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Pacific Region
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  1. AU : NSW : Tiki Stamp Service
  2. AU : Qld : Pacific Stamps - G. Van Pypen (Themes, postal stationery. Pacific new issues, wholesale)
  3. NZ : A. G. Visini Stamps Ltd
  4. NZ : Dunedin Stamp Centre
  5. NZ : Alan M. Kikpatric Ltd
  6. NZ : Malcolm Turner Stamps
  7. US : CA : Blackburn & Blackburn Ltd. - Peggy M. Blackburn (Asia, .cn, .fi, Postcards, Pacific rim flight covers)
  8. US : CA : OVPT Philatelics - H. McMacklin (Overprinted stamps, Pacific Isls, lit.)
  9. US : HI : Bear Stamps - Ted Ashworth
  10. US : WA : Classic Asia - Pacific Stamps, Covers & Postcards - Stephen A. Inklebarger (sic)
Papua New Guinea (.pg)
aka: German New Guinea, British New Guinea, Papua, New Guinea

  1. North Country Antiques- Jon R. Miller (Papua Lakatoi's, WW P/H & FDCs. U.S., Germany), .us-FL
Plate Blocks
See Also: General Topical Index : Plate Number

  1. Plate Block Stamp Company (new issues, WW) .us-KS 66206
Philippines (.ph)
  1. Philstamps - Ron Maineri (Online Auctions: Philippines, U.S. Possessions, Spainish Colonies), .us-CA

  2. Quality Philatelics - Glenn Tjia (Asia, EFO's, Philippines, Scandinavia, .eu-west), .us-CA

  3. San Pedro Stamp & Coin - Max & Linda Schwartz (.ph, U.S. Possessions, WW: Pre 1960, No U.S.), .us-TN

  1. Sunnyfield Co. (aka: 'Days Past'), UK
    We can supply sepia photographs from our own collection of images and we provide a photographic service for hand printed copies from your own originals. And under the name 'Days Past' they make postcards..

  2. FOTOSEARCH - Roger Draeger, [email protected]
    21155 Watertown Road, Waukesha, WI 53186 USA
    262-717-0740, 800-827-3920 24hrs M-F
    We bring together thousands of photographers, illustrators, and videographers to provide "The World's Stock Photography - One Web SiteTM".
Pitcairn Islands (.pn)

  1. Solutins Plus, Inc. - Jerry Jensen (Author, .de, .pn, eBay) .us-MN
Poland (.po)
  1. Tri-K Stamps - Casimer D. Kielbasa (US, UN, Baltics, Vatican City, Russia Area, Poland), .us-NY
Portugal (.pt)
  1. House of Stamps - Forrest B. Evans (Latin America, Rev's., .fr Colonies, Portugal & Colonies), .us-CA

Postal History
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General Topical Index : Postal History,
Clubs : Postal History,
Dealers : Covers

American Stampless Cover Catalog
>General Postal History

    CA :
    ON : Greenwood Stamp Company - R.F. Narbonne
    CA :
    ON : Lingen's Postal History / Buck-A-Cover
    CA :
    ON : P.H.P. - Paul Hurtubise (p/h, ww)(& in .us-FL)
    CA :
    ON : Reed Classics Ltd. - John W. Reed
    CA :
    ON : Winstone, David J. (Postal History)
    CA :
    ON : Brian Wolfenden

    DE : Neumann, Till (ww P/H, Auctions, Expertization: Bremen: Pre-philately; stamps & p/h)
    DE : Hutterer, Dieter (ww Postal History - Pre 1950)
    DE : Kniffka Philatelie - Marc Kniffka (p/h, topicals, .de, .eu. UN, acces.)
    DE : Stefan Hempfling Klassische Philatelie und Postgeschichte (Postal History)

    FR : L'Archive - Paolo Salvatori (p/h, thematics etc.)
    FR : Letters & Covers - Thierry Rohan (.fr & ww p/h)
    FR : Laurent, Bernard (ww, Histoire postale)
    FR : Marechal, Patrick (Rare stamps, postcards, postal history)
    FR : Philambul - Laurent Cordier (p/h, postmarks, covers)
    FR : Philatelie Cealis - J.P. Cealis (Timbres, Histoire Postales)
    FR : Philatexte sarl - Jean Lambert (Lettres {p/h}, Matériel{supplies})
    FR : Seignole Philatelie - Philippe Seignole (P/H: postmarks, covers, letters)
    FR : Sussman Philatelie - Paul Sussman (p/h)
    FR : Timbre et la Lettre, Le - Josiane Blanchard et Michel Carbonne (p/h)

    I L : Top Topics - Eitan Bar-Erez (Unusual Thematic & Postal History)

    NZ : Len Roberts Stamps (p/h, Themes, Cinderellas, p/c)

    UK : SU : Ritchie Bodily Co.

