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"How eagerly his regular dealers listened in the late afternoon for the stump, stump of that leg in the hall outside the door! When he entered, he sat down with his side to the dealer's long table, hoisted that and then the other leg to the table, and sat thus, examining the offerings. It was a common thing for him to write a check for from ten to twenty-five thousand dollars for an afternoon's purchases. The biggest single day's check was for $77,000. Another of $72,000 was given in payment for a British American collection, and the deal was put through in fifteen minutes. There was one dealer who, if he spent only three thousand or five thousand dollars, would stamp about the office afterward, cursing him for a damned piker and a tightwad."

Paper Chase - The Amenities of Stamp Collecting, Alvin F. Harlow, 1940
You can buy Paper Chase, Alvin Harlow @ Amazon.com

  1. stamp.de Philatelie Online - R. Krenz - [GR, EN] (Germany, Europe, ww) .de D-22967
    Wiesengrund 1, D-22967 Tremsbüttel
    @, Tel: 04532-207720, Fax: 04532-207725
  2. Stamp-Briefmarken - R. Karassek, @ (Worldwide), .de
    Zum Witthage 8, 28870 Ottersberg - Fax: 0049-4293-783068
    Old URL  
  3. Stamp-Collector.com, The- - Irina Dyomkina, @ (p/h lit., resources) .uk-LO W6 8NX
    Sahara Publications Ltd.
    Sahara House, 38 Greyhound Road, London W6 8NX
    Tel: +44 (20) 7610 1387, Fax: +44 (20) 7610 0078
  4. Stamp-Street (Japan) .jp
  5. Stamp-Tique Inc., The, Glenn B. Hanle @ (US*) .us-FL 32579
    (* pre-1940 US incl Poss/Terr. ++, BOB: panes, blocks, airmails)
  6. Stamp & Coin Consultancy Ltd. (), .nz
  7. Stamp & Coin Dealers' Association of Australasia Inc. (SCDAA), .au-NSW
    Last full survey c.2011
  8. Stamp & Coin Mart - Trinity Publications Limited (Magazine), .uk-WM B1 2RA
    in print & online magazine, free & paid ads, sales, news
    based on their print publication widely sold in the UK.
    Cite: Dealers : UK : Menu
    NB : Now (c.2012) published by Collectors Club of GB (q.v.)
  9. Stamp & Coin Store - John P. Konrad (US, ww), .us-WA 98101
  10. Stamp2.com - Rarieties Int'l (scales, books/journals ..) .sg
    See: Title Index : Stamp2.com for cites/refs
  11. Stamp.co.uk; new 5/2
    Resources for Collectors, Auctions, Library, Atlas
  12. Stamp 100% (Malaysia, Singapore)
  13. Stamp Act, The - Robert Chang (Expertizing, Br C'wealth, Asia, China, .jp & Occupation, .kr), .us-CA
  14. Stamp Agency Ltd (), .nz
  15. Stamp Album, The - Robert Williamson (mail bids, .au, Br.C'wealth, Pacific Isls), .au-VIC  
  16. Stamp and CoinTM.com (US, topicals, autographs, appraisals) .us-GA 30345
    DeKalb Stamp & Coin Co., Inc. ("DBA Northlake Stamp & Coin") Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
    Authorized PCGS Dealer. (800) 752-8162 or (770) 939-7842. fax (770) 939-7886,
    4800 Briarcliff Rd. Suite 2040, Atlanta GA 30345 USA - @
  17. Stamp and Coin Den, The (), .au-Vic
  18. Stamp and Coin Haven - Wilson Mulliniks (buy, sell, trade; MNH same as cash) .us-TN
  19. Stamp Approvals.com / Stamp Central.com (multi vendor) .us-CA-la
    Operated by Dealer Malls.com, .us-OR
  20. Stamp Art - Tom & Christi Kinberg (US, ww), .us-OR
  21. Stamp Attic, The - Mrs. Sue I. Finnell (Austria, Asia, Belgium, France), .us-CA
  22. Stamp Auction Information Svc. - Douglas G. MacPhail SDI (Auction searchs) Bx, .us-MA 02536-3495
    Note: c.2008 per Mr. MacPhail, he's no longer in business.
