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  1. Ukrainian Electronic Stamp Album - VESNA Group
  2. Ukraine Stamp Catalogue, Kiev, Ukraine
  3. Ukrainian Stamp Catalog - Simon Milkus
  4. Ukranian Olympic Philately - Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society
  5. Ukrainian Postage Stamps - Roman Olynyk
  6. Ukrainian Postcards - Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society, Canada
  7. Ukrainian Stamp Index - Eugene Rougeau
  8. Ukraine 1918-2000 - Piratboy
    http://members.nbci.com/Piratboy/ukraine/index.htm '404' c.2001

( cf Soviet Union &/or Russia )

  1. USSR & Hungary - Jan Lagenberg, .nl
    old: http://web.inter.nl.net/hcc/Langenberg/ ; forwards c.200910
  2. Stamps from ex-USSR area - Victor Kolos, .ru
    old: http://www.aha.ru/~minsk ; forwards c.200910
  3. USSR Pre-franked Covers with Estonian Topics (Bert Hoflund, .se

    In the past ...
  4. Postage Stamps of ex-USSR Countries - Roman Aliev, .ru
    stamp.da.ru '404' c.200910
  5. Russian Zone Handoverprints - Ekkehard Haas, .de
    home.t-online.de/home/EkkiHasi/szo.htm '404' c.2009

United Arab Republic (UAR)
  1. Postal history of the VAR
    'the museum of the stamp in the LUC' (.fr)

United Arab Emerites (UAE)
  1. Emirates Philatelic Association - Khalid A Al Omaira, .ae (ok c.2009)
  2. Stamps and Postal History of the United Arab Emerites
    Andrew Gondocz, .ca : Oh My Gosh!
  3. Emerites Postal Museum (official)
  4. United Arab Emerites Postal History - Khalid A Al Omaira, .ae
    http://www.angelfire.com/ok/UAESTAMPS/index.html (forwards to Emerites Postal Museum c.200909

United Kingdom
(cf Great Britain, British Empire)

  1. (on YouTube): The Royal Philatelic Collection: An Inside View
    with Michael Sefi; a royal keeper of the collection.

  2. Stamp Domain's Resource Page for Specialist Collectors of Victoria Stamps and Victoria Postal History (c.2011, 2015)

  3. Stamp Domain's Collectors Resource Page - GB Stamps & GB Postal History (c.2015)

  4. Jonz Stamping Ground, John Evans (© 2000, 2001) good c.201008
    GB's Perfins, Machins, Penny Reds, Downey Heads, Security Endorsements, Revenues.

  5. Wikipedia's Regional postage stamps of Great Britain
    "In 1958, special regional issues were commenced in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales received their own special issues. The designs used the same portrait as the Wildings and then later changed to the Machins, but were modified to incorporate the symbols of each of the home nations. While generally sold at post offices in their respective areas, all were valid throughout the UK and the Crown Dependencies. .."



  6. UK Squared Circle - Stanley Cohen ([email protected]), Postal Order Society (forum only now)
    Reference (for the book)
    http://www.collectors.org.uk/postmark/scirc/scircle3.html '404' c.2009
  7. United Kingdom - Windsor Philatelics
    PO Box 645 , Chesterfield S40 9GF, UK
    http://windp.members.beeb.net/ '404' 200906
  8. Murray Payne Ltd. (KGVI specialist, Expertization) .uk-SO BS26 2EW
    Article: Forged Postmarks & Printings (and more see biz listing)
    http://www.murraypayne.com/art3.htm '404' c.2009
    Current Articles cover : Trinidad & Tobago, Sierra Leone, Indian States, Falkland Is., Brunei, Grenada, Papers, Newfoundland, Aden, BOIC, Ascension, Bermuda Ł1 and Fiji
  9. Stamps of the UK and Italy - by Tony Clayton
    i.e. catalogs covering:
    GB Machins, Postage Dues, QEII, GB Regionals (& Italy)
  10. Machins - Robin Harris, Adminware, .ca-ON
    over 200 pages from The 'Machin Nut'
  11. Stampshows in the UK - Chris Rainey and Trevor Davis, .uk-WI
    Postal History Dealers involved in organizing:
    York Racecourse Stamp & Coin Fair (Jan. and July)
    PHILATEX London (Feb. and Oct.)
    The Strand Stamp Fair (montly at The Royal National Hotel) and more...

