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The Northeastern Federation of Stamp Clubs
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  • 2nd Sunday Stamp & Coin Show (Monthly)
    Usual venue: Comfort Inn, 900 E. Main St., Meriden (c.2012)
    Promoter: Harry Tong, NH

    Kendall (Ken) C. Sanford APS-14, IDPA-15
    613 Championship Drive, Oxford, CT 06478-1298
  • Tel./Fax: 203-888-9237
  • [email protected]
  • www.aerophilately.net

    Full Time via: Internet, Mail. Offers: Appraisals, Want Lists Service
    Specialties: Literature, Air Mail Covers, Crash Covers, Expertizing

    Aviation & Aerophilatelic Literature, Covers ... and a gentleman!

    Ken is also Editor of "La Catastrophe", journal of the Wreck & Crash Mail Society c.2015

    AAMS Convention Co-ordinator c.2008 (& Pres. 1986/87)

    Formerly from Switzerland:
    [email protected], [email protected]  

    Andrew Levitt's Oldtime Stamp Shop
    P. O. Box 342, Danbury, CT 06813
  • Tel (203) 743-5291, Fax (203) 730-8238
  • [email protected]
    (Andrew passed on about 2006 and "Nutmeg Stamps" has taken over.)  

    Benelux, USA (c.2000)
    Anton Hendriks SDI
  • [email protected]
    Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, U.S., Colonies  

    Brian and Brian Stamps
    Dr. Brian M. DeBroff APS-15
    2220 Huntington Tpke., Trumbull, CT 06611
  • Tel.: (203) 381-0678, Fax: (203) 772-3259
  • [email protected]
  • stores.ebay.com/brian-and-brian-stamps (71 items c.20150115)
    Part Time via: Internet, Mail. Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service
    Specialties: U.S., Washington/Franklins, U.S. Classics. APS Dealer Since: 2009  
    Cartophilian Collectibles
    Mr. Jose L. Rodriguez APS-15*
    P.O. Box 903, Cheshire, CT 06410-0903
  • Tel.: (203) 592-0192, Fax: (203) 272-1143
  • 203-272-1143 '06, '14; 203-592-0192, Fax: 203-272-2841 '06, '14: 203-272-1143
  • [email protected]*
  • myworld.ebay.com/cartophilians (12,377 items c.20150115; mouseover the link!)
    Full Time via: Internet, Mail, Retail Store(eBay?), Show Bourses. Offers: Approvals, Want Lists Service
    Specialties: Advertising Covers, Postal History, Postal Cards, World Fairs/Expositions.

    old: [email protected]  

    Connecticut Cinderellas
    & Glass Slipper Auctions

    Raymond Petersen APS-06
    P. O. Box 270511, West Hartford, CT 06127-0511
  • Tel/Fax : 860 521 6094
  • [email protected]
    Specializing in Revenue Stamps, Thematic Poster Stamps, Bogus & Fantasy Stamps, Local Stamps, Semi-Official Airmails, Charity Seals (including Christmas & TB), Hotel, Railroad, Ship & Airline Baggage Labels, and all other Cinderella Stamps and small format Ephemera.

    "... By the mid-1990's I recognized that the cinderella field was increasing in popularity after decades of neglect, and in 1996 I decided to leave my "real" job and devote full-time to the stamp business, trading under the name "Connecticut Cinderellas". I started working at some larger shows, and acquired the Glass Slipper Auction business from Andrew Hall of the U.K." (c.2011)

    Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC (Alt URL)

    & Danbury Stamp Sales, a Division of Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions (mail bids)

    & Dynasty Auctions Company Ltd, a Division of Daniel F. Kelleher LLC (Hong Kong)
    Now: Kelleher & Rogers, Ltd., our affiliate company in Hong Kong (formerly Dynasty Auctions Co., Ltd.), will hold its current auction series on January 9-11, 2015. The sale features extensive classic China, PRC, Hong Kong, Japan and other Asia areas, with several major collections. The sale is being held in conjunction with an Archives International sale of rare Chinese and Asian banknotes, coins and scripophily. Click here to view the Kelleher & Rogers site.