  23. Stamp Auction Network {SAN} - Tom Droege (Auction Facilitator), .us-NC
    Representing " 22,000 Stamp Auction Bidders" & 75 auction houses - c.2009
    (aka Stamp Auction Central - Auction facilitator as a 'third party'.)
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resources
    Old : Tom Droege's Columbian Postal History On-Line Auctions :
    www2.interpath.net/devcomp/dcs.htm c.2001

    Stamp Auctions - See Also: Index Entry : 'Auction'

  24. Stamp Bank India - Navin Lobo (India's Stamps, FDC's and Banknotes) .in  
  25. Stamp Brouse Online , ASDA [American Stamp Dealers Assoc.] .us-NY 11542
  26. Stamp Cafe (ww new issues) .uk
    via Stanley Gibbons / Communittie.com
    Cite: Basics : News Sources
  27. Stamp Center, The / Dutch Country Auctions - .us-DE
    The Stamp Center (Dutch, US, auctions) ; same?
    old: http://stampcentral.com/stampcenter/
  28. Stamp Center of Texas - Kurt Harding (p/h, .mx, Europe), .us-TX
  29. Stamp Centre, (.cn, .cu, .ru, lit.) .us- : See Also: 'Post-Age Collectibles'
  30. Stamp Centre, The - Mr. Steven Scott, .uk-LO
  31. Stamp Centre London, The - .uk-LO
  32. Stamp China (PR China after 1974) .us-CA 93063
    P.O. Box 630534, Simi Valley -
    @, Tel: (818) 494-3114, (818) 823-5000 ext. 9306, Fax : (805) 578-6078
    Cite/Ref. (China CD Cat.) : Entities : China : Philately : More
  33. Stampbay - D. Jaiswal (.in & area; .pk, .bt, .np, Tibet; incl British era ), .us-CA
  34. Stamp Circuit.com (multi vendors, collectoors)
    'Virtual meeting place for stamp collectors, dealers, auctioneers.'
  35. Stamp Collection Center -Rudolf Stibbe (In English: OS: WW Country & Topical Collections, Singles), .us-NV
    aka/q.v.: Postzegel Partijen Centrale (in Dutch)
  36. Stamp Collector (GB, supplies, software, Machin's w/Forum), .uk
    27 Hesketh Croft, Leighton, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 4RY UK
    Regards, Dave (UK Director IPDA Inc) c.2008
    Site 1: http://www.stamp-collector.co.uk
    Featuring: (Machin) 'Stamp Encyclopedia' (online) covering:
    - Machin Definitives 2006-2008
    - Regional Definitives 2006-2008
    - Canadian Definitives 2000-2008 (proposed)
    The 'Arnold Machin' Machin Forum
    Site 2: http://www.allgreendownload.com
    Site 3: http://www.darthstamp.co.uk (under construction)
    Blog : http://darthstamp.blogspot.com/
  37. Stamp Collector & Revenue Specialist, The - Joel M. Rind (Retail Shop, Rev., CSA, P/H), .us-TN
  38. Stamp-Collector.com, The (postal history)
  39. Stamp Collectors' Treasure Chest - Debbeler Co., @ (Germany, .us, ww sets) .us-WI 53208
    "Something for everyone at bargain prices"
  40. Stamp Connection, The - Ken Scheller (), .us-TX
  41. Stamp Connection Ltd., The (Canada Year Sets) .us-
  42. Stamp Corporation, Inc. - Paul B. Weisz (.us), .us-RI
  43. Stamp Dad, The - Dave Ramsay (Mint Canada, FDC's, Sheets, Bklets, inscription blks), .ca-ON
  44. Stamps Dealer Collection World Inc. -
    Fabian Alberto Reschia (Latin America...), 33166-2654 Miami (FL, USA)
    Cite: Dealers : .es
  45. Stamp Dealers Association of Georgia (SDAG), USA
    Last Full Survey : 2005  
  46. Stamp Dealers International® (SDI) - B. A. David, Mgr (online mall, association, auctions) .us-FL
    Features a Interactive Dealer Matchmaker (vendor/member search)
