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Website Hosting &/Or Design Services     

  1. AZ Web Design - Tim Odom, (stamp background images for web pages) .us- n/s ('404' c.2014)
  2. Anteater Design Group (web services) .us-FL 32791
    Publishes: SearchStamps
  3. BB Design - Brad Bansner ("a full-service website production company") .us-PA
  4. CIS Mgt., Inc. - Ben Sheng (web hosting ..)
    Ben was the original author behind Asiastamps.com (see: China
    currently (2/2001 "over 500 clients now") hosting Ray Coughlin and others.
  5. Danilo L. Signo (Philatelist, Philatelic Consultant & Webpage designer) .ph
    xRef.: Ray Couglin, .us-WA
  6. International Collectors Network, (web hosting, Collector's Guides incl. Stamps), .uk-BR RG14 7AT ; need addr
  7. Neil Creative Media - Randy Neil (Website Design, Hosting & Ad Agency), .us-KS
    Responsible for several philatelic web sites; incl. ASDA's. Past APS Pres. ...
  8. Sunnyfield Co. (internet hosting solutions and web page design), UK
    AKA: Days Past
  9. USID, Inc. (Stamp Finder's Collectibles Web Hosting & Design arm)
    It's noted Randy Neil flys the USID Logo
Multi-Vendor, 'community'/membership types:
(offers vary, they often control many aspects)
  • ·Brass Armadillo Malls (collectibles) :
    1. Cincinnati OH; no more
    2. Des Moines IA
    3. Denver CO (HQ)
    4. Kansas City MO
    5. Omaha NE
    6. Pheonix AZ (2 stores c.2014)
    7. CollectorNetwork.com ; new 6/2, '404' 12/14
    8. Dealer Malls.com Collectibles Network - Pres. Alan H. Cohen .us-OR 97030 (good c.2014)
      Including : Stamp Central.com & Stamp Approvals.com, .us-CA (these 2 are '404' c.2014)
    9. eBay, Inc. (online auctions) .us-CA
      Often noted in our listings as (... ; eBay) / with link where known.
    10. Kollectbox - Jorge Oliveira, CEO, .pt (Multi-Dealer Marketplace: Stamps, Coins & Banknotes), ofcs: .uk, .es, .pt
    11. Northwest Stamps Philatelic Center - Bill Stahl (mall) .us-(nortwest) n/s
    12. Ruby Lane (online dealer mall) .us-CA
    13. StampCircuit Club [SCC] (traders; free, dealers, auction houses)
      operated by VSIS Software Solutions Ltd., .il
         'Virtual meeting place for stamp collectors, dealers, auctioneers.'
    14. Stamp Dealers International® (SDI) (online mall, association, auctions) .us-FL
    15. Stamps2Go.com - Paul & Matthew Herman (multi user online marketplace: buy or sell), .us-FL
    16. TIAS (multi vendors, chat)
    17. Zillions Of Stamps - Steve Ferda (a multivendor site w/search)
      (a function of Linns Stamp News, .us-OH)

      ·And as one more idea: eBay's 'About Me' pages:
      Example : Fine & Rare Stamps of Great Britain
      "Including the 1d Red Plate 77 'World Rarity' sold by us last year !" (oops! c.2015)
    »   Free 'Do It Yourself' Web Hosting:
    (some of the more popular ones)
    1. Welcome to Google Sites! (new in 2008)
      Create simple, secure group websites.
      Share information with a few people, a whole organization, or the entire world.
      Plan club meetings and activities
      Single-click page creation
      No HTML required
      Customizable look and feel
      Settings for accessing and sharing information
      And it's free!

      Anonymous referrers for private sites
      Tuesday, August 05, 2008

      We have had some questions in our discussion group about why some outgoing links are sent through an extra redirect before getting to their destination URL, and we wanted to explain the benefits of this feature for private sites.

      Normally if you have a link on your website to another website, and someone clicks on that link, the URL of your page with that link is passed to that site as referral information (and visible to administrators of that site). For example, let's say the Google Sites help page (http://sites.google.com/support/) has a link to http://www.example.com/foo. When a user clicks on that link, the owners of www.example.com will be able to see that the user came from http://sites.google.com/support/. This is great information for site owners, and works well for public sites.

