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Valuations, Appraisals (See Also: Expertization)

  1. Colonial Stamp Co. - George Holschauer (Appraisals, British Empire: Retail, Auctions), .us-CA
  2. Peter Richardson (German translations & valuations) .uk-BR
  3. Rarity Group, LLC - Ronald F. Umile (US, P/H, WW, Asia, BrC'wealty, Probates, private treaty), .us-CA
  4. Robert Barger LTD {Pres. SDAG c.2014} (Sell - Buy - Appraise), .us-TN
Vatican City (See Also: Topicals : Religion)

  1. A M Phil di Andrea Mulinacci (Italy, US, .sm, Vatican, ...), .it {IT, EN}
  2. Antonios Philatelics LLC - Anthony R. Kassel (France, Spain, Portugal, Vatican City), .us-HI
  3. Groves, David U. (Packets of Russia, Vatican, U.S. and Topical Stamps), .us-FL
  4. Reid Stamps - Richard C. Ried (U.S., U.N., French Colonies, Vatican City, topicals) .us-NY

Vended or Vending Machine Postage (aka: ATM's or 'Framas')

  1. ATM AKTUELL {aka: ATM Seitz AG} - Markus Seitz, (ATM labels, resources), .ch
  2. Boonah Stamp Supplies - Sel Pfeffer (Booklets, Frama's/ATM's, cat. publisher), .au-QLD
    Pub: Australia & Territories Booklet Catalogue), Australasia & Territories Frama & CPS Catalogue . .
  3. Briefmarken & Münzen Dohren - Tilman Dohren (ww ATM's, .de: all, Europa-CEPT, .at, .li, .ch ..), .de

Vietnam (See also: Asia)

  1. Vietbay - Nguoi Viet Tu Do (Vietnam: Stamps, Coins, Currency ...), .us-CA

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