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Dealers Specializing in 'Labels', 'Local' &/or 'Cinderella' Stamps
Incl. Revenues, Fiscals, Telegraphs, Local Posts, Railways, Seals

(Except for 'Artistamps' this is anything that looks remotely like a postage stamp but isn't in the catalog.)


AU : NSW : Hamilton's for Stamps - Steve M. Hamilton (p/h, p/s, rev., cinderellas, .au, wants)

AU : NSW : Review Publications Pty Limited - Stamp Dept. :

Ephemera. "Cinderellas by mail through price list. Generous trade discounts to dealers."

AU : QLD : Stamps International (A/Asia) Pty. Ltd. (ww. Cinderellas, Mail Bid Auctions)

& offers a 'Dealer Correspondence Course'

CA : QC : Wonderful World of Stamps - Isidore Baum (Russian & topical locals..)

DE : Wolfgang Weber : Retail. .de colonies, Cinderellas, Labels, All World Covers.

I L : Seahorse Philatelic Publishers (Ralph Phillips' Local Post CD Stamp Catalogues: UK, USA, Canada)

Reminds me of the Classics and Cinderella Catalogue (1840-1920)
on CD-Rom from E. Klaseboer, Netherlands: leden.tref.nl/~klase024/ c.2001 (but now '404')

NZ : Shades Stamp Shop, Christchurch

Specialities: New Zealand, Greenpeace, Antarctic locals
"Greenpeace has for several years issued cinderella or local post stamps for use on their campaign support vessels and also in the earlier years from their Antarctic Base situated in the Ross Dependency."

NZ : Breyden Cinderellas & Stamps : Mail Auctions, Cinderellas : (New Zealand, Worldwide). Buyer.

NZ : The Complete Stamp Company (local issues: DX Mail, Posties Choise, Kiwi Mail ...)

NZ : Kiwi Stamp Circuit

"Each year we issue a 'private' postage stamp (known as a CAL). .. printed by NZPost and valid postage." (though some are hard to tell from a cinderella - aj)

NZ : Liegerland Consulate (Cinderella {fantasy} issues of Liegerland)

NZ : Lindsay J. Armstrong

NZ : Pete's Post Ltd

More legitmate NZ Postage

NZ : UniversalMail New Zealand

More legitmate NZ Postage

NZ : Wine Post New Zealand (alt URL, URL2) (x)

/&: Oceania Post
/&: Antarctia Post
no street or mailing address given.
oceaniapost.250free.com/ '404' c.201011
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
"New Zealand Wine Post, Oceania Nations Postage and Antarctica Post" (issues) (c.201011)
Wine: "Primarily used for wine packages sent to shippers in (from? aj) New Zealand, .." (c.200609)
Re URL2, under 'Links'-->'Story', "Antarctica Post mail stamps were first issued in 5 Nov, of 2002 to meet rates for a new Special Antarctica Post flight service. A single rate applies within the Antarctic circle and the stamps are only valid to carry mail to or from or within Antarctica and the Antarctic Circle. A ship within the Antarctic Circle may become a post office." (c.201011)

Antarctia Post URL notes: arcticpost.com (which gets, /under_construction.php = "Sorry, we are Closed") and SOUTH POLE NEWSPAPER (which forwards to The Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO)) as resources.. c.2010

and a fun link to the 'ShirePost', "We hope you enjoy perusing this site! Shire Post is devoted to the premise that fantasy is a useful tool in growing our own personalites. ..." (coins, buttons, medals)

NZ : Oxford Cinderellas

"You can either send a "Wants List" or subscribe to ... Cinderella Postal Auctions." c.2010

NZ : Alan S. Craig : New Zealand, New Zealand Cinderellas, Worldwide Postal History

SE : Atalaya Cinderella Magazine - A twice yearly resource for collectors

UK : HA : G.S. Lavender

Speicality: Worldwide Cinderellas, Revenues, Fiscals, Telegraphs, Locals, Railways, etc.

UK : HA : World Poster Stamps - Charles Kiddle

Also publishes: Hungarian Poster Stamps and Similar Cinderellas, by Ch. Blase

UK : .LI : Mail By Rail - Frank J. Wilson (Railway P/H, GB Railway local letter stamps; new issue svc.)

UK : LO : UniversalMail United Kingdom

Legitmate personalized UK Postage

UK : SX : The Popesgrove Philatelic Company

Adanaland cinderella catalogue

UK : Scotland : Stewart Gardiner : A General Illustrated Catalogue of Exhibition and Event Poster Stamps

US : AZ : Robert S. Freeman Co. : United States (Revenues, Taxpaids, Cinderellas)

US : AZ : A to Z Stamps and Coins : Arctic & Antarctic, Cinderellas, Topicals, Former & Dead Countries

US : CA : Ross Philatelic Service : Covers, Cinderellas, Autographs

"one of the largest wholesale Hollywood / Rock 'n Roll autograph & memorabilia dealers in the world."

US : CO : The Olathe Poste (Artistamps, Poster Stamps, Artistamp supplies etc. (sells & makes))

aka: WCP-NM.COM, Midnight Thinkings - Bill & Kathy Porter

US : CO : The Rail Philatelist : Train & Trolley Topicals, RPO, Cinderellas, RR Event Covers, Mail Bid Sales

US : CT : Connecticut Cinderellas (Revenue Stamps, Thematic Poster Stamps, Bogus & Fantasy Stamps ...)

Who notes, "The simplest definition (cc) of a cinderella is any stamp or stamp-like item whose inclusion is not allowed in F.I.P. sanctioned exhibitions."

US : DC : American Lung Association (Christmas Seals)

US : I L : Rosemoor Stamp & Coin Co.

US : NY : Zirinsky Stamps : Oceania, Br. & C'wealth ...

and an incredible array of monographs and studies online! - aj c.2010

US : OH : Lutz, Howard (United States Duck Stamps, Worldwide, Rattlesnake Island Locals)

US : OH : Rigastamps - Roger & Bonnie Riga (Cinderellas, antiques, revenues tax, fantasies)

US : MA : Cindstamp - C. Stetson Thomas, Jr. (Worldwide Cinderella/Poster stamps, Local/Private Post, BOB, rev.)

US : MI : The 1871 Shop - Don Reuter : Cinderellas, Revenues, Literature, Mail Sales

US : MO : Gene Stewart Stamp Co. - Lewis G. Stewart (Germany, Worldwide, Local/Private Post, Topicals)

US : NY : F.I.R.E. {first issue reserved edition}

Artistamps from 'an anonymous group of artists'.. (cc)

c/o Pyrodise Distributers
270 E. 10th Street - Suite 53, New York, NY 10009
(Also available at: St. Marks Bookstore, 31 3rd Avenue, New York City)

US : NY : Dr. Arthur H. Groten - Cinderellas, Ephemera, Judaica

US : PA : The Folded Letter - Advertising Covers, Poster Stamps, Antique Stamp Boxes & Postal Scales..

US : TN : Barry Porter (Cinderellas, Local Posts, Ducks ...)

US : TX : Park Cities Stamps (US: Carriers & locals, revenues, postal history)

US : VA : Society of Indo-China Philatelists (SICP)

The Revenues of Viet-Nam, An Electronic Catalog of Local and National Issues - CD-ROM

See Also:
Dealers : Revenue Stamps, Cinderella Issues, World Wildlife Fund, Artistamps
Clubs : Carriers & Locals, Cinderellas
Resources : A to Zee - the web guide for collectors: Cinderellas
(for fun) : The Jas Cyberspace Museum {see 'Artistamp Gallery' (cc)} c.2006  


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