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  1. La Porta, John - Custom Impressions (JLP Cachets, Albums pgs, binders) Bx, .us-IL 60525-8386
    cf URL v. JLP
  2. Lacy, Trevor - Cygnet Philatelic Consultant, .au-WA 6018
  3. Ladewig Briefmarken GmbH, Gerd (auctions) .de 93047
  4. LaFlam, Rick
  5. Laker, Warren - Wombat Lake Stamps, .au-NSW
  6. Lakin, Nickolas D. - South Yarra Stamps (Australia, Germany, Auctions) .au-VIC 3001
  7. Lam, Patrick (Hong Kong)
  8. Lam, Teh Hean (thematics)
  9. Lamy, Alain - .fr (France)
  10. Langenberg, Jan - .nl (Russia, Hungary, lighthouses, perfins)
    incl.: Dutch Railways on Stamps
    Cite: Topicals : Transportation : By Rail
  11. Lapin, Vadim - .ru (Russia)
  12. LaPlant, Matt - Ed and Matt's Stamp Page (sales) .us-
  13. Laraway, David (Irish stamps & images)
  14. Lareau, Paul J. - Pitcairn Island Virtual Shopping Mall (Stamps & Postal material) .ca-
  15. Larsen, Harold - The General Store (Hawaiian Stamps, Covers & P/H, coins) .us-CA 94591
  16. Law, Dennis YT - Asia Stamps Center (.us, .cn, .mo .tw, .hk) .us-CA  
  17. Law, Garry - @ [PWO] ( Philately) [EN] .NZ
    New Zealand Lighthouse Stamps
    Stamp Site of the Week - Cite: Homepage
    Capt. James Cook on Stamps : Philatelit Names Index : James Cook
    Chalon Portrait Stamps of New Zealand
    New Zealand International Flight and Airmail Covers
    hosts the 'Classic Stamps' & 'Topical Stamps' Webrings
    and a Philatelic URL Submission Tool - Dealer Topical Index : Advertising : See Also
  18. Lawrence, C R - Stanley Stamp Service, .au-QLD 4670
    (Australasia, GB, Access., UN n/i Agent)
  19. Lawrence, Ken, @ (Author)
    Before The Penny Black
    See Also : Authors Index for more..
  20. Lazar, Peter - Official Halley's Comet Stamp Catalog, The - .us-
    http://philatelicholdings.com "No web site is configured at this address."
  21. Lazorow, Richard - Plate Block Stamp Company (new issues, WW) .us-KS 66206
  22. Leck, Charles (US, international Airmails, Horse Drawn Carriages)
  23. Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia
    Ref. (Dictionary resources): Basic Collecting : Glossaries & Idendifiers
    Cite: Gen. Links : Resources
  24. Lee, James E. (Essays, Proofs, p/h, fancy cancels, literature) .us-IL 60090
  25. Lee, K.H. - 100% Stamp, @ (Malaysia, Singapore)
  26. Lee Philatelist Ltd., Robert A. (sales) .ca-BC
  27. Leeder, Ian - Geelong Collectors Corner (Australasia, GB, cvrs, pkts) .au-VIC 3220
  28. Lehmann, Richard - President: Stamp Finder Global Electronic Stamp Exchange, .us-FL
  29. Lehr, Bill SDI - Jobi Philatelic Services (US, ww, thematics) .us-PA 16823
  30. Leigh, Rob - Balloon Mail, .us-
  31. Leighton, Ralph - the Robert P. Feynman Stamp Campaign
    Box 182, Belvedere, CA 94920 USA
    '.. a critical step' in an organized effort to persuade the U.S. Postal Service to issue a postage stamp to commemorate Richard Feynman.
