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J. Barefoot, Ltd. (x)
John Barefoot APS-06
PO Box 8, York YO24 4AR
  • Tel: (44)-1904-654241
  • Fax (44)-1904-656906
  • [email protected], [email protected]
    Retailer and publisher. Mainly worldwide revenue titles, European handbooks, and catalogues.
    Re: Revenue Stamp Catalogues; "Wrote the book on Benelux revenue stamps"
    Specialties: Revenues (except USA), Revenues catalogues, Europe, S.E. Asia, general collections.
    Attends the 'York Racecourse' fair and the semi-annual York Fair (Jan., July)

    cbestamps.co.uk CBE Stamps
    Mr. Ian Whorley
    PO Box 616, York, YO1 0EF
  • Tel.: +44 1904 500505
  • [email protected]
    Commonwealth British & Empire Stamps: by Grade, Category or Area
    Mint, used, unused, commemorative & definitive stamps and accessories including covers, FDCs, sets, packs, blocks, pairs and booklets. Learn how to identify stamps with flaws using our unique image gallery. Online payments with Secure Trading. c.201010

    And they preserved the following gem:

    Origin of the Penny Post

    ...This story is always told concerning the origin of the penny post in England. Coleridge, the English poet, was one day walking through the Lake District in the north, when he saw the postman deliver a letter to a poor woman at her cottage door. The woman turned it over and examined it, and then returned it, saying she could not afford to pay the postage, which was one shilling. Hearing that the letter was from her brother, Coleridge insisted on paying the postage, in spite of evident unwillingness on the part of the woman. As soon as the postman had ridden off, she showed Coleridge how his money had been wasted. The sheet inside the envelope was blank. They had agreed together, that as long as all went well with him, he should send a blank sheet once a quarter, and thus she had tidings without the expense of postage.

    Coleridge told this story to an official in the Post Office, named Rowland Hill. It struck him at once that something must be wrong in a system, which drove a brother and sister to cheat, in order to hear of one another. He at once worked out a scheme of reform. London had had a penny post for years. Could this be extended to the country? Rowland Hill was laughed at. "Of all the wild and extravagant schemes I have ever heard of, this is the wildest and most extravagant," cried the Postmaster-General, while others denounced the idea as "nonsense."

    Rowland Hill fought on, and at last made things possible by the introduction of a cheap stamp, since adopted throughout the civilised world. To him also thanks are due, for the introduction of the book-post and money orders, none of which were possible, till after the queen's accession...

    Extract from : The Story of the World by M.B. Synge 1905.

    old c.201211: cbestamps.co.uk
    "The business has now ceased trading and the website has closed down.
    Thanks very much., Ian."; from email of Oct. 9, 2012

    W. A. Jacques, Philatelist
    Ashville, Cliffe, Selby, North Yorks YO8 6NU
  • Tel.: +44 (0) 1757 638226
  • @Tiscali
    Andorran Specialist! - New Issue Service. Also Austria to 1975. Want lists are welcome.

    "Founder member of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle"..

    Pennymead Auctions
    David N. Druett PTS-06, APS-11
    1 Brewerton Street, Knaresborough, North Yorks, HG5 8AZ
  • Tel.: +44 (0)1423 865962, Fax: +44-1423-547057 (not listed c.2011)
  • [email protected]
    Postal Bid sales, auctions. Specialty: West Indies, Bermuda, Br. Guiana, Br. Honduras, General out of print philatelic literature. Cards accepted: Visa, Access, MasterCard.

    David is listed as a study group leader for Trinidad & Tobago issues for the BWISC c.2012 aj.
    & as contact for BCPSG

    David Shaw, P. O. Box 27, Malton, N. Yorks YO17 6GJ
  • Tel/Fax +44 (0) 1653 694953
    Spink York
    47 The Shambles, York YO1 7XL
  • Tel: +44 (0)19 0465 4769
  • Fax: +44 (0) 19 0467 7988
    Public Auctions (with online bidding available; see Spink London)

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  • www.cityofyork.com

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