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Sennett Security Products, Virginia
(Sandra Lane, President : E-mail)
    Sennett produces stamps for the USPS et al, 'Unique Binders' and other items. Site features a catalog for the dozens of stamps produced - with images.  

TRACE Holographic Art & Design, Inc.,
Charlottesville, Virginia
(Fernando Catta-Preta)
  • Tel (804) 984-4239, Fax (804) 984-5490
  • E-mail
  •     Fernando is one of the earliest (the first in Brazil) to produce Holographic stamps and recently did one of the US Space holographic issues in conjuction with Sennet Security Products (above) in July of 2000.
    20122   Robbins Stamps
    Mr. Gerald L. Robbins APS-14, NSDA-14
    P.O. Box 1604, Centreville, VA 20122-8604
  • Tel.: (703) 628-4858
  • [email protected],
  • Part Time via Internet, Mail: Appraisals, Approvals, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service
    Specialties: U.S. Classics, Postal History, Revenues, Back Of Book
    20187   TSG Hobbies
    Mr. Anthony (Tony) P. Tripi APS-14, NSDA-14, IPDA-15
    7342 Woodstone Ct., Warrenton, VA 20187-7938
  • Tel.: (540) 347-2567
  • [email protected]*
  • stores.ebay.com/tsgstore (1,098 results c.20150806; many stamps)

    Part Time: Internet, Mail, Public Auctions, Show Bourses
    Appraisals, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service, Supplies/Albums, Expertizing
    Specialties: Space, Topicals, U.S., Worldwide
    Member American Topical Association per Tony (Membership listings are not available online. aj.)

    old: [email protected], [email protected] (& Trains & Coins ; aj.)
    www.monumental.com/tripi/tsg.htm, www.mnsinc.com/tripi/tsg.htm
    old store: 251 W. Lee Hwy. - Suite 691 (Suite 68 c.'99, no suite# c.'95), Warrenton, VA 20186-2033
    Tel.: 88-TRAINS={888-724-6788}, 540-347-9212


  • 22030   OnLine Auctions / CollectorMall (c.2001)
    Gary F. Paiste (Born: May 27, 1944 - Died: June 29, 2003)
    4249 Berritt St., Fairfax, VA 22030
  • Tel 703-273-1047, Fax (703) 273-2046
  • [email protected] (for Auctions)
  •     "OnLine Auctions brings your favorite stamp auction houses and dealer price lists to the World Wide Web."
    Gary ([email protected]) is also a Middle East collector and sells dupes - Offers Middle Eastern, wants Turkish and Ottoman Empire.

    old: www.collectormall.com/stamps '404' c.2015
    www.collectormall.com/stamps/gfp/offers.htm '404' c.2015

    Past associations:
    Northland Company / Northland Auctions, NJ (c.2000)
    The Stamp Center, Inc. / Dutch Country Auctions, DE (c.2000-05)
    Colonial Stamp Co., CA
    Fusco Auctions / North Coast Stamps and Collectibles, OH (c.2001)

    22102   Linwood Stamp Co.
    Dr. Richard E. Linde APS-14*, ASDA-14**, NSDA-14
    P.O. Box 11299, Mc Lean, VA 22102
  • Tel.: 703-582-8193, Fax: 703-790-1497
  • [email protected]

    *Full Time via Public Auctions, Show Bourses. Offers: Appraisals, Buys Stamps, (Auctioneer**)
    *Specialties: Collections/Lots/Accumulations, Space, U.S., Worldwide, (Wholesalers**)
    APS Dealer Since 1995

    old: P. O. Box 2411, Falls Church, VA 22042 :
    Tel.: 703-893-9056, Fax: 703-790-1497, [email protected] (c.2009)

  • 22102
    An APS WSP stamp show.
    From: The National Philatelic Exhibitions of Washington D.C., Inc. (aka: NAPEX, Inc.)
    NAPEX Society Liaison c.2012: PO Box 16661, Arlington VA 22215-1661
    Pres. c.2010-2014 : Daniel A. Piazza, Bowie, MD
    "The NAPEX bourse, one of the best in organized philately, is the heart of the show. More than 60 dealers from 20 states specialize in a variety of areas and offer something for everyone. The show enjoys a 95% dealer return rate with a long waiting list."
    Venue c.1995-2012: Hilton McLean Tyson's Corner, 703-847-5000
    7920 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, VA 22102
    Show Chair c.2012: Darrell Ertzberger:
    [email protected], 703-820-8573, 703-548-3366
    PO Box 1661, Arlington, VA 22215-1661
    Known dates:
    Year Mo Dy
    2005 06 03-05
    2007 06 01-03 in conjuction with National Literature Exhibition (3rd)
    2008 06 06-08
    2009 06 05-07
    2010 06 04-06
    2011 06 03-05 63 dealers
    2012 06 01-03 67 dealers; 38th Annual Show

    2013 05 31-02(June)
    Convening Societies 2013:
    Polonus Philatelic Society
    Ottoman & Near East Philatelic Society
    AAPE Youth Champion of Champions
    Vatican Philatelic Society
    Now Accepting Society Applications

