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Association internationale des éditeurs de Catalogues de Timbres-poste

'ASCAT' is .. recognized worldwide together with FIP and IFSDA as an able partner of UPU for the solution of the most important philatelic problems.

The Secretariat maintains a permanent contact with the postal authorities all over the world and carries out intensive public relations with the most important organizations, the philatelic press and the general public.

Our initiative to release the "ASCAT small lexicon of Philately" was a great success and ... 30,000 copies have already been distributed all over the world with exceptionally favorable results both in publicity and prestige.

ASCAT participates at all the major philatelic exhibitions with an imposing stand where hundreds of calatogues published in 28 different countries are on display and available for free consultation by the public.

ASCAT has now undertaken an active campaign against the flood of new issues, particularly those produced by territories, provinces or islands which are an integral part of the territory of a sovereign country and for which there is no postal justification whatsoever.

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