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  1. E & D Sales - Edward J. & Donna Petrik (New Issues: Foreign. Covers, U.N.), .us-FL
    aka: Ed Petrik
  2. E & M Graded Stamps - Eileen Frohnen (Graded Stamps, 19th Cent, U.S. Classics, Back Of Book), .us-CA
  3. e Stamp Auctions - - B. McLean (online auctions, Europa CEPT), .uk-Scotland
  4. E. Edward Humphreys - Ed Humphreys (US, Br C'wealth; Approvals), .us-TN
    xRef: FL
  5. E. K. Sanger Stamps for Collectors (Austria, Bosnia), .us-TX
  6. E.S.J. van Dam Ltd. - Erling van Dam (Canada revenue & ducks, auctions, rev. pub./album), .ca-ON
    aka: Canada Revenue Stamps .com
  7. E-Z's Stamps (packets, approvals)
  8. Earl P. L. Apfelbaum Inc. (Auctions, online philatelic library), .us-PA
  9. Earl T. Reeder (US, .ca, topicals), .us-FL
  10. Early American History Auctions, Inc. - Dana Linett (Encased Postage, U.S. Revenues, Americana), .us-CA
  11. Earthly Treasures - Dr. Lowell N. Harris (Topicals: Insects, Butterflies), .us-CA
  12. East - West Stamps - E. Knudsen, @ (esp. Bulgaria & thematics), .dk
  13. East City Philatelics Ltd. - D. Bevan (.nz, Br.C'wealth, thematics), .nz
    aka: East City Stamps Ltd
  14. East Coast Stamp Wholesalers - P.E. Eri (.au & area, Pacific Isls, BrC'wealth), .au-NSW
  15. East Coast Stamps & Coins - Laurence Saitowitz (stamps, coins, access.), .za
    aka: Republic Stamp & Coin
  16. East Europe Stamps (sic but '404' c.2008), .lt
    members.xoom.com/MINTSTAMPS '404' c.2008;
    but good links for webmasters!
  17. East Europe Philatelics - Peter van Esch (sic), .nl
  18. East Rand Stamp Co. - Moira Bleazard (Agent: Israel), .za
  19. East Rand Fair (Fair: last Saturdays), .za
    aka: Boksburg Stamp Fair
  20. East Riding Philatelic, .uk-HU
  21. East-West Philatelic Company (ww, Asia, topicals), .us-NY
  22. Eastern Auctions Ltd. (Mail / Public Auctions: Canada et al, US, GB), .ca-NB
    aka/q.v. (sister co.): Gary J. Lyon (Philatelist) Ltd.  
  23. Eastgate Universal Stamps & Coins (PTY) Ltd - Craig Rosen (Agent), .za
  24. eBay, Inc. (Online Auctions) .us-CA
    Ref.: FDC's Page; link to FDC categories
    Cite: Category : Auctions; refine #
  25. eBay.ph (Philippines online auctions)
  26. eBID, Ltd. (online acutions), .uk-KT
  27. eBourse - Henry Stevens (Stamp Collecting Marketplace), .us
    http://www.ebourse.com/ '404' c. 200801
  28. Ebras, Daniel (), .fr
  29. Escalada-Goicochea, Eduardo (Spain; esp. Carlist wars), .es
  30. Eccles Stamps - John Eccles (), .nz
  31. ECHEVARRIA Carrizosa, M. - Numismatica Echevarria (.com), 03001 Alicante, .es
