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  1. Sociedad de Comerciantes Filatelicos de la Republica Argentina Civil {SOCOFIRA}
    ( Dealer Assoc.), .ar
    Last Survey: 2008
    Cite : Dealers : .ar
  2. Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telegrafos, S.A. (Post/Correos), .es
    Cite : Postal Authorities : Spain (& Andorra)
  3. Sociedad Numismatica Avilesina (Club????), 33400 Aviles, .es
  4. SoftPro 2010 Inc. (EZ Stamp software), .ca-ON
  5. Sohn, Schwanke & - .de
  6. SOLE Farras, Pedro - Siso Difusiones, S.A. (tienda), 2500x-x3 Lleida, .es
  7. Soledad (.com), 34005 Palencia, .es
  8. Soler, José (Expertization: & colonies) .es
  9. SOLER Antich, Ramon - Filatelia Soler S.A. (tienda, susbastas), 08021 Barcelona, .es
  10. SOLER Requena, Teresa - Filatelia y Numismatica Costa Blanca (tienda), 03002 Alicante, .es
  11. Soler y Llach Subastas Internationales S.A. - (tienda, susbastas, .es), 08021 Barcelona, 1.: .es, 2.: .es
    Jose SOLER Antich {y} Xavier LLACH
  12. Soluphil SA (mail auctions), .lu & .fr
  13. Solutins Plus, Inc. - Jerry Jensen (Author, .de, .pn, eBay) .us-MN
    Primarily a collector / exhibitor
    xRef. : Dealers : Germany : See Also
    xRef/Cite : Dealers : Pitcairn Islands : See Also
  14. Somerset Stamp Service, .uk-SO
  15. Sommer, Martin-W. (Expertization: 1872-1916) .de
  16. Sommertime Stamps, [EN] @ - T. Sommer (ww lots, collections eBay, PayPal)
  17. Solar4America - 800-564-0362 (PSA)
    Cite : Dealers : USA : PA
  18. Sonic Imagery Labs - Richard Doporto (Precision US Specialty Multi-Gauge, forgery articles), .us-CA
    xRef : Dealers : Stanley M. Piller
  19. Sooner Stamp Shop - Austin Roquemore (), .us-OK
  20. Sooner Stamps Unlimited - Rainer Gerlach (Retail Shop, U.S., .de, .ca, UN), .us-OK
  21. SOPENA Diez, Emilio - Filatelia Sopena (tienda), 50002 Zaragoza, .es
  22. Sopp, Daryl (), .au-QLD  
  23. Sorani, Silvano (Expertization: & .al, .sm, .va) .it
  24. Sören Andersson & Co. (WW Postal History), .se
  25. SotheBay International Ltd. - Collector-Museum.com, (collectibles) .mu
    features a Chinese Stamp Museum - Cite: Entity : PRChina
  26. Sotherbys Auctions, .us-NY
  27. SOTO Anton, M. S. - Filatelia Soledad (.com), 34001 Palencia, .es
  28. South Africa Post Philatelic Services (Agent: .na), .za
  29. South African Philatelic Dealers' Association (SAPDA/SAFHA), .za
    Last Full Survey: c.201109
    Previous: c.2008
    Previous: c.2006
    Previous: c.2005
  30. South Auckland Philatelic Trading Co. (Collections, Accumulations), .nz
    mysite.xtra.co.nz./~SAPTC '404' c.2010
  31. South County Philatelics - Emil L. Tobler (.ch, .li), .us-RI
  32. South Stamps & Postcards (), .nz
  33. South Valley Stamps - Michael Poe (Retail Shop, Wants, Worldwide, Supplies, Literature), .us-UT
  34. South Yarra Stamps - Mike Hill, Nickolas D. Lakin (Australia, Germany, Auctions) .au-VIC 3001