    (cf. "Daniel F. Kelleher, Inc. of MA, USA)

    David Coogle ASDA-14, PTS-11
    Laurence Gibson ASDA-11

    Administrative Office:
    4 Finance Drive, Suite 100, Danbury, CT 06810, USA
  • Tel: 781.235.0990, Fax: 781.235.0945
  • [email protected]
  • "The Oldest Philatelic Auction House in the United States, established in 1885"
    David Coogle: "Andrew Levitt took notice of David and in 1996 he was recruited to help start the well known Nutmeg Stamp Sales mail auction firm. When Levitt retired for health reasons, Greg Manning purchased the Nutmeg brand and acquired David along with his expertise and knowledge. Greg merged the H.R. Harmer and Nutmeg companies, and positioned David as President until the merged company's relocation to the West Coast. Having grown up in the Northeast, David, who had been friends with Stanley Richmond of Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions for almost 30 years, decided to return to his philatelic roots and, David, along with Laurence Gibson, rejuvenated DFK with an inaugural public auction in New York City in Fall 2010 that reached nearly $3,000,000. "

    "Laurence Gibson started in the stamp business professionally in the early '80s with Earl P.L. Apfelbaum. ...15 years...He remarks, "I started studying Asian philately then...taking several trips to China in the early 1990s. ..."I did a ton of original research on China, Japan and other Asian stamps and had many articles published." ...Laurence then went to Michael Rogers, the Far Eastern specialist, in the mid 90s. ...Laurence spent over five valuable years with the Rogers business in Winter Park, Florida, before joining the Greg Manning firm in 2003. Six months later, he became the Chief Operating Officer for Manning's entire philatelic division. After Greg left, Laurence became CEO of the division. In 2003, he acquired John Bull Public Auctions in Hong Kong for the group and held the title of Managing Director until June 2010."

    Boston Area Office:
    Dynasty Auctions Company Ltd lists a Mailing address of:
    Laurence Gibson
    60 Newtown Rd - PMB 44, Danbury, CT 06810
    Tel.: 203-297-6056, Fax: 203-297-6059
    [email protected]

    Press Kit

    Kelleher & Rogers

    aka: Michael Rogers Online
    See Also: Kelleher & Rogers, Ltd. (

    Michael Rogers ASDA-14*, FSDA-15** (cf.)
    4 Finance Drive, Danbury, CT 06810
  • Tel.: 800-843-3751*, 407-644-2290*,
  • Fax: 407-645-4434* (407 is a FL area code)
  • Tel.: 877-316-2895**, Tel./Fax: Office: 203-297-6056**
  • Fax: 203-297-6059 (Website c.2015, FSDA 2015)
  • [email protected]
    America's Key Source for China Stamps and Covers.
    Our Public Auctions and Mail Sales include Worldwide material and individual rarities as well.
    " As you can see from the above, Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions has acquired Kelleher & Rogers As part of this merger, Kelleher's Internet sales division (formerly Danbury Stamp Sales) has been renamed Michael Rogers Online. Our goal is to share philately worldwide with diverse and interesting material for entry level to advanced collectors. We have a wealth of wonderful new material from many sources and our sales will be conducted monthly. Our first MRO branded sale is No. 5001 and is closing on Sunday, August 17, 2014, and it is now online! " (website c.201501 includes some of Michael's Articles on Asian philately from Linn's Stamp News.)

    Holtz International - Philatelic Brokers

    Andrew G. Holtz ASDA-07, APS-06, APhV-06, NSDA-06, CSDA-07, PTS-11
    P. O. Box 1664, Greenwich, CT 06836 (Moved to Switzerland c.2015)
  • Tel.: 203-625-0020
  • Fax: 203-625-0050
  • [email protected]
    Since 1966. Postal History, Worldwide, Advanced collections, Rarities.
    Languages: .fr, .it, .de, .hu, .uk

    Housatonic Collectibles
    Bruce B. Hayes NSDA-06, APS-06, ZOS-07
    22 Rita Avenue, Fairfield, CT 06824-6318 (ref.1, ref.2 c.2015)
  • Phone: (203) 259-7802

    old?: P. O. Box 1051, Southport, CT 06890

  • Tel.: 203-243-6599={Cell}, Fax: 203-259-7802
  • [email protected]
  • PhiLatino Auction (c.200812)
  • Philaton Auction (c.200812)
    Specialties: Germany, 19th Century United States, British Commonwealth
    "Largest stock of "Danzig" in USA. Virtually complete of "German Area" VFU to 1950. And: Occupations colonies, US 19th Century, British Commonwealth pre 1965. Auctions: No buyer's commissions !"

