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Israel Stamp Dealers' Association (ISDA)

PO Box 23274, 61231 Tel Aviv
  • Tel +972 3-5250119 (c.2011)
  • E-mail
    last survey: c.2011 via IFSDA
    Data via IFSDA's ISDA Data

    Israel Philatelic Service
    12 Sderot Yerushalyaim,
    Tel Aviv - Yafo 68021

  • Tel: +972 76 8873933
  • Fax: +972 76 8873901
  • [email protected]

    Stamp Fair Dizengoff Center 7th March 2009
    Between 12:00 -18:00 on the bridge near Discount Bank.
    (How often does this happen?)

  • See Also:
    Israel Philatelic Federation
    P.O. Box 4523
    Tel Aviv, IL-61045 Israel
  • Tel.: +972 3-6295547
  • FAX: 972-3-5259716
  • E-mail
    Office: 2 Pinsker, floor 1, Tel Aviv
    Office Hours: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday : 09:00-16:30
    Tuesday: 12:00-19:30
    Library: Thursday: 12:00-19:30

    The Alexander Museum of Postal History & Philately - from the mid-19th century though the establishment of the State of Israel.
    Society of Israel Philatelists, USA

  • Adi Stamps (Ady Stamps)
    A. Lupovici ISDA-09
    38 Achad Ha'am Street, Tel-Aviv
  • Tel: +972 3 5601068, 5346949
    Israel & Foreign Thematic

    Aminut, Camron Menachem ISDA-08
    55 Ben Yehuda, Tel-Aviv
  • Tel.: +972 03 5220648, Tel./Fax: +972 03 5223905
    Ari'el and the Shomron Philatelic Society
    Meets: Cultural Centre
    Contact: Benny Koren
    P. O. Box 2152, Ari'el 44824
    (data c.2005 +/-)

    Art Philatelic Products Ltd.
    Chaim Baumstein
    ISDA-09 (cf.)
    PO Box 1248, Ramat Hasharon 47100
  • (03) 549-8117 (c.1998), +972 3 5477966 (c.2009)
  • (03) 540-0256 Fax (c.1998)
  • E-mail@ (c.1998), e-mail c.2009
  • eBay: IsraelIII (no items c.2011)
    Specialties: Palestine & Israel Postal History, Stamps & Covers, 1948 Interim Period, Internet Auctions, special event covers

    Ashdod Philatelic Society
    Meets: Bet Lavron Cultural Centre
    Natan Elbaz st.
    Contact: Naty Stein
    38/4 Kinneret St., Ashdod
    (data c.2005 +/-)

    Ashqelon Philatelic Society
    Meets: Vessek Centre, Afridar B
    Contact: Dr. Eliah Frankel
    P. O. Box 7186, Ashqelon 78170
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Zvi Tov ISDA-11, APS-06
    P.O.Box 2275, Bat Yam 59121
    13 Kaf Tet Benovember, Bat-Yam
  • Tel/Fax: +972 3 5535313, +972-54-4750832 (mobile)
  • @aquanet.co.il (c.1998),
  • @Bait-Tov.Com
    Specialties: Topical Packets, Wholesale & Mail Distribution. (c.2009)
    Website features an online Philatelic Atlas, 'Stamp Identifier' & offers to help! c.2009
    (Chat, stamp exchange etc..)

    "Bait-Tov is not just a store name, it's far more. We exist since 1995, the goal we put on our minds is to bring the youth as close as possible to this educating topic. ..."

    old: www.Aquanet.Co.IL/VIP/Bait_Tov/

    Ben-Ami Endres Auctions / Nun Bet Books
    13 Idelson St., Tel-Aviv
    (Sun-Thur. 10:30-17:00, Fri. 10:30-14:00)
    P.O. Box 14117, Tel-Aviv 61140
  • Tel.: +972-3 6292257 {auction}, +972-3 6204818 {bookstore}
  • Fax: 972-3-5259333
  • [email protected] (c.2011 auctions), [email protected] (c.2008)
    Ocassional auction offerings of stamps, coins, banknotes of Israel & a 2nd Hand and Antique bookstore.

