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  1. Fakes, Forgeries and Experts Journal (Scandinavia), Jonas Hallstrom (Editor c.2015), Knud Mohr (1st Editor c.????)
    Published by Postiljonen AB
    "Yearly book written by philatelic experts concerning fakes, forgeries and expertising."
    Cite : Dealers : Sweden {.se}
  2. Feldpost der Belgier in Deutschland nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg 1918-1935
    (Field Post of the Belgians in Germany after the First World War)
    via: German (Deutsche) Wikipeda
  3. Fido Stamp Society - Stamp trading ring, .uk
  4. Filahome Magazine (& Encyclopedia) {Philatelic, Online}, Ruud Van Capelleveen
    Cite : Dealers : .nl
    Cite : News : News (sources)
    xRef : Dealers : Index : F
  5. Filatelia e Francobolli
    " Il sito dei collezionisti per i collezionisti." (The site for collectors to collectors.)
    Includes a Forum, a Market ... online.
    Cite : Philately : Research : Italy
  6. Filatelia Specializzata
    Catalogo online delle serie ordinarie del "REGNO" e della "REPUBBLICA".
    Online Catalog of the Kingdom of Italy and the Italian Republic
    Cite : Philately : Research : Italy
  7. filatelie (a Dutch philatelic resources website), 8/10 = c.201008
    Cite: Dealers : Netherlands : See Also
    xRef: Philately : Topical Index : Resources
  8. First Stamp Album for Beginners, A (Revised Ed. 2004) - Dover Children's Activity Books by Robert Obojski
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List
  9. First Day Cover Webring
    Cite : Basics : Specialized Collecting : FDC's
  10. First German Settlers Land in America 1683-1983, Davitt Publications
    Cite : Philately : Research : USA
    xRef.: Philately : Research : Germany : See Also
  11. First Issue Reserved Edition (F.I.R.E.) - Pyrodise Distributers (fictitious U.S. postage stamps)
    Cite: Philately : USA
  12. Fleeing from the Fuhrer: A Postal History of Refugees from the Nazis , by William Kaczynski, Charmian Brinson
    Cite : Philately : Research : Israel
  13. ForumFrancobolli (online stamp forums from stamps to postal history)
    Cite : Philately : Research : Italy
  14. Francobolli: storie di uomini e di mondi, di Antonio Panichelli (...philately, the passion for stamps...)
    Cite : Philately : Research : Italy
  15. Francobolli della Repubblica Sociale Italiana , by Giorgio Bifani
    Site Monograph: (the Italian Social Republic) with pictures and news related to the period.
    Cite : Philately : Research : Italy
  16. French islands: A priced catalogue to the postal history of the
    islands of the north and west coasts of France
    , by O. W. Newport
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : France
  17. Fun and Profit in Stamp Collecting , by Herman Herst, Jr.
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List
  18. Fundamentals of Philately, by L.N. Williams (aka: Williams & Williams)
    Cite : Dealers : USA : FL
    Cite : Basic Collecting : Some Books...
    Cite : Hompage
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List
  19. Funk and Wagnalls Guide to the World of Stamp Collecting:
    The Joys of Stamp Collecting for the Beginning and Advanced Philatelist
    , by Viola Ilma
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List

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