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Philatelic Society of Egypt
P.O. Box 142
Cairo, Egypt
  • [email protected]

  • Let's Collect Egyptian Stamps
    Kamal Shalaby
    3 Ali Basha Fahmy st., Alexandria
  • Tel./Fax: 002 03 5840254, Mobile 002 010 5838213
  • @SoE, @write, @YaHOo!
    I'm specialized in Egyptian Stamps, Covers, FDCs, Essays, Proofs, Postal Stationary.
    Egypt & Sudan Specialized philatelic literature, Egypt new Issue service.
    The Royal Albums of Egypt & 222 topicals for all topicalists, Egyptian coins, paper money, Revenues, Revenua Documents, Cinderellas, Numismatic literature, Supplies,philatelic suplies and Egyptian Epbmera.
    Wants lists most welcome in SG, SC, Yvert, Mitchel, Zeheri, Balian.

    Callers by Appointment Please.

    Philatelic & Numismatic Commerce
    Mr. Essam Saleh

    address unknown except:

    Egypt: Import and Export
    Current: Philatelic & Numismatic Commerce
    January 1983 Present (32 years 6 months) (c.201506

  • Interests: Philatelic, Postal Card, Documtaries & Numismatic Commerce Internet Trading


  • Essam Saleh (@EssamSaleh1955) is rated Top 100 Philately (Stamp Collection authority, covering also Philately and Postal system)
    Authority - Rank

    Philately (Stamp Collection) - Top 100
    Philately - Top 100
    Postal System - Top 100

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