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Magazines - electronic or paper (commercial)
See Also: Newsgroups & an earlier magazines compilation. . .

  1. The American Stamp Dealer & Collector (new stamp mag. c.2005), .us-NY
    via ASDA
  2. Australian Stamps Professional (magazine; new c.2008), .au-VIC
    Robyn Clark - Subscriptions/Advertising, fax: 03 97548027, @ (c.2009)
    Editor: John Leah, @
    A new magazine, '' Australian STAMPS Professional '', "ASP - the stamp magazine with bite!" c.2008.
    (c.2005 Glen Stephens, on his Stampboards.com, stiffed him pretty bad!!!)
    Note: Glen owes me money! - ajw.
    Robyn contacted me recently & is sending a couple of issues for our review - a nice, professional touch! aj. (c.2009.04)
  3. Atalaya (a Cinderella Magazine) - Christer Brunstrom, .se
  4. Briefmarken Spiegel (magazine), .de
  5. Canadian Stamp News - Trajan Publishing Corp. (Magazine), .ca-ON
  6. Collectors Weekly.com - Dave Margulius, Publisher (Online magazine), .us-CA
    "In-depth information (including top eBay auctions) on more than 1,500 vintage and antiques categories." ; website c.2015
  7. Filahome (online Magazine), .nl
  8. Filatelie (Magazine), .nl
    "There are now more than 1,035 editions. (c.2014)"
  9. Global Stamp News, The (magazine), .us-OH
  10. La Posta: A Journal of American Postal History, La Posta Publications, .us-OR
  11. Linn's Stamp News (Magazine), .us-OH
  12. MAJALAH PRANGKO - Richard Susilo (Indoneasian Stamp Magazine online), .id
    Language in Indonesian (Mr. Susilo is known to us as a long-time philatelist - ajw.) c.2009
    Richard is also moderator of the Stamp Trade Mailing List on YaHOo! c.2009
  13. Mekeel's & Stamps (now online) and U.S. Stamp News (Magazines) , .us-NH
    & their online edition 'Stamp News Now '
  14. Nordisk Filateli - Morten Persson's online magazine, .se
  15. Philatelic Exporter - Graham R Phillips, Editor {& gentleman} (Stamp Trade Journal), .uk-WS
  16. Postal Gazette, The (An int'l magazine), .ch
  17. Timbres Magazine - Timbropresse, .fr
  18. Stamp & Coin Mart - Trinity Publications Limited, .uk-WM B1 2RA
    a print & an online magazine, free & paid ads, sales, news
    NB c.2012 now published by Warners Group Publications plc, .uk-LI
  19. Stamp Magazine, .uk-KT
    a print & an online magazine, free & paid ads, sales, news
  20. Stamp News Australasia - Kevin Morgan (magazine), .au-VIC
    a print & an online magazine!
  21. Stamp World Magazine (an online Blog)
    "Stamp World is the world's first online general interest magazine written by stamp collectors, for stamp collectors. It's our goal to publish the latest news about about the stamp collecting hobby, as well as plenty of articles about how to collect stamps and postal history. We'll provide information about the best tools of the trade and review philatelic publications and magazines. Stamp clubs and societies are welcome to submit their news to us. And of course advertisers are always welcome. Prospective advertisers should contact us at [email protected] for ad rates. We'll do everything we can to accomodate your requests! Anyone wishing to write for us is welcome to write us at the aforementioned e-mail. Letters to the editor are also always welcome." - found c.201203 - no contact data except e-mail.
  22. The South African Philatelist (magazine), .za

    See Also: Wikipedia: List_of_philatelic_magazines
Manufacturers - Philatelic Albums (commercial) etc.
See Also: Supplies : Manufacturers

  1. PT : stampextras philatelics - (makes/sells color stamp albums by stamp issuing entities)
  2. UK : WY : Frank Godden Limited - C. G. Harman & C. S. Holder
    (Luxury albums, exhibition material: leaves, protectors)
  3. US : I L : Palo Albums, Inc.
    "the only company that offers albums for every country."

See Also: Albums


  1. Young, Roger IPDA-2015 [email protected] (Specialises in medical philately)

Mexico (.mx)

  1. Diaz, Oscar (Mexico, Spain & Colonies; eBay), .us-PA
  2. Dr. Ray Ameen (Mexico, Latin America), .us-TX
  3. Gregg Nelson Stamps (US, Mexico; eBay), .us-CA
  4. GRL Stamps (.mx stamps & covers. Auction Agent), .us-TX
Middle East

  1. Persiphila - Mehrdad Sadri (Expertizing, Iran, Middle East, books, albums) .us-CA
Military (See Also: Postal History : War)

  1. Agarwal, Arun Kumar {A.K.} (.in P/H, Censored Mail, Military Mail, U.N. Observers & Forces Covers), .in
  2. Auktionshaus Jörg Kalks (military, p/h, coins, auctions), .de
  3. Ausdenmoore-McFarlane Stamps, Covers & Post Cards - Mr./Mrs. McFarlane (*), .us-MI
    * Mrs: Specialties: Postal History, Postal Stationery, Thematic Postal History, U.S. Picture Postcards
    * Mr.: Specialties: Postal History, Postal Stationery, Military & Censored Postal History
  4. International Collectibles - Alfred Schaub (Military Mail, Low Cost (under $10), U.S., WWII, WW, Topicals), .us-PA
  5. McCann, Bill (BNA bklts, .ca p/s, military p/h), .ca-ON
  6. Sinais, Bertrand (Expertization: 20th Cent. Military & Air Mail), .fr
Mixtures &/or Packets   (See Also: Kiloware, Lots/Collections)

  1. Apex Philatelics Ltd. (approvals, acutions, mixtures), .uk-SU
  2. B Schulze Stamps Ltd. - Inge-Marie Fowler (.ca, .us: Mixtures & Packets, approvals), .ca-BC, .us-WA
  3. D & E Stamps- Charles W. Erskine (Worldwide, Mixtures/Kiloware, Topicals), .us-IL
  4. Drew, Thomas D. (.ca, ww, mixtures & packets), .ca-ON
  5. Falcon Stamps - Ross Waugh (Approvals, approvals, packets, wholesale), .au-NSW
  6. H & S Rogg - Sheldon & Harold Rogg (ww, Mixtures, Show Promoter), .us-FL
  7. Guelph Stamp House - Russell Lott (.ca, ww, Mixtures & Packets), .ca-ON
  8. J.J. Maher Company - James J. Maher (Mixtures & Packets), .ca-ON
  9. JLA Stamps - James Archbold (U.S. & Foreign. S.S., Sheets, Covers; Mixtures/Kiloware), .us-FL
  10. Just Good Stamps - Gerald Johnson (mixtures), .us-M I
  11. Lake Edge Stamp Service - Rev. Robert T. Voss (Approvals, Collections/Lots, Packets, WW), .us-W I
  12. S & H Stamps Pty Ltd - Rose Hussar (Packets, Wholesale.), .au-NSW
  13. Universal Philatelic Service - Dale R. Davis (WW sets, Topicals, Packets, Wholesale; ZOS), .us-CA

Monaco (.mc)

  1. Boule Monaco-Collections (Monaco; auctions, retail sales), .mc
  2. Comptoir Philatelique et Numismatique de Monaco - J.D. Shama (Monaco), .mc
  3. F. Brych et Fils (Monaco: Coins, Stamps), .mc
  4. Panoramas Philatelie - Christian Mananet (.fr & colonies, .mc, topicals), .fr

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