    In the past..:

  12. Great Britain Victorian Stamps, Ross A Taylor, @
    "For personal, non-commercial, charitable and educational use only. You can use any of my scans for your cyber collection, for personal use only, and you can put them on the web for educational use, not for profit. ..."

    www.imagesoftheworld.org/stamps/stamps.htm '404' c.201503

  13. RONOLD MACHIN, sculptor - died aged 87 - obit. by Dr. Chris Ryall Birkenhead
    Designed the portrait of the Queen which has appeared on postage stamps since 1967
    http://www.cavendish.demon.co.uk/memories/arnold.machin.htm '404' c.2009
  14. visualfdc.com - Images of GB FDC's ; new 5/2002
    http://www.visualfdc.com/ '404' c.2009

    See Also:

    UK Clubs
    Related UK Clubs

United Nations (UN)
  1. Steve Schwartz's Collector Magic, Inc.
    About Steve Schwartz:

    My father visited the United Nations building in New York in 1964 when I was 11 years old. While there, he purchased a few United Nations stamps for me. When he returned, I started collecting these stamps and he would teach me the stories behind each one. A few nights per week we would "play stamps" for about 30 minutes. When I wanted to buy more stamps for my collection, Dad would match the amount of money I was willing to spend from my allowance.

    The stamp making the biggest impression on me was the first 50 cent definitive issue. It had a picture of the UN building with the UN logo in the background. This began my education about the United Nations and what it stood for. Dad and I read the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and also learned about the many UN affiliated organizations. I've placed links to these documents and organizations on the lower-left side of these pages.

    I understood that the United Nations stamps told the stories about how the UN works to bring about better lives, larger freedoms and greater happiness for people everywhere.

    I understood that the United Nations was intended as a forum to bring nations together to work out their common problems in a peaceful way and save future generations from the sorrows of war.

  2. THE POSTAL HISTORY OF ICAO - ICAO and the United Nations

    Mali – 10 November 1975
    30th Anniversary of UN Charter
    UN emblem and names of the Specialized Agencies (including OACI, Organisation de l’aviation civile internationale, in the right branch of the letter N) forming the acronym ONU (Organisation des Nations Unies)

    At the Chicago Conference, the drafters of the Convention on International Civil Aviation had anticipated the emergence of a United Nations type of post-war organization and had written into the Convention a provision covering the possibility of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) becoming a constituent of such organization. Article 64 of the Chicago Convention signed on 7 December 1944 reads as follows: “The Organization may, with respect to air matters within its competence directly affecting world security, by vote of the Assembly, enter into appropriate arrangements with any general organization set up by the nations of the world to preserve peace.”

    At the first ICAO Assembly held in May 1947, a resolution was adopted that enabled the President of the Council to sign a protocol for the bringing into force of an agreement concerning such a relationship between the United Nations (UN) and ICAO. President Warner signed the protocol on 3 October 1947. ICAO became a Specialized Agency in relationship with the UN, and thereby joined the UN family. By this agreement, each organization undertakes to fulfil certain requirements whereby the other may participate in its work in the measure required for fulfilment of certain articles of the Chicago Convention and the Charter of the UN.

    While ICAO remained an independent and autonomous agency, its acquisition of constituency status in the United Nations Organization was a major step, which greatly benefited many of its Contracting States in the years that followed, mainly through the United Nations Programme of Technical Assistance.

    The UN family of organizations, i.e. the United Nations system, is made up of the UN Secretariat, the UN Programmes and Funds (such as UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP, or UNDP) and the Specialized Agencies (such as ILO, UNESCO, WHO, WMO, FAO, IMO, ITU, UPU or ICAO).

    . . . .

  3. Yearbook of the United Nations. 45.1991(1992) (an eBook on Google)
    "In 1992, gross revenue of the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) from the sale of philatelic items at United Nations Headquarters and at overseas offices totaled more than $12.5 million . . ."

United States of America

    Paper Chase - The Amentities of Stamp Collecting
    Alvin F. Harlow, 1940
    "Hemingway, the paper man, was not a philatelist, and might have missed finding the stamps had he not noticed, as the paper was dumped out, some eighteenth-century letters which excited his curiosity. He began looking further, and found autograph letters of Robert Morris, Anthony Wayne, Benedict Arnold and other notables, account books of Chaloner and White, who were provisioners to the Continental Army, and he also found stamps such as he had never seen or heard of before. To shorten the story, there were not only many stampless covers and early United States stamps, but there were twenty of the twenty-cent St. Louis, seventy-nine of the ten-cent and six of the fivecent; there were a ten and a twenty together on one cover; a pair of the twenty, seven pairs of the ten, and three strips of three of the ten.

