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Stamp Dealers Association of Georgia (SDAG)
  • @ SEFSC
    P.O. Box 341, Elberta, AL 36530-0341

    Robert Barger, SDAG President c.2014
    (423) 344-6505, RBargerLtd@YaHOo!.com

    Kim Conti - Tel.: 770-426-6504 (c.2007) Ex.Dir. c.2011
    Ex. Dir. Debra Tyson, E-mail (c.2005)
    Pres.: Len Curtis, 770-998-6714, E-mail (c.2011)

    Unfortunately, except for the list at right, they do not have a record online of their dealer/members - even the listing at SEFSC is blank. aj. c.201502.

  • "We (SDAG) thank the following dealers for their support (c.2015):

    Aardvark Stamps, M.T.O. Stamps, Atlanta Stamp & Coin, Quality Stamps, Beau's Mail Sales, Robert Basford, Peter Schwender, Collect 'Em All (Roswell, Ga.), Jacksonville Stamp & Coin (Jacksonville, Fla.), (John) Haas Stamp Co. (Norcross, Ga.), B & W Stamps (Joelton, Tenn.: [email protected]), F.A. Stamps (Shalimar, Fla.), Stamps Unlimited of Georgia (Atlanta), Roy DeLafosse Ltd. (Tucker, Ga.), Little Fort Stamp Co., Traders Guild (Huntsville, Ala.), Connections, Collectors Exchange, Vest Pocket, Earl Reeder, Bejjco Inc. (FL), The Stamp Explorer (Jacksonville, Fla.), Queen City Coins & Stamps (Fayette, Ga.), Dwayne Selix Rare Stamps, DMK Collectibles (Cumming, Ga.), The Stamp Professor (St. Augustine, Fla.), Theo's Stamps, Robert Barger LTD (Chattanooga, Tenn.), Richter Stamp Company (Athens, Ohio), Aardvark Stamps, Carolina Coin & Stamp."

      Code w/map link.
    Swan Classic, LLC
    Casimir (C.S.) Rejent APS-14*, ASDA-14
    President c.2005 Cobb County Stamp Club
    PO Box 71657, Marietta, GA 30007-1657
  • Tel.: (770) 330-0790*, (770) 579-8120, Fax: (770) 579-8120
  • [email protected]

    Worldwide Classics
    "Swan Classic, LLC, offers online and mail sales of worldwide philatelic properties. We specialize in the classic period, those stamps issued from 1840 to 1940, and have a wide range of stamps. . . . Our company is ideal for the beginning to intermediate collector. . . Our well-preserved stamps are priced at a percentage of the catalog value." (website c.2014.12)

  • Classic Stamps Calendar 2015: 16 Month Calendar
    DMK Collectibles
    PO Box 1396, Cumming, GA 30028
  • www.ebay.com/usr/dmkcollstamps (23 items c.20150215)

    Specialties: U.S., Worldwide
    "APS Member, SDAG Member" (cf.)
    Alpine Stamps

    Donald C. La Berteaux APS-14
    P.O. Box 1337, Lilburn, GA 30048-1337
  • Tel.: (770) 381-7114
  • [email protected]
  • Stores.eBay.com/Georgia-General-Store (303 items c.20150214)

    Full Time via: Internet. Offeres: Appraisals, Buys Stamps
    Specialties: Air Mail Covers, Australia & States, Postal Stationery, Worldwide

    old: http://stores.ebay.com/Dons-Stamps-and-more
  • 30060
    Atlanta Philatelics, Inc.
    D. Robert Autrey, Jr. FSDA-14
    331 Washington Ave., Marrietta GA 30060
  • Tel.: 770.424.7500, 770.424.7509, Cell: 770.998.7531
  • [email protected]

    Classic U.S., Selected British Colonies
    Davidson Stamp Co.
    Col. Larry R. Davidson APS-06
    PO Box 965097, Marietta, GA 30066-0002
    2510 Cajun Dr., Marietta, GA 30066-5210
  • Ph/Fax: 1-770-427-7553
  • [email protected]

  • "Although I am primarily an approval dealer, I also service want lists for my clients." ; and has lots, collections .. primarily pre 1985.

