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Vermont Vermont clubs

The Northeastern Federation of Stamp Clubs
  • E-mail
    Old Town Hall, 85 Church Street, Jeffersonville, VT 05464
  • Tel +1 802 644 2406, Fax +1 802 644 6512
    Moved to Scotland, UK

    See Also: Trisk Kaufmann (now independent), .us-DE

    Vermont Stamp
    John Lutz APS-14*
    Mailing Address: Box 501, Hartford, VT 05047
    Shop: 3 Elm Street, Randolph, VT 05060-1001
    Tel.: 802 728 6212
    [email protected]*, [email protected]
    Specializing in VT's postal history.

    c.2006-2010 John is also listed as a contact for the Vermont Philatelic Society
    and the Upper Valley Stamp Club

    NB: Virus detection went nuts c.201205 at his website!!! aj., Now c.2015 a blank blog from Vermont Stamp

    old?: 1523 Maple St., Hartford, VT 05047-0501 (c.'99)

    Sheff, Bradford DeWolfe
    Mr. Bradford D. Sheff APS-14, ASDA-07
    P.O. Box 246, Northfield, VT 05663
  • Tel.: (802) 485-8239
  • [email protected]

    Full Time via Internet, Mail: Approvals, Want Lists Service
    Specialties: Civil War, Postal History, Stampless Covers, Patriotic Covers & 3-cent 1851

    Lowell Donald Co.
    Mr. Roger Harris APS-14
    P.O. Box 728, Rutland, VT 05702
  • Tel.: (802) 773-8214

    Full Time via Mail: Approvals, Want Lists Service. Specialty: U.S. (esp. Pre 1940)


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