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Mr. Bill Evison ( & Mark Leon c.2000 *)
745 Sierra Vista - Suite 1, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Tel (702) 735-3879
    Worlwide stamps (*cf. US Mints below)

    old: www.forwardedge.com/cappa.html '404' c.2014
    older: www.best.com/~mleon/cappa.html '404'  

    Campman Stamps

    Mr. Glen G. Campman
    ** APS-14*
    5621 Tahoe Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89142-2636

  • Tel.: (702) 778-9380
  • [email protected]*
    Office: 4375 E. SAHARA, SUITE 19, Las Vegas, NV 89104
    OFFICE Phone: 702-684-7229 or 702-217-8312 (CELL)
    2232 S.NELLIS BLVD., SUITE G3, #214, LAS VEGAS, NV 89104
  • [email protected]**
  • eBay Store: stores.ebay.com/campmanstamps
  • Full Time Via: Internet or Mail. Offeres: Appraisals, Approvals, Buys Stamps
    Specialties c.2014: U.S., British Commonwealth, British Oceania, New Zealand, Worldwide
    c.2006/08 APS: United States (Plate Blocks, Mail Early Blocks, Zip Blocks)
    Special (website c.2014): $100 US postage @ 80% of FACE VALUE
    APS Dealer Since: 1995

    old: home.inreach.com/campman, [email protected]
    1479 East St., Tracy , CA 95376 :
    [email protected], 702-454-0709, Fax: 702-454-0799 (cf.)
    P. O. Box 50861, Henderson, NV 89016 : 702-454-0709
    older: P. O. Box 1950, Tracy, CA 95378-1950 : 209-833-0248  

    Douglas Cook, Inc.
    Ms. Frances Jacobson
    2475 Chandler #14 - Dept. R-11, Las Vegas, NV 89120
    P. O. Box 94198, Las Vegas, NV 89193
  • Tel. (702) 795-2794, 702-795-7400
  • [email protected]
    c.2006: Approvals, Topicals (including birds, Princess Diana, Audubon, Halley's Comet)
    c.2000: United States Mint, Cancelled To Order (CTO), Worldwide Topicals, Gold & Silver Foil Stamps

    old: dci.tierranet.com '404' c.2014

    Gutter Pairs Etc.
    Petter Gütter APS-14, ASDA-06, NSDA-06
    Michael Gütter ('Goo - ter')
    P.O. Box 20305 Carson City, NV 89721-0305
    Tel.: Office: 775-841-6241, Fax: 775-841-6243
    [email protected]
    "Thank you for visiting Gutter Pairs Etc. the largest supplier of Russian stamps in the country. We invite you to explore the amazing world of collectible postage stamps. Order your collectible stamps today and get them delivered to your front door fast. It's easy, just give us a call." (website c.2014)

    Moved here from California.

    old: www.msmstamps.com '404' as M. Gutter's 'MSM Stamps & Collectibles' then Gutter Pairs Etc.

    Mr. Jim Forte APS-14, NSDA-06
    P.O. Box 94822, Las Vegas, NV 89193
  • Tel: Toll Free (US, CA) 800 594-3837, (Int'l) 702 791-6828, Fax: (Int'l) 702 369-9139
  • [email protected]
  • eBay username c.2015: Stamps-plus
  • www.stamps-plus.com
    aka: Stamps Plus
    P.O. Box 94405, Las Vegas, NV 89193
  • Tel.: (702) 222-0355
  • [email protected]
  • www.discountcoverstore.com
    aka: Discount Covers
    P.O. Box 94405, Las Vegas, NV 89193
  • [email protected]

  • Postal History: US (Including State by State), Worldwide, Military, Airmail and Lots/Collections
    APS Specialties: Air Mail Covers, Cancels/Postmarks, Military Mail, Postal History
    - - Jim also seems to offer the opportunity to earn an income for scanming images for his sales ...