    US : AL : B & B Stamps & Coins
    US : AL : Penobscot Stamps & Postal History - Roger B. Hooper,
    US :
    AR : Vest Pocket Philatelics - William F. Di Salvatore (Worldwide Covers, Stampless Covers, Post 1800)
    US :
    CO : Aurora Stamp & Coin - Henry J. Pobuda (U.S., Germany, Postal History)
    US :
    CA : Columbia Collectables - The Walters (Collectables incl. P/H, Civil War, Olympics, World's Fairs)
    US :
    CA : Douglas Gary (Approvals, ww, .us, Postal History)
    US :
    CA : Greenbridge Philatelics - James E. Green (US & WW Classics, P/H, Fancy Cancels, Expertizing)
    US :
    CA : RG Stamps & Covers - Roger & Rachelle Gutzman (Postcards, Postal History)
    US :
    CA : Kashiwagi Co. - Kiyoshi Kashiwagi (Worldwide Postal History, Private Treaty)
    US :
    CT : Holtz International - A.G. Holtz (p/h, ww, rarities)
    US :
    CT : Philbert's Postmarket - Robert May (Covers, U.S. Postal History, U.S. Postal Stationery) nbsp;
    US : FL : Ashmead Collectibles - Robert Ashmead (Postal History, Event Covers)
    US :
    FL : Christopher/Richard Covers - Bill DiPaolo (WW P/H: 20th Cent, US Advertising Covers)
    US :
    FL : Classic Stamp & Cover - R. Friedemann (Topicals, WW P/H, Air Mail, Propaganda, Zepps)
    US :
    FL : Historical Cover Age - David Posner (Covers, First Day Covers, Postal History)
    US :
    FL : Ron King Stamps & Covers (Postal History, First Day Covers, U.S. and Worldwide Covers)
    US :
    I L : Jim Mehrer's Postal History (p/h, lit., supplies, auctions)
    US :
    I N : JWF Stamps - James W. Faber (U.S. & WW Postal History, Advert Covers)
    US :
    MD : Harris, Labron (ww Postal History) (c.2015)
    US :
    NH : PostalHistoryStore.com - Bob Patkin (FDC's, Ephemera, Machine Cancels, P/H)
    US :
    NH : Doubleday Postal History -Elwyn & Anne Doubleday (ww P/H {esp. New England})
    US :
    NM : CompuStamp - Gary A. Dubro (Postal History)  
    US : NV : Jim Forte's Postal History (US, Military & WW Postal History)
    US :
    NY : Amberman Stamp Co. - John B. Amberman III, (19th Cent., Civil War, P/H, Ad Covers, Cancels/Postmarks)
    US :
    NY : Gold Mine, The - Gilbert Celli (First Day Covers, Patriotic Covers, Covers ...)
    US :
    NY : Powers, William J. (Approvals, 19th Cent., Advertising Covers, Civil War, Postal History)
    US :
    NY : Prestige Covers - Paul M. Zipp (Postal History, Air Mail Covers, Zeppelins)
    US :
    NY : Schmitt Investors Ltd. - Fred Schmitt (P/H; incl. Manuscripts...)
    US :
    OH : Global Philatelic Associates - John Wright (p/h: US, ww, maritime)
    US :
    W I : Green Bay Stamp Shop - Robinson & Adamini (Lots, Retail Shop, U.S. Classics, P/History)
    US :
    W I : R.H.O. Postal History & Stamps - Roger H. Oswald (sic)

    ZA : Steve's Stamps and Boer War Memorabilia - Steve Catlin (Postal History)

>Specialized Postal History by Regions/States ... Territories, Eras

    Stickney, Webster F. (ww p/h, .ru, .cn, .mx, Baltics), .us-CO
    Triple "S" Postal History, Inc. - Thomas B. Gates (p/h, Ottoman Empire, ww), .US-OH

    Australia :
    Rodney A. Perry's Postal History (esp. 20th Cent. commercial usage), .au-QLD

    Australia : Tasmania :
    Ludlow's - Randall Ludlow Askeland (stamps, postal history, postmarks), .au-TAS

    Canada :
    Philately Phor Phun - Don Slaughter (.eu: W., Scandinavia, .ca; incl p/h, Topicals), .ca-ON
    Scott Traquair (.ca, p/history, p/stationery, postcards), .ca-ON
    Quality Stamps & Covers Inc. - John (& Bev) Attrell (P/H: .ca & ww; eBay), .ca-AB

    France et al:
    P.H.I. (Postal History Investment) - Benoit Chandanson (postal history, Reunion), .fr

    United Kingdom et al:
    Willard S. Allman - Pre-1953 - non-FDC - British Commonwealth, .us-NJ

