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  1. Rhodesian Independence 1965-79 - A Philatelic Perspective - by Allan Winrow, .uk
    Antarctica / South Atlantic
  1. Antarctic Philately - Gary Pierson
  2. Mail in the Land of the Fire Antarctica and Islands of the South Atlantic - Jose Hernandez
  3. Antarctic Philately - Yves Duflot
  1. Asian Stamps - Konstantin Grinchenko (sales; resources) .ua
  2. Asia Stamps Center - Dennis YT Law (sales) .us-CA
  3. See Also:
    Asia Collectibles Webring (& Asia Stamps Webring)
    Cite (both) : Entities: China
    Oceania and greater Pacific Ocean Area
  1. Pacific Islands Study Circle
    24 Woodvale Ave., London SE25 4AE, England
    See Also: Dealer Topics : Oceania
    Middle East
  1. Oh My Gosh! - Andrew Gondocz, PWO (Middle East Philately: Yemen, UAE ..) .ca-ON
  2. Tughra Net Chuck Maki, @ (Ottoman Empire et al; resources) .us
    old: ; forwards 4/2  
  3. Ottoman and Near East Philatelic Society (ONEPS) - Sec.: David Sheby, NJ 08003, USA
    (the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, and successor states)
    Website includes(ed) Gary Paiste's article Expertizing and/or Owners Marks
  4. Middle East Stamps - Gary F. Paiste (Turkey, Ottoman Empire) .us-VA