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  1. T., Micheal Y. (Retail Shop), .in
  2. TBR Stamps (U.S. Definitive Specialist; eBay)
  3. T/M Enterprises - Tina McMillan, @ SDI (approvals, W. Europe, Br C'wealth) .us-CA 93907 ; n/a
    Salina, CA - Tel/Fax: 831-663-3466
    Note: Tina is the Calif. Regional Director for SDI
  4. T. H. Richardson Duck Stamps - Thomas H. Richardson (Duck Stamps etc.), .us-CA
    etc.= Selling duck, fish and conservation stamps, prints, souvenir cards, old hunting and fishing licenses, and related paper collectibles.
  5. T. L. Q. (US, .mx, early covers), .us-TX
  6. T and T Philatelics - Gary Webb, .us-
  7. Tabakov, Vladimir (Wholesale Stamps) .bg
  8. TABERNER Palop, Jose Maria - Filatelia La Barraca S.L. (tienda), 46007 Valencia, .es
  9. Tacoma Mall Blvd. Coin & Stamp, Inc. - Karen M. Feldman (Retail Store : Appraisals, Plate Blocks, ww), .us-WA
  10. TAF Marketing, .cr
  11. Taff, James (CSA, Patriotics, .de, .us, p/s, rev.), .us-CA
  12. Tahoe Coins & Collectibles - Stanley L. Griffeth (U.S., Canada), .us-CA
  13. Taisei Stamps and Coins, .sg
  14. [Taiwan/Republic of] China Stamp Dealers' Association (CSDA), .tw
    xRef : Topical Dealers Index : Dealer Associations
  15. TALAVERA Garcia, Jesus~Jose - Filatelia Talavera S.L. (Guinea, Aerograms, .es ..), 28012 Madrid, .es
  16. Talbot, Paul (France, Topicals, Europe, British Commonwealth, online articles), .us-CA
    aka: Talbot, Paul (Mixtures, lots), .us-CT 06430
    82 Barlow Place, Fairfield
    Ref.: Postal Authorities: Andora (Andorra story)
  17. Tallisker Stamps - Gary Reynolds (), .au-ACT 2601
  18. Tam's Stamp Gallery (US, WW, Acces.), .us-TX
  19. Tanner, Albert G. (Postal History, Postcards, Cinderellas), .ca-BC
  20. Tanner's Children's Bookstore (albums, packets), .ca-BC
  21. Tarasouleas, Athanasios - .gr
  22. Tarasouleas, Constantine - .gr
  23. Target Auctions - James C. Young (Online Store: Bid/Buy/Sell, online auctions. Spec. WW, Topicals), .us-MO
  24. Targum Stamps - Daniel Lewenstein, .il '404' c.2015
  25. Tarraco Numismatics S.L. (.com), 43001 Tarragona, .es
  26. TARRE Barbany, Lluis del - Filatelia Lluis del Tarre (tienda), 08017 Barcelona, .es
  27. TARRE Coll, Francisco del - Filatelia Francisco del Tarre (.com), 08022 Barcelona, .es
  28. TARRE Noguer, Marta y Isabel y Jorge del - Filatelia Jordi del Tarre (tienda), 08010 Barcelona, .es
  29. Tasmanian Stamp Auctions - Ross Alwyn Ewington (Mail auctions, eBay auctions), .au-TAS 7006
  30. Taunton Stamp Shop, The - .uk-SO
  31. TAVORA Hernandez, E. - Numismatica Filatelia Hispalis (.com), 41004 Sevilla, .es
  32. Tay, Peng Hian (Expertization: Straits, Burma, East Indies) .sg
  33. Taylor, Bruce (.nf stamps, new issues), .nf
  34. Taylor, John & Mark (19th Century; all fields, 20th C. rarities), .uk-LO
  35. Taylor, Michael (book sales) .us-
    An Easy Guide to Regummed, Altered, and Faked Stamps
  36. Taylor, Robert ( .ca: varieties, Br. C'Wealth), .ca-ON
  37. Taylor, Scott - Scojo Stamps (Auction Agent) Bx, .us-MD 21660-0423