    You can buy Paper Chase, Alvin Harlow @ Amazon.com
    Another excerpt.

  1. Wikipedia's Postage stamps and postal history of the United States (c.2009)
  2. Wikipedia's Z Grill (at $900K, it merits notice)
  3. Mike Girard's "Analysis of Suspect Fake or Altered Stamps.", [email protected] (responds c.2015)
  4. The San Francisco Cogwheel Fancy Cancels, Rick Mingee
  5. The U.S. One Cent Stamp of 1851 & 1857, USPCS
    "The postal rate act of March 3, 1851, established the following rates for domestic mail in the United States, effective July 1, 1851 .." They keep changing things till you can't find 'em.
  6. The 1¢ Franklin Plating Archive (1851-1857), Richard Doporto, Sonic Imagery Labs (cf.)
    "Be forewarned my casual web surfing philatelist. The 1¢ Franklin is a physically small stamp. The design measuring 1.00 inches (25.4 mm) tall by 0.72 inches (18.5 mm) wide. The images on this website are, in contrast to the real size, quite massively large. The details that need to be seen to correctly plate a 1¢ Franklin are incredibly small and many times very faint. So to enable to reader to actually see the plating mark, the image of the stamp has to be enlarged to a monstrous scale."

    Richard notes:
    Can't Do It Alone
    "I am hoping that others will contribute, loan their collections for photographing and join the quest to archive the 2400 other positions that are currently not in the archive yet. It took Ashbrook and Neinken 40 years to do what they did. But that is because they didn't have the internet and had no reference to start with. We live in a global community now connected instantly by a click of a button. Be sure to read about the people who have contributed so far to the archive on the "Acknowledgments and Contributors" page."

  7. Stamps With Hidden Images - Information on US stamps that have scramble indicia.

    At the link it notes, "During the years 1997 to 2004 the United States Post Office produced nearly 1.75 billion postage stamps that contain a "hidden image". These covert designs are only visible when viewed through a special device called the "Stamp Decoder."

    "The Postal Service's STAMP DECODER is a decoder lens manufactured especially for reading hidden images and symbols on selected stamp issues. The decoder lens is a precision optical device manufactured with the same acrylics used for prescription eyeglass lenses. Each decoder is comprised of nearly a thousand tiny elongated lenses called lenticules."

    "Scrambled Indicia® is Graphic Security Systems Corporation's patented pre-press process that scrambles, distorts, intertwines, overlaps or otherwise manipulates images making encoded information on them unreadable by the naked eye, and non-copyable by current color copiers and digital scanners. When printed, the images are decoded through a simple decoder lens allowing the viewer to see the encoded images."