  35. Southampton Bay Stamps - Mrs. Vicke L. Dietz (Approvals, Netherlands, Scandinavia, U.S. Classics), .us-GA
  36. Southern Cape Philatelic Auctions - Ray T. Upson (sic), .za
  37. Southern Highland Stamps (AustralAsia), .au-NSW
  38. Southport Stamp Auctions, .uk-ME
  39. Southwest Coin & Stamp, Inc. - Delmer L. Cox (), .us-OK
  40. Southwest Stamps - Gary Goldstein (US, .uk, .au, .eu-west), .us-IA  
  41. Sovereign Stamps (retail arm of Crown Agents), .uk-SU
    See Also: Harry Allen, .uk-HZ
  42. Sovereign Coin & Stamp - Steven P. Forten (Br.N.America, Postcards), .ca-ON
  43. Space Philatelics.com - Rayhill & Assoc. (Spaceflight Cvrs, Stamps, P/H), .us
    www.spacephilatelics.com '404' c.2008
  44. Space Cover Store - Joe S. Volutza (sic), .us-PA
    aka: J. S. Volutza Philatelics
  45. Spaghetti Stamps - Maurizio Giovanni (Italy, Vatican, San Marino) .it
  46. Spanish Net Stamps (Spain, France, Japan and more) .es
  47. Spanish Phonecards - Juan Carlos CARRASCO-MUNOZ Cuacos (sic), 28080 Madrid, .es
  48. Sparks Auctions {& Ian Kimmerly Stamps} (Canada, ww, auctions), .ca-ON
  49. Spath, Axel ( ), .de
  50. Spathis, George - .gr
  51. Special Collections, .uk-SU
  52. Spectrum Group International, Inc. (tangibles), .us-CA
    the former: Escala Group {q.v.} (c.2009)
    Includes: H.R. Harmer of Irvine, California,
    Corinphila Auktionen of Zurich, Switzerland,
    Heinrich Köhler Auktionshaus of Wiesbaden, Germany,
    and John Bull Stamp Auctions, Ltd of Hong Kong.
    cf. Greg Manning, .us-NJ
  53. Spektor, Lenny (restoration and conservation of fine arts and collectables)
  54. Sphinx Philatelic Auctions (mail auctions), .cy
  55. Spink & Son Ltd - Sprink London (auctions; founded 1666), .uk-LO (c.2009)
    - auctioned the Royal Collection
    About 70 Auctions a year and you can bid live online using their software.
    "Locations: London, York, Dallas, New York and Singapore"
    Overseas Representatives (c.2009)
    Asia: (below)
    Australasia (Queensland, .au): Ray Kelly (tel: +61 754 471 021)
    Australasia (NSW, .au): Mike Downey (@-mail ; tel: +61 408 215 404)
    Italy: Adriano Landini (@-mail ; tel: +39 024801 9449)
    North America and USA: Spink Shreves Galleries: (see below)
    South Africa: Juliet Lomberg (@-mail ; tel: +27 21 761 2676)
    Spain: Rocio Tasser (@-mail ; tel +34 93 4878746)
    c.1999: Stamp Department, 5 King Street, St James's, London SWlY 6Q5
    www.spinkandson.co.uk '404' c.2009
    www.SpinkAndSon.com forwards c.2009
    www.spink-online.com : one page c.2009; rest forwards
  56. Spink Shreves Philatelic Galleries, Inc. (public auctions: TX, NY), TX & NY, USA
    (with online bidding available: NY, TX)
    AKA: Spink North America
    Formerly: Shreves Philatelic Galleries, Inc.
  57. Spink Singapore (auctions), .sg
    AKA: Spink (Asia) Pte Ltd
  58. Spink York (auctions), .uk-NY
  59. Splendid Stamps (GB, C'wealth, Worldwide), .uk
    'also supply framed cigarette cards.'
