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Pakistan Philatelic Net Club
From: Wahid Zia (c.2011),
"I am collecting stamps since the last 30 years. I created a blog which includes the information of Pakistan all stamps. All issues of Pakistan from 1947 to date are available on this blog. Further it includes articles on stamps. I hope these articles will prove useful for you. I collected these articles after great search. I invite you to visit my blog and get useful information." (and he sells a lot of stamps; see 'Store' - aj)
(2nd URL) " I created this blog which includes the information of all issues of Pakistan from 1947 to date are available on this blog. Further it includes articles on stamps. "

He even has a Stamp Store.

And his list of the cities of Pakistan

New URL!
Pakistan Philatelic Club c.201501

"My name is Wahid Zia. I had been engaged in the issuance of a stamp magazine from 1989. In June 2003 the club established, a club in yahoo groups named Pak Net Mag. which means Pakistan Internet Magazine. Now the club has introduced it own website. The objective of this website is not to earn profit, but to facilitate the collectors. If you find any errors, please let Me know so I that I could rectify it. The purpose of this site is to provide a plate form to the collectors who really want to achieve a certain goal. Here you will find lot of philatelists willing to exchange, buy or sell stamps and many more things. Whether you are an advanced collector or a beginner, you are most welcome to share with us your experiences, news and friendship. You will get maximum knowledge about stamps by time to time. In this site you can publish not only your introduction but also publish your essays about stamps. "

Ali Philatelic Traders
Mr. Ali Rizwan Sadiq
G. P. O. Box 2459, Lahore, Pakistan
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    MAJ Stamps
    Mohammad Ali Jahangir
    406-A. H. Center
    opp: Sindh Madressah Sharah-e-Liaquat
    Karachi 74000 Pakistan
  • Tel Office (9221) 2426667, Res. (9221) 7762471
  • Fax 2426667
  • E-mail
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