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  1. Obituaries
    Stamp2 Obit. Column
  2. Occussi-Ambeno
    Arrive by Occussi-Ambeno's Airship Express Service
    The Sultanate of Occussi-Ambeno is an enclave on the island of Timor.

    "In fiscal year 2006 most foreign exchange was acquired through the Sultanate's Philatelic Bureau, and from exports of high quality
    hallucinogenic mushrooms

    manufactured in State-owned factories
    scattered throughout Okusi-Ambeno. "

    Member: International Council of Independent States (ICIS)


  3. Oceania (Pacific Ocean region)
    ->See Also:
    Jane's Oceania Home Page - Jane Resture, @ (not philatelic)
      Especially the PNG dispute on Bougainville Island
  4. Olympics
    Olympic Philatelic Federation (FIPO), International
    Incl.: Internationale Motivgruppe Olympiaden und Sport
      [.de FIPO study group]
    Cite: Topicals : Sports
    See Also:
    º Olympics 1996 Stamps - Fabio Garret de Melo, .BR
    º Ukrainian Philatelic & Numismatic Society, .CA
      (Ukranian Olympic Stamps)
    º Olympic Stamp Stories - Roy Tapan
    with an online Olympic E-Album and Olympic Quiz.
  5. Opera - A Philatelic History - Paul den Ouden
    Cite: Topicals: The Arts: Music
  6. Ornithological Listing, Birds - - by Victor Ng Thow Hing, .ca-ON
    Cite: Topicals : Birds and Fowl

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