  38. Taylor, Stephen T. (US and Possessions, CSA: Stamps, Covers & Postal History {esp. Pre 1945}), .uk-SU
  39. Taylor, Thomas S. (.us, .ca, U.N.), .us-MI  
  40. Taylor Clark Gallery (Affilate) .us-FL
    Stamp Finder.com, Topical Stamps.com,
    USID, Inc.; StampsNet)
  41. Taylor's Stamp Shop / Southport Auctions, .uk-ME
  42. Tazi Tiger's Den - See: The Stamp Place - David Newell,
  43. TCNet Company (China, Hong Kong, Macau) .hk
    TCStamp (Hong Kong, Macau, China) - TC Net Company, .hk ; diff URL
  44. Teacher's Corner (albums, packets), .ca-BC
  45. Tecol International (Victor Slonim - United States)
  46. Teggia, Daniel Hugo Mello (Catalog de Sellos Postales Argentinos), .ar
  47. TEJERO DEL RIO, Angel Francisco - Creative Investiments S.R.L. (.com), 28xxx-x2 Madrid, .es
  48. Tel-Aviv Stamps (Y. Tsachor) Ltd. - Yacov Tsachor (mail auctions, .il expertization) .il
  49. Telah Smith {A-Bon Stamps} (), .us-OH
  50. Tematic.com (thematics, proofs) .es
  51. Terman Pty Ltd (), .au-SA 5070
  52. Terraphila - Dr. Peter Steinkamp (p/h, postal stationery) .de
  53. Terrasson Philatelie - Roland Sand (.fr & colonies, Polar, Europe, ww), .fr
  54. Terreaux, Michel et Paul (), .fr
  55. Terry A. Barnett (Fair Organizer, GB), .uk-ME
  56. Terry Kurzinski Stamps (Air Mail Covers, Zeppelins, Covers, FDC's/Programs, .pl, .us), .us-IL
  57. Texas Stamp Dealers Association (& Fair Promoters)
    Dealer Survey: c.2010, c.201203, c.201412
    TxSDA Stamp Fairs:
    Dallas: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
    Houston: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
    San Antonio: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  58. Texastamps, .uk-WI
  59. Thai Stamp, .th
  60. Thailand Stamp Online - Thaveepol C., .th
  61. Thalanki International (Retail Shop: Stamps, Envolopes, Postcards, Coins & Currency), .in
  62. The Historama - Alex Ben-Arieh (.il : p/h, ephemera, coins, medals etc.), .il
    (some nice philatey told!) c.2011
  63. The Postage Stamp - Joseph A. Clark (ww, .us, .il, .uk, Euro), .us-MS
  64. The Postage Specialists - Tony Morgan (Australian postage {for the purpose of postage; mainly}), .au-NSW
  65. The Postcardman - Alexandre Przopiorski (ww vintage postcards), .fr
  66. The South African Philatelist (magazine), .za
    Ref. : Clubs : South Africa
  67. The Stamp Album - Robert Williamson (Asia, Australasia .. Postal Bid Sales) .au-VIC 3149
  68. The Stamp Collection Connection - Jim Miller (Canada, Newfoundland, Western Europe), .ca-AB
  69. The Stamp Connection, Ltd. - Thomas Knox (Canada, British Colonies, Channel Islands, Worldwide), .ca-ON
  70. The Stamp Den - James R. Mettler (.us, ww, auctions), .us-MS
  71. The Stamp Man - Jeremy McCandless (GB, eBay, Resources: Auction & Fair Diary online), .uk-LA
  72. The Stamp Place {aka: Tazi Tiger's Den} - D.A. Newell (.au, .nz, .uk, p/h), .au-TAS
    aka: The Coin & Stamp Place (c.2015)
  73. The Stamp Shop - Raymond Weare (Southern Africa, .nz, GB), .za
  74. TheftReports.com .us-MD