    Be'er Sheva Philatelic Society
    P. O. Box 5084, Be'er Sheva 84150
    Meets: 4 p.m., Mondays
    At: City Library, Derech Meshachrarim, Be'er Sheva
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Berkovitz Stamps
    Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv (c.1998)
    Better, Arie (c.1999)
    53 Herzl, P. O. Box 5138, Haifa

    Bi-El Philatelica Ltd.
    PO Box 4349, Tel Aviv (c.1998)
    Birkan, R. (c.1995)
    P. O. Box 39794, Tel Aviv 61397
  • Tel.: +972-9-571594, Fax: 972-9-562202 (old forms)
    Blue & White Stamps
    Segal {MR?MRS?} ISDA-11
    6 King George, Tel Aviv
    PO Box 23257, Tel Aviv
  • Tel.: +972-3-5281023
  • Fax: +972-6521145
  • E-mail
  • eBay Shop
    Israel & Foreign Stamps, Thematic & Philatelic Accessories
    "We have our Collections Store in Tel-Aviv since 1952. Buying and selling Israel and worldwide : Medals, Coins, Stamps, Gold, Post Cards and Covers, Banknotes, Souvenir Leafs, Judaica, Postal History, Albums and Album Pages, Catalogues E.T.C."

    Blumenfeld Stamps (c.1999)
    Martin Blumenfeld
    49 Herzl, Haifa

    Carmel Publishing House
    (aka: Carmel Publishers)
    Contact: Z. Zorea ISDA-11
    PO Box 44440, Haifa
  • T: +972-4-8221736
  • F: 972-4-8239527
    Catalogues, Envelopes Production, Israel & Foreign Stamps

    Same?: Carmel Publishing House, P.O. Box 43092, 91430 Jerusalem : www.carmelph.co.il '404' c.2011

  • CCS Gallery ISDA-11
    Contact: Chaim (cf.)
  • Tel: +972-50-3655556
  • Fax: 972-8-9799592
  • [email protected]
    "Art, Judaica, philately"
    note: www.ccsgallery.com is/was an empty directory c.201108 ; aj

  • Chariot Global Marketing Ltd.
    POB 10824 Ramat Gan
    52008 Israel (c.2009)
  • FAX to ++44-870-1300790 Chariot Ltd.
  • OR SCAN and email to: stier_j@ OR @bale-cat..
    Publishers of BALE specialized catalogues :
    Covering: Holyland Ottoman, British Palestine and Israel
    USA: House of Zion (Ed Rosen)
    UK: Vera Trinder
    ISRAEL: Alik Rynek

    Chiefetz, Dan (c.1995)
    P. O. Box 2547 - Petach
    Tikvah 49125
    Since 1991, Stamps, phonecards, Worldwide : (topicals, packets, stamps), Israel : (stamps, packets, phonecards). Wholesale, retail. Exhange offers accepted.

    Cultural Centre (Matnas); {stamp club}
    P. O. Box 551, Nazerath Illit 17105
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Dizengoff Stamps

    M. Barash ISDA-11
    Dizengoff Center, Tel-Aviv
    PO Box 82, 53100 Givatai'im {Givatayim} (c.1998, 2011)
  • +972 3 5251552, Fax: +972 3 5715228
    Israel Stamps, Foreign Collections, Banknotes, Accessories, "Leuchtturm" Importer and Distributor (c.2009)

    Dr. Wallach Public Auctions
    Dr. Joseph Wallach ISDA-09
    P. O. Box 1414, Rehovot 76113
  • Tel.: +972 08 9461010, Fax: 08 9464946
  • [email protected]
    Dubrenico, Gidon (c.1999)
    34 Kaf-Tet November, Bat-Yam

    Duby, Zvi
    2 Stamper Street, Netanya
    P. O. Box 2001, Netanya
  • Tel.: +972 09 882 3979
    Eilat Philatelic Club
    Mrs. Jaffa Carmeli ISDA-06
    PO Box 542, Eilat
    Ha Darom 88104
  • Tel./Fax: +972 7 637 4217 (old)
  • Tel./Fax: +972-77-766 7079
  • [email protected] *, epc_epc<@>netvision.net.il
    Provides Israel (coins & stamps at face value; note w/subscription 10% off for 4 yrs; 5th year free! c.2011) ... Palestinian Authority and many countries. c.200907

    formerly: Eilat Philatelic & Numismatic Club

    Eisenberg, Gideon (c.1999)
    40 Benjamin Street, Rehovot

    Emek Yizrael Philatelic Society
    Meets: Eshkol House, Afula Illit
    Contact: Yosef Sagee, Kibbutz Ein Dor
    Mobile Post, Yizrael 19335
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Engel, Arthur (dealer c.1999)
    P. O. Box 1233, Jerusalem

    Gafni Stamps
    Arie Gafni ISDA-11
    P. O. Box 4049
    Dizengoff Center - Shop No. 410, Tel-Aviv
  • Tel./Fax: +972 3 5287543
    "Holyland stamps, buy & sell, envelopes, banknotes, coins, telephone cards."

