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  1. i "Ilissia Stamps", .gr
  2. I & M Exchange (Exchanges, Approvals, Buyer), .us-TX
  3. I.B. Investor Basel S.A. - Alain Dreyfus (), .ch
  4. I.E.K. Philatelics - Ivan E. Killins (.ca, Br. C'weath; stamps & postcards), .ca-ON
  5. I.V. Rudyk Philatelics - Ihor Rudyk (Stamps, Topicals, & Postal History), .ca-AB
  6. Ian Faber Philatelics - Ian Faber (mail bids, Asia, Br.C'wealth, thematics, p/h), .au-NSW
  7. Ian Kimmerly Stamps (Br.C'wealth, Canada, Literature, ww, auctions, shop), .ca-ON
    &/q.v. Sparks Auctions
  8. IBANEZ Cagna, Cesar - AFI (tienda), 28002 Madrid, .es
  9. IBANEZ Rodriguez, M. A. (.com), 28005 Madrid, .es
  10. Iberstamps, .es
  11. ICap NV .be
  12. Icestamps .is
  13. ICN Stamp Dealers, .uk-
  14. iCollector (online auctions), .ca-BC ,
  15. Ideal Stamp Co. - Sam Malamud (new issues), .us-NJ
  16. IGLESIAS Vicario, Santiago (tienda), 46021 Valencia, .es
  17. iHobb.com - Internet Hobby Supply, Inc. (Hobby Supplies), .us-CA
  18. Ilan's Topicals Online - aka: Country Stamp Center (topical new issue svc; incl WWF, PayPal) Bx, .us-MD 21403-0373
  19. Image Nostalgia - Arthur Groten M.D. (gifts, pins, etc.) .us-
  20. Images de Marc, Les - Marc Lefebvre (postcards, postmarks, books), .fr
  21. IMAZ, Rosa Maria (.com), 48080 Bilbao, .es
  22. Immanuel Stamps & Collectibles - Nelson Cheng (China, Hongkong, Macau, C'wealth. Scouts topicals), .ca-ON
  23. Imperial Coin & Stamp Co. - Ed Agopian (p/c, stamps; .ca FDC's, coins, cards, supplies..), .ca-ON
  24. Imperial Sports Cards, Ltd., (Agent: .ru), .ca-NB
    (aka: The Print or Imperial Stamp & Coin)
  25. Imperial Stamp & Phonecard Centre (.nz & ww p/h, postcards, Militaria, Coins), .nz
    www.imperialstamps.co.nz '404' c.201011
  26. Importa B.V. (large album/supplies producer), .nl
  27. Inauguration Covers - Steve, @ (US Presidential Inauguration Covers0
  28. Incheba, a.s. (Show Promotions : BCD), .sk
  29. India Philatelics - Abhay Tiku (sic), .in
  30. India's Stamp Dealers' Association (ISDA), .in
    Now: Philatelic Dealers' Assoc. (PDA)
    former (c.1995): Indian Philatelic Traders' Association (IPTA)
  31. Indian Stamp Co. - Rakesh Kumar Gupta (Retail Shop: .in, ww: FD & Event Covers, Aerogrammes, Post Cards. .), .in '15
  32. Indian Stamp Ghar - V.K. Sabharwal (), .in '15
    aka: Stamp's Paradise
  33. INDIANO Martinez, Maria Paloma - SAFE Colecciones S.L. (accessories), 28015 Madrid, .es
  34. Indigo - Edward Wener & Ms Naya Nicolins (French colonies), .nz
  35. Indonesia Philatelic Web .id
  36. Indonesia Filatelie Tempo Doeloe - Alex A.M. de Groot, .nl
    [EN, DU +] (Ducth East Indies: stamps, p/h ++; auctions)
  37. Indonesian Philatelists Assoc. (as Agent) .id
  38. Inductivo, Ismael "Boy" (stamp sales) .ph
  39. INFANTES Pena, Francisco {y} Maria Teresa INFANTES Buil -
    Filatelia Tematica Espana S.L. (.com), 28013 Madrid, .es
  40. INFIMAR - Luis Carlos MARTIN Rodriguez (Espana, Andorra y Guinea Ecutorial), 28020 Madrid, .es
  41. Info-Fila, .cz  
  42. InfoPhila {the old Japhila} (internet magazine), .cz
    http://www.infophila.com '404' c.200911