    Cite: Services Index
  75. Thematicsource - Duane Canada (thematics incl. s/s, p/h, cancels) .us-
  76. Theodore Champion S.A. - Anne-Marie Ricaux-Demail (Agent, Retail shop), .fr
  77. Theodore Stamp Services - Charles Stalmach (retail, approvals), .us-AL
  78. Thimble Peak Stamps - G. Keck (US incl PB's) .us-
  79. Third Coast - Stephen R. Powell (Antarctic, .fr Colonies, US, UN), .us-TX
  80. Thirdshift Enterprises - Jim Rigby, @, SDI (Europe & colonies, S. Am., Japan) Bx, .us-CT 06133-1173
    P.O. Box 331173, Elmwood - - Tel.:1-860-521-6613, Fax: 1-860-521-6350
  81. Thomas, Abigail (stamps, coins, banknotes etc..), .gh
  82. Thomas G. Levasseur Philatelic Services (Br' Empire/C'wealth, U.S., Top.: Scouts), .us-ME
  83. Thomas Gompf's Stamp Shop (Europe, ww) .de
    Thomas Gompf's Stamp Shop ; diff URL
  84. Thompson, Michael R (p/h: Kent and Lundy, UK), .uk-KT
    Cite : Clubs : UK : Kent Postal History Group
  85. Thomson, G.W.W. - .uk-unk
  86. Thorpe, Gary E. (Channel Isls, Greenland, ww), .us-MI
  87. Thrifty Rubber Stamp (circuit book markers), .us-TX
  88. Thunderbird Stamp Sales (Philatelic Art, Booklets, Cachets, Covers & Postcards) .ca-ON
    aka: Thunderbird Stamp Specialties
    aka: 'ABC'; Absolutely Beautiful Canadiana  
  89. TIAS.com Collectors Mall - no address listed; direct link:
    »Contact TIAS: Nicole at 1-888-OLD-STUF or via E-mail
    » TIAS Internet Antique Shop, The (Chat area '/chat/') .us-
  90. tibetanpost.com - Geoffrey Flack (Asia: stamps & postal hisotry), .ca-BC
  91. Tichatzky, Dr. Peter (Expertization: DDR: 1949-1960) .de
  92. Tiendacoleccion S.M. - Jesus Maria SERRATE Zamora (tienda virtual), 43470 La Selva del Camp, .es
  93. Tiki Stamp Service - Brian Lawton (.nz, .au, Pacific), .au-NSW
  94. Till Neumann Klassische Philatelie (.de)
  95. Tilley, Nick (), .au-QLD
  96. Timbre Classique, Le - Albert Cohen-Sabban (Expertization: 20th Cent. France), .fr
  97. Timbre des Missions (), .fr
  98. Timbre et la Lettre, Le (), .fr 09
  99. Timbre et la Lettre, Le - Josiane Blanchard et Michel Carbonne (p/h), .fr 75
  100. Timbres et Passions - Philippe Bodeau (Stamps, postcards, toys, military items), .fr
  101. Timbre Europeen, Le - Michel Dumora (.eu), .fr
  102. Timbre Orbite Inc. (), .ca-QC
  103. Timbre Ville Johnny (), .ca-QC
  104. Timbres du Monde (ww)
  105. Timbres et Monnaies 31 - J.P. Dons, .fr
  106. Timbres et Monnaies Ahuntsic - Stephane Leclair, .ca-
  107. Timbres Les Durapro (), .ca-QC
  108. Timbres-Themes - Janice Dugas (Topics Stamps), .ca-QC
    aka/q.v. Secrets to Stamp Collecting, .ca
  109. Timbropresse (Timbres Magazine), .fr
  110. 'Titanic Stamps' ; via Stampville, .us-NY
    Cite: Topicals : By Sea
  111. TMA Stamps (Neth. Indie, .jp occ, Timor, .id, .au) .id
  112. Todd, Carmichael & (sales) .uk-HA
  113. Todd, Matt (Retail, Wholesale, Auctions: U.S.; esp. 19th-20th centuries), .us-UT
  114. todocoleccion.net - Zoconet S.L. (OnLine Auctions), 29xxx-x2 Malaga, .es
    Cite: Dealers: Spain
  115. Toga Associates - Thomas Bansak (Worldwide, Br. Empire, want lists), .us-CT