    United Kingdom : Kent :
    Thompson, Michael R (p/h: Kent and Lundy, UK), .uk-KT

    United Kingdom : GB : British Africa :
    CJR Stamps - Simon R. Hensman (British Africa: Rhodesia: No. & So.), .us-MN

    United Nations:
    B & B Stamps & Coins, .us-AL

    USA: Pre 1940 :
    Last Frontier Stamps, .us-AK

    USA: Confederate States of America (CSA) :
    B & B Stamps & Coins, .us-AL
    H E Harris, .us-AL

    USA: Alaska :
    Last Frontier Stamps, .us-AK
    Alaska Covers & Stamps, .us-AK

    USA: Florida
    Michael - Michael Wiedemann (Florida and U.S. P/H, Space. US mint/used), .us-FL

    USA: Hawaii
    Alaska Covers & Stamps, .us-AK
    See Also: Hawaii, Kingdom of

    USA: Michigan :
    Pack-Rat Covers - Jim Smith (Approvals, P/H: Military Mail, postmarks/cancels, Michigan Covers ), .us-MI

    USA: Texas :
    James R. Alexander (Texas Postal History), .us-TX
    Rightmire Stamp Company (Texas Postal History), .us-TX

    USA: Vermont :
    Vermont Stamp - John Lutz (Vermont Postal History), .us-VT
>Specialized Postal History by Topics

    (See Also:
    Brookman, Barrett & Worthen (P/H: Patriotic Covers, Zeppelins, FDC's), .us-NH
    Don Lawson Stamps (P/H: Military Mail, Japanese Occ., Air Mail Covers; eBay), .us-MI
    Fortunes of War - Mike Hyman (War Covers; US, Japan, Germany, paper collectibles), .us-CA
    J.V. Bond Company - James V. Bond (WWII stamps, currency & collectibles; PayPal) .us-CA
    Lo Giudice's (.it & Areas, WW II Postal History), .it
    Mayo Postal History - L.D. Mayo (p/h: War covers, WW, Thematic Meters), .us-MS
    Old Paper Man - J. Christopher Warner (Cancels/Postmarks, Postcards, Ephemera, Military Mail), .us-KS

    See Also:
    Postal History Collectibles WebRing
    postalhistory.org (resources)
Postcards (Manufacturers) - See Also: Postcard Dealers

  1. Beaver Universal Philatelic Distributor - Roland R. Roth (.ca, .eu;w, p/c), .ca-QC
  2. Days Past (aka: 'Sunnyfield Co.'), .uk-CH
    Specialties include: lace making, football, shipping, seaside, rural, Scottish social history, Liverpool etc.
  3. Postcard Interactive Company Of Sydney (manufactures, online sales), .au-NSW
Preservation Products
See Also: Basic Collecting : Plastic Philately
  1. Eprotec Preservation, Inc (Intercept Preservation Products), .us-NJ
  2. Stamp-Vault.com - Jim Kallinger (Preservation products), c.2015:
    1850 SE 18th Ave, Ocala, Florida 34471 USA - Phone: +1.4079497492
    Email: [email protected]

Printers / Printing
See Also: Topical Index : Printers
>General Printing

  1. (Jim) McKellips Printing & Design (gen. printer and stamp sales) .us-VA
    Cite: our personal ref
    Nice business cards.

  2. Wheeler Benitas Inc. - Paul Golden (lit., WW, Graphic Design, Philatelic Commercial Printing), .us-CT
>Stamp Printers / Makers (aka: Security Printers)

  1. Ashton Potter (stamp producer/printer) .ca-ON, .us-NY
    Ref.: World Stamp Expo 2000
  2. Avery Dennisson Corp. (stamp producer/printer) .us-CA
    Ref.: World Stamp Expo 2000
  3. Banknote Corp. of America (stamp producer, security printer) .us-
    Cite: Report : World Stamp Expo 2000
  4. MDC Stamp Group (stamp producer/printer) .ca-ON
    Cite: Review : WSE 2000
  5. Olathe Poste, The - Bill Porter (Artistamps, Poster Stamps, Carriagel labels {Isls of Pabay & Rona}, Supplies), .us-CO
  6. Sennett Security Products (stamp producer; ref) .us-VA
    Cite: World Stamp Expo 2000 report
    See Also: TRACE Holographic
  7. U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
    Cite: Clubs : USA : Gen. Info.

    >See Also:
  8. Souvenir Card Collectors Society (SCCS) - The Metro Chapter, NY, USA
    (covers related materials of government and private security printers)
  9. Mailing Equipment Suppliers & Printers list - Stamp2.com directory ('404' c.201412 : cc)
        (Related materials of government and private security printers)
        Cite: Topicals : Introductions

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