    Galper, Alexander ATM-10
    c/o Prof. Isai Shlimak
    24 Paamanit St., Apt. 15, Tel-Avia 68077
  • Tel.: +7812 356 70 26 (in Russia)
    Giladi Stamps
    Arie & Yoram Giladi ISDA-11
    Mail: P. O. Box 4980, Tel-Aviv 61161
    Shop: 76 Allenby St. - Floor 2, Tel-Aviv 61048
    Sunday - Thursday 10 - 19.00 hrs, Friday 9.30a - 12.30p (call first)
  • Tel.: +972 3 5163871, +972 055 390225 {Mobile}
  • Fax: +972-3-5162921
  • [email protected]
    Established in 1955 by Arie and in 1978 joined by his son Yoram. Specialties: Israel, Palestinian Authority, Foreign & Thematic Stamps. Interim, Export, Import, Coins, Judaica, Interim & Accessories c.2009

    Preferably by mail or e-mail but also available in the shop (Call 1st). "We publish the 'Giladi Price List' for Israel stamps... THE most known price list in the local philatelic market... published also by the Israel Philatelic Federation." (IPF)

    old: http://ipf.nethost.co.il/giladi/ '404' c.200904

    H S Phila
    aka: Ury Shalit
    Hadasah (Ury) Shalit ISDA-09
    P. O. Box 4933, Tel-Aviv
  • Tel.: +972 03 5177466, +972 03 6957652
  • Fax: 03 5178100
    (President of Israel Stamp Dealers' Association {ISDA} c.2006)

    Haifa Philatelic Society
    Contact: P. O. Box 9562, Haifa 31095 -
    Meets: 4 p.m., Sunday
    24a Herzlia St., Haifa
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

  • Ha'Sharon Philatelic Society
    Meets: Mo'adon Ha-zahav
    Ahuza St., Ra'anama
    Contact: Moshe Hendelman
    Shivtei Israel 27a, Ra'ananna 43215
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Herzliyya Philatelic Society
    Meets: Mutual Help Society
    At: Commercial Centre, Nof Yam, Herzliyya
    Contact: Reuven Levin
    4 Hapoel St., Herzliyya 46625
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Hod Stamps (c.1999)
    Abraham Sassoon
    P. O. Box 432, Bat Yam

    Holon and Bat Yam Philatelic Society
    Meets: Mo'etzet Hapoalim
    At: 35 Hahistadrut St., Holon
    Contact: Rabbi Akiva 4a, Holon 58823
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Horovitz Stamps
    52 Allenby Street (Corner Gehula), Tel-Aviv
  • Tel: +972 03 5178251
    Israel Philatelic Federation
    Jerusalem Philatelic Society (
    Contact: P. O. Box 1361, Jerusalem 91013
    Meets: 4 p.m., Sunday
    At: 15a Bezalel St., Jerusalem
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Karmi'el Philatelic Society (
    Meets: Senior Citizens Centre
    Tzahal Street, Karmi'el
    Contact: Tzvika Monir
    5/6 Ha'oren St., Karmi'el 20100
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Kibbutz Nir David Philatelic Society
    Contact: Kibbutz Nir David
    Mobile Post, Gilboa 19150
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Kibbutz Sa-ad (Stamp Club)
    Contact: Mobile Post, Ha'negev 85140
    Meets: Kibbutz Sa-ad
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Lazarovici, Abraham (c.1999)
    83-A Allenby St., Tel-Aviv

    Lev Stamps (c.1999)
    Bar-Kochva 28 / A, Apartment 10
    P. O. Box 11862

    Liderrman, S. & J.
    18 Ben-Yehoda Street, Tel-Aviv
  • Tel.: +972 03 629 9453, Fax: 03 525 3368
    M. Zem Wholesale