    Cite: Gen. Links : Dealer education resource
    Ref.: Topical Index : 'Resources': Dealers
    xRef : Topical Dealers Index : Dealer Associations
    NB. : all SDI URL's are '404' c.2008
  47. Stamp Den (US, Canada, Br Empire) - aka/see: Colonias Stamps
  48. Stamp Discount.com (Belgium, Belgian Congo, Canada, Australia, Brazil) .be
  49. Stamp Exchange.co, .uk-
  50. Stamp Expo 21 / M.T.O. Stamps (New Orleans show promoter), .us-FL; see M.T.O.
  51. Stamp Factory, The (Wholesale only) .au-NSW 2008
  52. StampFair.com - Russ Romei (online auctions; c.2011), .us-NC
    & : StampFairMall.com & : asianstamps.stampfairmall.com ; both via eBay
    Software, Albums, Supplies, kiloware (c.1999)
    (holds about 5 urls ; see Romei link (c.2011)
  53. Stamp Fair & Auction Diary - Stephen Reeves (listings, show promotions), .uk-MS
    aka: North London Collectable Auctions
    old Tel.?: +44 (0) 181 2925361
    Cite : Dealers : UK : Menu : See Also  
  54. Stamp Finder.com/Topical Stamps.com - Taylor Clark Gallery (stamps, supplies; Affilate) .us-FL
    aka : Stamp Finder Global Electronic Stamp Exchange - Richard Lehmann, President
  55. Stamp Explorer, The - Patrick E. Campbell (U.S. Classics, WW, British C'wealth, P/C's, Covers), .us-FL
  56. Stamp Gallery - Gilbert (.au, PSEs, WA Pictorial Postmarks . .), .au-WA 6109
    "The ''GENTLEMAN''of Western Australia philately."
  57. Stamp Gallery, The - Merle E. Spencer (Retail Store, Bid Board, US & Possessions, WW), .us-CA
  58. Stamp Gallery (Russia), .?? (fortunecity.com/victorian/pinter/397)
  59. Stamp House - Robert N. Pyle (Postcards, Topicals, U.S. Classics, Worldwide), .us-ID
  60. Stamp Hunter Search Engine - George Marek (sic) .us-
  61. Stamp Insurance Services (insurance) .uk-DV
  62. Stamp It Up.com - Jamie Brown and Valerie Swack (Cancelled Stamps Professionally Framed) .us-
  63. Stamp King - Charles Berg, Jr. (Retail Shop, U.S., WW, Canada, BrC'wealth, Supplies), .us-IL
  64. Stamp King Chicago [aka: Richard E. Drews Auctions] (Public Auctions) .us-IL
    Cite : Clubs : US : IL : United Nations Collectors of Chicagoland Inc.
  65. Stamp Mad - Marius Wytenburg () .au-
  66. Stamp Man, The, .us-
  67. Stamp Man, The - Jeremy McCandless (Online Stamp Fair & Auction listings), .uk-LA
    Cite: Dealers : Show Promoters : See Also:
  68. Stamp Magazine (sic), .uk-KT (& .us-FL)
    Cite: Dealers : Show Promoters : See Also:
  69. Stamp News Pty Ltd. - K. Morgan (Stamp News Australasia {SNA} magazine), .au-VIC
    "Incorporating the Australian Stamp Monthly"
    xRef.: Stamp News, .au-NSW
    xRef.: Dealers : Australia : Main Menu
  70. Stamp of an Olympian, The (stamps, covers, cinderellas, resources)
    Incl. 'Meters & Cancellations', checklists, souvenir sheets, a 'Gallery' ..
