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  1. Machin (a GB Definitives series or GB speciality)
    -> See Also: Philately Index : Great Britain
  2. Machine Cancel Society, .us  
  3. Mailing Lists, Philatelic : Category
  4. Magazines -> See : Commercial Directory : News Resources
    -> See Also: Publications
  5. Malaria -> See: Medicine  
  6. Maps
    Carto Philatelics (maps on stamps) Menno-Jan Kraak, .nl  
  7. Maritime
    -> See : Topical Dir. : The Physical World : The Sea
    -> See Also:
    Topical Dir. : Transportation : By Sea
    Clubs Topical Index : Maritime
  8. Masks Study Unit - Cite: Topicals : The Arts : Misc.  
  9. Mathamatics / Mathematicians
    º Mathematicians on Postage Stamps, Images of - Jeff Miller, @, .us-FL
      He teaches High School math.
      old: www.geocities.com/mathstamps/
     : and who provided the following links on his site:
  10. Motivsammlung Mathematik
  11. Isaac Newton on Postage Stamps by David Stone
  12. Home page of Bert Jagers
  13. A Selective History of Science on Stamps
  14. Physicists on postage stamps
  15. Physicists on currency
  16. The Stamps of Archimedes Page
  17. Mathematical Study Unit of the American Topical Association and the American Philatelic Society.
  18. Mathematische Philatelie in German
  19. Mathematical Stamp Collecting
  20. First-day covers with World Mathematical Year stamps
  21. Mathematiker und mathematische Motive auf Briefmarken
  22. Heinz Klaus Strick home page
  23. Postage Stamps and the History of Mathematics
  24. French Mathematicians on Postage Stamps

º Mathematics on Stamps - Wil Clarke
  (Pres.: Riverside Stamp, CA 92507, USA)

º Mathematics - Oliver Faulhaber, .de

º Mathematics on Stamps Webring
  (By/See Also: RingSurf)

->See Also:
º Topical Clubs Index : Mathamatics
  • Maximaphily
    º Maximaphily Group of Israel
    cf: Maximaphilatelic Club, The
    P.O.Box 183, Netanya 42101, Israel
  • Medicine
    º Zwerdling Nursing Archives
    (Postcards of the Nursing Profession (1893-), Michael Zwerdling (RN), USA
    -> See Also : Topicals : The Arts : Medicine
      Inclucing : diseases (Malaria ...
      the Medical Philately Study Group and more..)

    United Nation's WHO - The World Health Organization (Wikipedia's WHO entry) The United Nations public health arm. Monitors disease outbreaks, assesses the performance of health systems around the globe..
    USA's Center for Disease Concrol (CDC)
  • Meteorites - Philip R. "Pib" Burns
    Cite: Topicals : Space
  • Meter Stamps
    See Also: ATM Stamps
    º Specialized Collecting : The Meter Stamp - E-Postage   
  • Military
    º Naval Postal History, .fr
    º Nederlande Militaire Postmerken, .nl
    Some Dealers:
    º Modern Military Mail Collection (sic) , fr
    º Modern Military Mail

    º Military Postal History
      - incl. censored postal history
    Roger A. Barton (c.2014)
    P.O. Box 642, Peterborough PE7 8WR, U.K.
    Telephone: +44 (01) 733 246410
    old: ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/rogerbarton1/

    >See Also:
    º Index Entries : Censored Mail, Post Office, Army (APO)
    º Topical Clubs Index : Military  
  • Minerals (diamonds etc.) - See: Topicals : The Physical World
    See Also: Rocks, Fossils and 'Mines or Mining'
  • Motive, Motivgruppe (aka: 'Topics' or 'Themes' ..)
    -> See: Index Entry: 'Topical'
    e.g.: Internationale Motivgruppe Olympiaden und Sport [study group]
    Cite: Topicals : Sports
  • Motorcycle - Stacey Lynn
    dead: http://members.xoom.com/wpbs/stamps/ ; 9/1
  • Motor Racing - Carlos
  • MP3 - See Index Entry: 'Music  
  • Museums: (Philatelic)
    .ae: Emerites Postal Museum (official?)
    Cite: Entities Index : UAE

    .uk: line-engraved.co.uk - An online 'Museum'
      incl. the I.T. Pickering Collection of Maltese Cross Cancellations
    Ref.: UK Dealer menu,
    Ref.: UK Dlr: Mark Bloxham, .uk-TW
    Cite: Entities : British Empire

    .us: Newport Postcard Museum, The - Federico Santi, .us

    .us: Viet Nam War Museum: Philatelic Collection -
    Cite : Entities : US Philately Page

    .us: Cardinal Spellman Philatelic Museum (know to have a url)
    Regis College, 235 Wellesley, Weston, MA, USA
    cf:: Waltham Stamp Club, MA 01752, USA

    .ch: Museum of the Order of Malta, .ch

    .ch : Museum of Communication, Berne, Switzerland
    Exhibits link has descriptions which are primarily about stamps and postal exhibits at the museum! 7/27/00 aj
    Museum of Commucication, Helvitiastrasse 16
    CH - 3000 Berne 6 - Tu-Sun 10a-5p

    .fr: Museum of the Post Office (France); official? ; /~scherer/

    .fr: Postal history of the VAR [FR]
    'the museum of the stamp in the LUC' (.fr)
    Cite: Entities Index : UAR - ?

    .de: German museums of the communication of Bonn, Berlin, Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Hamburg.
    (Station, philately, telecommunications)

    .gr: Hellenic Ministry of Culture: Philatelic Museum, .gr
    Cite: Entites Index : Greece

  • .au: Kerryelles Collectors Museum,
    Lot 204 Gordon Rd, Mandurah, WA 6210, Australia (post code?)

  • .mc: Postal Museums of Morroco, Morroco

  • .nl: Netherlands Antilles' Postal Museum, Netherlands
    Cite: Dealers : .nl (U)

  • .ph : Postal Museum and Philatelic Library (PMPL), Philippines
    Cite: Dealers : .ph
    See Also:
    Philatelic Museums & Libraries (directory) Graeme Sherman, .UK ('404')

    Stamp Libraries & Museums - (directory) Stamps2.com, .SG

    Addresses of Museums and Bookshops Philatelic, .de ; ck

    .cz (data): Prague, CZ Museum Guide (directory) .nl
    Cite: Topicals : Transportation: By Rail)

    .us Smithsonian Encyclopedia of Postal History, Washington DC, USA

    .uk Bath Postal Museum, .uk

    See Also: Index Entry : Libraries (Philatelic)  
  • Museums: (primarily Non-Philatelic)
    > Maritime Archaeology Museum
    > Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, CA, USA
    > Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Virtual Aircraft Museum, .ee
    Cite: Specialized Collecting : Postal History : by Air : See Also  
    See Also:
    > Museums Around the World (.gov.eg) ; incl. philatelic listing  
  • Music - See: Topicals : Music Category
    MP3 Search - Lycos Music - [Cite]
    Musicians on the Stamps of Israel - Sam Zwetchkenbaum [Cite]
    Musique (music) [FR]; a category at Coppoweb [Cite]
    Philatelic Music Circle - Ian Summers, .uk, Cathleen Osborne, .us [Cite]
    Musical Stamps Motivgruppe [Cite]
    and more ....
  • Mushrooms - See : Topicals : Flora

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