  32. Echo Sierra Stamps - John A. & Diane Swart (Br. Empire, WW), .us-CA ; need addr
  33. Ed and Matt's Stamp Page - Matt LaPlant (US), .us-MI
  34. Ed Dimmick Stamps - Edward A. Dimmick (TOPICALS!), .us-CA
  35. Ed's Stamps - Edward J. Szpiro (United States, Japan), .us-WA
  36. Ed's Stamps Page (US, Plate Blocks, Topicals, WW), .us-MD
  37. Edelman's (Retail Shop, US & WW P/H, Stamps, FDC, Coins, Banknotes, Loans), .us-PA
  38. Eden Stamps cc - Steve van den Hurk ( ), .za
  39. Edenzac Stamps -Tim Papadopoulos (eBay), .au-Vic
  40. Eder, Frank (), .de
  41. Eder s.r.l. (publishes/ed Cronaca Filatelica & other magazines ...), .it
    Has/had online edition. See: Editoriale Olimpia SpA c.2005
    Cite: Titles : Intro to Stamp Collecting
    was: www.eder.it/
    old : www.crofil.com/
    older: www.intecs.it/eder/crofil/uk_home.htm
    oldest: www.mimesys.iunet.it/cro_fil/stamps!_ing.html
  42. Edgar Mohrmann & Co. Internat. Briefmarkenauktionen GmbH (auctions), .de
  43. Ediciones Filatelicas Torres / Filatelia Torres -
    Jose TORRES Navarro (The Torres Album), 03400 VILLENA, .es
  44. Edifil SA (catalogs, magazine, accessories), .es
    common typo (error): http://www.edfil.es/
    EDIFIL S.A. (manufacturer, supplies), 08009 BARCELONA, .es
    EDIFIL S.A. (manufacturer, supplies), 28013-x3 MADRID, .es
  45. Ediseis SAFE S.L. - Ignacio SAIZ Areces (.com), 28230 Las Rozas de Madrid, .es
  46. Edition 2000 (Agent), .de
  47. Editions Jean Farcigny - François Farcigny (), .fr
  48. Editions La Rose des Vents - Mme Simone Isnard (.fr, .mc, Europa, Europe), .fr
  49. Editions Multipress (SA Schweizer Briefmarken Katalog) .ch
  50. Editions Philateliques de Paris - François Farcigny (), .fr
  51. Editions Philateliques de Paris - Andre Borrey (), .fr
  52. Editions Philateliques Europeennes - Jean-Luc Staedel (Europe), .fr
  53. Editoriale Olimpia SpA (magazines; e.g. Cronaca Filatelica), .it
    aka: 'Gruppo Editoriale Olimpia SpA', cf. Eder s.r.l. (previous pub.)
    xRef: Country Research : Italy
  54. Edlins of Canberra - E L Cummings (Public Auctions, retail shop) .au-ACT 2601
  55. EdKen - Edward K. Lyons (Produces EDKEN FDCs, Buy & Sell Stamps and Covers), .us-FL
  56. Edmonds, Melvin (.au, .de, .nz, British, ww: topicals & Souvenir sheets), .us-TX  
  57. Edney, Paul , .us-HI
    (Sales: France & Colonies, GB & C'wealth, Stamp Show listings)
    Hosts THE: 'Stamp Yellow Pages' and
    Keeps: Stamp Shows Worldwide - Cite: Gen. Links: Resource
    Is the Pres. of the Hawaii Postcard Club
    Note: all show pages linked from within this Dealers Directory (e.g.)