    2014 06 06-08
    2015 06 05-07
    old: http://www.wdn.com/napex
    22150   Ukrainian Philatelic Resources
    PO Box 3, Springfield, VA 22150
  • E-mail

  • 22150   Kennedy's Stamps & Coins, Inc
    Jonathon W. Kennedy NSDA-14, APS-06
    7059 Brookfield Plaza, Springfield, VA 22150
  • Tel.: (703) 569-7300, Fax: (703) 569-7644
  • [email protected]
    Specialties: United States, Worldwide, Back-of-the-Book (BOB) (note to self: c.1999 AP/SV, c.2006 APS)

    old: [email protected]


  • 22152   Worthington Stamps
    Col. Wayne L. Worthington APS-14*
    P.O. Box 2878, Springfield, VA 22152
  • Tel.: (703) 978-6390
  • [email protected]*, [email protected]
    Full Time: Internet, Mail, Show Bourses. Buy Stamps, Want Lists Service (Online Shop**; aj c.2015)
    Specialties: Canal Zone, Postal History, Military Mail, Worldwide, Covers (**Vietnam, Postal Stationery..)
    APS Dealer Since 1989

    old: http://cgi6.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?MfcISAPICommand=ViewListedItems&userid=waynew%40erols.com


  • 22192   William Chang
    12105 Fort Craig Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22192-1007
        Auction Agent
    22193 The Tuva Trader (Has moved to Washington state)
    c/o Scientific Consulting Services International
    J. Eric Slone (PWO) - @
    Mail: P.O. Box 515, Port Angeles, WA 98362, Phone: 1-360-477-5445
  • Tuva Trader E-mail
  • Or C/O : Scientific Consulting Services International (website svcs)
    Tel.: 360 477 5445, [email protected]
        Tuva and Feynman collectibles & news - - Hosts the 'Feynman Online!' site including a campaign to issue a Feynman stamp and the Tuva Philatelic Research Society (now defunct c.2012)

    old: http://www.tuvatrader.com/ ; forwards c.201201
    old: 14859 Buttonwood Court, Woodbridge, VA 22193-3365
  • Tel: (703) 680-4757, Fax: (703) 680-2597

  • 22203   Ballston Philatelics
    (William Sandrik)
    PO Box 3277, Arlington, VA 22203
  • Tel 703-524-9352, fax 703-524-0350
  • E-mail

  • 22207   Latherow & Company Inc.
    Stephen Shebetich ASDA-14, NSDA-14
    Paul S. Latherow ASDA-06, NSDA-06 APS-06*
    5054 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207-1605
  • Tel.: 703-538-2727, Toll Free: 800-647-4624, Fax: 703-538-5210*
  • [email protected]
    Specialities: Appraisals, Auction Firm, Gifts & Accessories, Supplies
    Retail store & local weekly auctions. (ref.)

  • 22303   Luray-Belmont Co. (Moved to PA)
    Mr. Raymond W. Kerstetter APS-06, NSDA-06*
    4435 Shelmire Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136-3705
  • 215-873-9979={Cell}, 215-332-0885={home} *
  • 866-321-4105 (ref.)
  • [email protected], [email protected]
  •     Ex-USSR, Yugoslavia ..

    old: P. O. Box 4085, Alexandria, VA 22303 : 703-475-4973={VA. Cell} (c.'04 NSDA)
    6038 Richmond Highway #405, Alexandria, VA 22303-2137 : 703-329-1905 (c.'99; AP/SV)

    old: www.stampdealers.com/Kerstetter, www.luraybelmont.com

    22304   R.J. Shultz Stamps, VA 22304
  • E-mail
  •     World Wide and topical packets & mixtures by the .oz
    22310   Logan Stamps
    Ms. Mary Hertling APS-14, NSDA-14
    P.O. Box 30377, Alexandria, VA 22310
  • Tel.: (703) 401-9200
  • [email protected]
    Full Time: Internet, Show Bourses: Appraisals, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service
    Specialties: German Area, Germany, Worldwide, Zeppelins

  • 22403 La Posta Publications
    Peter Martin
    P.O. Box 6074, Fredericksburg, VA 22403
  • PMartin2525@YaHOo!.com

    Said to be the new Editor/Publisher of La Posta: A Journal of American Postal History , formerly located in Oregeon (Mr. Richard W. Helbock having passed on to better things. aj c.201203)

    "Since Bill's untimely passing, this very important postal history publication remains active and is expanding. It is now produced quarterly by La Posta Publications. The editor is Peter Martin. This quarterly journal is considered to be one of the foremost postal history publications in the world. It is thick (latest issue is 68 pages) and well worth the subscription cost of $32 per year (US). Each issue is full of excellent articles on United States postal history, covering all eras, and all parts of the country. Subscription rates are: $32 (United States), $38 (US) for Canadian, or $70 (US) for airmail overseas."