    Cite: Topicals : Sports
  71. Stamp One {Now: Paradise Valley SCo, NH, USA} (auctions), .us-AZ
    Ref.: Basic Collecting: online Classifieds
    (though the classified ads are '404' c.2008)
    Stamp One!.com (ww, auctions); same
    old: P. O. Box 550, Warner, .us-NH 03278-0550
    (to which they've returned) c.2008
    Tel.: 603-456-6260, Fax: 603-456-6012 c. 1999,
    @West.net (@ .us-AZ)
  72. Stamp Paraphernalia.com - Christopher Diaz (U.S. Album w/color pages, mounts, supplies), .us-OK
  73. Stamp Pavilion
  74. Stamp Person, The - Bill Persons (ww, Asia, US, UN), .us-IA
  75. Stamp Place, The (Australia, Australiasia, Christmas Is, New Zealand, GB)
  76. Stamp Place, The - David Allen Newell (Australasia, p/h) .au-TAS 7000 ; diff URL; ck
    aka: Tazi Tiger's Den
  77. Stamp Professor, The - John A. Hunter (U.S. Classics, WW Classics, Covers, Discount Postage), .us-FL
  78. Stamp Professor, The - Frederick Bean (FD Posters, FDC's, .ru, .fr; PayPal), .us-MN 55378
  79. Stamp Scene - G B & K P Williams (covers, new issues, accessories), .uk-Wales
  80. Stamp Services - Thomas A. Stasney (Penn. P/H, Proofs, Essays), .us-SC
  81. Stamp Shop, The - .uk-CU
  82. Stamp Shop, The - Chas Lilley (New Zealand, postcards, postal history), .nz
  83. Stamp Shop, The - Richard Blenkey (), .nz
  84. Stamp Shop Auction, Inc. (aka: The Stamp Shop) - Eric J. Scott (U.S. Classics, P/H, .ru/Area, WW), .us-IN
  85. Stamp Shop in Taiwan [in Chinese] , .tw
  86. Stamp Shows .com - Paul Edney (ww show listings; fee & free) .us-HI
    Cite: Gen. Links: Resource
    Home of Stamp Yellow Pages, Hawai'i Post ++
    all show pages linked from within our World Dealers Directory
  87. Stamp Smith - Dale E. Smith (Topicals, U.S., FDCs, WW, Fancy Cancels, Perfins), .us-MO
  88. Stamp Source.com, The - Louis D. Loucks (Br Empire) .us-
  89. Stamp Store, The - Dieter Dant SDI [Alt. SDI URL] (Germany, US, ww, approvals) .us-NY 10982
  90. Stamp Store, The - Henry M. Leer (United States, Bénélux, Germany), .us-CA
  91. Stamp Studio - Bill Kemp (ww, topicals), .us-CA
  92. Stamp Swap Shop.com - Chad Cutler (ww Approvals) .us-
  93. Stamp Syndicate - B. K. Poddar (), .in
  94. Stamp Tree, The - Ronald C. Griffith, @ SDI (U.S. Approvals, U.S. Mint and Used) .us-WA ; e-mail only!
  95. Stamp Universe (aka/see Collectors Universe)
  96. Stamp Warehouse (Worldwide Kiloware, Used Germany), .us-TX
  97. Stamp World (US, packets, approvals, wants) .us-
  98. Stamp World India.com (India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Middle East, Nepal, Sri Lanka)
  99. Stamp2002 [KR] (Baseball Stamps) .kr
    'Tuva' link features 'Football' (Socer)
  100. StampAuctionNetwork - (Tom) Droege Computing Services, .us-NC 27705
    combined w/StampAuctionCentral.com 2/8/01)
  101. StampsAndPhonecards.com - George Hart (sic), .au-Qld
  102. Stampauctioneer [inactive?] (auctions) .us-TX. 77029
    A 'Servicemark' of Philatelic.com/.net
  103. StampCircuit Club [SCC] (web hosting: traders; free, dealers, auction houses)
    operated by VSIS Software Solutions Ltd., .il
  104. StampCollectors-World.Net ; 5/2
  105. Stampcommune.com - Grant Wagoner (online stamp sales), .us-FL
  106. StampCorner Baneke (Kiloware, mixtures), .ph
    Formerly: Calishaat 3, 1062 WE Amsterdam, Netherlands
  107. StampDay.com, @ (stamps, postcards; eBay, PayPal) n/a (514 area code)
    hosts a 'stamps on stamps' checklist
  108. Stampdile Ltd.;.co (ww, thematics), .uk-
  109. StampDood, The (ww, incl. wholesale, lots, mixtures)
  110. STAMPEX - The Valley of Stamps - Amit Chowdhury (india, ww), .in
    aka/&: Stamps Hobby - The Hobby of Stamps  
  111. StampEx Ltd. (London's Nat'l Show), UK ; See PTS.
    (StampEx Ltd is a function of PTS)
    Cite : Clubs : UK
  112. stampextras philatelics - (makes/sells color stamp albums by stamp issuing entities), .pt
  113. StampExpos - Chris Clemens (N. Calif. shows)
    a.k.a./q.v.: Clemens & Assoc.