    old: www.stampdealers.com/Davidson
    older: www.rolww.com/col, [email protected] ; both urls '404'

    Collector's Paradise Software (blank page c.2014: see ezCatalogCreator)
    DataSouth, 3045 Hacienda CT, Marietta, GA 30066
  • Tel 770 977-2952, Fax 770 977-0622
  • [email protected]

  • Produces: CoinsPlus, AuctionTrack, ezCatalogCreator ... and pending: StampPlus software.
    Collect 'Em All
    Mr. Leonard A. Curtis, II APS-14, ASDA-07, SDAG-05 (cf.)
    885 Woodstock Road - Suite 430-114, Roswell, GA 30075-2277
  • Phone: (404) 593-6838, Fax: (770) 998-6714
  • collectemall@bellsouth...

    Part Time : Mail, Show Bourses: Appraisals, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service, Supplies/Albums
    Specialties: British Commonwealth, Canada, Revenues, U.S. Classics

    old: 10800 Alpharetta Hwy - Ste. 645, Roswell, GA 30076
    old?: Queen of Hearts Antiques, 4936 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta, GA 30068 : 770-998-6714
    [email protected] c.1999, [email protected] c.2005

  • by Stephen R. Datz

    Put a mouse on it.

    Roy E. De Lafosse, Ltd.
    Mr. Roy E. DeLafosse, Jr. APS-14, SDAG-07, ASDA-14
    1785 Samaria Trail, Tucker, GA 30084
  • Tel.: (404) 373-1691, Fax: (404) 373-8605
  • [email protected]

    APS Since 1966. Specialties: Covers-Confederate States-U.S.-Worldwide
    c.2006: Business Type: Internet, Mail, Public Auction, Show Bourses
    Services Offered: Appraisals, Auction Agent, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service
    c.2014 APS: Auction Agent. Specialties: U.S., Canada, Worldwide, Revenues

    ASDA-14: Appraiser - Qualified, Classics - U.S., Coils, Covers - U.S., Duck Stamps (Federal), Newfoundland, Officials, Postal History - U.S., United States, World Wide
    ASDA-14: Additional Info : Appraisals, U.S., worldwide. Estate Disposal Advisor

    old?: [email protected], [email protected]

    Southampton Bay Stamps
    Mrs. Vicke L. Dietz APS-14
    P. O. Box 448, Stone Mountain, GA 30086-0448
  • Tel.: (770) 935-8110
  • [email protected], [email protected]

    Full Time via: Internet, Mail. Appraisals, Approvals, Buys Stamps
    Specialties: Netherlands, Scandinavia, U.S. Classics
    APS Dealer Since 1977

    old?: 1636 Lilburn Stone Mtn. Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30087-1822 : 770-923-4268

    Knottywood Treasures
    / Rex Cover Service

    Mr. Rexford (Rex) R. Briggs APS-14, NSDA-14
    5007 Sunbrook Way N.W., Acworth, GA 30101-8031
  • Tel.: (770) 917-9122 (was: 770-846-7114?)
  • [email protected]

    Full Time Via: Internet: Want Lists Service, Supplies/Albums
    Specialties: First Day Covers, U.S., Worldwide, Event Covers
    A few online articles; mouseover 'Knottywood Treasures' link above.

    Colorano's #1, first day cover, American Wool

    Collins #1, first day cover, Quiltmaking
    "Our 'Store' tab will take you to our e-commerce site. Here you will find 1,000's of Colorano first day covers, Collins fdc's, Carnival Glass, and Contemporary Art to choose from, all pictured, all discounted from suggested retail price." (c.2014 website; pass a mouse over fdc.. ;->)

    old: P. O. Box 781, Acworth, GA 30101-0781 - Tel. 770-917-1720, Fax: 770-966-1639,
    [email protected] (as Rex & Knottywood c.1999, 2001)

  • Mellone's Specialized Cachet Catalog of First Day Covers of the 1940's (vol 1)

    The 1940's (vol II)

    The 1960's (3 vol's)