      While this isn't a problem for public sites, it can be an issue for private intranets. Let's say instead of our help site, the link to example.com was from your private intranet, http://sites.google.com/site/intranet/super-secret-project-name. You probably wouldn't want that link visible to the administrators of example.com, so for Google Sites that are set as private, we automatically perform what is called "referrer scrubbing" by sending outbound links through an anonymous redirector. The result is that anonymous information, not the URL of your intranet, is passed as referral information. We assume your private site is private for a reason and this includes your URLs as well as your content.

      Just one of the many features in Google Sites which allow you to focus on your content, not your infrastructure.

      Posted by: Scott Johnston, Sr. Product Manager

    2. MicroSoft's Office Live Small Business (like Google) offers free (and paid) websites using templates.
      Also features (c.2008):
      Free email accounts
      Free online support

    3. 000webhost.com
      c.2008: Welcome to the first and only - user donations supported free web hosting service. We provide you with the most reliable and feature-rich web hosting service without advertising. ...Unlike other free webhosts we do support PHP and MySQL with no restrictions. ("1500 Megs Free!") ; I use this!! (restricts to 6K files) ajw.
      " Please try to login to our members area at least 1 time every year. Thank you for understanding." (c.2014)
      (and this after being away for over 2 years . . . and they let me back in in 10 seconds - they accept donations....)

    4. Helihost.org
      c.2014.08 hosted this page. 500MB Free.

      ( be warned it you don't check in monthly they suspend your account! )

      ( They cut me off 2014.10.06 with some guy called 'fork' indicating my site was too large . . . )

    5. Jabry.net (My new space c.2014.10.07)
      Was: "Up to 1GByte Free Web Hosting Space"
      "Unlimited Bandwidth", "FTP Account", "MS Access Database",
      "Active Server Pages (ASP) Support" "No Ads" . . .
      The seem to have quit c.201505.

    6. bravenet (also supports MySQL & PHP and has other paid and free services)

    7. Angelfire (via Lycos: 20 megs c.2009, heavy on ads c.2014)

    8. Boomspeed (Philatelic.Net, .us-TX)
      offers(ed?) 1 meg free; good for web pages or auction graphics!

    9. FreeYellow (InfoSpace)

    10. Geocities.com (Yahoo) (no longer free c.2009.10.28)
      GeoCities' free websites were an important outlet for personal expression on the Web for almost 15 years, but were discontinued on October 26, 2009.

    11. GeoCities.ws (c.20150505 Now my main site.)
      "Free for life. UNLIMITED Storage and Bandwidth" 1 website. Paid Svcs ($1.50-$4.00/mo) provide more.. c.2014

      Among the Upload Restrictions:
      The maximum size of one file is restricted by net2ftp (their online tool; does not apply to your FTP client) to 19,531.25 kB (kind of small; I have html pgs up to 300,000 kB) and by PHP to 20M.
      If the destination file already exists, it will be overwritten.

      (They, like OoCities.org + + below, also have a project to 'rescue' GeoCities.com's discontinued sites.)

      "If you remember an old geocities username exactly (GeoCities.com/username/), then you can just try to go to the website (OoCities.org/username/ {the same with .ws - aj}). . without searching or looking through the lists.

      ... when you remember the username but can't find anything then try: web.archive.org (aka : WayBackMachine) and geocities.ws and reocities.com . . .

      The Google search ... includes results from :


      geocities.ws (Provides free & paid web space. - aj.)
      GeoCities.ws notes: "If you found your site in our online archive you can start editing it by just following the instructions in the Sign Up Page and registering as a user. " (see above)





      www.lchr.org (c.201507 aj.)

      Google is not aware of everything . . . archive.org is not in Google.

      Special Thanks goes to all the editors and webmasters who make this project alive by updating their old links every day from * geocities.com/* (into) *oocities.com/* . "

      Note: OoCities.org: includes GeoCities.com/username/, us.geocities.com, uk.geocities.com, au.geocities.com, ca.geocities.com . . .