    M. Zem APS-06
    P. O. Box 13018, Tel-Aviv 61130
  • Tel.: +972 3 647 1930
    Mint, Packets, Kiloware

    Marco, Martin
    32 Allenby Road (St.?)
    P.O. Box 4281
    Tel Aviv, 61042
  • Tel. +972 3 5171667, +972 3 5284523
    Consulting Member AIEP: Expert: Romania, Levant, Israel

    Mateh Asher Philatelic Society
    Meets: Kibbutz Evron
    Contact: Kibbutz Evron
    Mobile Post, Aseret 25235
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Meidan, Reuven (Ruben, Rubin)
    P.O. Box 683, 44106 Kefar Sabba
  • Tel.: 052- 8301265 (Israel? mobile?)
  • eBay (c.201108 has 133 active items)
    Israel, year books, Klussendorf, SIMA, stamps with phosphor strips (c.2009)
    old: www.rubin-stamps.co.il '404'

    Miloie, Chastven NSDA-06, APS-06
    P. O. Box 16019, Ashdod 77644
    Tzvat 2 / 29, Ashdod 77642
  • Tel.: +972 8 855 2030, Fax: +972-88554433
    1918-1992 Czechoslovakia, Czech & Slovak (New States), Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Albania, Errors, Perfins

    Moria Stamps

    Jacob Korlansky ISDA-11
    7/1 Jeskiel Blvd., 71919 Modiin Elit
  • Tel: +972 08-9744136
    Mougrabi Stamps

    E. Tschernichovski ISDA-06
    5 Pinsker Street, Tel-Aviv 63323
  • Tel: +972 3 5289012, Fax: 00972-3-5251240
    - hope the UN's a good reference.

    M√ľntz, H. G.
    P. O. Box 4174, Tel Aviv
    Expertization: Palestine Forerunners: Mandates and Israel

    Netanya Philatelic Society
    Meets: Tuesdays
    At: 17 Gordon St., Netanya
    Contact: P. O. Box 327, Netanya 42100
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Peretz Stamps

    Sam & Eyal Peretz ISDA-11
    24 Montefiore, Tel-Aviv
  • Tel: +972 03 5605007, Fax: 03 5603688
    Petah Tiqwa Philatelic Society
    Meets: Histadrut House, Petah Tiqwa
    Contact: P. O. Box 517, Petah Tiqwa 49104
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Ramat-Gan and Giv'atayim Philatelic Society
    Meets: Borohov School, Giv'atayim
    Contact: Dr. Yeshayahu Kovetz
    125 Katznelson St., Giv'atayirn 53273
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Rehovot Philatelic Society
    Meets: City Library (Meirhof), Rehovot
    Contact: Amatzia Katz
    P. O. Box 2074, Rehovot 76120
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Rex, Karl (c.1999)
    50 Aza Street, Jaffa

    Rishon Leziyyon Philatelic Society
    Meets: City Club (Mo'adon)
    At: 30 Olel Ha'gardom St., Rishon Leziyyon
    Contact: Shlomo Vorgan
    13 Dubnov St., Rishon Leziyyon 75216
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Romano House of Stamps, Ltd.
    Romano House of Stamp Sales Ltd.
    aka: Center Stamps Romano, or: Romano Auctions *
    Romano Diezengoff ISDA-11
    Moshe Romano APS-11 *
    Shop: Dizengoff Center, Mall L Store B245, Tel-Aviv (known c.2011)
    P.O.B. 23274, Tel-Aviv 61231
  • Tel.: +972 3-5282790, Tel.: +972-3-5250119 (auctions)
  • romano@stampcircuit, info@romanoauctions
    Israel & Foreign Stamps, G.B. Thematic & Europe, online auctions
    Established 1994 by Moshe and Mira Romano, "...as dealers and sole suppliers of LINDNER philatelic accessories in Israel."
    "The business has grown from a stamp store for local collectors to an international auction center for philatelic, numismatic and Judaica items serving collectors and consignors from every continent on the globe. Moshe had been a lifelong collector who was able to successfully turn his passions into his career..." "The auction is now fully online and interactive, removing many of the barriers for overseas customers. Whether buying, selling or consigning, you always get personal service with integrity from the Romanos. Moshe, Mira and Sharon won't have it any other way."

