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Saudi Arabia (See Also: Middle East)

  1. Filatco - Elias A. Kawar (Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Egypt, Worldwide), .us-WI  

  1. AME Trading LLC - Mrs. Angela M. Estrada (Packets, Collections/Lots, .ca, Scandinavia), .us-CA
  2. Dan Lemke Stamp & Coin (.us, .ie, Scandinavia, WW), .us-MN
  3. KMB Kollectibles - Michael G. Bednarek (Scandinavia, Worldwide, Covers, Postcards), .us-VA
  4. Minnephila - Dave Ruch (general foreign, Scandinavia), .us-MN
  5. West Nissouri Stamp Company - Dennis Jorgensen (GB, Br. C'wealth, Scandinavia), .ca-ON
  6. Northwind Stamps - Robert Cantwell (.ca. Scandinavia: Stamps, Postcards, Covers), .ca-QC
  7. Zatka Philately Ltd. - Mirko Zatka (Canada, Scandinavia, Western Europe), .ca-AB
  8. McLean, B. (GB, Scandinavia, Europa and online auctions), .uk-Scotland
  9. Jay Smith & Associates (Scandinavia; incl. expertizing, approvals), .us-NC
  10. Postzegelhandel Ron Herscheit (Scandinavia specialist), .nl
  11. Southampton Bay Stamps - Mrs. Vicke L. Dietz (Approvals, Netherlands, Scandinavia, U.S. Classics), .us-GA
  12. Stamps, Etc. - Dennis Potosky (US, Scandinavia, Ducks), .us-MN
  13. Turner, Al 'Doc' (U.S. Classics, Revenues, BNA, Scandinavia), .us-MI


See Also: Category

  1. A.G. Bradbury (Stamp Organiser software), .uk-LE
  2. Acorn Philatelics' software by Freedom Bekier via DnJ Stamps, .au-VIC
  3. ALMEDIS-PHILATELIX (cat's, albums, Software (in French): .fr, .be ++ - & colonies), .th
  4. AlbumEasy - Clive Levinson (Free: Page design software)
    Cite: Homepage
  5. Australian Pictorial Computer Stamp Organiser - Ken Sparks, .au-QLD
  6. BFDC Ltd. (British Stamp Organiser) "Own the best-selling British Stamp Organiser program for less than £25."
    Cite: Collecting : Guernsey c.201501
  7. EZ Stamp {by SoftPro 2010 Inc.}, .ca-ON
  8. Liberty Street Software, Paul Dembowski (.ca, .us ++: StampManage 2011 & coin..), .ca-ON
  9. Niche Software Inc. / CollectiblesSoftware (KollectAll {v9.1 c.20150205}), .us-FL
  10. PrimaSoft PC, Inc. (Stamp Organizer Deluxe software), .ca-BC
  11. Smart Sales Software (via Rodney A. Perry), .au-VIC
    "...ideally suited to the collectables industry in general.."
  12. Sweet Child Software / Systems (software system designers), .il
  13. Stamp Compare - Simon Cronk (Great tool for comparing stamp images.)
    The main purpose of this software is to make it easy to perfectly align two images and then "toggle" between them, to manually compare and identify any differences.

    .. I've decided to make this software free for my fellow collectors. If you decide that you like it and it saves you time or helps you identify something really great, you might like to donate a few dollars so I can keep developing and improving this software. I'll also then be able to inform you when new versions are available. Many thanks ! Simon. (c.201506)

    >General Suppliers:
    RGM Stamps (.ca, .au, GB, USA. Software), .ca-BC

    >Operating System Specific:

    >PalmOS Devices:
  14. Extended Technology Systems - Tim Trimble, .us-
    (Pocket Stamp)(via 'Palmgear.com)

    >Other Tools:
    EnglishSoftware (c.2011)
    English writing software and a blog with free writing tips.
    (Thanks Nelle for spotting a bad link and letting me know about EnglishSoftware.-aj)