  • 22968   3C-Covers
    Henry Pritchard (Personal URL)
    Ruckersville, VA 22968
    @1, hep@, hepp@
    eBay (eBay ID: hep)
      'Cards, covers, cancellations, buyers. eBay auctions.'
    23090  First Day Covers Online (x)
    / aka: The Cover Shack (x)
    PO Box 903, Lightfoot, VA 23090-0903
    Online Store: First Day Covers, stamps ...
    "We carry the most popular cachet makers like Artcraft, Artmaster, Fleetwood, Collins Hand Painted, Colorano Silk, House of Farnam, Cover Craft, Medallion, Reader's Digest, Mystic and many other miscellaneous First Day of Issue Covers, First Day of Issue Post Cards and Postal Stationary Envelopes.

    They are dated from the 1940's to Current and cover many interesting topics and are a nice way of collecting interesting facts from history, as all commemorative stamp releases honor a person or event.

    We also have a good selection of Collecting Supplies: Magnifiers, Stamp and First Day Cover Catalogs, Cover Sleeves and Albums."

    First Day Covers Online c.20150211

    Moved (?) or purchased from FL

    23113  Mike Nethersole RDPSA (cc) SAPDA-11
    1111 Old Buckingham Station Drive 3A, Midlothian, VA 23113
    23228  Alan Blair Auctions LLC
    Alan Blair ASDA-14, APS-14, SAN-10*
    5405 Lakeside Ave - Ste 1, Richmond VA 23228-6061
    Tel.: (800) 689-5602, (804) 266-3071, Fax: (804) 262-9307
    [email protected] (c.201009)
    Tues-Fri, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm ET, Sat, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm ET
    Stamp and coin auctions only: 4 to 6 per year. Avg. 1000 lots; venues vary (most often at stamp shows - aj)
    Recommended Auction Agent: Rudy Roy (c.201009)

    old: [email protected]
    www.StampAuctionCentral.com/Auctions.htm, www.StampAuctionNetwork.com/ (ref. pgs.)*

    23228   F & J Collectibles, Inc.
    Mr. Jim Holbrook APS-14, IPDA-15
    P.O. Box 3184, Henrico, VA 23228 (c.2008)
    Tel.: Fax: (804) 549-5094
    [email protected] (c.2005-2014), [email protected] (c.2006-2015)

    Full Time: Internet, Mail: Want Lists Service, Supplies/Albums
    Specialties: British Commonwealth, Topicals, Worldwide, U.S.

    old?( c.2008): 6109 Chamberlayne Rd., Richmond, VA 23227-1918 :
    804-264-0306={ONLY; BY REQUEST}

    older (c.1999): P. O. Box 842, Mechanicsville, VA 23111-0842 : same ph.
    [email protected] (c.1999, c.2008)

    stampcentral.com/fj (c.2000)

    23235  David B. Robinson Postal History
    Mr. David B. Robinson, CPA APS-14
    P.O. Box 35926 Richmond, VA 23235
  • Tel.: (804) 359-1330, Fax: (804) 353-2245
  • [email protected]
  • stores.ebay.com/David-B-Robinson-Postal-History (IvyMontCPA has over 2K items c.201501)
    Part Time via Internet, Mail. Offeres: Appraisals, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service
    Specialties: Confederate States, Stampless Covers, Postal History, U.S. Modern

    old: Tel.: 804-863-0414, Fax: 804-320-5001 '06
    older: Tel.: 804-378-5096, Fax: 804-378-5196 '05
    oldest: Tel.: 804-763-2801, Fax: 804-763-2885 '95


  • 23417   Fairwinds
    Capt. Paul M. Huber
    26450 Moore Farms Ln, Onancock, VA 23417
  • Tel.: (757) 787-1569
  •     Postcards
    old?: www.esva.net/~fairwinds/ ; '404'
    from URL (before it died): "Dedicated to the study and preservation of Naval History thorugh the collection of naval covers and documents."
    Note c.2005: We find a recent APS listing for 'Fairwinds' in Oregon
    23455   Rudy Roy (ref)
    PO Box 5367, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
  • Tel (804) 499-5234
  • [email protected]
  •     Auction Agent
    24064   KMB Kollectibles
    /aka: KMB Phialtelic Pursuits
    Mr. Michael G. Bednarek APS-14
    P.O. Box 455, Blue Ridge, VA 24064-0455
  • Tel.: (540) 819-0102
  • [email protected]
  • myworld.ebay.com/KMBkollect (0 items c.20150115)
    Part Time: Internet, Mail, Show Bourses. Appraisals, Approvals, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service
    Specialties: Scandinavia, Worldwide, Covers, Postcards

    old: 504-977-6311={504 is LA area code?; APS c.2006 ; s/b 540-977-6311}


  • 24504   Jim's Stamps ('404' c. mid 2008 ?) (x)
    James M. (& Ann) McKellips APS-06
    160 Scotts Farm Road, Lynchburg VA 24504-4040
  • 434 993 0791 (c.2010), (804) 845-6570 (Voice), Fax: 804-845-6753
  • E-mail ('404') (& [email protected] & [email protected]); old!!!
  •     Gen. printer and stamp sales; APS Dealer member; eBay.

    Hosts(ed); '404' c.2010 : The Stamp List (Formerly SCWN) just send an email to: stamplist@hillcity-mall with "subscribe" in the subject. ('404' c.2010)

    Also Hosts(ed) the State Revenue Society.


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