    Rosenberg, Gerd (c.1999)
    P. O. Box 12085, Tel-Aviv

  • Ross Stamps
    C. Rosenzweig
    2 Ben-Yehuda Street, Jerusalem
  • Tel.: +972 02 6250758, +972 02 6258638
    Rynek (Rinek), Alix (Alex) ISDA-11
    4 Hess St., P.O. Box 4124, Tel Aviv
  • Tel.: +972 3-6297192, Fax: 03-5255131
  • Home: +972 03-5227922
    Distributor for BALE catalogs. (c.2009)
    (any email? - send to ajw)
    old: 2 Pinsker St., Tel Aviv (c.1998)

    Sha'ar Ha'negev Philatelic Society
    Meets: Kibbutz Sa-ad
    Contact: Kibbutz Sa-ad, Mobile Post, Ha'negev 85140
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Seahorse Philatelic Publishers
    Mr. Avi Krauz
    Etzel 7b, French-Hill, 97853 Jerusalem
  • Tel.: +972-2-5400616
  • [email protected], [email protected]
    Since the publication of our King George VI album in 2004 , we had added many other albums to our book shelf: The British Colonial Hong-Kong album, The Falkland Islands Album, and a range of Omnibus pages and binders which cover all sets from the 1935 Silver Jubilee series to Princess Anne's 1973 Royal wedding.
    Since the beginning of 2009 we also offer various British Empire territories' pages.
    Ralph Phillips' Local Post CD Stamp Catalogues
        (15.00 - 22.00 British Pounds each + shipping - c.2010):
    Vol. I : UK Local stamps
    Vol. II : US & Canada local Stamps
    Vol. III : UK Railways Stamps
    Vol. IV : UK Strike Mail Stamps

    Schneier Stamps (c.1999)
    Dora & A. Schneier
    40 Jaffa Road, Haifa

    Schneur Stamps
    Yariv Haft
    40 Yafo St., Haifa
  • Tel: +972 04-8512134, Cellular: +972 0505-678533
    Seidman, I. ISDA-09
    94 Allenby Road (St.?), Tel-Aviv
  • Tel./Fax: +972 3 5601377
    Agency of MICHEL (catalogs) & DAVO (supplies); Israel & World Stamps & Coins. Ottoman, Mandate & Interim periods. Our speciality: varieties of Israeli ATM & phosphor bands. Appraisal Service.

    aka: Capital Stamps / Capital Stamps Auctions ?
    Old data?: Ozer Rottenberg (c.1997)
    P. O. Box 3769, 23 Ben Yehuda St., Jerusalem 91036
    www.Capital-Stamps.Co.IL '404' c.2009

    Stamps Center
    Doron Bar Yakov ISDA-11
    94 Allenby Street (Basement), Tel-Aviv
  • Tel./Fax: +972 3 5605755 (c.2011), Fax: 03- 5605430 (c.2009)
  • E-mail
    Agency of MICHEL (catalogs) & DAVO (supplies); Israel & World Stamps & Coins. Ottoman, Mandate & Interim periods. Our speciality: varieties of Israeli ATM & phosphor bands. Appraisal Service.

    Sweet Child Software / SweetChild Systems
    POB 4064, Jerusalem 91040
  • info@sweetchild
    Previously listed by Joesph Luft & the ASDA as a supplier of philatelic software. c.2005
    c.2010 Counts 'The Israel Philatelic Federation' amoung its customers - along with Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel Police HQ - (Internet, Intranet, MF) and Talmudic Encyclopedia ....

    Targum Stamps (c.2000)
    Daniel Lewenstein
    targumstamps.freeyellow.com/index.htm '404' c.2004

    Tel Aviv Philatelic Society
    Meets: 4 p.m.., Monday
    At: 16 Hess St., Tel Aviv
    Contact: P. O. Box 21542, Tel Aviv 61215
    (Data c.2005 +/-)

    Tel-Aviv Stamps (Y. Tsachor) Ltd.
    (Alt. URL)
    Yacov Tsachor ISDA-09
    P. O. Box 16218
    Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Tel. +972 3 5226294, Fax +972 3 5245088
  • E-mail
    Member AIEP: Expertization: Israel, incl. Doar-lvri, 1948 Interim (c.2000, 2002)
    Spec.: Mail Auctions, Israel, Interim, Mandate, Forerunners,Judaica, Foreign (c.2009)
    "Mail Auctions are conducted by the philatelic expert Yacov Tsachor from Tel Aviv. The auctions emphasis on Holy Land, Palestine and Israel stamps and postal history, as well as all world items." (c.2011)
    (seems to have 2 a year; Oct. & June)
    In assoc. with :
    Siegel's Holyland Philatelics (Marvin Siegel) of
    Florida, USA (formerly: Bronx, NY, USA c.1999)