    Formerly with Zillions of Stamps & Philatelists.com
    old: http://www.zillionsofstamps.com/dealer/dealer.asp?dID=230
    old: http://www.Philatelists.Com/Housatonic/  

    Maurice J. Landry
    P. O. Box 1112, Enfield, CT 06083-1112
  • Tel. 1-860-741-6065
    Via Snail Mail Only.
    "One of the best and most personable dealers around!" says John White of FDCUSA, and "Request a free cover and the latest copy of his monthly pricelists which are generally not duplicated for a year."  

    John E. Lievsay AIEP-02
    20 Center Drive , Old Greenwich, CT 06870
  • Tel. +1 203 698 1884, Fax +1 203 698 1869
  • [email protected]
    Member AIEP: Expertization: Classic France & French Colonies: general issues, RF overprints on US WWII airmail

    Miller's Stamp Co.
    Irv Miller APS-15*, ASDA-14
    12 Douglas Lane, Suite 3, Waterford, CT 06385
  • Tel.: 860-908-6200* {cell}, Fax: 860-739-9989
  • [email protected]*

    *Full Time via: Internet, Mail, Public Auctions, Retail Store, Show Bourses
    *Specialties: Ducks/Hunting Permit, Errors, Freaks & Oddities, Plate Blocks & Singles, U.S. Classics, Confederate States, Discount Postage

    "Quality Stamps Reasonably Priced for Beginners & Advanced Collectors"
    "Contact us with your Want List if we don't have it we can get it."
    "I started Miller's Stamp Shop in 1969...and specialize in US especially the classics, but have almost everything." c.2009 email.
    " Life Member of ASDA, APS, ARA, Member of USSS, USPCS, TSC."

    old: 32 Upper Pattagansett Road - Suite 31, East Lyme, CT 06333-1150
    [email protected], 800-677-8267 (67-STAMP)  

    Miller's Stamp Shop
    Mrs. Verna A. Miller APS-06
    P. O. Box 365, Uncasville, CT 06382-0365
    41 New London Turnpike, Uncasville, CT 06382
  • Tel.: 860-848-0468, Fax: 860-848-1926

    Specialties: United States, Pre 2000 United Nations, Supplies

    old: www.millersstampshop.com (ref.)

    NOTE: As of July 2009, Nutmeg has been incorporated into H.R. Harmer Auctions!! (w/Coogle & Mills)
    Nutmeg Stamp Sales, Inc.
    Pres. David Coogle PTS, APS, ASDA
    Sr. V.P. Thomas M. Mills (c.2009) of Deleware
    P. O. Box 4547, Danbury, Ct. 06813
    5 Francis J. Clarke Circle
    Bethel, CT 06801
  • Tel 800-522-1607, 203-792-3862
  • Fax 203-798-7902
  • [email protected]
    Free consultation to sell your stamps, auctions. Graded stamps.
    Note: Dawn notes that in CT no licecense in necessary to conduct auctions but that David has one for the many shows they attend etc. c.2007 - aj.
    & c.2009, "the world’s largest philatelic mail bid and Internet auction firm, features 10,000-20,000 lots monthly of specialized stamps and covers from around the world.
    Quarterly, we offer live (Public ; aj) Premium Graded auctions in Bethel, Connecticut."
    "Nutmeg Stamp Sales and its worldwide affiliates which includes Corinphila (.ch), John Bull Auctions (.hk) and Heinrich Köhler (.de) firms (the Escala Group; formerly with Afinsa, handles the buying and selling of the largest range of quality material available."

