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  1. U-Collect.com (online 'classifieds' - See: Trajan Publishing Corp.) .ca-ON
  2. U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
    Cite: Clubs : USA : Gen. Info.
  3. The U.S. Collector, The - Bill Howard (Stamps, P/H Covers & Vintage Photographs) .us-
    U.S. Collector, The - Bill Howard, .us- ; diff URL
  4. U.S. Stamp Specialists
    old: www.netten.net/specialists/stamp.htm ; '404' 8/2
  5. Ukrainian Philatelic Resources, .us-VA 22150
  6. Ume 98 - Toshihiko Tanaka, .jp
  7. UN Stamps.com - Bruce M. Moyer (UN stamps & covers) .us-PA 18046 [U, E]
    {aka: Valley Stamp & Coin, Inc.
    aka: Bruce M. Moyer Stamps & Collectibles)
  8. Underwood, Fred (US) .us-
    www.stampdealers.com/Underwood/ ; '404'; resolves into B.A.D. Stamps
  9. UNIFICATO - Commercianti Italiani Filatelici s.r.l. (catalog: Italy & Western Europe), .it
    xRef : Philately : Italy
    old: www.eder.it/hobbynet/cif/ing/cifing.htm  
  10. Unicover World Trade Corp. - S. K. McConnell (Fleetwood FDC's, New Issues 'at face': .au, .be, .cn, .mh, .fr, .nz, .se, .si, .se ; Agency) .us-WY 82008
  11. Unimex Ltd (N. Korea; Agent) .dk
  12. Union Filatelica S.A. (.com), 08005 Barcelona, .es
  13. Uniphila sarl - Dominique Foy (ww), .fr
  14. Unique Estate Appraisals - Dave and Karen Bowers (stamps, antiques, postcards; eBay) .us-OR
    aka/now: Stamps and Coins . com
  15. Unistamps (Public Auctions), .il
  16. United Nations Philatelists, Inc. {A society} - Dennis Hamilton (UN: Members only auctions), .us-
  17. United Philatelic Service - Daniel P. Rosenberg (U.S. Postal Stationary), .us-CA
  18. United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing (online shop) .us-
    Cite: Entities : USA
    Cite: Dealers : USA Menu : See Also (no frames only)
  19. United States FDC (US, Elvis, Disney, etc)
  20. United States Mint, .gov.us-
    Cite: Dealers : USA Menu : See Also (no frames only)
  21. United States Stamp Co., Inc. - Warren J. Sankey (Retail Store, Supplies, Topicals, Worldwide), .us-CA
  22. Unitrade Associates - Al (Gino) Casa (catalogs, books & supplies incl. Unisafe products), .ca-ON
    (publishes - esp.: a Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps)
  23. Univers Philatelie - Yves Dubuis (p/c, letters, supplies), .fr
  24. Univers Philatélique, L' (), .fr
  25. Universal Autographgraph Collectors Club, Inc., .us-FL  
  26. Universal (aka: Eastgate C & S) Coin & Stamp - Craig Rosen (Agent) .za  
  27. Universal Dealers Protection Society {UDPA} (Dealer Association), .uk-CH
  28. Universal Philatelic Auctions (postal auctions), .uk-GL
  29. Universal Philatelic Center - Albert Bizzarro & Jeanne Chapleau, .ca-QC
    aka:/q.v. Le Centre Philatelique Universel
  30. Universal Philatelic Service - Dale R. Davis (WW sets, Topicals, Packets, Wholesale; ZOS), .us-CA
  31. Universial Postal Union {U.P.U.} (sic), Switzerland
  32. Universal Stamp Studio - Johnny Sang (.cn, .tw, .hk, .au, .uk), .au-NSW
  33. Universal Stamps - Narayanaswamy & Rajagopal (Stamps, Cards, Covers, FDCs...), .in
  34. UniversalMail New Zealand (Personalized stamps, postcards..), .nz
  35. UniversalMail United Kingdom Limited (Personalized stamps...), .uk-LO
  36. University Stamp Co. Inc. / University Archives (Autographs, Retail/Wholesale: U.S. Classics; eBay), .us-CT
    aka: Ventura Stamp Co. / Ventura Galleries
  37. University Stamp Shop - E.H. Weisman [?] (stamps, supplies)
  38. Unley Coins & Stamps (), .au-SA 5061
  39. Uppsala Frimärksauktoner, .se
  40. Urch Harris & Co., .uk-KT
  41. URRUTIA Lopez de Robles, Ignacio (.com), 33207 Gijon, .es
  42. US Mints - Mark Leon (US mint, new issue svc), .us-NV
    cf 'Cappa'
  43. USA-All-The-Way -Gilbert Schaye (U.S. Classics, 19th Century, Fancy Cancels, Civil War), .us-NY  
  44. USID, Inc. (Stamp Finder's Collectibles Web Hosting & Design arm)
    cf: Taylor Clark Gallery , Topical Stamps.com , StampsNet
  45. Utopia Philatelic Services, Inc - Alan R. Hansen (BNA, GB, Br.C'wealth, USA, W.Europe), .ca-BC
  46. Utopia Stamps, .za
  47. Uxbridge Collectables - Frank Harris, .uk-

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