      I've even 'rescued' a few. . . and used the above to find a few.: (cite)

    12. Tripod (Lycos; 20megs free)
    13. homestead.com; Free Trial + Free Support + Free Design
    14. 100megsfree3.com ? no longer free? c.6/2002
    15. 110mb.com = 110 MB free c.2010
    16. Fortune City
    17. Webs = 40 MB free c.2010
    18. 50megs.com - 50 MB Free c.2011

      See Also:
      > The List - INT Media Group, Inc. - "The Definitive ISP Buyer's Guide"
      >and their ' Internet.Com (news and reviews) ; '404' c.2015!
      Link Valet (Online URL validation tool) c.200911
      ChangeDetection.com (free service to allow surfers to be notified of your webpage updates)
      FreeFind.com (free or fee search engine for you website.; I use it! ; it's good if you learn it!!)
      WhoIS.com; a Free service for checking for url's registrants; and they'll sell you one too. (c.2015)
    »   Free Web Based E-mail Services:
    1. Stamp Mail - a 'non-profit free email service for the philatelic community'
      from: Everyone.net (fee/free e-mail svcs and more)
      2216 O'Toole Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131, USA
    2. Mail City (now Lycos Mail)
    3. Hotmail (MicroSoft / MSN)
    4. Yahoo! Mail .... and the like

      See Also:
      > Browser Mania - from Webmonkey (a Lycos Co.)
      - - 'A handy chart keeps track of the browser wars!'
      > ReverseInternet.com - Competitive Intelligence
      Why Competitive Intelligence?

      If you want to be successful in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing, you have to know what methods work and what methods do not. You can read all eBooks and forums in the world and learn little useful information. Luckily, there is another way to learn - by example. If a website ranks #1 for "real estate" they must be doing something right. Great thing about the Internet is that you can't hide anything there. Every word on the page and every link is visible. ReverseInternet.com will help you find words and links that matter to search engines and understand how you can promote your website and achieve similar results. On top of that RI will help you find places where to look for good SEO ideas by finding networks of websites operated by the same person. Read on to find out how.

      >See Also: Index Entries: Accounting, Advertising, Financials

    West Indies      - See Also: Caribbean
    1. Interocean Stamps - Edward W. Waterous (U.S., British West Indies, Germany, Austria), .us-IL
    2. Pennymead Auctions David Druett (Private Treaty, books, postcards, West Indies), .uk-NY

    W H O L E S A L E     
    1. Australian Philatelic Wholesalers Pty Ltd - Peter L. Johnson, Adam Fox, .au-VIC
      Can provide "Certificates Of Valuation"
      Caters to investors and promotors.
    2. Collections Plus - Kevin Morgan (kiloware, packets .. wholesale) .au-VIC 3158
    3. Collector's Supply House - Bill Stanley (Supplies: Mfg., Retail, Wholesale), .ca-ON
    4. Groth AG - Hans Groth (World Wildlife Fund; Agent,
      Wholesale WWF stamps and coins incl UNICEF coins), .ch
    5. H.U. Kendall & Co. - Rod Leach (Retail, Wholesale), .au-WA
    6. Harry Edelman, Inc. (supplies: wholesale only) .us-NY 11420
    7. John H. Talman Ltd. (retail, wholesale, private treaty, auctions) .ca-ON
    8. Stamp Factory, The (wholesale only) .au-NSW 2008
    9. Tabakov, Vladimir (Wholesale Stamps) .bg
    10. Vasconi Stamps 2000 - Vasil N. Popov, @ (Eastern Block, Topicals, Wholesale & Retail) .bg
    11. Victoria Stamp Traders - Ernest Weiner (Packets, Accessories, Wholesale), .au-VIC
    12. Wholesale Stamp & Coin Accessories - W & V Spence (aka Gold Coast; retail) .au-OLD
    13. Aero Collectables - Torsten Weller, .au-VIC 3182
      (aka: Collect Postmarks & Covers: AU, GB.., kiloware, packets.. wholesale)
    14. cf: Postal Agents
      Especially :
      >Inter Govermental Philatelic Corp. (IGPC)
      >Crown Agents Stamp Bureau (CASB) ...

    World Wildlife Fund (WWF) (See Also : Dealers : Cinderellas)
    1. Groth AG - Hans Groth (World Wildlife Fund; Agent), .ch
      Wholesale WWF stamps and coins incl UNICEF coins)
    2. Herman, Robert J. (WWF Album pgs) .us-FL 32134
      Cite: Topicals : Fauna : WWF
    3. Steurs, Marc - .be

    Worldwide Issues (see also General Dealers)
    1. OquistStamps, LLC - Lisa Oquist (worldwide stamps), .us-MD

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