  116. Tom & Cindy Stone (Stampless Covers, Advertising Covers, Ephemera, 19th Century; eBay), .us-PA
  117. Tom Baron Stamp Co. (covers) .us-NY 11561
  118. Tom Kassel Stamps, Inc. (First Day Covers, Postal Stationery, Revenues, Worldwide), .us-WI
  119. Tom Osborne (.au: KGV & Kangaroo's), .au-NSW
  120. Tom's Stamps - Thomas S. Sivak (U.S. Classics, Collections/Lots, Air Mails. . ), .us-PA
  121. Tomeraasen Stamps - David R. Tomeraasen (SANDIPEX, U.S., WW, BrC'wealth, Europe), .us-CA
  122. Tomonis, Audrius (CIS: "Ex-USSR's new republics"), .lt
  123. TONDA Martinez, Antonio - Filatelia Gabriel Miro (.com), 03001 Alicante, .es
  124. Tony Ferreira Stamps (British Africa), .za
  125. Tooley, Lyndsay J. (stamps of .nf), .nf
  126. Top Topics - Eitan Bar-Erez (Unusual Thematic & Postal History), .il
  127. Topic Stamps.com - Ernest Garand (sic), .ca-QC
    aka: Cou-Gar Stamps (q.v.)
  128. Topical Philately - Loďc Marchat (postmarks, cachets, covers) .fr
    Cite: Topical Index : Flames
  129. Topical Philately.com (topicals)
  130. Topical Philately Gallery (Ships & History on the Sea)
  131. Topical Stamp Store- Steve Schwartz (Online Store: Topicals), .us-FL
  132. Topical Stamps 4 Ut
    aka/q.v.: Georgetown Stamps  
  133. Topical Stamps.com - Taylor Clark Gallery (sic, Affilate) .us-FL
  134. Topical Treasures - Abdul Aziz Ansari (topicals), .in
  135. Topical World Online - Chian Guiyu, .cn?/.tw?
  136. Topper, Jonathan (Latin America, Texas Postal History), .us-TX
  137. Torre, David R. (United States: Fish & Game, Duck Stamps, Prints), .us-CA
  138. TORRES Navarro, Jose -
    Filatelia Torres / Ediciones Filatelicas Torres (The Torres Album), 03400 VILLENA, .es
  139. Torres On Line - Antonio Torres UK Ltd (Auctions, ww, p/h), .es
    Ref.: Dealers : .uk-LO
  140. TORRES Torres, Ana Isabel (.com), 29008 Malaga, .es
  141. Toulon Philatelie - Mme. Martine Leman (), .fr
  142. Townsend, Martin - .uk-HZ
  143. Tov, Zvi (Topical & Country Packets, Israel) .il  
  144. TRACE Holographic Art & Design, Inc. - Fernando Catta-Preta (stamp designer) .us-VA
    Note: Sennet Security keeps a record incl. venture with Fernando 7/2000 WSE
    Ref.: Report on World Stamp Expo 2000
  145. Trade Me Ltd (Online auctions), .nz
  146. Traders Guild - Heinrich Hahn (.de, Berlin, .us, supplies), .us-AL
  147. Trager Covers & Post Cards - George Trager (U.S. & Foreign Covers, U.S. FDC's), .us-FL  
  148. Trajan Publishing Corp. ( Canadian Stamp News, u-collect) .ca-ON
  149. Traquair, Scott (.ca, p/h, p/s, postcards), .ca-ON
  150. Travis, Willliam A. (p.t.: .us; buys), .us-WA
  151. Tre, Kronor - .se
  152. Treasure Hunt Collectible Coins and Stamps (retail incl. new issue svc)
    Two (2) locations:
    1687 Washington Road, Suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA 15228
    (412) 851-9991, 1-800-259-4727, FAX (412) 851-9990
    0925 Perry Highway, Suite II, Wexford, PA 15090
    (724) 934-7771, 1-800-545-6604
    (formerly 'the Kaufmann's Stamp and Coin Department')