    Atlanta Stamp & Coin, Inc.
    Mr. Charles P. Stewart Jr. SDAG-05 (cf.) APS--06
    P. O. Box 47, Hiram, GA 30141
  • Tel.: 778-439-2192
  • [email protected]

    United States, Worldwide, Supplies
    Continental Covers
    John & Kim SDAG-14 Conti
    4266 Joshua Way Nw, Kennesaw, GA 30144-5167
  • Tel.: 770-426-6504

  • Note: Kim is an Exec. Director of SDAG c.2011
    Stamps Unlimited of Georgia, Inc.
    Anthony ("Tony") C. Roozen APS-14, FSDA-14, ASDA-14 SDAG-05 (cf.)
    100 Peachtree St. - Ste 1460, Atlanta, GA 30303
  • Tel.: 404-688-9161
  • TonyRoozen@YaHOo!.com

    c.2006 APS: Retail Store: Covers: Worldwide, Supplies, Worldwide, Year Sets
    "back Album Supplements: all brands"

    (c.2014: Worldwide, Supplies, Mixtures/Kiloware)

    old (c.1995-2005) : Room 250-133 Carnegie Way N. W, Atlanta, GA 30303 (same phone)
    Note: 411.com also lists: 127 Peachtree St (same phone)

    old?: stampsunlimitedofga.com '404' (APS '14 & ref c.2013)

    Auctionworks.com, Inc.
    1900 Emery St, 2nd Floor, Atlanta, GA 30318
  • Toll Free 887-668-2655

    Multi-vendor store fronts & eBay + auction tools. A review is here.

    " ©2015 CA MarketPlaces, Inc. All Rights Reserved. CA MarketPlaces eCommerce Software: eBay Developer Award Winner "
    &: H.E. Harris / U.S. Mint Brand
    &: Whitman Coin and Collectibles Conventions, LLC
    3103 Clairmont Road - Suite B, Atlanta, GA 30329
  • Call Center: 800-546-2995 ( 8:00am - 5:00pm Central Time )
  • [email protected]

    Online Coin and Stamp Store, U.S. (many classics)

    "Publishing since 1934".
    a/o 12/17/2008: "In 2003, the H.E. Harris company {formerly? of Florence , AL} bought Whitman Coin Products (long known for it coin albums & price guides - aj.) from St. Martin's Press. As H.E. Harris also manufactured and sold coin albums, folders, and accessories (including stamps: see the 'H.E. Harris' link above - aj), this acquisition was an ideal way to consolidate the leading numismatic supply companies in the industry. H.E. Harris changed its name to Whitman Publishing, and Whitman now features three distinct product lines: Whitman, H.E. Harris, and the U.S. Mint {'US Mint Brand' - 50 states quarter folders ; aj.}. Within each brand, there are coin (and stamp - aj) supplies and accessories to meet any collector's needs. Whitman Publishing markets its books and accessories nationwide through major hobby distributors, dealers and national accounts." data © 2007 Whitman

    If you remember the old blue 'Liberty' album .. well it's here; as is the old 'Statesman' stamp album. HE Harris also markets some high-end stamps and regular packets... - aj c.2008.

    Currently, under the brand, 'Whitman Coin and Collectibles Conventions, LLC' they hold about 3 conventions a year and it's too bad they 'hide' the photo's... ; aj c.2008

    UPDATE from a routine e-mail : 12-17-2008 2:30:18 PM, "This message was intended for: [email protected] You were added to the system October 23, 2007."
    "Our business address is: Whitman Publishing, 4001 Helton Drive, Building A, Florence, Alabama 35630"
    DOWNDATE: Well, what is it?, the website says one thing, the e-mail another? - I know, it's dual citizenship!
    Note: you too can get their e-mails write: [email protected]

  • 30345
    Philatelic Consultants
    Philip G. Hodges FSDA-07, SDAG-05, APS06, NSDA-06, ASDA-09
    New (c.2009): 2381 Echo Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30345
  • Tel.: 404-401-8837
    old: 830 Castle Falls Dr. N.E., Atlanta, GA 30329
  • Tel.: 404-633-1050, 404-892-0054
  • Fax: 404-633-1050*51, 404-892-0054

    Since 1988, U.S., Worldwide : Stamps, Collections, Covers : Buying, Selling, Appraising.

