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South Carolina
Columbia Philatelic Society

Vice Pres.: Bill Mitchell
3302 Wilmot Ave.
Cloumbia, SC 29205
Tel.: 803-254-3727
Tel.: 803-360-0298 (c.2015)
[email protected]

or: Pres: John W Owen Sr.
12 Old South Drive; Columbia, SC 29209
Tel.: 803-466-4783
[email protected]
Tel.: 803-466-4783 (c.2015)

Holds the 'CPS Winter Stamp and Postcard Show'
   (15 dealers 1/2007)

Meets: 2:00pm 3rd Sundays
(except Dec.)
At: Cayce Memorial Post 130
American Legion Bldg
402 N Naples St., Cayce, SC 29033


Albany Stamp Co.

Steve Radin FSDA-07, ASDA-15, APS-15
P.O. Box 30398, Charleston, SC 29417-0398

  • Tel.: 843-766-6396, Fax: 843-766-2235
  • [email protected] (c.2000-2007), [email protected] (c.2011, 2015)

    Established 1941. French Colonies, French Polynesia, Asia, Topicals, US Classics.
    Accepts: AmEx, Visa, MC.

    Full Time via Internet, Mail, Public Auctions, Show Bourses.
    Appraisals, Auction Agent, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service

    Specialties: French Colonies, Topicals, Middle East, Asia (c.2015 APS)

    Retail/Wholesale: French Colonies including Polynesia, Fr. So. Antarctic, St. Pierre & Miquelon, New Caledonia, Wallis & Futuna, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afars & Issas, Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan, Thailand & worldwide topicals. (c.2015 APTA)

    old: home.att.net/~SLRALBANY '404' c.201507
    eBay ID: slralbany (not found c.201507)

    Noroton Philatelics
    Mr. Robert Norwell Aymar
    636 Long Point Rd - Unit G, Box 101, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
    Tel.: 203-952-6764, [email protected]

    Part Time via Mail, Public Auctions, Show Bourses
    Appraisals, Approvals, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service
    Specialties: Ducks/Hunting Permit, U.S. Classics, Back Of Book, Graded Stamps, Fancy Cancels

    Walter K. Ezell
    P. O. Box 8459, Greenville, SC 29604
  • [email protected]

    AlbumPro Page Design Software, Archival Paper
    (from a link sponsored by the ASDA c.2005; and it's free c.2015)

    Little Fort Stamp Co.
    Mr. Donn M. Ebert
    SDAG-05 (cf.), ASDA-15, APS-15
    117 Cedar Ridge Lane, Conway, SC 29526-8916
    Tel.: 843-347-0087, Fax: 843-347-6445
    [email protected]

    Since 1966. Worldwide (stamps, new issues), British Empire, Germany : stamps, covers.

    c.2015: Germany, Israel, Japan/Japanese Occupation, New Issues

    Pederson Stamps, LLC
    Mr. Richard A. Pederson APS-15, ASDA-15 NSDA-15
    P.O. Box 662, Clemson, SC 29633
    Tel.: 703-626-5599, [email protected]

    Full Time via Internet, Mail, Show Bourses. Buys Stamps, Want Lists Serviced

    Specialties: Postal History, U.S., Postal Cards, Postal Stationery, Topicals

    Alfin's Philatelic Connection (Moved from NY)
    Mr. Ronald C. Alfin APS-15
    168 Eaglecrest Dr., Bluffton, SC 29909
    Tel.: 843-705-7960, [email protected]

    Approvals, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Serviced, Supplies/Albums
    Part Time via Internet, Mail, Show Bourses. A ''Trading Club''.

    "Since 1988 Ron Alfin and his staff have asked the question. �What would I want if I were a collector of postage stamps?�. And so this business has been built to support the answers to this question."
    Here are the highlights
  • An active trading club with LOW fees and no need for cash.
  • Your submissions are placed into the club and you get 25% immediate credit available for the amount of your submissions.
  • The ability to submit material that is advertised country wide for an advertising fee of only 1% of the selling price.
  • The ability to request a specific trading area for approvals priced below market.
  • Many items are priced at 25% of scv.
  • All items are priced below typical approval service.

    For now Email [email protected] and request a Current Newsletter with offers from over 100 collectors at discounted prices and no postage costs if your order is over $25. Most love this as many of the items are 1 or 2 cents per stamp. MNH items by catalog number are also included. Too much to describe. Try it free. Send your mailing address.

    We take Master Charge, Visa, and Paypal as well as cash and checks.