South Africa (incl. 'Southern Africa', 'South West Africa')

  1. A.L. Garfield Philatelics - A.L. Garfield (.cy, .mt, .za, .ma, .sl, .gi, .pk), .uk-LO
    "I have probably the largest and most extensive stock in the WORLD of this group"
  2. Anne Southwood Postnet (Bechuanalands: p/s, p/h. Rhodesias), .za
  3. Arcade Stamp Shop (Pty) Ltd. - Coen Slagt RDPSA (.za, access.), .za
  4. Atlas Auctioneers - Clinton E. Goslin (Southern Africa, auctions), .za
  5. Cape Stamp Auctions - Peter Hale (.za, SW Africa, Southern Africa, p/h, auctions), .za
  6. D.M. Philatelics - Dom Martino (.za, SW Africa, .de, Thematics), .za
  7. Hans Maier Stamps (New Issue Svc., Thematics, So. Africa), .za
  8. Keith Rodman Stamps (Pty.), Ltd. (Rhodesia, South Africa, Southwest Africa), .za
  9. Rand Stamp Auctions - Paul van Zeyl (Southern Africa: p/h, p/s . . .), .za
  10. Stamps for Sale - Geoff du Toit (.za; pre & union .ls et al, .na/swa), .za
  11. Wembly Philatelic Services - JN Mildenhall (Southern Africa, Br.C'wealth: stamps, p/h), .za
  12. World Stamps - Glen Carpendale (Southern Africa, topicals, access.), .za

Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM)

  1. Interfinum S.R.L. Filatelia e Numismatica (Stamps (incl. SMOM), etc., Marini Albums), .it
  2. Said, Remy {& Emmanuel} (SMOM, .mt, banknotes, coins . .) .mt
Space Related (as in 'Outer Space' ; see also Aerophilatelics)

  1. Frasketi Jr., Joe (JJ) (Space Covers & resources), .us-FL
  2. Regency-Superior, Ltd. - Alan Lipkin (Retail Store, Auction Agent, auctions, WW, Space), .us-CA
  3. Right Stuff Inc., The - I. Michael Orenstein (Consultant, Appraisals, Space Memorabilia), .us-CA
Spain (.es) & Colonies . . .

  1. Boatwright, Frederic S. (Air Mails, Zeppelins, .es/Colonies, Postal History, .jp/Japanese Occupation), .us-MO
  2. Philstamps - Ron Maineri (Online Auctions: Philippines, U.S. Possessions, Spainish Colonies), .us-CA
Sports Related

  1. Australian Sports Stamps - Noel G. Almeida, .au-UNK
  2. Football-Soccer - Simon Milkus' Stamp Exchange (collect/sell/trade), .ua - See Also
    incl. list of Ukraine post codes (cc)

    Stamp Shows: Worldwide - Perodic (Bi-annual, Annual, Quarterly etc.)

    (Add your regulary scheduled fair/event)

    Countries Menu : A, I, N, S

    Execept/q.v. : USA, Canada & the UK

    See Also: Retail Shops

    & Enjoy this: The Collector Finds Many Pleasures at the Stamp Show, John Finch; About.com
    "Although the Internet has become a major stamp trading venue, there are still scores of stamp shows put on around the world every weekend. . ."


