamps - Linn's Stamp News, .us-OH
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    See Also:
    Search Engines (not exclusively philatelic) a Category
  3. Science : Topical Catelory
    See Also:
    Index Terms : Physicists    
  4. Scouts / Scouting : Topical Category
    See Also:
    > Scout and Guide Stamps - /~ptoneman/
    > Scouts on Stamps - Hallvard Sletteb�
    > Scout Stamps - Berthold DH Sinaulan
    >Scouts & Badges, by Roberto Basso (philately)
    > Catalogo en Linea (on-line { Scouts } Catalog)
    >The Scout Movement, by: P. Cangelaris (Greek dipolmat, collector) (in Engl.)
    > Scout and Guide Charity Christmas Posts in Great Britain
        "Welcome to what I believe is the only website devoted to the study of the Postal Services operated by The Scouts & Guides in Great Britain. .." - John Crabbe, c.2006
    See Also:
    > Scouting Museum
  5. Lenz, Heinrich [ Alt URL] (sales: Scouts) .de
  6. Sculpture - in French ; a category at Coppoweb
    Cite: Topicals : The Arts : Sculpture  
  7. Ships (Transportation Category
    Incl: Ships-Stamps Mailing List (Transportation: By Sea
    See Also:
    > Ships on Stamps - Paulo Pacheco
    > Ships on Stamps - Jostein Simonsen
    > Ships on Stamps Unit (ATA)
    2750, Highway 21 East, Paint Lick, KY 40461
    > Ship Stamp Society
    10 Heyes Dr., LYMM, Cheshire WA13 0PB, UK
  8. > Postage Stamps Depicting Nuclear Powered Ships - Michael Lenke, .de
    >Nautica Navyclub
    Driekoningweg 15, 8310 Brugge, Belgium
    (West Flanders Province)
    >Index Terms: Paquebot, Submarines  
  9. Shows / Exhibitions
    Stamp Shows Worldwide - Paul Edney, .us-HI
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resources
    See Also: Fixed Shows
    Movable US Shows (different cities every year)
    Stamps World London 90 - Victor Manta, .ch
  10. Socer (aka Football) See : Sports  
  11. Space : Category
    (xRef.: Topicals: Transports: by Air)
    Including clubs and:
    -= S P A C E���S T A M P S =- � Sergey Okun
    'Designed as a part of "COSMONAUTICS" Encyclopedia by Aleksandr Zheleznyakov'
    Cite: Topicals: Space
    and more...
    See Also:
    > Espace MultiCollections, .fr
    > XA Space Pages
    > Soviet Dogs in Space - Their Stories on Stamps - Ed Dietz
    Cite : Topicals : The Environment : Fauna : Dogs
    > Space & Astronomy Stamps - Edward A. Locke
    > Space Memorabilia - Pedro Almeida
    >Index Entries: Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Aviation ...
    >Clubs Topical Index : Space  
  12. Specialty (& Topical) Organizations Search Engines:   
    AskPhil - Cite: Topicals : Introductions

    APS Speciality Societies Search Engine
    xRef: Clubs : USA
    Cite: Topicals : Introductions
  13. Specimen Stamps, UPU - Robert Buxton
    See Also : Specialized Collecting : Postage v. Other
  14. Sports - See: Topicals : Sports (Category)
    See Also:
    > Volleyball - Gunter Pilz
    > Sports Stamps Checklists - Larry Elliott
    >Society of Olympic Collectors
      258 Torrisholme Rd., Lancaster LA1 2TU, UK
  15. >Olympic Philatelic Society
      PO Box 733, Silverdale, WA 98383-0733, USA
    > Association Fran�aise des Collectionneurs Olympiques et Sportifs
    Maison du Sport Fran�ais, 1 Avenue Pierre de Coubertin, 75013 Paris, France
    24, Chemin de Pr� la Dame, 74210, FAVERGES, France ; 2 found
    >Belgian Olympic Philatelic Club
    Avenue Pre au Bois 10, 1640 Rhode Saint Genese, Belgium
    >>cf.: Belgian Olympic Philatelic Club, Wetteren, Belgium
    >Cricket Philatelic Society
    30 Pinewoods Avenue, West Hagley, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 0JF, England  
  16. Stamp Issuing Entities (SIE) : Our National Philatelic Directory  
  17. Stamps On Stamps - See : Specialized Collecting : Category
    >See Also:
  18. Stamps On Stamps - Mark Knopfler
  19. Stamps on Stamps Collectors Club
    CA 94025, USA
  20. Stamps on Stamps Centenary Unit ; need addr
  21. Stamps on Stamps Collectors Club, CA 94025, USA
  23. Stationery, Postal
    Postal Stationery of Denmark 1871-1905, Lars Engelbrecht, Lars@, .dk
    (The "Bi-Coloured" Issue)

    PostalStationery.com - Henry Stevens, @ (collects, sells) .us-NH 03809
    Featuring: U.S. Postal Stationery Entires and Postal Cards
    Article: Advertising On Wrappers by Allen Mintz (via Henry Stevens)
    Henry Stevens' List of Collectors E-mails: 9/2001
    Steven Whitcombe: U.S. Postal Cards showing Railroad usages.
    Dan Undersander: U.S. Stationery collector
    Dave Mortenson: U.S. Stationery collector, cut squares and postal cards
    Jim Parmiter: 1863 Nesbitt "Black Jack" Issue Specialist
    D. John Shultz: U.S. Stationery 1930 to date, including Airmails and Officials
    Milan Eemik: Postal Stationery of Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Bohemia, Moravia, Germany and Austria
    Dennis Schmidt: U.S. Stationery collector specializing in U.S. Officials

    See Also : Topical Clubs Index: 'Stationery'

  24. Stitchery-Textiles, Embroidery- ; a unit of the ATA; unofficial
    Catatex Stamps - Derry Whyte  
  25. Submarines
    Submarines - Ron Martini

    Submarines, Russian - Vadim Lapin ; ck

    See Also:
    Index Terms: Ships

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