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  1. Berman's Postal History [Alan & Jon] (auctions: Zeppellins, paquebot, airletters, covers ..)
    Alan Berman, Postal History of the World, .uk-LO SW6 6LP
    Jon Berman, Cornish Stamp Company, .uk-CO PL28 8QP
  2. Boatwright, Frederic S. (Air Mails, Zeppelins, .es/Colonies, Postal History, .jp/Japanese Occupation), .us-MO
  3. Brookman, Barrett & Worthen (US, UN, .CA catalogs, P/H: Zeps, FDC's) .us-NH
    ck: Brookman, Barrett & Worthen (as 'Brookman Covers') ; diff URL
    FDC's division sold to Artmaster, Inc. in 2000
    aka: Brookman / Oakmore ; site features a 'zepplin' search engine
  4. H. (Herman) E. Sieger GmbH (new issues; Agent , Thematics, Zeppelins) .de
  5. Hanover Stamps - Thomas K. Howard (Zeppelins, U.S., Air Mails, Postal History, Wants), .us-PA
  6. Newport Harbor Stamp Co. - David M. Cobb (.us, EFO's, PNC's, Ducks, .de, .at, zepps), .us-CA
  7. Terry Kurzinski Stamps (Air Mail Covers, Zeppelins, Covers, FDC's/Programs, .pl, .us), .us-IL
  8. Sieger, Hermann Walter, .de
    (Expertization: 1872-1916, airmails of 1912; air and zeppelin post, catapult and rocket mail; ref, .li; 1938-1945)

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