    Code   :   City   :   Title
    Australia Date(s)   { Top } Code   :   City   :   Event
    AU: NSW 1st Saturdays except Jan. 2100 : Brookvale : Northside Stamp Fair
    AU: NSW 1st Saturdays 2428 : Tuncurry : Great Lakes Market Day
    AU: NSW 1st Saturdays 2780 : Katoomba : Katoomba Stamp Fair
    AU: NSW 1st Saturdays 2800 : Orange : Orange Monthly Coin and Stamp Fair
    AU: NSW 4th Saturdays 2196 : Punchbowl : Punchbowl Stamp & Coin Show
    AU: NSW 5th Saturdays 2040 : Petersham : Petersham Stamp, Coin & Banknote Fair
    AU: NSW 1st Sundays 2518 : Corrimal : Corrimal Stamp & Coin Show
    AU: NSW 2nd Sundays {Feb.-Nov.} 2567 : Narellan : Narellan Coin & Stamp Show
    AU: NSW 3rd Sundays 2287 : Wallsend : Newcastle Stamp & Coin Fair
    AU: NSW 4th Sundays 2121 : Epping : Epping Stamp & Coin Fair
    AU: NSW Nov. (1st Sunday) 2560 : Campbelltown : Fisher's Ghost Stamp Fair
    AU: NSW Nov. (mid) 2650 : Wagga Wagga : Wagga Stamp & Coin Fairs
    AU: NSW May (early) 2650 : Wagga Wagga : Wagga Stamp & Coin Fairs
    AU: Vic 3rd Saturdays 3155 : Boronia : Melbourne Stamp Fair
    AU: Vic 3rd Saturdays 3204 : Bentleigh : Bentleigh Stamp Fair
    AU: Vic 1st Sundays 3040 : Essendon : Essendon Stamp Fair
    AU: Vic Last Sundays { 3rd in Dec.} 3131 : Nunawading : Nunawading Stamp Fair
    AU: Vic Feb. (day{s} vary) 3144 : Malvern : APTA Melbourne Stamp & Coin Fair
    AU: Vic July (day{s} vary) 3144 : Malvern : APTA Melbourne Stamp & Coin Fair
    AU: Vic Oct. (day{s} vary) 3218 : Geelong West : Stamp & Coin Fair (Geelong Philatelic Society +)
    AU: Vic Nov. (day{s} vary) 3144 : Malvern : APTA Melbourne Stamp & Coin Fair
    AU: WA Aug. (1st w/e) 6009 : Crawley : Perth Stamp & Coin Show
    AU: WA Oct. (day{s} vary) 6009 : Nedlands : Swan River Stamp Show
    Ireland Date(s)   { Top } Code   : City   :   Event
    IE : Dublin Oct. (mid to late) _____ : Dublin : STAMPA - The Irish National Stamp Exhibition
    New Zealand Date(s)   { Top } Code   : City   :   Event
    NZ : Christchurch 1st & 3rd Sat. _____ : Christchurch : Christchurch Stamp & Postcard Fair
    Slovakia Date(s)   { Top } Code   : City   :   Event
    SK : Bratislavia June (1st weekend) _____ : Bratislavia : Bratislavia Collectors Days (BCD)
    {Central Europes' largest}
    South Africa Date(s)   { Top } Code   :   City   :   Event
    ZA : Pretoria 1st Saturdays 0186 : Queenswood : Pretoria Stamp Fair
    ZA : Cape Town 1st Saturdays (ex Apr, May) 7551 : Durbanville : Greater Cape Town Stamp Fair and Bourse
    ZA : Sandton 2nd Saturdays 2004 : Sandton : Sandton Stamp Fair (nr. Rivonia)
    ZA : Boksburg Last Saturdays 1459 : Benoni : Boksburg Stamp Fair
    ZA : Kloof Last Sundays 3640 : Kloof : KwaZulu-Natal Stamp Fair
    ZA : (Varies?) Oct. (1st or 2nd Sat.) ____ : (Varies) : South Africa's National Stamp Day
Stamp Shows - Promoters & Services
See Also : Promoters/Services in The UK, USA and Canada

    AU : NSW : Pat Bannon (Fair organizer, stamps, coins ...)
    AU : NSW : Camden Coins - Richard Ziemiecki (Promotes Stamp & Coin fairs)

    SK : Incheba, a.s. (Bratislavia Collectors Days)

    WW See Also:
    > StampShows.com (Worlwide Listings) - Paul Edney, HI, USA
    > The World Flea Market Directory (in Español & English)

    Wikipedia's List of philatelic exhibitions (by country)
Stationery, Postal (e.g. Postal Cards, Letter Sheets ..)

