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  1. Balloons
    > Balloon in Philately - Balloon Mail [EN] Markus Wydera, @1, @2, @3, .de
    > Balloon Stamps - Krzysztof Stanecki, .pl
    > Balloon Mail - Rob Leigh, .us-
    > Albert M. Schneider, France: Expertization of Balloon Mail (and France)
    >Balloon Post Collectors Club
    P.O.Box 25, Deerfield, IL 60015-0025, USA
  2. See Also:
    >Topicals : Transportation #
    >Index Entry : Aircraft
  3. Baseball - See: Topical Category: Sports
  4. Battleship Revenue Stamps - R. Mustacich .us-CA
  5. Bat Stamps, .de  
  6. Bears on Postage Stamps - Terri Waddell
    Lists 5+ good webrings.
    old: http://terriwaddell.www4.50megs.com/Bears/Bear_Stamps.html  
  7. Bibliographies (in this work)
    Postal Agents & Authorities : pa-bib
    Glossaries & Identifiers : id-bib.htm
    Philatelic (general) : mined.htm ; original/dated
    Basic Collecing : bas-bib.htm
    Reference Materials (research) : referenc.htm
    Reference Materials (original) : 0312.htm
    Entities Menu Bibliography : bib.htm
  8. Bicycles

    º Bicycles on Stamps - Gunther Popperl
    º Bicylces Stamps Gallery - ___, .de
    ->See Also : Topicals : Transports: Bicycles


  9. Birds
    º F�glar (birds), Frim�rken & Vykort - Jan-Erik Malmstigen, .se
    º Europas fugle (birds) p� Europas Frim�rker - Steen Clausen, .dk
      er et gennemillustreret katalog over Europas fuglefrim�rker.
    º Parrots on Stamps - Joanna Karocka, .pl
      parrot-stamps.emernet.pl/ '404' c.2008
    -> See Also: Topicals : Environment : Birds & Fowl
  10. Black History - See : Topicals : Peoples
  11. Bogus Stamps - See: Fake, Forgery
  12. BOOKS - See: Category
    See Also:
    »Fundamentals of Philately - by Williams & Williams - a classic.
    ...(an Ad) Cite: Basic Collecting: Menu Page
    And 'Advertisers':
    »Amazon.com books
    »Barnes & Noble books   
  13. Booklets (including or just stamps)
    >Booklets International (sales: US, GB, .nl ..WW) .nl
    See Also:
    Topical Clubs Index : Booklets
  14. Booklets (covers only; as Ephemera: no stamps)
    º cf. Canady Consultants (dealer)
    º cf. Myron Hyman (dealer) .us-NY
    º cf. Tim Odom (article author)
  15. Breast Cancer - See: Cancer
  16. Bridges
    º Bridges & Philately - Odd Johansen
    º Bridge on Philately - Fabrizio Munaroni
    º Bridges of the World on Postage Stamps
    º Les Ponts et Leurs Representations en Philatelie -
    Art, Architecture, Historie et Ralations Humaines, M. Wagner, .fr
  17. Butterflies
    º Butterfly Stamps - M. Higashide
    º Butterflies and Moths on Stamps - Karl Rabsilber, .de
    See Also:
    º Lepidoteca, La (sales: Butterflies for Stamp collectors), .es
  18. Byzantine Art on Stamps - Ann Mette Heindorff

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