    cf : Hawai'i Post (local post issuer), .us-HI
  58. Edu-Gro (WW), .ar
    http://www.sinectis.com.ar/~edu-gro/ '404' c.200801
  59. Edward Culshaw Stamps, (WW), .uk
  60. Edward Hines {deceased} (US classics, postal covers, rarities), .us-CA & AZ
    Formerly : www.edhines.com
  61. Edward Kosciolek's First Day Covers (FDC's, cachets), ; addr?
  62. Edwards, Robert (), .us-TX
  63. Eeshan Prakashan - Narendra Kumar (), .in '15
  64. EFILCAR / Graficas Trullenque S.L. - Jose TRULLENQUE Pico (Albumes fabricada ..), 46240 Carlet, .es
  65. Ege Bjerregaard Frimærkehandel, .dk
  66. Egoli Philatelic Service - Ian Frith ( ), .za
  67. eHobbies.com (hobbies incl. stamps), .us-CA-la
  68. Eibenstein, Hubertus (Expertization: .cm, .tg) .de
  69. Eichhorn, Florian (Expertization: .jp, .kr/ .kp), .de
  70. Eilat Philatelic & Numismatic Club (.il, Palestinian Authority '@ face' ++), .il
    Cite: Clubs : Israel
  71. Einfach und bequem einkaufen, .de
  72. Eisenberg, Gideon (), .il
  73. Eisenberger, Horst (), .de
  74. Eisenhammer Briefmarken Auktionen (auctions), .de
  75. Eisold, Lothar (Expertization: .ru/su), .de
  76. Eitan Bar-Erez (Unusual Thematic & Postal History), .il (c.2009)
    aka: Top Topics
  77. El Coleccionista C.B. (.com), 16004 Cuenca, .es
  78. El Eco Filatelico y Numismatico -
    Isabel BENGOECHEA Mirnada (Revista de filatelia.., & shop?), 31001 Pamplona, .es
    aka?: Jaia Publicaciones, S.L.
    See Also: Juan Manuel CERRATO García - FESOFI Delegado de Relaciones con El Eco, .es
  79. ELA Auctions, Inc. (sic: 3/yr), .us-CA
    www.ela.sc.scruznet.com '404' c.2008
  80. Elbeshausen, Hermann (), .de
  81. Eldi's Philately World - Lucky Daniel Krompis @ (Indonesia; data c.2000), .id
  82. Electric Co., The - Callen Harty (cachets, FDC's), .us-WI
    features a local WI directory
  83. Electronic Stamp Store - Rick Mingee, .us-CO
    AKA/ See: Paperless Stamps
  84. Elegant Stamp & Coin Center (China, Hongkong), .hk
  85. Eljay Stamps - L. Sheward (Australasia, Americas, Europe..), .au-QLD
  86. Eliades, Christa (Expertization: Berlin), .de
  87. Elite Stamps.com, .ca
  88. Elliott, Charles (.us, ,ca, booklets), .us-UT
  89. Elliott, Kevin - .ie
  90. Ellis, D. - .uk-DU
  91. Ellis Philatelic (FDC's), .ca-ON & .us-NY
    www.elphil.com/ ; '404' c.2008
  92. Elm Grove Stamp & Coin - Dick Raney, .us-WI
  93. Emerald City Stamps - Rob Follett (Br. W. Indies), .us-WA
  94. Emms-Beddows, Betty (auctions, .ca, lots & collections), .ca-ON
  95. Empire Co. - Stanley Jameson (Auction Agent), .us-FL {q.v.}
  96. Empire Era Stamps - Nick Pollard (Wants, Used Br. Empire), .uk-HZ
    "..on-line access to a database of over 20,000 stamps from Queen Victoria to early Queen Elizabeth.
  97. Empire Philatelics - John Hart and Barry Banks (kiloware, packets, GB, wants), .us-UT
    old: empire.philatelics.home.att.net/main.html
  98. Empire Stamp Corporation - H.B. Martin Jr (Br. C'wealth, .ca, .eu; east), .ca-ON
  99. Empire Stamps Co. (WW, Br Emp), .us-CA
    "Ever since 1989, Our monthly price lists of British Empire stamps have been serving the collecting community .."
  100. Empire Stamps - Christopher Swinbank (Australasia, Br C'wealth, Thematics), .au-ACT
  101. Emporium Enterprises - Byron E. Kennel (British Commonwealth, French Colonies, Germany, Russia Area), .us-WA
  102. Encyclopaedia Philatelica -
    Dr. Jaume GORRIZ Abella (EFO, modern ww, Classics pre 1920), 08023 Barcelona, .es
  103. Endisch, Helmut (), .de
  104. ENEXA - See : Filatelia Online
    ENEXA Philex Division - Giuseppe Todaro, .it
  105. Enfield Stamp Centre - R.S. Grierson (Retail Shop, auctions), .uk-MS
  106. Engel, Arthur (), .il
  107. Enger-Frimerker Stamp Auctions - Hans Enger (Auctions, Auction Agent, Expertization), .no
  108. Engler Stamps - Brian Engler Sr. (Online Store, U.S. PNCs, EFO's, Transportation Coils, Covers), .us-PA
    "I am a Plate Number Coil (PNC) Stamp Dealer. I specialize in center-on-center back numbers."