    Old: Suite 220 S.1776 Peachtree St. N., Atlanta, GA 30309 - Tel.: 404-892-0054

    30356 (Moved to ME c.2005)
    Robert E. Barker APS-01
    PO Box 888063, Dunwoody, GA 30356
    (or: P.O. Box 888244, Atlanta, GA 30356)
  • Tel (770) 395-1757 (local), (800) 833-0217 (U.S.)
  • Fax (770) 671-8918
  • [email protected]

    Since 1955: United States (Price Lists, Classics, Plate Blocks), Worldwide Price Lists, Canada

    old: www.rebarker.com '404' c.2014
    older: http://www.philatelic.com/barker (c.2000)
    oldest: http://www.flex.net/u/goto/barker/homepage.htm (c.2000)
    P. O. Box 1100, Warren, ME 04864 : 207-273-6200 (c.2005)
    Roy E. Mooney, (dba: REM Catalog) SDAG-05, APS-06
    PO Box 2539, Dept. J, Cleveland, GA 30528-0045
  • Tex 706-348-8473 or 706-219-4993
  • Fax 706-348-8984
  • [email protected]

  • According to the ASDA's new magazine 'The American Stamp Dealer & Collector', Roy has retired and, indeed, we have received an e-mail from a Mr. Dave Wallman of Lincoln, NE letting us know that Roy has given his blessing to Dave taking on the 'REM Catalog'...
    Roy used to Buy, sell, or trade 7-1-71 FDCs, and produced the 'REM Catalog' of 7-1-71 material; first day of the USPS.

    old: www.7-1-71-firstdaycovers.com

    Mr. Buddy J. Collins APS-14, SDAG-05 (cf.), ZOS-14
    P.O. Box 85, Mineral Bluff, GA 30559-0085
  • Phone: (706) 506-8679
  • [email protected]
  • ZOS Website: zillionsofstamps.com
    ZOS site: "Visit our web site to see all 26,000+ of our items in inventory and to see our special of the month. "

    "Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cash (US$), Money Order (US$), Check (US$), MNH U.S. at face (1/2 of order), International Money Order (US$)"

    Full Time via: Internet, Mail, Show Bourses : Approvals, Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service
    Specialties: Topicals, Worldwide, France, Sports/Olympics

    old: P. O. Box 2321, Smyrna, GA 30081-2321: Tel. 770-434-3569, Fx: 770-435-7189
    old?: [email protected], [email protected] (via ZOS), [email protected]
    Queen City Coins & Stamps
    Louise Chouinard CSDA-11, APS-06, SDAG-05 (cf.), FSDA-14
    P.O. Box 141, LaFayette, GA 30728
    Retail Store: (ref c.2014*, BBB ref.)
    100A Villanow St., LaFayette, GA 30728
  • Tel.: (706) 638-2941, Fax: (423) 645-0844
  • qccoinstamp@windstream...*
  • Specialties: New Issues, Topicals, United States

    old Website: www.queencitycoinsandstamps.com '404' c.201201
    Peach Stamps
    / Information Distribution & Marketing, Inc. (IDMI) active c.2014

    Tim Cunningham
    P.O. Box 6396, Warner Robins, GA 31095
    201 Byrd Court - Ste 100, Warner Robins, GA 31088
  • Tel.: 478-922-0902
  • PeachStamps@YaHOo!.com*
  • [email protected], [email protected]
  • www.ebay.com/usr/4752pilot 's eBay Store:
    "Our ebay store is closed effective immediately. The store belonged to my father who passed away two weeks ago and the family decided not to continue with the store. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment." (undated c.20150215)

    All kinds of US Mint, Never Hinged. Including "Back of Book" and Duck Stamps, Plate Blocks, FDC's.

    stores.ebay.com/Peach-Stamps-in-GA & ebay.com/usr/peachstampsinga '404'
    www.accucomm.net/com/idmi/Peach '404' c.2008
    www.PeachStamps.com '404' c.2014


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  • Atlanta Stamp Collectors Club's dealer list - (cc)


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