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Oceania (Region : The South Pacific)

  1. Oceania Nations and Antarctica Post, .nz
    stampshop[email protected], winepost@paradise.net.nz
    onsite data current c.2012
    old: http://oceaniapost.250free.com/ '404' c.2012
  2. Campman Stamps - Glen Campman (U.S., BrC'wealth, British Oceania, New Zealand, WW), .us-NV
  3. Stamp Shop (Oceania & Wine Post stamps), .nz
    stampshop@paradise.net.nz .nz
  4. Oceania Philatelic Galleries - Richard M. Parke, .us-CA
    (sales: British Oceania, small islands, Malaysia)
    Features: a Youth Zone ...
  5. Zirinsky Stamps - Steven Zirinsky (Oceania, Br. & C'wealth), .us-NY

    See Also: Philately : Regions : Pacific & South Pacific and Polar Regions

Online Stores Those that sell directly via their website.
(vs./See Also: Retail Shops, eBay Sellers)

  1. Bardo Stamps - Jim Bardo (Online Store: US< incl. varieties & var. album pgs ++), .us-IL
  2. Boilermaker Stamp Co. - Russell Shoaf (Online Store: FDC's, .us, p/h, p/c), .us-IN
  3. Castlerock Stamps - Jorge Castillo (OS: Latin America; esp. .mx, P/H, WW), .us-FL [SP]
  4. Charles R. Heisler, Inc. - Walter Zollinger (Online Shop, Stamp & Coin Supplies), .us-PA
  5. Dennis R. Abel (OS, U.S., Scout Stamps; Iceland, Israel), .us-MN
  6. DK Enterprises - Dick Keiser (Online Store: Censored Cvrs, Mil. Mail, P/H, U.S., WW, Scouts, C'wealth), .us-WA
  7. Engler Stamps - Brian Engler Sr. (Online Store, U.S. PNCs, EFO's, Transportation Coils, Covers), .us-PA
  8. First Day Covers Online (Online Store: FDC's . .), .us-VA
  9. GB Machins - Iria V (63) Burzon 2 {} (GB Machins booklets),
    Calle Guapiles, Playa Flemenca Nord 03189,
    Orihuela Costa
    Alicante, Spain
    Tel.: 0034 96 626 0637
  10. Georgetown Stamps (OS, Topicals, U.S., WW, Acces.), .us-TX  
  11. Hy Cohen Stamps (OS: .il, .us, UN, Ghana; WW New Issue Svc), .us-FL
  12. J. S. Volutza Philatelics - Joe Volutza (OS: U.S., Worldwide, Covers, Postal History, Space), .us-PA
  13. Kollectbox - Jorge Oliveira, CEO, .pt (Multi-Dealer: Stamps, Coins & Banknotes; blog), ofcs: .uk, .es, .pt
  14. Mystic Stamp Co. - Don Sundman (Online Store, Approvals, Fleetwood FDC's, resources), .us-NY
  15. National Wildlife Philatelics - D.H. Boshart (Online Store, Duck Stamps/Prints), .us-FL
    Federal, State, International, and Junior Duck Stamps (Stamps/Prints and Limited Edition Prints since 1976.)
  16. New Orleans Stamp & Philatelic Supply Shop - William P. Athens (OS: Supplies & Accessories), .us-LA
  17. Oldhampton Philatelic - Page Martin (Online Store: U.S. Classics, Plate Blocks, Packets), .us-CA
  18. Orange County Stamp Store - Brian Metz (Online Store: US Mint/Used/Graded; PSE issues), .us-CA
  19. Pacific Rim Philatelic Co. - Mark O. Dianda (OS: wwStamps, P/C's, Autographs/Docs ++), .us-CA
  20. Post Road Co. - Porter W. Venn (Online Store, WW, U.S.), .us-WI
  21. Postzegel Partijen Centrale - Rudolf Stibbe (OS: WW National & Topical Collections, Singles), .nl (in Dutch; cf.)
  22. R J Peed Enterprises - Ricky Peed (Online Store, Stamps, Coins, Supplies), .us-TX
  23. R. Schneider Stamps (Online Store: Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg), .us-IL
  24. Rasdale Stamp Co. - The Kellermann's (Auctions, Online Store, Retail Shop, WW), .us-IL
  25. RCS Stamps - Robert ('Bob') C. Stolz (OS: U.S., Brit. Commonwealth, Worldwide, Americana), .us-CA
  26. Seven Seas Stamps Pty Ltd. - Graeme Morriss (OS: .au & area: Produces albums, cat's & supplies), .au-NSW
  27. Stamp Collection Center - Rudolf Stibbe (OS: WW Country & Topical Collections, Singles), .us-NV (in English; cf.)
  28. Stamps Hobby - The Hobby of Stamps - Amit Chowdhury (Online Store,.in, ww, topicals), .in
  29. Steve Crippe, Inc. (OS: EFO's, Auction Agent), .us-TX
  30. Subway Stamp Shop, Inc. - Virginia Goldberg (Online Shop, Supplies), .us-PA
  31. Target Auctions - James C. Young (Online Store: Bid/Buy/Sell, online auctions. Spec. WW, Topicals), .us-MO
  32. Topical Stamp Store - Steve Schwartz (Online Store: Topicals), .us-FL
  33. Westminster Stamp Gallery, Ltd - Don & Noreen Palazzo (Online Store, EFO's, Topicals), .us-MA
  34. Whitman Publishing, LLC (Online Store: coins, US stamps, supplies), .us-GA
  35. Wilton Stamp Co. - Michael L. Goldberg (OS: Approvals, Wants, WW, U.S. & WW Classics), .us-FL
  36. Zillions Of Stamps.com - Steve Ferda (a multivendor web store w/search)
    (a function of/see: Linns Stamp News / Amos Media), .us-OH

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