  1. CA : BC : Mike Sagar Postal Stationery (of Canada, Newfoundland)
  2. FR : Philatelie 68 - Thierry Kaemmerling (France & community, postmarks, postal stationery)
  3. US : TX : Keiko's Cards (US Postal Cards & Stationery, WW Stationery)
Supply Houses & Speciality Items
See Also: Retail Shops

  1. CafePress.com dba PromoteStampCollecting.com
    Browse 100's of designs on 1000's of unique stamp products ...
    or we can customize a design especially for you or your stamp collecting group!
  2. AU : WA : Lindner Publications Australia (supplies)
  3. DE : Leuchtturm Albenurlag GmbH & Co.
  4. CA : ON : Boscastle Supplies - Susan Peters, David Terry (Supplies; many brands, literature)
  5. CA : ON : Safe Coin & Stamp Supplies - Josef Quast (.ca, ww, supplies)
  6. CA : ON : Unitrade Associates
  7. CA : QB : Lighthouse Publications
    parent: Leuchtturm Albenurlag GmbH & Co. (Germany)
  8. UK : HZ : Philatelic Supplies - Mark O'Neill (C'wealth, thematics, new issues)

  9. US : AL : The Supply Store
  10. US : CA : iHobb.com - Internet Hobby Supply, Inc. (Hobby Supplies)
  11. US : MD : Potomac Supplies (limited to USA)
  12. US : NJ : Lighthouse Publications
    parent: Leuchtturm Albenurlag GmbH & Co. (Germany)
  13. US : NY : Brooklyn Gallery Coins and Stamps - RR Volpe (supplies)
  14. US : NY : Lindner ('Hingeless Albums', supplies)
    parent: Leuchtturm Albenurlag GmbH & Co. (Germany)
  15. US : OR : Freeway Supplies; a Division of Scott-Edelman Supply
  16. US : PA : Subway Stamp Shop - Virginia Goldberg (Supplies, Online Store, Retail Shop)
  17. US : PA : 2001 Stamp N Coin Supplies - G. A. Wiegand (Albums, Pages, Supplies {extensive!})
  18. US : PA : Charles R. Heisler, Inc. - Walter Zollinger (Online Shop, Stamp & Coin Supplies)

    See Also: Catalogs, Albums, Software ...
>Office / Mailing Supplies
  1. Stamps.com (Mailing & Shipping solutions incl. postage online) .us-CA?
    Cite: Advertiser/ Affilate
>Specialty Items; including Novelties
  1. Stamp2.com - Rarieties Int'l (scales, books/journals ..) .sg

  2. The Glad Shoppe - Gladys Kelly - (Glad Cachets / FDC's) .us-TX
    & Limited Edition (max 100 made) T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Mousepads - w/cachets

  3. Going Postal! - David Ryan (T-shirts with Classic Postal Images) .us-ID

  4. Harmony Designs (stamp related gifts/novelties: paperweights, pins ...), .us-PA
    129 East Harmony Rd, West Grove PA 19300
    Tel. (sales) (888) 293-1109, (Inquires) (610) 869-4234
    Fax: (610) 869-7415, @

  5. Preservation Technologies, L.P. (Mfg: Clarity non-toxic watermark fluid), .us-PA 16066

  6. Vidiforms Company, Inc. - James P. Michalek (Showgard Mounts & Accessories), .us-NY

    See Also: 'Albums', 'Books', 'Catalogs', 'Software'
    cf: AJ's Commercial Directory

Manufacturers of Supplies, Accessories & Speciality Items
See Also: 'Albums'

  1. Renniks Publications Pty Ltd - Alan Pitt (mfg, pub, wholesale, accessories), .au-NSW

Switzerland (.ch)

  1. Richard E. Murphy (Worldwide, Western Europe, Switzerland, Asia) .us-FL

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