  114. Stampez - Martin Gore (Australia), .au-QLD
  115. Stampfinder - Eric and Judy Dixon (FDC's, PSE, Souvenir, PNG, .AU), .au-NSW
    What is 'PSE' ? (Prof. Stamp Experts??)
  116. Stampguyz (NO DNS c. 2001)
    Ref.: Basic Collecting: online classifieds
    Ref.; Basic Collecting: online watermarks catalog
    Ref.: Specialized Collecting: Tools: watermarks cat.
  117. StampHall.com / Regency-Superior, Ltd. (online auctions, ww retail) .us-MO
  118. Stamphead.com - Greg Barcroft (online free auctions) .ca-ON
    aka/&: Jace Stamps c.2011 (.ca, GB, ww)
    Formerly: CanadaAuction.com ; forwards c.2009
    Cite: Dealers : Canada : Menu
    xRef : Philately : Countries : Australia
  119. Stampjan's Home Page (ww)
  120. Stampman (Sales and Auctions) .au-WA
  121. Stampman Frimärken & Mynt, .se
  122. Stampmania;.com - J. Braun (Philatelic Board Game) .us-
  123. stampnews - Alexander Barinov (online magazine in English), Russia
    xRef : Dealers : USA : NH : Mekeel's
  124. StampNewsNow - Mekeel's et al- John Dunn, .us-NH
    xRef : Dealers : Russia : stampnews
  125. StampOffers.com Stamp Auction - James Munch (online auctions), .us-IL
    And, formerly: http://PostcardOffers.com '404' c.2009
    StampOffers has been acquired by Wensy.com c.200910 q.v.
  126. Stampede (shop) .nl
  127. Stampede City Stamps (shop)
    aka/q.v. R.D. Miner Philatelics, .ca-AB
  128. Stampede Enterprises - B. Harmsworth, .uk-Wales
    old: 7 Maes Yr Orsaf, Aberllefenni, Machynlleth 5Y20 9RR
  129. Stampede - Andreas F Blobel , Dareg A Zabarah, (sales) .de 80805
    aka 'Briefmarkenhandelsgesellschaft GbR'
  130. Stamproom, .uk-ES
    cf URL: Stamproom, The - Karl John (sales) .uk-
  131. Stamp-Vault.com - Jim Kallinger (Preservation products), c.2015:
  132. Stamps2Go.com - Paul & Matthew Herman (multi user online marketplace: buy or sell), .us-FL
    Cite/xRef : Dealers : USA : OH : Richter
  133. Stamps8 - Leon Djerahian (.cr), .cr
  134. Stamps.AU - Ken Sparks {now Adam?} (Software, Literature, articles), .au-QLD
    (former mag.; electronic & print .au specialty catalogs ; eBay, PayPal, Paymate)
    Cite: News : Sources
  135. STAMP'S - F. RODRIGUEZ Gomez (.com), 36202 Vigo, .es
  136. Stamps.com (Mailing and Shipping Solutions; Affilate) .us-CA
  137. Stamps.Net (Magazine) - See: USID, Inc.
    See Also: Dick Sine
    Cite: Basics : News Sources
  138. Stamps-International
    aka/{q.v.}: Charles Leski Auctions, .au-VIC

    Stamps-R-Us or variations.