  • The Historama
    Alex Ben-Arieh
    P.O.Box 32128, Tel Aviv, Israel 61321
  • Tel.: +972-547-680-086, Fax: +972-3-546-1971
  • alex@historama
    "We are an online mail-order dealership specializing Israeli, Jewish and Zionist collectibles, coins, philately, postal history and historic ephemera, militaria, banknotes, medals, tokens and exonumia."

    "Welcome to the history shop! I've been collecting coins and other assorted antiques for almost 30 years. My ambition has always been to work in history - to study historical events, preserve their memory by specializing in their artifacts, and promote interest in and awareness of history. To these ends I opened this online shop."

    And under the heading 'Stamps' (homepage): "Modern Israel's philatelic roots are deep, covering many periods of history compacted into a sliver of time. The country's philatelic character is as rich in variety as it is in beauty. Her philatelic treasury include foreign post office issues mixing in with circulating Ottoman stamps; British military and then intricate Mandatory issues; Jewish 'National Fund' labels, followed by emergency local issues; transition-period stamps and franks; Israeli issues and stamps for occupied and administered territories. Israel's first stamps thoughtfully represent images of the coins of the Second Commonwealth of Jewish nation, from 2,000 years before - only that owing to their hurried production before the declaration of independence, they are called "Hebrew Post" as the name of the soon to be declared state had not been decided yet."

    Online Articles: Localities of Eretz Israel: Towns, Kibbutzim, Moshavim
    "This page was derived from material in a German yearbook of Zionism, "Israel Der Juden-Staat: Das Jahr Der Zionisten", by Georg Herlitz (published by Ullman-Verlag, 1949). It contained a long table of basic details about Jewish settlements in Israel on the eve of Statehood. For the benefit of philatelic collectors searching locales of franks, or enthusiasts trying to research information about documents I put this page together. ..." (cc)

    And: Postage Rates, "Although philatelics is complex and often dependent on small details, it's probably the best source of first-hand historiography because every frank, cancellation mark and recorded use of post indicates the occurence of certain events in history. Postal material is literally a stamped document attesting to a historical occurence. To help collectors better understand the material in their hands, and to give enthusiasts a better appreciation of the details of history, on this page is a collection of assembled information and reference material on Israeli, pre-State Israel, Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine stamps and philately. More related resources will be added as I come across them.
    The information in this section covers Pre-State Israel and the period immediately after her declaration of independence, from April-June 1948. This period is set against the backdrop of the undeclared War of Independence ..." (cc)

    Top Topics

    Eitan Bar-Erez ISDA-11, ASDA-06
    58 Brande St., 49600 Petach-Tikva
  • Tel: +972 3-9337024
  • toptopics@bezeqint
    Unusual Thematic & Postal History

    Igal Orzel ISDA-11
    P.O. Box 32120, Tel Aviv
    Shop: 12 Levontin St., Tel-Aviv
  • Tel +972 3-5661077, Fax 972-3-5661074
  • auctions@unistamps
    Public Auctions

    old: www.actcom.co.il/unistamps/ ; forwards c.2008
    & [email protected] ?

    Zitron Ashdod Stamps (c.1999)
    21 Gilad Street, Ashdod

    Zodiac (c.1999)
    M. Meridack
    P. O. Box 4895, 11 Hess Street, Tel-Aviv
    Related Services
    Stamp Circuit Club (c.201010):
    P.O. Box 6339, Haifa 31062
  • Tel. ++ 972 4 8372831, Fax. ++ 972 4 8376044
    Philatelic Resource: lists dealers, auctions, clubs ...

    old: VSIS Software Solutions Ltd. (c.2001) (x)
    P. O. Box 11177, Tel Aviv, 61117

  • E-mail
    VSIS maintains the StampCircut Club - a FREE stamp trading community for collectors and offering web hosting services (including e-mail announcemnts) to dealers, auction houses ...

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