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Dealer Associations - Stamps
  • European Union's VIES VAT number validation system. (.au has similar system)
    (See Also: Dealers Assoc.: Antiques, Auctioneers, Appraisers, Expertizers ...)
    1. International Federation of Stamp Dealers Associations
      aka: 'La Fédération Internationale des Chambres Syndicales des Négociants en Timbres- Poste'
      Contact c.2008: Hansueli Rickli, Webmstr@
      Marketing + Technik Rickli
      Bahnhofplatz 1, Postfach 509
      CH- 8910 Affoltern am Albis (Switzerland)
      Tel +41 44 776 20 41, Fax +41 44 776 20 45
      Other Rickli E-mail's: @rickli, @AFFOLTERNAMALBIS.CH
      Old: 20 Broadfields Avenue, Edgware,
      Middlesex HA8 8PG, UK (via Francis Chan c.1998)
      xRef./old Cite: Dealers : .nl c.2001
      xRef./old Cite: Dealers : .dk c.2001

    2.   Internet Philatelic Dealers Association
      Founded 23rd. February, 2002.

      IPDA News Blog (Blog & website up to date c.20150731; aj.)

      To apply for membership please fill in our online application form.

      You can compare our service against other associations using our quick guide table.

      You can pay your membership fee online.

      We have 77 active members. (cc)

      We also provide links to verify membership of other Philatelic Associations

      Date/Time: 2015-07-31 06:18:40 PDT
      Name: Allan Oliver
      Email Address: [email protected]
      Website (if any): http://www.ipdastamps.org
      Comment: Sir, the details for the above site (IPDA) are long out of date at 
      Could they please be updated as follows
      Founded 23rd. February, 2002.
      The site offers Philatelic information both in the public area as well as more in the 
      members area. A public chat room is avaliable for all to use and a link can be found 
      on the home page. All contact details for members are shown in the members listing and 
      emails for all the office holders can be found on the Committee page.
      Many thanks .. Allan (IPDA chairman)

      Navigation by WebRing.

      Was: (only the blog remains c.20150102; data c.201411
      Signed: mailto:Michael[email protected]
      "as for my stamp writing, please read
      Blog.Michael.Dodd.com I have tried to write occassionally ....
      "For details about the issue read Ian's site at
      ( he is an IPDA Member and a great guy as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
      http://www.norphil.co.uk/2008/01a_james_bond_stamps.htm )
      (this must be Ian Billings - aj)
      Another UK Contact: Roy Simpson - c/o Great Britain Machin Definitives, .uk-WM.uk
      site offers chat board (/html/marathon_chat.html) c.2006
      research it!!!
      old: www.ipdaonline.org, ipdastamps.org '404' c.201501

