's Stamp Collectors' Directory
Japan Stamp Dealers' Association (JSDA)
New Shinbashi Building - Room 612
Minato-ku, Tokyo
(Mailing Address: Central P.O. Box 1003, Tokyo)
  • Tel [81] 3-3580-6729
  • Fax [81] 3-3502-5962
  • Know any Internet addresses?
  • And: Mr. Y. Furuuchi ASCAT
    - via the PO Box above
    - Is responsible for the JSDA Catalogue  

    See Also:
    IFSDA's Japan Data
    Philatelic Federation
    of Japan, Inc.FIAP
    Hiraoka Building, Room 601, 1-11 Kanda Ogawamachi
    Chioda ku, Tokyo 101, Japan
  • Provides Expertization  
    Japan Philatelic Society Foundation
    4th floor, Philatelic Museum
    Mejiro 1-4-23, Tokyo 171-0031
  • Phone: +81-3-5951-3311
  • Fax: +81-3-5951-3315
  • E-mail
    Kenkichi Tachikawa ASCAT
    (Pres. JPSF)
    PO Box 1, Shinjuku, Tokyo 163-91
    is reponsible for 'SAKURA Catalogue'

  •   And check out Scott's 2001 Vol 4 Catalog (at Amazon.com) covering Japan - " In Japan the Post Office issues stamps for each prefecture which, though valid nationwide, are only sold within the issuing prefecture. For stamp collectors this additional listing was way overdue.." Mike Mills.
    British & Overseas Philatelic Agency
    P.O. Box 80 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-91, Japan
  • Tel 813-3499-5250, FAX 813-3499-3529
    : OR :
    P O Box 705, SHIBYA, TOKYO 150-91, Japan
  • Email

    Japan Philatelic Agency
    Mejiro 1-4-25, Toshima-ku
    Tokyo 171-0031 Japan
  • Tel 81-3-5951-3433
  • Fax 81-3-5951-3431
  • E-mail
    Their 'Foreign Business Department' communicates in English. - - JPA is an Agent for over 35 countries in Japan. (website is in Japanese only)  

    Japan Philatelic Co. Ltd.
    P. O. Box 2, Suginami-Minami
    Tokyo 168-8081
    JPA (above) notes, "Japan Philatelic Co. Ltd. is one of our group company." (formerly listed as an Agent for the USA)  

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  • Stamp-Street - Yuichi Aramaki ; in Japanese

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