    Listing of U.S. Stamps With Hidden Images (Sorted by Scott #)
    Scott# - Date - Face Value - Stamp Name - Hidden Image
    3036 1998 $1.00 Red Fox, Hidden image: Fox
    3167 1997 32¢ Air Force Thunderbirds, Hidden Image: “USAF", Star in circle, View at 15 degrees
    3168 1997 32¢ Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera, Hidden Image: 2 Opera masks
    3169 1997 32¢ Bella Lugosi as Dracula, Hidden Image: 3 Bats
    3170 1997 32¢ Boris Karloff as Frankenstein, Hidden Image: 3 Lightning bolts
    3171 1997 32¢ Boris Karloff as the Mummy, Hidden Image: 2 Egyptian deities
    3172 1997 32¢ Lon Chaney, Jr. as the Wolfman, Hidden Image: 2 Howling wolves
    3178 1997 $3.00 Mars Pathfinder, Hidden Image: “•MARS PATHFINDER•JULY 4,1997", "•USPS" (repeating)
    3206 1998 32¢ Wisconsin, Hidden Image: Badger
    3230 1998 32¢ Bright Eyes Dog, Hidden Image: Dog bone and dog house
    3231 1998 32¢ Bright Eyes Fish, Hidden Image: 8 Bubbles
    3232 1998 32¢ Bright Eyes Cat, Hidden Image: Paw print and mouse
    3233 1998 32¢ Bright Eyes Parakeet, Hidden Image: Bird cage
    3234 1998 32¢ Bright Eyes Hamster, Hidden Image: Exercise wheel
    3238 1998 32¢ Space City, Hidden Image: Large & small spacecraft, figure
    3239 1998 32¢ Spaceship landing, Hidden Image: Small spacecraft
    3240 1998 32¢ Person in space suit, Hidden Image: Small spacecraft
    3241 1998 32¢ Space ship taking off, Hidden Image: Small spacecraft
    3242 1998 32¢ Large domed structure, Hidden Image: Large & small spacecraft
    3262 1998 $11.75 Shuttle Piggyback, Hidden Image: "ENTERPRISE/COLUMBIA/CHALLENGER/ATLANTIS/ENDEAVOR/DISCOVERY"
    3321 1999 33¢ Skateboarding, Hidden Image: “GNARLY”
    3322 1999 33¢ BMX biking, Hidden Image: “RAD”
    3323 1999 33¢ Snowboarding, Hidden Image: “SWEET”
    3324 1999 33¢ Inline skating, Hidden Image: “PHAT”
    3472 2001 $3.50 US Capitol, Hidden Image: “PRIORITY MAIL”
    3473 2001 $12.25 Washington Monument, Hidden Image: “EXPRESS MAIL"
    3647 2002 $3.85 Jefferson Memorial, Hidden Image: Jefferson’s Signature
    3648 2002 $13.65 U.S. Capitol Dome, Hidden Image: U.S. Flag
    3651 2002 37¢ Harry Houdini, Hidden Image: 4 Chains wrapped around Houdini's body
    3771 2003 80¢ Special Olympics Special Olympics logo, View at 90 degrees
    3787 2003 37¢ Old Cape Henry, VA, Hidden Image: Date: 1792
    3788 2003 37¢ Cape Lookout, NC, Hidden Image: Date: 1859
    3789 2003 37¢ Morris Island, SC, Hidden Image: Date: 1876
    3790 2003 37¢ Tybee Island, GA, Hidden Image: Date: 1867
    3791 2003 37¢ Hillsboro Inlet, FL, Hidden Image: Date: 1907
    3808 2003 37¢ Bronko Nagurski, Hidden Image: Football Player
    3809 2003 37¢ Ernie Nevers, Hidden Image: Football Player
    3810 2003 37¢ Walter Camp, Hidden Image: Football Player
    3811 2003 37¢ Harold "Red" Grange, Hidden Image: Football Player
    3838 2004 37¢ U.S. Air Force Academy, Hidden Image: Peregrine falcon, View at 90 degrees
    3862 2004 37¢ National WWII Memorial, Hidden Image: U.S. Flag

  8. The 1 Cent Franklin (Series of 1902), Stefanie Steidley (cite: Smithsonian Institution)

  9. Plating 3˘ 1851-57 Stamps, by Dr. Charles J. Di Como (who also notes: "The pioneering work of Dr. Carroll Chase has probably made the 3˘ 1851 stamp the most studied stamp of all time. The specialization of 'plating' originated with this stamp.")
    See also: Identifying the 3˘ Issue & more, by Caj Brejtfus
    Richard Doporto (above) provides:

    "The following message is an excerpt from Dr. Carroll Chase' book, THE 3˘ STAMP OF THE UNITED STATES 1851-1857 ISSUE. Though he primarily studied the 3˘ issue, his message applies to all students who plate the early classics. Dr. Chase, whom is considered the originator of the art and science of plating says:

    “One of the principal reasons for writing this book is to put down such knowledge as I have in black and white. After I die, some one or perhaps more than one is going to continue this work. It would be a shame for the long hours I have put into this study to go to waste. The next man should not start from scratch. The person who takes over should have several qualifications: good eyesight, patience to burn, the love of the stamp and plating ability which may have to be slowly acquired. He must not be a person who jumps to conclusions. Besides it would be preferable that he be young enough so that he can look forward to years of work on the subject. There is no reason why several should not work on the subject at the same time. This is the reason why I have tried to make available what I have done. So here is wishing my successor(s) lots of luck and lots of pleasure”