    There are additional fees for customers outside the United States. Trading and approvals are not done outside the U.S

  • Ace Stamp Co. (c.1999)
    Fred W. Hibben
    P. O. Box 20006, Myrtle Beach, SC

    Plate Number Coins (PNC), Modern United States, Pre 1960 Western Europe

    Bob (Robert N.) Beck (c.1999)
    98 Otter Road, Hilton Head, SC

    United States, Canada

    Charleston Stamp Co. (c.1999)
    Mark Gilbert
    3241 Castleford Ct., Charleston, SC

    United States, Supplies

    old: www.rolww.com/CSC/ (no data c.2008, dead c.2015)

    Island Stamp & Coin (US Stamps.com)
    Richard (Dick) F. Bland APS-08, NSDA-04, eUSC-07
    12 Neptune Ct., Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
    P. O. Box 23015, SC 29925
    Tel.: 843-681-3539, Fax: 843-681-2828
    [email protected] (rtn), [email protected] (rtn)
    eBay ID: DickBland; 0 items c.201507

    United States Mint Gems, Federal & State Duck Stamps
    "Welcome to US Stamps.com!

    Yes, my family has reluctantly decided to sell this the web address www.usstamps.com.
    This is perhaps the most desirable web address in all of stamp collecting.

    We're now accepting cash bids.

    If you'd like to make a bid, please e-mail your bid to [email protected].
    If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

    Thank you,

    Bob Bland, Tel. 630-235-7258" (website c.20150730)

    old: eBay ID: ireland (No longer a registered user c.201507)

    Jerry B. Bourque Stamps (c.2008)
    aka: Jayto Stamp Co. (c.1995)

    P. O. Box 1688, Garden City, SC
    Tel./Fax: 843 651 4067, [email protected]

    Wholesale : US & Worldwide (sets, singles, packets, topicals). Approval service & his "SUPER MYSTERY LOTS". Free price list.

    old: www.jerrybbourque.com '404' c.2015
    older: www.jerrybb.com '404' c.2008

    Jerry R. Foster
    P. O. Box 7426, North Augusta, SC

    c.1999: Used Worldwide Approvals

    Mrs. Karen R. Moore APS-09
    154 Cooper River Road, Surfside Beach, SC 29588
    Tel.: 843-215-9496
    Michael A. Banas Jr. Stamps
    Michael A. Banas Jr.
    APS-06, FSDA-07 (Moved back to FL c.2014-..)
    48 Chestnut Ridge Dr., Inman, SC 29349
    Tel.: 864-439-1970
    [email protected] (rtn), [email protected] (rtn)

    Since 1987. Pre 1940 United States, Worldwide, Topicals

    Old: P. O. Box 770561, Coral Springs, FL 33077-0561

    Palmetto Stamps
    George H. Spooner
    P. O. Box 3, Ninety Six, SC 29666
  • [email protected] (c.2005) (rtn 201507)

    United States, British Colonies, Worldwide

    Paul M. Ballard (c.1999)
    106 Draper St., Ninety Six, SC

    Worldwide, Lots, Mixtures

    Southwest Stamps (Moved to Iowa in 2008.)
    Gary M. Goldstein (APS # -207122-D) Spartanburg, SC 29316

    United States, British, Western Europe, Australia

    Stamp Services
    Thomas A. Stasney
    P. O. Box 1002, Johnsonville, SC 29555
    Tel.: 843-380-1260, [email protected]

    Pennsylvania Postal History, Proofs, Essays

    Old: 419 S. Cedar Lane, Upper Darby PA 19082
  • Tel.: 215-789-3225

  • Sunbelt Covers & Stamps
    Harold T. Babb
    P. O. Box 2211, Columbia, SC
    29202-2211 (c.1999, 2007)
    Tel.: 800-327-8623

    "Mail Sales Only."
    Postal History, First Day Covers, Confederate States

    Info Pg. Lists address as:
    P. O. Box 627, Columbia,SC 29202
    Tel.: 803-252-3515, Fax: 803-252-1277

    old: www.sunbeltcovers.com '404' c.2008

    Victory Stamps (c.1999, 2009)
    Joel Radin
    P. O. Box 1129, Mount Pleasant, SC 29465-1129
    Tel.: 843-216-6145, [email protected] (rtn 201507)

    United States, Errors, Freaks & Oddities (EFO's), Revenues

    old: P. O. Box 3667, Dublin, OH 43016-0338

    WebZine Publishing Group
    aka: NetSTAMPS WebZine

    Richard (Dick) L. Sine
    PWO, SDI
    100 Poplar St., Ft. Mill, SC 29715
    Tel.: 803-547-0906, Fax: 803-547-4090
    [email protected] (rtn 201507)

    Publishing, Creative Writing, CD-ROM and Web Development

    Editorial Director of the Scott Publishing Co.

    Author: Stamp Collecting for Dummies

    Check out his books at Amazon.com

    Publishes (ed) the online NetStamps magazine. Note: one of his url's (netstamps.com) looked interesting but had no stamp data but is now "Copyright © 1998-2008 Stamps.com Inc." and forwards to www.stamps.com. Looks like a good sale!

    And See: AskPhil
    Excellent resources from the Chicago Collectors Club (Dick is associated)

    old: www.stampdealers.com/Sine '404' c.2008

    Wilson Sales Co. (c.1999)
    Edwil L. Wilson Sr.
    P. O. Box 237, Lockhart, SC

    Confederate States of America (CSA), Germany, Great Britain, Japan, United States, China (PRC)


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