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35040   Chuck Donaldson Stamps
aka: Hoover Stamps
Mr. Charles R. Donaldson APS-10
166 Savannah Lane, Calera, AL 35040 (c.2006)
  • Tel.: (205) 410-8383
  • Specialty: United States, Worldwide, Supplies
    Also a listed contact for Birmingham Philatelic Society's ALAPEX Stamp Show c.2010.

    old: 3228 Lorna Road, Hoover, AL 35216 - Tel.: 205-822-3724 (c.1999)

    35616   B & B Stamps & Coins (c.1999)
    William McGoff
    P. O. Box 289, Cherokee, AL 35616-0289
    Specialty: Confederate States of America (CSA), United States Covers, United Nations Covers, Postal History, United States

    35631   H.E. Harris & Company
    Mr. Jeffrey M. Dow APS-02, ASDA-06
    202 N. Court Street, Florence , AL 35630 (c.1995)
    P. O. Box 817, Florence , AL 35631 (c.1999) - [email protected]
    P. O. Box 657, Florence , AL 35631 (c.2001)
  • Tel (205) 760-0686, Fax (205) 766-7058
  •  4001 Helton Dr. - Bldg. A, Florence , AL 35630 (c.2006)
  • Tel 256-246-1166, Fax 256-246-1121, [email protected]
  • A long time favorite. Specialty: United States, Worldwide, Supplies
    NOTE (c.2008): "In 2003, the H.E. Harris company bought Whitman Coin Products (long known for it coin albums & price guides - aj.) from St. Martin's Press. As H.E. Harris also manufactured and sold coin albums, folders, and accessories (including stamps - aj), this acquisition was an ideal way to consolidate the leading numismatic supply companies in the industry. H.E. Harris changed its name to Whitman Publishing (and, now, appears to have moved to Atlanta; their URL now {c.2008} resolves to Whitman's), and Whitman now features three distinct product lines: Whitman, H.E. Harris, and the U.S. Mint. Within each brand, there are coin (and stamp - aj) supplies and accessories to meet any collector's needs. Whitman Publishing markets its books and accessories nationwide through major hobby distributors, dealers and national accounts." (including US stamps!) Basic data ©2007 Whitman  

    35645  Blackburn & Blackburn Ltd.
    Peggy M. Blackburn NSDA-11, ASDA-11
    P. O. Box 424, Killen, AL 35645
  • Fax: 530-247-1001 (Redding CA ph #)
  • [email protected]
  • Specialty: Asia, China, Finland, Postcards

    old?: P. O. Box 494995, Redding, CA 96049 (c.1999), Note c.2014 ASDA lists her there! (summer v. winter??)  

    35801  Diane & Elmer Anderson
    3220 Monarch Dr., Huntsville, AL 35801, USA (c.1999)
    Specialty: United States, British Colonies, General Foreign

    35802   H. (Horace) B. Bibb, Jr. APS-10
    1316 Forbes Dr., Huntsville , AL 35802
  • Tel.: (205) 881-6650
  • [email protected]
  • Specialties: U.S., Worldwide, Buying, Appraisals

    35804   Traders Guild
    Heinrich Hahn SDAG-05 (cf.)
    P. O. Box 384, Huntsville, AL 35804-0384 (c.1999)
  • Tel.: 256-536-7785 (c.2012)
  • [email protected] (c.2005), [email protected] (c.2012)
  • Specialty: Germany, Berlin, New Issues, Supplies, United States
    NB: a listed contact for HUNTSPEX 2012

    36066   Dwayne Selix Rare Stamps
    Huel D. ("Dwayne") Selix SDAG-05 (cf.), FSDA-07
    137 Beth Manor Drive, Prattville, AL 36066, USA (c.2007)
  • Tel.: 334-365-2992
  • stamper98@mindspring
  • Specialty: U.S., Canada, Germany, Worldwide; "Moderately Priced".

    36079  William E. Callahan (Est. 1987)
    Route 1, Box 342F, Troy, AL 36079-9148 (c.1995, 1999)
    Tel.: (334) 566-6970
    Specialty: CSA, United States, British Commonwealth, Postal History, want list service. US Civil War currency

    36123   The Supply Store
    Mr. Robert L. Ficquette APS-06
    P. O. Box 230004, Montgomery , AL 36123
    Tel./Fax: (334) 272-4244
    Specialty: Supplies

    36301  WGS
    Roger Tuttle
    600 Highland St., Dothan, AL 36301 (c.1999)
    Specialty: Topicals, New Issues

    36535   Penobscot Stamps & Postal History (est. 1968)
    Roger B. Hooper APS-07
     8618 Bonneybrook Ct., AL 36535-5055 (c.2006)
    Tel.: 251-970-1185
    Specialty: World Postal History, Worldwide 1850-1950, Kiloware, Collections
    (speaks some French)

    old: (Oct. - May) P. O. Box 1437, Marco Island, FL 33969 (c.1995)
      Tel.: 813-394-9282 ={Winter}, 207-869-2576 ={Summer}
    (June - Sept.) General Delivery, Oqossoc, ME 04964
    130 N. Collier Blvd. - Apt. C2, Marco Island, FL (c.1999)

    36549   Sperry Management Group, Inc.
      aka: Sperry Stamp Co.
    John Sperry APS-10
    P. O. Box 252, Lillian, AL 36549
  • Tel.: 850-455-4733 {850 is a FL area code?}, Fax: 850-455-4733
  • [email protected]
  • Specialty: "Worldwide Air Mails, Aircraft, Aerophilately".

    36590   Theodore Stamp Services
    Charles Stalmach APS-08, NSDA-08
    P. O. Box 182, Theodore, AL USA 36590
  • Tel.: 1-877-899-5114, (334) 443-5107, 251-422-3413 (cell), Fax: 1-334-443-8459
  • [email protected]
  • Specialty: Custom Approvals: U.S. and Worldwide

    old: www.TheodoreStamps.com '404' c.201206
    older: www.StampDealers.Com/Stalmach


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