    3. International Federation of Postcard Dealers APS-05
      Pres. c.2012: Jim Taylor, [email protected]
      PO Box 399, Neosho, MO 64850 USA
      Mark Clemens c/o IFPD, Inc.
      P. O. Box 1765, Manassas, VA 20108
      Pres.: John H. McClintock, Tel.: (703) 368-2757
      9201 Mathis Ave., Manassas, VA 20110-5136
    4. AR : Sociedad de Comerciantes Filatelicos de la Republica Argentina (SOCOFIRA)
    5. AT : Österreichischer Briefmarken- und Münzenhändlerverband
    6. AU : Australasian Philatelic Traders' Association Inc. (APTA)
    7. AU : Stamp & Coin Dealers' Association of Australasia Inc. (SCDAA)
    8. AU : Australasian Collectable Traders Society (ACTS)
    9. BE : Chambre Professionelle Belge des Négociants en Timbres-Poste (CPBNTP)
    10. BR : Associação Brasileira dos Comerciantes Filatélicos (ABCF)
    11. CA : Canadian Stamp Dealers Assoc. (CSDA)
    12. CD : Chambre Professionelle Zaïroise des Negosciants en Timbre-Poste (du Congo)
    13. CH : Association Suisse des Négociants en Timbres-Poste (ASNP/VSBH)
      a.k.a.: Schweizerischen Briefmarken-Handels Verband {ASNP/SBHV}, (2:) .ch
    14. DE : Allgemeiner Postwertzeichen - Händler - Verband (APHV) e.V.,
      aka: Bundesverband des Deutschen Briefmarkenhandels APHV e.V.
      or: German Stamp Dealer's Association (National Level)
    15. DE : Bavaria : Bayerischen Briefmarken-Händler-Verbandes e.V
      (Bavarian Stamp Dealers' Assocation)
    16. DE : Central & East : Vereinigung der Briefmarkenhändler Mittel - Ost - Deutschland
      (Federation of Stamp Dealers in Central & Eastern Germany)
    17. DE : W. Central : Vereinigung Hessischer Berufsphilatelisten
      (Dealers' Association of 'Land Hessen')
    18. DE : N. Germany : Verband Norddeutscher Briefmarkenhändler
      (Dealers' Association of North Germany)
    19. DE : N.W. Germany : Vereinigung Niedersächsischer Berufsphilatelisten
      ('Association of Lower Saxony professional philatelists'; dealer assoc.)
    20. DE : W. Germany : Vereinigung Westdeutscher Berufsphilatelisten
      (Association of West German professional philatelists; dealer assoc.)
    21. DE : Southwest : Fachverband der Baden-Württembergischen Berufsphilatelisten
      (Association of Baden-Wuerttemberg professional philatelists; dealer assoc.)
    22. DK : Danmarks Frimærkehandlerforeningen (DFHF)
    23. ES : Asociacion Nacional de Empresarios de Filatelia y Numismatica de España (ANFIL)
    24. ES : Barcelona : Gremio de Filatelia de Barcelona (association, tienda)
    25. ES : Madrid : Asociacion Empresarios de Filatelia {A.E.F.}
    26. FI : Frimärkshandlarförbung R.F. Suomen Postimerkki-kauppiaiden Liitto R.Y. (SPKL)
    27. FR : Chambre Syndicale Française des Négociants et Experts en Philatélie (CNEP)
    28. GR : Greek Stamp Dealers Assoc.
    29. ID : Asosiasi Pedagang Prangko Indonesia (APPI)
    30. IE : Irish Philatelic Traders' Association (IPTA)
    31. IL : Israel Stamp Dealers' Association (ISDA)
    32. IN : Philatelic Dealers' Association (PDA)
    33. IT : Associazione Filatelisti Italiani Professionisti (AFIP)
      aka?: Federazione Nazionale Commercianti Filatelici Italiani (FNCFI)
    34. IT : Tuscany : Associazione Commercianti Filatelici - Sez. Toscana
      (Tuscany area stamp dealers assoc.)
    35. JP : Japan Stamp Dealers' Association (JSDA) - Y. Furuuchi (Catalog)
    36. NL : Nederllandsche Vereeniging Van Ppstzgelhandelaren (NVPH)
    37. NO : Norsk Frimerkehandler Forening (NFHF)
    38. NZ : New Zealand Stamp Dealers' Association, Inc. (NZSDA)
    39. PT : Associaçâo de Comerciantes Filatelicos de Portugal (ACOFIL)
    40. RU : ATM (Russian Stamp Dealers' Association)
    41. SE : Sveriges Frimärkshandlareförbund
    42. TW : China [Taiwan/Republic of] Stamp Dealers Association (CSDA)
    43. UK : Philatelic Traders' Society (PTS) Ltd.
      Ref.: ref.: .UK-Menu
    44. UK : Postcard Traders Association (PTA)
    45. UK : Approval Stamp Dealers Society (ADPS)
    46. UK : Universal Dealers Protection Society
    47. UK : MA : Manchester & District Philatelic Traders' Association
    48. UK : ME : Merseyside & District Stamp Dealers' Club (M&DSDC)
    49. UK : .Scotland : Scottish Philatelic Trade Assoc. (SPTA)
    50. US : American Philatelic Society (APS)
    51. US : American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA)
    52. US : National Stamp Dealers Association (NSDA)
    53. US : Midwest : Midwest Stamp Dealers Association
    54. US : Northwest : American Stamp Dealers Association - Northwest Chapter
    55. US : AZ : Arizona Stamp Dealers Group
    56. US : GA : Stamp Dealers Association of Georgia (SDAG)
    57. US : FL : Florida Stamp Dealers' Association {FSDA}
    58. US : IA : Iowa Stamp Dealers' Association
    59. US : MN : Minnesota Stamp Dealers Assoc.
    60. US : OH : Northeast Ohio Stamp Dealers' Association
    61. US : TX : Texas Stamp Dealers Association
    62. ZA : South African Philatelic Dealers' Association (SAPDA/SAFHA)

      Fédération Internationale des Chambres Syndicales des Négociants en Timbres- Poste, La (IFSDA)
      (International Federation of Stamp Dealer Associations

      old: Stamp Dealers International® (SDI) - B. A. David, Mgr (online mall, association, auctions) .us-FL
      More on the professional side but valuable!) ('404' c.2009)

      See Also:

      Why not ckeck out www.mentoring.org?  

    63. Dealer Associations - Commercial or Professional
      (Incl.: Antiques, Auctioneers, Appraisers, Expertizers, Journalists ...)

      1. Antiques & Collectibles Dealers Assoc., .us-NC
        incl.: Antiques & Collectibles Show Promoters Assoc.
      2. Appraisal Foundation, The - .us-DC
      3. Appraisers National Association
        Cite : Dealers : USA : DC
      4. Association Internationale des Editeurs de catalogues de timbres-poste
        & (d'albums et de publications philateliques) (ASCAT), .fr
        (assoc. of stamp catalog & publication editors/publishers)
      5. Association International des Experts Philatéliques (AIEP)
      6. Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques (AIJP)
      7. Association of Online Appraisers, Inc. (Dave Maloney) .us-MD
      8. Bundesverbandes des Deutschen Briefmarkenhandels (BDB), .de
        (aka: Bundesverband Deutscher Briefmarkenversteigerer)
        (German Stamp Auctioneers Assoc.)
      9. California State Auctioneers Assoc., .us-CA, .us-CA - North, .us-CA - South
      10. College For Appraisers, .us-CA
      11. International Society of Appraisers, .us-WA
      12. National Association of Antique Malls, .us-NC

      Directories (incl. Dealers) - Commercial or Professional
      See Also: Collecting : Resources

      1. 2-Clicks-Stamps World Directory for Philatelists (advertising), Philippines
        Nicolas Rambeau, @, Tel.: +32.3465195
        Kitteric Net
        Manggo Green Village
        A. S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu 6014, Philippines
        "2-Clicks stamps is a postage stamps collecting directory that provides worlwide stamp collectors a philatelic guide by supplying them database of 3500 classified philatelic web pages, all under a specific category presenting the most relevant stamps resources that you can find in the net today."
        (pretty good set of listings c.2008 ajw)

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        Duck Stamps: See: Conservation Issues

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