    'Feynman collectibles' Ref.: Dealers Index : Tuva Trader, The
  32. Lelann, Bernard - Phil-Ouest (.fr) .fr
    new URL a/o 6/2001
  33. Leng, David - Auckland City Stamps Ltd., .nz
  34. Leng, Ng Chee - Malaysia Philately & Phonecards, .my
    dead: http://w3.to/ngcl ; "No DNS" 10/1
  35. Lenke, Michael - Postage Stamps Depicting Nuclear Powered Ships, .de
  36. Lenz, Albert L. - Alroy Stamps, (New Issue Svc.: US incl. wholesale, comsignments) .us-IL [E; only]
  37. Lenz, Joan - Philatelic Arts (PNC's, coils: trade/sell) .us-CT 06437  
  38. Leon, Mark - US Mints (US, New Issues Svc) .us-NV 89109
    cf Evison, Bill - Cappa, .us-NV
  39. Leski Auctions, Charles .au-VIC
  40. Lewis, Don - Country Collections (ww) .us-
  41. Li, Alice Zhang - Raphael Stamps (Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thematics) .au-  
  42. Liebson, Matthew E. (Philately & Postal History sales; eBay), .us-OH
    Midaphil '99 Silver Award Site
    Cite: Philatelic Directory : USA : MA Postal History
    Cite: Philatelic Directory : USA : OH Postal History
  43. Lim, Tan Chun - C. S. Philatelic Agency (Agent, .sg incl. FDC's) .sg
  44. Lim, YM - Malaysia Stamps (sic) .my
  45. Lindegg, Gaspare de - .it (Italian postal history)
  46. Linder AB, Olof , @ SDI (Auctions: Scandinavian Countries) .se-10028
  47. Linke, Robin (Australia, S. Pacific) .au-
  48. Lister, David - John Lister Ltd. (Br Commonwealth; Agent) .uk-BR
  49. Lobbezoo, E. Frances - Sunshine Philatelics (Australia, Cvrs, Access.) .au-OLD 4215
  50. Lobo, Navin - Stamp Bank India (India's Stamps, FDC's and Banknotes), .in
  51. Lollini, Bernard and Alexandre - ESPACE Lollini .fr
    (ww Space issues, albums, catalogs)
    Ref.: Transports: By Air (The Condorde)
  52. Long, Zhai Guan (China)
  53. Loo, Wilheim van - .de? (Germany)
  54. Lorts, Charles (WW)
  55. Loucks, Louis D. - The Stamp Source.com (Br Empire) .us-
  56. Loutchko, André (Polar Philately: Russian related)
    Cite: Topicals : Polar Regions
    ck URL: Polar and Butterfly Covers for Sale (André Loutchko - Sweden)
  57. Lovenich, Reinhold - .de (WW)
  58. Lowe, Robson (Author, Wikipedia)
    Billig's Philatelic Handbook - Volume 39
    The Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps The Empire in Asia
    Cite : Dealers : USA : IL
  59. Lu, Warren - Madarin Trading Co. (sales) .us-
  60. Luff, John N. (Author with Clifton A. Howes, Chas. F. Richards)
    Postage Stamps and Stationery of the Hawaiian Islands. Handbook Number 10. (2nd Ed. c.1910)
    Cite : Dealers : USA : HI
    What Philately Teaches, John Luff (online ver.; text c.1899)
    Cite : Basic Philately : Terminology : Grill
    Cite : Basic Philately : Terminology : Printing
    Cite : Basic Philately : Terminology : Secret Marks
    Cite : Basic Philately : Terminology : Surcharge
    Cite : Basic Philately : Terminology : Watermarks : See Also
    What Philately Teaches, John Luff (rescued online ver.; text c.1899)
    Cite : Basic Philately : Terminology : Watermarks : See Also
  61. Luis, F. - F A Luis Philatelic Sales (Australaasia, C'wealth, Cinderellas ..) .au-QLD 4217
  62. Luft, Joe (Resources, US, discount postage) .us-WI
  63. Luspo, Abraham Jr. (worldwide)
  64. Luu, Andrew (.au, .id, .vn, .la)
  65. Lyon, Gary J. - Gary J. Lynn Philatelist Ltd. (Canada & Provinces) .ca-NB
  66. Lyon, Larry : book author: The Identifier of Carriers, Locals, Fakes...
    Featured by: Park Cities Stamps (sales: US Carriers & locals) .us-TX


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