  60. Sports Covers (sic) .za
  61. Spragg, David & Lori - .uk-BU
  62. Sprague Stamps - Fred Sprague (Dead Countries, Worlwide, and Topicals) .us-
    old: members.aol.com/fredstamps
  63. Springlake Auctions, Inc. (Auctions, .mx, .us & Possessions, ww), .us-TX
  64. Spruce Hill Studios - Martin Cassity (U.S.: Classics, Posssessions, BOB/Booklets/Panes/Sheets . .), .us-NH
  65. Srail, Ken (pre 1940 US, memorabilia)
    See: Ken Srail Stamps, .us-OH
    esp.: 1893 Columbian and 1901 Pan-American World's Fair Memorabilia
  66. Sri Lanka Stamps Web (Ceylon, Sri Lanka 1857 to date, GB, thematics)
    'specialists in errors and varieties'
    old: www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Bench/8207/  
  67. St Ann Stamp Exchange - John Marquardt (Retail Shop, .ca, lit., .us/Poss), .us-MO
  68. ST Friend [KR] (Korea), .kr
  69. St Louis Stamp Company
    xRef : Auctions : StampHall, .us-MO
  70. St. Vincent Stamps (St. Vincent & the Grenadines: stamps, p/h, CD-Rom..), .us-TX
  71. Stagecoach Stamps - Michael B. Falle (Canada, Europe), .ca-ON
    Anything starting with 'Stamp . . .'

  72. Stan German Stamps (P/H, U.S. Classics, Revenues, Officials, Ryukyus Islands), .us-FL
  73. Standard-Collection - Valery B. Zagorsky (.ru cat, expertization), .ru  
  74. Stanley Gibbons (catalogs, auctions, lit., retail stamps), .uk-LO
    (aka/see: Commununitie.com, London, UK)
    1. Stanley Gibbons Ltd, London, UK
    2. Stanley Gibbons Publications (publications incl. WW Catalogues), .uk-HA
    & their All World Stamps - Online Catalog
    Cite: News : Sources

    3. Stanley Gibbons (Aust) Pty Ltd, .au-NSW
    4. Stanley Gibbons (Aust) Pty Ltd, .au-Vic
    5. Stanley Gibbons, New Zealand
    Ref.: Dealers : Australia : WA : Ace Stamp Auctions