  109. Engstedts, Magnus (Sweden), .se ; '404' c.200801
  110. ENSENAT Rincon, Carlos {y} Gerardo ARRANZ Humanes -
    Filatelia Carlos Ensenat (tienda), 08037 Barcelona, .es
  111. Enzo Diena s.r.l. - Raffaele Diena (), .it
  112. EPALZA, Joana {Afinsa} (auctions), 28015.. Madrid, .es
  113. ePier Inc. (online auctions), .us-WA
  114. Epping Stamp & Coin Fair (Fair: 4th Sundays), .au-NSW
  115. Eprotec Preservation, Inc (Intercept Preservation Products), .us-NJ
    Cite/xRef: Basic Collecting : Plastic Philately
    Cite: Dealers : FL : A & R Stamp & Coin, Inc. (ref.)<<==
  116. Erbi Frimärken HB (), .se
  117. Erdwien, Volker (Expertization: .pl; Danzig/Gdansk, .lt; Memel), .de
  118. Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps (Revenues, Literature), .us-PA
    xRef : Auctions : StampHall, .us-MO
    xRef : Clubs : USA: Amer. Rev. Assoc.
  119. Eric Paul Ltd (specialized GB), .uk
  120. Eric's Stamp Corner (on eBay) - Chris Jones, (kiloware) .us-LA
    AKA: q.v. Christina Jones Stamps
  121. Eriksson Brev och Frimärken Ulf, .se
  122. Ernesto Marini s.r.l. - Giorgio Marini (.us, .it, .de, WW Albums & acces.), .it
    Cite/xRef: Clubs : Topical Index : Religon
  123. Error Stamps on the WEB® - Steve Crippe, .us-MO
    aka / q.v.: Steve Crippe, Inc., .us-TX (c.20100
  124. Ersta Stamp Department - Mr. Per Erik Nilsson, .se '404' c.200801
  125. Escala Group ~ European Headquarters {EG} (tangibles), 28046 Madrid, .es
    Escala ref.: 'Enron of Spain' Fallout Ripples Into U.S. Markets ... ' (c.2006)
    Escala ref.: "...Forum Filatelico and Afinsa Bienes Tangibles, jailing top executives..."
    Escala ref.: "...the U.S. SEC launched an investigation of a relatively obscure New York stamp and coin trading firm..."
  126. Escala Group ~ USA Headquarters (tangibles), .us-CA
    c.2009 the group is know as 'Spectrum Group International, Inc.'
    includes H.R. Harmer - Philatelic Auctions and others... {q.v.}
    Gabinete Filatelico de Madrid (tienda, expertization, wholesale), 28004 Madrid, .es
  128. ESCODA Lloveras, Antonio {y} M. C. PANADES Crusats - Filatelia Panades (tienda), 08026 Barcelona, .es
  129. ESCUDERO Garcia, Nestor Gerardo - Filatelia Nestor (.com), 28012 Madrid, .es
  130. ESMUNAS S.A. {FIL.- SPORT} (Edifil Dist.), 19003 Guadalajara, .es
  131. ESpace Collections - Philippe Dolou (Thematiques, Lettres, Matériel), .fr
  132. ESPACE Lollini - Bernard & Alexandre Lollini (Space issues), .fr
    (ww Space: issues., albums, catalog editor)
    Ref.: Transports: Air (The Condorde.)