  43. INFYNSA / Inversiones y Novedades Filatelicas y Numism�ticas S.A. -
    Walter KOBYLANSKI Brandhuber (tienda, .es), 28019 Madrid, .es
  44. Ingram, G. Brinton - E-mail (ww approvals) .us-MA
  45. Ingran, Barry, .au-WA
  46. Inside Stamps (Armenia 1917-1923), .au-NSW
  47. Intayrnet Philatelic Collectors' Market
  48. Inter Governmental Philatelic Corporation (IGPC) (Whosale New Issues, Agency) .us-NJ
  49. Inter Stamp News, .dk
    Cite: Basic Collecting : News Resources
    Note: c.2008 a click-thru directory
  50. InterAsia Auctions Limited (auctions), .hk
  51. InterContinental Marketing Ltd. ( Trojan (Czech Catalog 1918-1996 + 1997) .cz
  52. InterEgypt - Ehab Yousef (Egyptian Stamps, Banknotes, Postcards) , .eg
  53. Interfinum S.R.L. Filatelia e Numismatica (Stamps (incl. SMOM), etc., Marini Albums), .it
    Cite/xRef. : Clubs : Topical Index : Religon
  54. Interests.com - aka: Philately.com (resources, ww) .us-CA
  55. International Birdlife Stamp Collection, The (sales) .nl
  56. International Coins (HK) Ltd (Agent) .hk  
  57. International Collectibles - Alfred Schaub (Military Mail, Low Cost (under $10), U.S., WWII, WW, Topicals), .us-PA
  58. International Collectors Society [ICS] (a buyers club; new issue service +) .us-MD 21117
  59. International Collectors Network (web hosting, Collector's Guide incl. Stamps), .uk-BR RG14 7AT ; need addr
  60. International Direct Ltd, .uk-SU
  61. International Federation of Postcard Dealers (IFPD)
    Main Cite : Dealers Topical Index : Dealer Associations  
  62. International Federation of Stamp Dealer Assoc's (IFSDA)
    aka: 'La Federation Internationale des Chambres Syndicales des Negociants en Timbres- Poste'
    Ref.: World Dealers Directory menu
    Main Cite : Dealers Topical Index : Dealer Associations
    Cite/xRef.: Dealers : .nl
    Cite/xRef.: Dealers : .dk
  63. International House of Stamps, The (Siam/Thailand) .th
  64. International Mail Order Specialists - Ronald Bernbaum (), .us-OK
  65. International Philatelic Service (.za catalog) .za
    P O Box 567, Johannesburg 2000, South Africa
    (South African Stamp Colour Catalogue)
    Cite: Entities Index : South Africa
  66. International Philatelic Society - Jose MARTINEZ Otero (ww, tienda), 08013 Barcelona, .es
  67. International Stamp & Coin (sales, catalog) .my
      (Standard Catalogue of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Stamps & Postal Stationery)
  68. International Society of Appraisers (ISA) (sic), .us-WA
    Member Survey c.2006
    xRef : Topical Dealers Index : Dealer Associations - Other
  69. Internationales Spezial-Antiquariat fur Post- und Verkehrsgeschichte (Literature), .de
  70. Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (IPDA) (online dealer assoc.)
    Last Full Survey: c.2009, Selective c.2011
  71. Internet Philatelics - Mike McDermott (sales) .us-
  72. Internet Philatelistic Shop (Czechoslavakia, auctions), .cz
    @ (c.2008)
    Owner: Radom�r Danenberger, email: [email protected]
    Owner: Pavla Danenbergerova, email: [email protected]
    Olomouc, Czech Republik (Europe), No VAT.