  75. Stanley Lisica - Peter Hagler (GB, C'wealth) .us-MI 48047
  76. Stanley M. Piller & Associates (Auction Agent, US Classics, P/H; eBay), .us-CA
  77. Stanley Stamp Co. Ltd - Robert J. McGillivray (.ca, Br.C'wealth, W.Europe), .ca-BC
  78. Stanley Stamp Svc, C R Lawrence (Australasia, GB, Access., n/i Agent) .au-QLD 4670
  79. Stanton Stamps, Jim (Asia, Br. C'wealth, US, ww), .us-MN
  80. Star Stamps - Nick Passarelli (.au & area, Pacific Isls, want lists), .au-NSW
  81. Star Stamps & Coins (USA & Foreign. Retail Shop.), .us-MO
  82. Starling, Dr. Scott (Europe), .au-
  83. StarPhil - Joel Grimm (.fr & colonies, polar, topicals, p/c's), .fr
  84. Stars Trading Co Ltd. (), .ca-BC
  85. Stateside Stamps - Gerald or Stephen P. Reedy (ww; sets, singles, ss; cc) .us-MI 49631
  86. Status International (Public Auctions), .au-NSW
  87. Stead, Richard (Newfoundland, Channel Is, Iceland, Faroe) .ca-NF?
    original listing bad spelling 'Staid'; URL reads '.nf.ca/~rstead/'
    diff. URL: Stead, Richard (Newfoundland), .ca-
    URL reads 'avint.net/~rstead/'
  88. Stefan Hempfling Klassische Philatelie und Postgeschichte (Postal History), .de
  89. Stegmüller, Franz (Expertization: Baden) .de
  90. Steinfels Philatelie - Claude Steinfels (.fr & colonies, ww), .fr
  91. Stenlake, Richard (postcards), .uk-
  92. Stéphabel Inc. (Auctions, ww, lit.), .ca-QC
    aka/q.v.: Auction-123.com
  93. Stéphan, Dominique (France), .fr
  94. Stephen B. Stamp Company.com (C'wealth, kiloware)
    www.stephenbstampcompany.com/ ; No DNS ; 11/1
  95. Stephen W. Bainbridge, Philatelist; a .co (King George V, Machins), .uk-
  96. Stephan Welz & Co. (Pty) Ltd. (stamp auctions; incl fine art), .za
  97. Stephen T. Taylor ( US, postal history) .uk-
    An 'American stamp dealer in Britain' ; per Peter Richardson
  98. Stephens, Glen, @ (Australasia, Pacifics, Wholesale, Topicals) .au-NSW 2068
  99. Sterling Stamps - Mark Vervaeke (Retail Shop, Collections, Lots, Belgium), .us-MI  
  100. Steuer, Ronald F. (Expertization: colonies forerunners, .cn, .pg; New Guinea, .cm, .tg, .mh, .ws/ .as, .fm; Carolines, .mp) .at
  101. Steurs, Marc (WWF) .be
    Cite: Topicals : Fauna
  102. Steve Crippe, Inc. (OS: EFO's, Auction Agent), .us-TX
    xRef : .us-FL
    xRef : .us-MO
    xRef : Auctions : StampHall, .us-MO
  103. Steve Malack Stamps (United States stamps & coins), .us-NY
  104. Steve's Stamps and Boer War Memorabilia - Steve Catlin (Postal History), .za
  105. Steven Rosen Philatelics (US: Cvrs, BOB, HI, Officials, P/H, Rev's, Possessions . . wants, lit.), .us-CA
  106. Stevens, Henry & Philip (Postal Stationery) .us-NH 03809
  107. Steveston Stamp Auctions Ltd. - John Maunsell (sic), .ca-BC
  108. Stewart, Chris - Commonwealth Stamp Store (GB, Commonwealth), 29100 Coin, .es
  109. Stewart's Stamp Shop - Kevin Battersby (Australia, Pacific Islands), .au-SA
    & Hallmark Stamp Auctions
    old: John Bell
    www.stewarts.mtx.net/ 'under construction' c.201108  
  110. Steyrer, Mrs. Christine (Austria Netto Katalog) .at
    aka: Active Intermedia, aka: Verlag Austria Netto Kataloge
  111. Stickney, Webster F. (ww p/h, .ru, .cn, .mx, Baltics), .us-CO
  112. Stirling & Co Ltd - Bruce ER Alexandre, .nz
    http://www.zillionsofstamps.com/dealers/StirlingCoLtd 'not valid' c.2012
  113. Stokes, Robert J. (approvals; free offer) .us-OH 43055
  114. Storie, I.T. - .uk-Scot
  115. Strads, R.O., .uk-BU  
  116. Straley, Sherry (as Auction Agent) .us-CA 95825
    cf.: 'Sacramento Stamp Mart'
  117. STRAND Stamp Auction Management Software - John Pugh (sic), .uk-SU
    xRef.: Dealers Topical Index : Auction Svcs : Tools
    Cite/xRef.: Homepage : Entities : Recent Additions
  118. Strand Stamp Fair - Chris Rainey, Kate Puleston (2nd Wednesdays Fair), .uk-LO
    aka: Strand Stamp & Coin Fair
  119. Strathfield Stamps & Coins - Robert Morello (), .au-NSW
  120. Status Stamps - T. Hamett ( ), .za
  121. Straub, Wolfgang (Expertization: Fr. zone, ++) .de
  122. Strictly Stamps - Rex Cooper (Supplies, United States, Worldwide), .us-CA
  123. Ströh, Bodo (Expertization: Soviet zone ..) .de
  124. Stuart Katz Stamp Company - (US, Disney, Di, EFO's, Entertainment; PayPal), .us-NH
    formerly: .us-MA 01941
  125. Stubbs, James E (KGVI Brit C'wealth, Rhodesia), .us-CO
  126. Studio Philatelique - Odon De Bearn (ww lit., letters, p/c's), .fr
  127. Stummer, Raymond (US stamps, covers) .us-NY 13212
  128. Subastas Filatelicas Guillermo A. Jalil (auctions, .ar), .ar
    AKA: Filetelia Jalil
  129. Subastas Filatelicas Juan N. Simona (),.ar
    AKA: Simona, Juan N.