  133. Espace MultiCollections, .fr ; '404' 200801
  134. Essendon Stamp Fair (sic: 1st Sundays), .au-VIC
  135. EST Philatelie - Freddy Kopp (Postcards, letters, coins), .fr
  136. eStampShop - Chris Jones (WW; singles to collections), .uk
  137. ESTANC DUASO (regalo y timbres, cigars), 08008 Barcelona, .es
  138. Estanco - Cava Antonio (tienda), 23700 Linares, .es
  139. Estes Florida Stamp Co. - James A. Estes (PNC's, Precancels, .uk, wants), .us-TN
  140. ESTEVE Cruelles, Jose (.com), 08002 Barcelona, .es
  141. ESTEVEZ Reigada, Alberto (tienda), 28013 Madrid, .es
  142. Estoppey, Maurice E. (Expertization: European classics), .ch
  143. Estudi Filatelic Jose Fernandez - María Teresa RIGAU Puigvert (tienda), 08029 Barcelona, .es
  144. Estudio 20 (Auctions), .ar
  145. Estudio Filatelico S.A. - Mario MIRMAN Castillo (tienda, Subastas), 41001 Sevilla, .es
  146. etiangui philately (Stamp Shop), Mexico
  147. Etude de Maître Milliarède (Public Auctions), .fr
  148. Euro-Asia Collectibles (GB, Commonwealth, Malay States, Hong Kong, WW), .uk
  149. Euro-Yu Oz Pty. Ltd. - Dragan Udovicic (Europe), .au-QLD
  150. Eurofil / Filatelia Eurofil - Juan Jose SANCHEZ Martinez (tienda), 08021 Barcelona, .es
  151. Eurofil 2000 - Francisco Javier SANTIAGO Garcia (.com), 28024 Madrid, .es
    AKA: Europea de Filatelia 2000 S.L. {Eurofil 2000}, 28024 Madrid
  152. Eurofila Ltd. (Baltics, Eastern Europe, Ex-USSR, Agent), .lt
    www1.omnitel.net/EuroFila/, [email protected] '404' c.2008
  153. Europe Collection 57 (), .fr
  154. Europea de Filatelia 2000 S.L. { AKA/q.v.: Eurofil 2000 }
  155. European & Foreign Stamps, Wales
  156. European Union's VIES VAT number validation system. (Utility), .eu
    Cite : Topical Dealers Index : Dealer's Associations : Header
    Cite : Dealers : Main Menu (short)
    Cite : Dealers : Main Menu (full)
    Cite : Dealers : United Kingdom: Main Menu
    Cite : Dealers : United Kingdom: London : Antonio Torres
    Cite : Dealers : Lithuania : NEOFILA (source)
    xRef : Dealers : Index : V
    Note: Australia has a similar ("ABN" Ozzie Biz Number) system
  157. Europhil Frimärksauktioner, .se
  158. Europhil.fr - José Ribeiro (ww stamp & thematic packets, .fr : FDC's, year sets), .fr
  159. Eveleigh Books & Stamps - Edmund Stein (Lit., p/h, .us, Br.C'wealth, Advertising Covers, Machine cancels), .us-MA
  160. Everett, Dot - .us-CA 91114
  161. Everett's Stamp Mart - Everett King, @ (Australia, New Zealand, GB), Whitethorn, .us-CA
  162. EverGreene Stamps.com - Tim Greene (WW), .us
    Alt: EverGreene Stamps - Tim Greene (US, WW), .us
  163. Exclusiv PhilFund - Dr. D. Mykhaylitchenko ("space-polarpost" thema; aimed at 'charity') .ua ; addr? - enquire
    xRef : Topicals : Space
  164. Exclusively Collectibles (topicals; PayPal), .us-NH  
  165. Expertization - See: Terminology : Experts
    Includes resources
  166. Expertos de Madrid (CEM), Comission de (Expertizers) .es
    Cite: Dealers: Terminology : Experts
  167. EXPO ~ COINS - Francisco CUADRADO Torres (.com), 28014 Madrid, .es
  168. Expo Galeria S.L. - Jorge MONTANER Amoros (.com), 46001 Valencia, .es
    Note: www.expogalery.com/ '404' c.200809
  169. EZ Stamp {by SoftPro 2010 Inc.} (software), .ca-ON
    old: www.StampTools.Com/ ; forwards c.200911
    members.home.net/ezstamp/ '404' c.200911
    older: members.home.net/mariost/ezscrmdemo.htm
  170. Ezequiela de Los Angeles, Perez Velasco y (.com), 48011 Vizcaya, .es

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