  10. Postal History of the First Transcontinental Railroad, by Bruce C. Cooper
    "Perhaps one of the most important benefits to the public at large of the opening the Pacific Railroad in 1869 was the greatly increased speed and reliability – and vastly decreased cost in direct Government subsidies – of the transport of transcontinental mail. . ."
    (via "Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum")
  11. Essays and Proofs, Linn's Stamp News
  12. U.S. City and County Revenue Catalog - Kent Gray, .us
  13. The Weir & Larminie Encased Postage Stamps [EN, FR]
    - Š Dominic Labbé and ANFC 1995
    http://www.cam.org/~anfc/weir_e.htm '404' c.2009)
    - Used in the American Civil War as coinage!
    ANFC: 'Association des Numismates Francophones du Canada'
    "Montreal exchange brokers of the day included a firm known as Weir & Larminie. Now Larminie happened to be in New York City at the time encased postage stamps first made their brief appearance as wartime exchange media. On an impulse, he ordered some bearing his concern's name on the back; upon arrival at their business destination in Canada, these promptly entered a display window, there to accompany sample greenbacks and other miscellanea.
    "I well remember the day of their advent in that place, and immediately purchasing one as a curiosity. Throwing the acquisition into a box, I completely forgot about its existence and certainly never considered Weir & Larminie's encased U.S. stamp to be a coin. When it later commenced selling at prices above two dollars, however, this jogged my memory and out the specimen came from its previous, less dignified hiding-place to repose among rarities. (cite: The Numismatic Bibliomania Society)
  14. Civil War Sun Picture Tax - Bruce Baryla
  15. Confederate Stamp Alliance Authentication Service, .us-DE
  16. Confederate Stamps and Postal History - John L. Kimbrough MD, .us-TX 76126 (cc)
    http://members.aol.com/jlkcsa/index.htm '404' c.2009
  17. Counterfeits and Fakes of Confederate Stamps - Kevin Baker, .US
    old: http://members.home.com/kr.baker/csa/fakes ('404' c.2009)

  18. United States Two-Cent Revenue Stamped Paper - The Civil War Designs
    , Bob Hohertz, USA
    "Revenue stamped paper bears the same relationship to revenue stamps as postal cards do to postage stamps. The United States Congress first authorized stamped paper in the Revenue Act of 1862 that called into being many stamp taxes, all of which are now gone, and the Office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, which is still with us. "

  19. Washington-Franklin Worksheet - Bob Allen, 1847usa.com
    and a lot more!
  20. US Plate Coils - Ed Denson
  21. African-American Philatelic Experience - Sanford L. Byrd (deceased), .US
    http://www.slsabyrd.com/ '404' c.2008 (but preserved above)
  22. Fakes and Forgeries Purchased on eBay, by Richard Doporto (cf.)
    Who sells a "U.S. Specialized Multi-Gauge" & has a 'Philatelic Forensic Division'
    The Multi-Gauge : Stanley M. Piller and Associates is said to have partnered with Sonic Imagery Labs to produce it.
    Sonic Imagery Labs
    c/o Richard Doporto
    PO Box 20494, Castro Valley, CA 94546, USA
    Guage available on eBay (c.201503)
    With articles like:
    Detecting a Flat Plate Press Vertical Coil, Fake Scott 441
    Another Bogus Scott 519 - New November 2002
    The Fake Scott 346 Private Perf - New October 2002
    The Most Impressive Fake Scott 62B
    The Secret Life of an Altered Scott 72
    The Secret Life of a Chemically Altered Scott 78
    The Secret Life of an Altered RW5 Duck Stamp
    A Fake Scott #320 with Schermack Type III Perforations
    Fake Scott #743a
    Detecting a Flat Plate Press Vertical Coil, Fake Scott 441
    Fake Reperfed 514a
    Fake Reperfed 508c
    Fake Reperfed 546
    Fake Scott 143 w / Bogus Grill
    Fake Scott 137 w / Same Bogus Grill as Fake 143
    Fake Scott 139 w / Same Bogus Grill as Fake 137 and 143
    Fake Scott 315 - Revised June 2002
    Fake Reperfed Scott 519 - Revised June 2002
    A Gallery of Bogus Stuff Part 1
    A Gallery of Bogus Stuff Part 2
    A Gallery of Bogus Stuff Part 3
    A Gallery of Bogus Stuff Part 4
    A Gallery of Bogus Stuff Part 5
    Credits, Inspiration and Links of Interest
    Bibliography of Research Material I Use for this Site
    Download the Schermack Type III Go-NoGo Gauge
    See Also: The 1¢ Franklin Plating Archive (above)

  23. First German Settlers Land in America 1683-1983 - Davitt Publications
    xRef.: This Index - Entry : Germany : See Also
  24. DMS Stamps (sales) .us
    Features data on the U.S. 'RARE Riverboats Special Die Cut Pane'
    (Scott 3095b) - a 'deliberate' varitey.
  25. The U.S. Postal Rate Commission .gov

  26. Introduction to Postal History, RI Historical Society
    Cite: Clubs : USA: RI : See Also:
    xRef.: Titles : Intro..