    /english/Auction.htm '404' c.2008
    Alt.: Internet Philatelic Shop - Radomir Danenberger, .cz
    .cz/INDEX_E.html (good c.2008)
  73. Interocean Stamps - Edward W. Waterous (U.S., British West Indies, Germany, Austria), .us-IL
  74. InterPhil (pre-1930 US)
    Interphil (US: eBay Auctions) .us- ; same??; diff URL
  75. Interphilia Stamp Agency - Andy Wacinski (Europe, topicals, P/H), .us-CO
  76. Interpost (Agent) .us-NY
  77. INTURPEX Stamp and Cover Expo - Mary Swenson (monthly bourse), .us-CA
  78. Interstamp/Hontos - David Koplar (@), .us-CA 92075
    (Postal History, France and Colonies, Brit. C'wealth, U.S.)
    P.O. Box 827, Solana Beach - - Tel. (858) 755-2259
    now Retired c.2011 though still a member of PTS
  79. Interstamp Organisation, .nl
    Interstamp (Europe) ; diff URL (verzamel.com), diff co.???
    InterStamp, .nl ; diff url (interstamp.club.tip.nl) ; diff co.??
  80. Interstamps (postal auctions, retail) .uk-
  81. Interstamps, .uk-DO BH21 1XY (no url)
    Interstamps (ww, auctions) .uk- (same?)
  82. Interstamps - Guy Maggay, .ch (?), .fr
    http://interstamps.hypermart.net/ '404' c.2011
  83. Ioannidis, Panos (Greece; Heres, local overprints) .gr
  84. Iosifidoy, Maria (& Nikai, Piraeus), .gr
  85. Iowa Stamp Dealers' Association, .us-IA
    xRef : Dealers Topical Index : Dealer Assoc.
  86. Iowa Stamps & Coins - Terry & Rebecca Holdridge (US; mint/used, supplies), .us-IA
  87. IPLTD - Fatih Goca (Iran, Turkey, Germany) .tr
  88. Ireland Stamps - Eoin Boyle (Ireland, Europe) .ie
  89. IRIS (Tiendas Especializadas {Specialty Stores), 08006 Barcelona, .es
  90. Irish Philatelic Traders' Association (IPTA) .ie
    Last survey c.2006 via IFSDA
    some selective c.2011 via IFSDA
  91. Irish Stamps Online - Martin Fahy (Ireland) [EN, GR, IT ...] .ie
  92. Irtenkauf, Klaus (Expertization: Wurttemburg; Mi. 1-43) .de
  93. Irwin Weinberg Rarities / Miner Stamp Co. (Appraiser, collections, accumulations), .us-PA
    Former owner of “The British Guiana One Cent Magenta”
  94. Isaac & Fils - Charles A. & Christian Isaac (Expertization: .fr & colonies), .fr
    aka: Maison du Timbre, La
  95. Isaacs, Albert (), .au-NSW
  96. ISFILA AS (Auctions and Sales) .tr
  97. Ising, Wolf (Expertization: .il) .de
  98. Island Stamp & Coin - Dick Bland (US, Duck stamps)
  99. Islandsspecialisten AB, .se
  100. Israel Philatelic Agency of North Amererica [aka: IGPC] (Agent) .us-NJ
  101. Israel Stamp Dealers' Association {ISDA}, .il
    Last survey: c.2011 via IFSDA
    israelphilately.org.il/English/israel_stamp_dealers_association.htm '404' c.2009
  102. Issoudun Philat�lie (), .fr
  103. Italian Stamp Dealers Assoc. {FNCFI}, .it
    aka: Federazione Nazionale Commercianti Filatelici Italiani
    Incl.: Associazione Commercianti Filatelici - Ugo Messeri, President (Tuscany area)
  104. Italphil s.r.l. (auctions, .it, .eu), .it
  105. itradestampscoins - David Ford (), .au-NSW
  106. Ivanhoe Stamps, Coins, Collectables {now Andex Stamps Pty. Ltd} (), .au-VIC
  107. Ivy and Mader (Public Auctions), .us-NJ 07006
    Formerly: Ivy, Shreve and Madder, TX, USA
    "Ivy, Shreve and Mader Philatelic Auctions, Inc. was sold to a publicly held company based in New Jersey in 1993."
    www.ivymader.com, [email protected] '404' c.2010
  108. Ivydee Philatelic Services (auctions, ww) .uk-
  109. Iyer Stamps & Covers - Swamy S. Iyer (.jp & Occupation, Ryukyu, China, Thailand, All Asia), .us-CA

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