    old: : ID: jimforte
    old: Fax: 888-898-6123 discontinued per Jim c.201506

    Highland Collectables
    aka: Highland Stamps & Cards, Highland Stamps & Collectables
    Mr. Frank J. Muscat APS-14, NSDA-06
    2032 E. Charleston Blvd., #150, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  • Phone: (702) 586-8053, Fax: (702) 834-4335
  • [email protected]
  • Full Time Via: Internet, Retail Store, Show Bourses
    Philatelic Services Offered: Appraisals, Buys Stamps, sells Supplies/Albums
    Specialties: Collections/Lots/Accumulations, Postal History, Postcards, First Day Covers
    APS Dealer Since 1995
    "Highland Collectables buys, sells, and trades anything collectable. Located in Las Vegas, NV, we deal in casino-related goods such as chips, tokens, and cards, as well as antiques and collectables including coins, photographs, documents, and much more." & "• Anything collectable - coins (US / foreign), postage stamps, stereo views, view masters, old documents, marbles, matches, photographs, old tools, etc." (website c.2016)

    old: 2024 Fontana Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89106 : 702-382-4774
    older: P. O. Box 220, Norco, CA 92860 : 909-736-1694
    oldest: P. O. Box 15739, Long Beach, CA

    Lloyd Mackay's Philatelic & Nuministic Services
    3157 North Rainbow Blvd. - Suite 410, Las Vegas Nv. 89108
  • Tel.: 702-421-7857
    Discount U.S. postage, coins, banknotes.
    "Both US and World Wide Single Stamps and Sets, Collections and Large Lots are Always Available For Sale."
    "We are always looking to buy your Stamps or Stamp Collection. . .free evaluations. ." c.2012
    "If you have to(o) large of a Stamp collection or accumulation that's dificult to move we can come to You! "
    I'm sure the little old ladies thank you! - aj. And thanks for the link!

    but: www.oldstampsandcoins.com '404' c.201506

    Philatelic Phantasies, Reno, NV (no address posted)
  • Tel (775) 853-4658, Fax (775) 853-2238
  • E-mail
    "a division of D&J Stamps"
    Auctions & retail sales.
    Rustco Inc. (Moved to AZ)
    aka: AdvertisingCovers.com

    Howard APS-06 & Charlene Rust
    P. O. Box 33228, Laughlin, Nevada, NV 89028
  • [email protected]
    Posts(ed) show schedule, features listings for Advertising and stampless covers, Scott #11, #63, #73.

    was on eBay under the username 'www.advertisingcovers.com' (not found c.2014)

    old: www.advertisingcovers.com '404' c.2014
    old: [email protected]
    old: P. O. Box 580, Lima, OH 45802, [email protected] c.1999

    Sharp Stamps
    Mr. Frank Sharp APS-14, ASDA-07
    2900 Abercorn Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89134
  • Phone/Fax: (702) 255-1086
  • [email protected]
    Full Time Via: Internet, Public Auctions
    Services Offered: Appraisals, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service, Expertizing
    c2014 APS Specialties: U.S. Classics, Collections/Lots/Accumulations, Graded Stamps, Booklets/Panes/Sheets
    c.1999-2006: Classic United States, Appraisals, Consulting, Expertizing 1847-1930
    APS Dealer Since: 1980

    Stamp Collection Center (In English)
    aka: Postzegel Partijen Centrale (in Dutch)

    Rudolf Stibbe NVPH-06, PTS-06
    13 Moltrasio Lane, Henderson, NV 89011 (HQ in The Netherlands
    Monday - Saturday: 9am - 5pm (PST)
  • Tel: +1 702 533 2655
  • [email protected]
    Country & Topical Collections, Singles. Accepts: Visa, MC, AmerExp, Discover, PayPal, BluePay. (STAMP COLLECTION CENTER is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, The Netherlands. Company registration nr: 27153111)
    US Mints
    Mr. Mark Leon
    10349 Wolf Cub Ct., Las Vegas, NV 89178-3529
  • Tel 702-233-3162
  • [email protected]
    US, new issues
    (cf Cappa, NV)
    Note: Buying U.S. Mint Collections and Accumulations.
    Website Updated December 7, 2014

    This page features a list of United States mint stamps for sale from my stock, generally between 1881 and 2013. All stamps are in sound condition unless noted. The majority are Never Hinged or Lightly Hinged. Stamps valued over $25 include a digital photo. For those unpictured lots, please refer to my standards of Centering. I recommend that first time browsers look over my Terms and Conditions, especially since they describe my Quantity Discounts! To order (or to reserve stamps for mail ordering) please email Mark Leon or look into Alternate Ordering procedures (he lists his address & phone above). Lot numbers have the Scott numbering system incorporated within for easy reference. Thank you for your interest!"

    old:www.best.com/~mleon/usmints.html '404' c.2014
    old: [email protected]
    8247 Azure Shores Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89117-9134
    old: cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?MfcISAPICommand=ViewListedItems&userid=[email protected]&since=-1&sort=2


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