  139. Stamps-R-Us (US, Netherlands)
    www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/3548/ '404' c.200909
  140. Stamps R US (rubber stamps?)
    850 E Pinetree Blvd, Thomasville, GA 31792
    Tel.: 229-228-9400
  141. StampsRUs.org - Daniel Kuo (stamps, coins; a blog?), .us-CA
    309 N. Fourth Street - Unit B, Alhambra, CA 91801
    Tel.: 626-512-0808, @-mail (c.2009)
  142. Stamps-R-Us - E. Edward Humphreys (Stamps for Sale), .us-FL
    Titusville, Florida, USA (stamps?)
  143. Stamps R Us Aust
    Shop 4, 60 a Robinson Rd, Aspley, QLD 4034
    Tel.: (07) 38628933 (Ref.)
  144. StampsRus (stamps), .uk-
    P.O. Box 4855, Kingswinford DY6 8WU, UK (c.2009)
    "selling stamps from the balance of a private (60 year) collection .."
  145. Stamps 'n' Stuff LLC - Jerry Koepp (US, Ducks), .us-IA
  146. Stamps 'N' Stuff of Texas (Stamps, coins, acces.), .us-TX
  147. Stamps & Covers (Australia)
    www.geocities.com/Eureka/Park/4704/ '404' c.2008
  148. Stamps and Coins.com - Dave and Karen Bowers (stamps, antiques, postcards; eBay) .us-OR
    aka: Unique Estate Appraisals
    accepts consignments for eBay auctions, interesting links page.
  149. Stamps and Philately - SAMMLER.COM, .de
  150. Stamps Around The World - Jim Tindall (Bermuda, British C'wealth & US, Early Issues), .us-FL
  151. Stamps Australia Online - Simon Hoy (eBay), .au-QLD
  152. Stamps Between Us - Michel Arvisais (sic) .ca-
  153. Stamps By Dave Park (US Off Paper Pkts, PBs, Canada by Scott#) .ca-
  154. Stamps By Themes, .us-NC
  155. Stamps Center - Yakov D. Bar (.il : Interim periods, ATM's, phosphors), .il
  156. Stamps Down Under, .au-NSW
  157. Stamps Down Under, .au-QLD
  158. Stamps, Etc. - Dennis Potosky (US, Scandinavia, Ducks), .us-MN
  159. Stamps, Etc. - Larry R. Duncan (U.S.: Plate Blks & Mint Sets, Supplies-Albums), .us-CA
  160. Stamps eStore (Indonesia)
  161. Stamps for Collectors - James "Nicklas" Holt (ww approvals), .us-TN
  162. Stamps For Collectors (Princess Diana, Winnie the Pooh, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Mulan, Spice Girls) .au-
  163. Stamps for Collectors - Mrs. Aurel E. Ball (Topicals, ww new issues), .us-CO
  164. Stamps for Collectors.com - Leonard Rosow (postcards, US, foreign), us-CA
    "A & R Worldwide -> CA"
  165. Stamps for Sale - Geoff du Toit (.za; pre & union .ls et al, .na/swa), .za
  166. Stamps Gallery (Russia)
  167. Stamps Galore - Martin Rautjarvi, .fi
    Martin Rautjarvi (WW) ; diff URL
  168. Stamps Hobby - The Hobby of Stamps - Amit Chowdhury (Online Store,.in, ww, topicals), .in
    aka/&: STAMPEX - The Valley of Stamps
  169. Stamps Inc. - Sandeep Jaiswal (.in & states), .us-RI
    AKA: Philatelic Centre, Phila International
  170. Stamps International - C. James Cowlard (Worldwide, Topicals, New Issue Service), .ca-ON
  171. Stamps International (A/Asia) Pty. Ltd. - Andrew H. McEachern, .au-QLD
    (ww. Cinderellas, Mail Bid Auctions)
    & offers a 'Dealer Correspondence Course'
    Cite: Gen. Links : Education
    xRef./Ref.: Clubs : AU : QLD : Collectors Club of QLD
    Cite/xRef.: Dealers : AU : SA
  172. The Stamps Mall - Acacia Online
  173. Stamps n' Stuff - Barbara Koepp, @
    8190 Hickman Rd, Des Moines, IA 50325-4405
    Phone: 515-331-4307 Fax: 515-331-4957, Orders: 1-800-999-5964
  174. Stamps NZ - Jonathan Marshall (.nz, Ross Dependency), .nz
  175. Stamps of Bulgaria & Rest of the World
    /come.to/ = cf 'Brown'
  176. Stamps of India (sic), .in
    Cite : Postal Authorities : India : See Also
    Cite : Dealers : India : Ref.