  130. Subastas Sevilla - Mario MIRMAN Castillo (auctions, stamps, coins), 41001 Sevilla, .es
  131. Subiaco Stamp Service - Don O'Loughlin (collectibles auctions) .au-WA 6008  
  132. Subway Stamp Shop, Inc. (Online Shop, Retail Store, Supplies), .us-PA
    Ref.: Gen. Links: Resources: Re: Francis Chan's directory
    See Also: Goldberg, Hugh ('Big Mel' - owner, author, died c.2003)
    xRef: Clubs: US : PA : Blair Co. Stamp Club
  133. Sud Collections (), .fr
  134. Südphila-Auktionen - Peter Feuser (auctions), .de
  135. Sukhani Europhil Ltd. (Retail Shop), .in
  136. Sukhani, S.C. (Retail Shop), .in
  137. Sully Philatelie - Dominique Bauduin (.fr & colonies, covers, topicals, artist's proofs), .fr
  138. Summers, John - .uk-SO
  139. Sunbelt Covers & Stamps - Harold T. Babb (Confed. States, P/H, FDC's), .us-SC
  140. Suncoast Stamp Company, Inc. - Philip V. Warman (Retail Shop, P/H: U.S., CSA, WW, eBay), .us-FL
    xRef : Clubs : Florida, USA : Florida Philatelic Foundation
  141. Sunnyfield Co (Postcards, Photos, Photographic & Internet Svcs), .uk-CH
    aka/q.v.: Days Past
  142. Sunshine Philatelics - E. Frances Lobbezoo (Australia, Cvrs, Access.) .au-OLD 4215
  143. Sunset Stamps - Raymond T. Lewis (stamps), .au-NSW
  144. Superior Galleries, .us-CA-la
  145. Superior Stamps - G. Seidner (), .au-Vic
    aka: Apex Philatelics
  146. Supply Store, The (sic) .us-AL
  147. Sussman Philatelie - Paul Sussman (p/h), .fr
  148. Sutherland Philatelics - Barry Davis (booklets: .uk, .au, .eu, .jp, .nz. new issues), .au-QLD
  149. Sutton, Dennis (Australia, Egypt)
  150. Sven Aldenhoven Briefmarkenhandel - Sven Adelhoven (), .de
  151. Sveriges Frimärkshandlareförbund (Dealer Associations), .se
    (aka: Swedish Stamp Dealers' Association)
  152. SW Stamps (Worldwide)
  153. Swan Philatelic Imports, Inc. - Larry S. Wright (Kiloware: On and off paper mixtures. Wholesale and retail), .us-MO
  154. Swan River Stamp Show (WAPC Fair held in october), .au-WA
    Cite : Dealers : AU : WA
  155. Swan Stamps - Steve Bennett (Specialist in British stamps), .uk-DV
    old: 11 Torwood, Torquay, Devon TQ1 1UD
    at: dialspace.dial.pipex.com/town/estate/ei67/
    older?: ds.dial.pipex.com/swan/ , [email protected]
  156. Swan Classic, LLC - Casimir (C.S.) Rejent (ww classics: 1840-1940), GA, USA
    xRef : Clubs : USA : GA : Cobb County Stamp Club
  157. Sweden Stamp Agency in North America [aka: Unicover] (Agent) .us-WY
    Buy at 'face'.
  158. Swedish Stamp and Postcard Magazine - Bo Bergforsen, .se
    Cite: Entities Index : Sweden  
  159. Swensen, Bruce A. (ww, collections, postmark resources?)
    www.erols.com/ward516/home.htm '404' c.2008
  160. Sweet Child Software / Systems (software), .il
  161. SwissPhila - H. Büchel (Switzerland) .ch !
  162. Sydney Philatelics Pty. Ltd., Grahame & Elizabeth Fudge (AustralAsia, Br. C'wealth, Booklets) .au-NSW 2538
  163. Sydney Stamp & Coin Auctions (), .au-NSW
  164. Sydney Stamp Centre - Michael Hudson (Australasia stamps/covers, eBay) .au-NSW
  165. Sylvester Stamps and Covers of the World - Stacey Sylvester, .ca-
  166. Szuba, Mark (US) .us-NY 13220
  167. Szweras, L. (Canada, Newfoundland, .eu, ww), .ca-ON

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