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  • Paleontology On Stamps - Mario A. Galan, El Salvador
    Cite: Topicals Dir.: The Physical World  
  • Paquebot (Ship markings & cancels)
  • Paquebot - Richard Konkolski
  • Paquebot Cancellations - Robert JB Wilson
  • Paquebot Marks of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden
    - by Edwin Drechsel- PB, P Lowe 1977 ~ �2.50
  • Paquebot Marks of Africa, the Mediterranean Countries and Their Islands
    - by Edwin Drechsel- PB, P Lowe 1981 ~ �7.50
    >See Also:
  • Maritime Postmark Society, OH 44282, USA
  • Index Entries : Ships, Cancels
  • Parrots - See: Birds    
  • Perfins (or 'SPIFS')
  • Alternative Collecting Growing in Popularity
    "Several generations of stamp collectors have been "educated" that stamps with holes in them were 'damaged'. ..."
    (pin hole 'pre-cancelations' by businesses, gov't ... control marks to deter theft or misuse)
  • perfins.it, Italy
    collezionisti di francobolli perforati dalle aziende e dalle banche per personalizzarli e prevenire furti.
    collectors of stamps perforated by companies and banks to customize and prevent theft. (Perfins / SPIFS)

    See: Index Entries: Precancel, Cancels
    See Also :
    Clubs : Topical Index : Perfins
    Glossary : Perfins
  • Permits, Postal
  • Mailer's Postmark Permit Club, OH 44473, USA
  • People on Stamps
  • Wikipedia's List of people on stamps of the United States (c.2009)
  • Petroleum
  • Petroleum - The Black Gold - Prof. Carlos D.S. Soares, @, .br
    Alt?/Diff. URL: Petroleum- The Black Gold - Carlos D.S. Soares  
  • Physicists on Stamps, .de
    See Also :
    Index Terms : Science
  • Plants - See : Flora  
  • Plate Number
  • Plate Number Single Society, American, IN 46167, USA
  • Plate Number Coil Collectors Club (PNC3)
    Ronald E. Maifeld PWO
      3603 Bellows Ct., Troy, MI 48083, USA
  • Plate Block Stamp Company (new issues, WW) .us-KS 66206
  • Durland Standard Plate Number Catalog - Kim D. Johnson (Editor) [BIA]
    via Barnes & Noble
  • Poets
    Cite: The Arts : Literature
    Esp.: 'Literature' category at Coppoweb  
  • Polar Philately - See: Category: Polar Regions
    Categoy Includes:
    >Arbeitsgemeinschaft Polarphilatelie (Polar Philately Study Group)
    >Philatelie polaire
    > Polar Philately - Andre Loutchko, .SE
    > Polar Philately Mailing List - M. de Jong
       also Cite: Gen. Links : Resources : Mailing Lists
    >PolarPost Online [GR], .de
    and more...
    >See Also:
    > Polar - Alsace Philat�lie Polaire
    > Norwegian polar philately - Mathias Bjerrang (alt or diff?) > All about Polar-stamps, .nl
    >and see: Index Entry: Antarctic
  • Post Offices (current) See Category : ( Postal Authorities )  
  • Post Offices, Army (APO)
    > Greenland WW2 Censor's & APO's [EN] Mr. Per Ronberg, @ [PWO], .dk
    > A Price Guide To U.S. A.P.O. Cancels of the Second World War
      - by Jim Forte & Richard W. Helbock, .us-NV
    >APO Handbook - Mil. Postal History Soc.; via R. Kinsley
  • Post Offices, Rail (RPO) - aka: Mobile PO's See: Rail or Railways
    See Also:
    >Mobile Post Office Society, GA 30648, USA
    And/Cite: Topical: Transportation: By Rail - esp. via Swanson
  • Postal Agents : See Category
  • Postal Authorities : Category
  • Postal Entities (Stamp Issuing) : Category  
  • Postal History

    See : Philately : Postal History (Category)
    Includes: Postal History Societies Listings - A WORLDWIDE LIST ! ; '404' c.200801
    and Linn's: Reference: Postal History Societies by State in the US
    Note: you can sign up at Linn's and view it free.
    xRef.: Topical Dir.: Transportation

    See Also:
    Philately : Regions : World :
    Stuart Rossiter Trust, UK

    "Postal History publishing, and sale of books, sponsorship of authors and postal history research, through grants, guidance and support - are the main objectives of the Stuart Rossiter Trust. The trust is a Registered Charity Number 292076."
    Clubs : Name Index : Postal..
    Clubs : Topical : Postal History
  • Postal Memorabilia
    >Stamp Box Society
    PO Box 54, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA5 4ED, England
    >Postal Order Society, The
    1 Fairham Court, Wilford, Nottingham, England, UK ; zip?

  • Postal Stationery:
    > Postal Stationery Society
    4 Greenhill Gardens, Sutton Veny, Warminster, Wilts BA12 7AY, UK
    > Postal Stationery Society of Australia
    P.O.Box 2124, Ascot, Queensland 4007, Australia
    > Postal Stationery & Postal History Society of Australia
    GPO Box 4, Adelaide, SA 5001, Australia

  • Postcards:
    > Postcard History Society, VA 22110, USA  

  • Postmarks - (Cagtegory)
    >> See Also:
    > Postmarks Collectors Club
    23381 Greenleaf Blvd, Elkhart IN 46514-4504, USA
    > Post Mark Collectors Club
    9226 Mellenbrook Rd., Columbia, MD 21045-1816, USA
    > Maritime Postmark Society, OH 44282, USA
    > Mailer's Postmark Permit Club, OH 44473, USA
    >Italian Postmark Collectors, National Association of
    via Petrarca 12, [email protected], I-10126 Turin, Italy
    >PostMark Mailing List, The
    > Postmarks, Br C'wealth - Robert S. Cragg

  • Precancel(s)
    > Precancels.com
    > Precancels - Michael Hynes
  • >>>Commercial:
    >Dick & Marie Laetsch (Precanceled Stamps) .us-ME 04074
    >See Also:
    Index Entries: Perfins, Cancels
    Topical Clubs Index : Precancel  

  • Printers / Printing (Stamp)
    > Stamp Printing and Production [EN] Rein B. Van Den Brink, @ PWO, .NL
    >How A Stamp Is Born [EN] - Swedish Post - Cite: Exhibits  
    See Also:
    >Stamp2.com: Mailing Equipment Suppliers & Printers
    >Our review of World Stamp Expo 2000 featuring printers.
    >Dealers Topical Index : Printers
    >Index Entries: ATM Labels, Designers, Stamp, Artistamps  

  • Provisionals, Postmaster
    º The Story of the St. Louis "Bears" - Gnome Village .us-OR 97520
    "... among the greatest of United States stamp rarities. .."  

  • Publications
     º See: Basic Collecting : News Sources

     º See Also:
    º Philatelic Exporter - Graham R Phillips, Editor (Stamp Trade Journal), .uk-
      'Incorporating The Philatelic Trader, Wholesale Philatelic Post'
    º Stamp Today - O. Neufeld, @ (online magazine) - 12/1 -
    A function of Collector Today: '... a non-profit website that looks to provide up to the minute news and information pertaining to the art and collecting world.'

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