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  1. ICQ Numbers : a list (1)
  2. Identification, Stamp - See: Glossaries & Identifiers
    See Also Our : Philatelic Markings Identifier
  3. Illegal Stamps
    º AskPhil's: Directory of UPU Illegal Stamp Notices
    and The Salm 'List of Labels Purporting to Be Stamps'
      Cite: Basic Collecting : Glossaries & Identifiers
    See Also:
    º Stamps We Should Resist
      Cite: Topicals : Introductions
    º Index Entry: Fake Stamps

  4. International Council of Independent States
    A stamp issuing entity! c.2008
    World Headquarters, @execs :
    P.O. Box 876, Auckland, New Zealand
    Cite : Topic : Occussi-Ambeno
  5. Insects - See: Topicals : The Natural World : Insects
    º Insects On Stamps
  6. (a Yahoo! club)
    See Also: Butterflies  
  7. Insulators
    º Insulators on Postage Stamps - Jill Meier
    Cite: Topicals : Technology
    See Also:
    Index Entry : Ceramics  
  8. Insurance
    -> See Also: Dealer's Topical Index: Insurance

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