    See Also: Andrew Levit

    Philbert's Postmarket
    Robert May APS-06*, ASDA-14
    PO Box 270426, West Hartford, CT 06127
  • Tel.: 860-561-1574, 860-561-1571* (typo?)
  • [email protected]
    Specialities: Appraisals. Covers, U.S. Postal History, U.S. Postal Stationery.  
    Postal Commemorative Society
    47 Richards Ave.
    P.O. Box 57491
    Norwalk, CT 06857-4910
  • Tel 203-853-2000, 800-641-8026
    Sells a series of First Day Covers, Cachets ...  

    Purser Associates, Inc.
    37 Moody Lane, Danbury, CT 06811-3805
  • Tel (800) 225-5129, (203) 748-2237
  • Fax 203-792-4982
  • [email protected], [email protected]
    Auction Agents, Says they "will prove that NOT using their service will cost you more than if you DO use it."
    NOTE: a/o 1 July 2007, Jonathan Kupersmit and Andrew Orenstein were selected as successors of the prior owners of Purser & Associates, Inc. , the husband and wife team of Jeff Purser and Melissa Wheeler. It is now called: " Purser and Associates, LLC " and is quartered in Mass., USA.  

    Pasquale J Rinaldi
    222 Crest St., Waterbury, CT 06708
  • Tel (203) 753-0211
  • E-Mail
    U.S. & WW Auction Agent  

    Toga Associates
    Thomas Bansak ASDA-14
    PO Box 396, Fairfield, CT 06824-0396
  • Tel./Fax: 203-255-8885
  • [email protected], [email protected]
    Specialities: Worldwide stamps, Br. Empire, bourse, mail order, want lists.
    (esp: Australia, Bermuda, British Empire/Commonwealth, Canada, Collections, Falkland Islands, Great Britain, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Newfoundland )  

    University Stamp Co. Inc. / University Archives

    aka: Ventura Stamp Co.** / Ventura Galleries

    A. "Bryan" Camarda ASDA-14*, APS-06, NSDA-06, FSDA-07
    John M. Reznikoff APS-06, ASDA-14**
    Thomas A. Derbyshire ASDA-06***,
    49 Richmondville Ave., Westport, CT 06880-2052
  • Tel.: 800-237-5692, 203-454-0111, Fax: 203-454-3111
  • [email protected]*
  • [email protected]**
  • [email protected]***
  • www.ebay.com/usr/universityarchives02 (0 items c.20150115)
  • www.ebay.com/sch/darvickautographs (85 items c.20150115)
    *Specialities: Retail/Wholesale: U.S. classics & covers, better quality U.S., Appraisals.
    (esp: Cancels, U.S. incl. Classics, Covers, Postal History

    **Specialities: Cancels, U.S. incl. Classics, Covers, Postal History


    "If you are here for the first time, please browse our diverse inventory of historically significant documents, manuscripts, letters and relics, in all price ranges, from an extensive variety of categories. Check our new listings, read about us in the latest international headlines, or see our most recent video broadcasts. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you, so please click on Contact Us and we will help you navigate our site to find that special item." (Website c.20150115)

    "Mr. Reznikoff's work as a document examiner has been so successful because he is the first and only expert to combine his primary work as an autograph authenticator with a great study of forensic document examination. His lab is one of the most advanced of its kind outside of the FBI..."(more...) (Website c.20150115)

    Volovski Rarities / Valley Stamp Co.
    Lawrence Volovski ASDA-14
    PO Box 208, Thomaston , CT 06787
  • Tel.: 860-480-0186
  • [email protected]
    Specialities: U.S. esp. Classics
    "We sell top quality US stamps and plate blocks! To order call us now! 860-480-0186 " (website c.20150115)

    old: www.valleystamp.com  
    Wheeler Benitas Inc.
    Paul Golden ASDA-14*
    104 Woodside Dr., Greenwich, CT 06830-6732
  • Tel.: 203-622-9026, Fax: 203-622-7329
  • [email protected]*, [email protected] ('05 ASDA;O root is .jp c.2015)
    Specialities: Philatelic Publications, World Wide
    Managing partner. Graphic Design, Commercial Printing for the philatelic community.
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