  177. Stamps of the World - Dean Greenberg (E. Europe, British Oceania, Liberia), .us-CA
  178. Stamps on the Net [FR, GR, EN] (resources and ???) .ch
    stamps.ch : wouldn't display on recheck; net slow; try again
  179. Stamps on the Web - Rob van de Weghe (.nl/Colonies, .ca/Provinces; PayPal), .nl
    aka/now/q.v.: Smits Philately
  180. Stamps On-Line (Ireland, ww)
  181. Stamps on the Web [DU, EN] - Rob van de Weghe, (.nl & Colonies, .ca & Prov.; PayPal, eBay) .us-WA 98365
  182. Stamps Online - Scoutphila, .de
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resources
  183. Stamps Pastime - Juan Carlos Fagiano (.ar, .br, Rotary Int'l), .ar
  184. Stamps Plus - Roger Grider (Austria, Scandinavia, Europe), .us-MO
  185. Stamps Shop (Germany)
  186. Stamps Studio (Austria) .__
    collect.at/ACstamps.htm - cf : .collect.at
  187. Stamps Unlimited - George Cafetzoglou RDPSA (Br.C'wealth: Proofs, Essays, Specimens ...), .za
  188. Stamps Unlimited of Georgia, Inc. - Tony Roozen (Retail Shop, US, ww, supplies, Mixtures/Kiloware), .us-GA
  189. Stamps Web, .br
  190. Stamp´s Widows Associated - Nora Navonne (tienda online: .ar), .ar
  191. 'Stamps World' - See: Johnny Choi / JC Stamp
  192. Stamps World Center - Florent Plancot, .fr
  193. Stamps World India.com (Indian Stamps) .in
  194. Stamps2Buy.com (Hollywood, Sports, Transportation, etc.) .uk-
  195. Stampshows in the UK - Chris Rainey, .uk-WI
    http://www.stampshows.co.uk/ '404' c.2008; since the passing of Trevor Davis
    as is: http://www.ChrisRainey.Com & http://TrevorDavis.Com
  196. StampsItaly.com - (Italy), .it
  197. StampSpain.com - aka: WorldSpain On Line S.L. (WW, affilate) .es
  198. StampStore.co (Korea, South America, China, Germany, Japan) .kr
  199. StampsUniversal.Com (ww #1's, topicals, covers...), .us-TX
  200. StampsWeIs - Joseph A. Rochowicz (WW, BrC'wealth, Collections/Lots; eBay), .us-CA
  201. Stampsve.com (), .ve
    Suite 622 Mail Boxes
    C.C. Olímpico - Av. 5 de Julio
    Maracaibo – Zulia, VENEZUELA
  202. StampThai.com (Thailand) .th?
  203. Stamptracks (Spain, Spanish Colonies, Cuba) .us-NY
    old: freehosting1.at.webjump.com/4a568257e/st/stamptracks/ ?
  204. Stamptune (all phases of Music)
  205. Stampview.com - Alan Andersen (ww) .us-NY
    aka: Alan Anderson Stamp Shop
  206. Stampville.com, .us-NY
    Ref.: Postal Agents : IGPC : See
    cf./aka: Titanic Stamps
    Cite: Topicals : By Sea  
  207. StampWants, LLC (Now: bidStart) - Mark Rosenberg (multi-vendor site, auctions, stores), .us-NJ
    xRef : Dealers : US : NY : Gary Posner
  208. Stampwire [inactive?] (product unk; probably 'news') .us-TX. 77029
    A 'Servicemark' of Philatelic.com/.net
  209. Stampzonia Publishing (aka: Pacific Wholesale) Paul Marcano, .ca-BC
    residgned AskPhil.org (c.2000)
    prior: S - Sn..
    or: ... continue: So... - end (except 'Stamp...'; this page)

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