  153. Treasure Islands Stamps and Coins (Retail Store, ww, BOB; Rev's, Ducks ...), .us-CA
  154. Treasures Of Time - Karl Franz (U.S. Back of Book), .us-FL
  155. TREVINO Ortega, Luis - Galeria Europa (.com), 03001 Alicante, .es
  156. Trevor Pateman (.ru), .uk-ES
  157. Trevor Wilkin Banknotes (Banknotes: Retail, Wholesale), .au-NSW
  158. Tri-G Collectibles - Gregory G. Grayham, @ SDI (Mixtures, Packets, Wholesale, Approvals) .us-MO 64134
    P.O. Box 17825, Kansas City - - Tel.: 1-816-767-8379
  159. Tri-K Stamps - Casimer D. Kielbasa (US, UN, Baltics, Vatican City, Russia Area, Poland), .us-NY
  160. Trident Books, Coins & Stamps (& Ephemera), .au-SA 5011
  161. Trindall, Brian (GB incl. p/h & revenues) .au-WA 6985  
  162. Trinity Publications Ltd. - Trinity Mirror Group (Stamp & Coin Mart: magazine) .uk-WM
  163. Triple "S" Postal History, Inc. - Thomas B. Gates (p/h, Ottoman Emp., ww), .us-OH
  164. Tris Stamps - Tristain Brittain (Hongkong, China) .uk-NH
    aka/q.v.: Oxford Stamp Auctions
  165. Trondhjems Samlerbors @ [NO] (stamps, postcard, phone cards), .no
    Jonnfrugata 23, 2010 Trondhelm
  166. Trovillo Philatelics - Roland H. Davies ( ), .za
  167. Tropical Stamps, Inc. - Mitchell W. Kopkin (RS, EFO's, Wholesale: Auctions: public & mail, U.S., WW, Wants), .us-FL
  168. TRULLENQUE Pico, Jose -
    EFILCAR / Graficas Trullenque S.L. (Albumes fabricada ..), 46240 CARLET, .es
  169. Truls Hansen Int'l (Agent) .no
  170. Trygg, Christoffer (Swedish Stamp Booklets) .se
  171. Tsachor, Yacov - Tel Aviv Stamps (Expertization incl. Doar-lvri, 1948 Interim, mail auct.) .il
  172. Tseriotis, Michael (Expertization: .gr: Large Hermes Heads) .cy  
  173. TSG Hobbies - Anthony (Tony) P. Tripi (Space, Topicals, U.S., WW, coins, trains), .us-VA
  174. TST Stamp Sale (Denmark, Italy, GB, Asia, France) .dk  
  175. Tucker, Gerald (C/O Seaside Book & Stamp: Auction Agent) .ca-NS
  176. Tuckwell, G.T. - .uk-MS
  177. TUDELA Martinez, Santiago Jose {y} Pablo TUDELA Marcilla -
    Filatelias Tudela-Fival (Europa, tienda), 46002 Valencia, .es
  178. Tughra Net - Chuck Maki (Ottoman Empire et al; resources) .us
  179. Tughra Stamps (Saudi Arabia) .sa
  180. Tulip Philatelics (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia) .nl
  181. Tung, Jonathan (SE Asia, WWF) .hk
    cf : Jonathan Tung (World Wildlife Fund) .hk-
  182. Turkish Stamps Center - Okan Akcumes (WWF, Europa, Agent) .tr
    Turkish Stamp Center [/okansstamppage]
    Turkish Stamps and WWF Stamps [/turkishstamps] - Okan Akgunes, .tr
  183. Turkmenistan Philatelic Bureau, .us-NY ?
  184. Turner, Al 'Doc' (U.S. Classics, Revenues, BNA, Scandinavia), .us-MI
  185. Tuva Enterprises - Herb Eveland (Retail Store, Booklets/Panes/Sheets, PB's, supplies, .us, ww), .us-NE  
  186. Tuva Trader, The - J. Eric Slone, @ [PWO] - (Tuva and Feynman collectibles & news) .us-VA 22193
    Also hosts the Robert P. Feynman Stamp Campaign
  187. Tworek, Rolf (Expertization: Germany 1916-1945) .de

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