  27. The Wisconsin Postal History Project
  28. Maine Postal History (county by county) - a service of V. F. Thomas Co.
  29. US Postal History Blog (Sponsored by eStamps.Net) - Don Schonberg
    WhoIS : Registrant: Don Schonberg ; no other data except: "Don Schonberg" owns about 21 other domains.
    His eBay Store: Member since: Sep-07-00
    Realy a commercial site but a lot of blogging (info) c.2012
    "I created this blog as a resource for collectors of postal history covers. I hope in some small way you will find this blog of value. I have posted a number of articles that I thought would be of interest to you while at the same time posted guides to aid in your collecting efforts."

    "Recent Posts": (c.201203)

    A Century of Receiving the Mail – The US Mailbox
    Owney the famous postal dog met his tragic demise in Toledo
    New Postal Rates April 17, 2011
    2000 Post Offices to Close – Last Day of Service Covers
    January 2011 Stamp Shows
    Soldier’s Christmas
    National Stamp Collecting Month (NSCM)
    Free Stampless Covers Delivery

    "Recent Comments": (c.2012)

    Raymond Browning on 2000 Post Offices to Close – Last Day of Service Covers
    Jessie on Railway Postal Mail Service
    geoff on Stampless Covers and Postal Markings
    Andy Bushnell on Stampless Covers and Postal Markings
    Richard E Small on U.S. Naval Cover Cancellations

    See Also:

    ROOTS-L (non philatelic) - Primarily, "a mailing list for people who are interested in any or all aspects of genealogy, anywhere in the world." (With a great set of links covering each US state! Over 20 years in the making.. - aj - c.2008)

    Inverted Jenny (.com) (a history by Siegel Auction Galleries)


    U.S. Territories and Possessions:

  30. Postal History of the Canal Zone - CZBrats
    Cite: Entities : USA

  31. Post Office in Paradise (a "non-commercial site"), Fred Gregory
    "..dedicated to the study and sharing of information about the stamps and postal history of Hawaii in the years before it became a territory of the United States on June 14, 1900."


  32. Dave's Hints for Evaluating US Stamps (www-personal.ksu.edu/~dxw) - Dave Warren [email protected]

  33. Books:
  34. Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps, 1639-1952 American Colonies, 1606-1783 v.5 {PB} P Lowe ~ Ł2.50
    From Amazon.es
  35. George Washington, 1732-1932. Translated by J. H. Brinkman. {Hardcover}
    Editor: The Hague: Philatelie and History (in English)
    See Also:
    >United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing (online shop)
    Cite: US Philately Page
    > United States Mint - Robert Campbell, .us-
    > Mesoamerican Archeology Study Unit (non-philatelic)
    Cite: Topicals : History
    > Postal Service Workers - US Dept. of Labor (non-philatelic)
    Job Description or "Nature of the Work" etc.
    >USPS Stamp Fulfillment Services
    PO Box 7247, Philadelphia, PA 19101-9014
    Tel.: 1-800-782-6724 (1-800-STAMP-24)
    especially re: item number 890500 : their US catalog. (about $20)
    Additional philatelic resources:
    >Clubs & Societies : US Regional Clubs
    >Philately : United States
    Dealers or collectors of unknown State or address:
    Note: Does not appear in the USA Dealers Directory
    though they are listed in the general dealers index  

    > CAJ's Stamps ('404' c.2010) - @ - Caj Brejtfus (cf.)
    (collects & sells US Classics; #11 .., post cards, machine cancels) .us-
    See Also: Identifying the 3˘ Issue & more, by Caj Brejtfus ('404' c.2010)
    General Reference:
  36. POTUS, the Internet Public Library
    Histories of U.S. Presidents
    In the Past:
  37. Canal Zone Study Group
  38. http://www.stampshows.com/czsg.html '404' c.2008
    Cite: Entities : USA (q.v.)
  39. Phillips Stamp Site for the collectors of US and Pitcairn Island Stamps (incl. sales) David Phillips, @
    http://www.stamp-site.com/ '404' c.2009
    Incl. US Stamp Identifiers:
    http://www.stamp-site.com/US/index.htm '404' c.2009
    19th Century Postage Stamps; incl. quantities issued, where known.
    20th Century Postage Stamps
    Postage Due Stamps
    Fake or Altered Stamps
    Washington-Franklin head identification
    APS 180929, BIA/USSS 14079
  40. Glossary of US Essays, Proofs, and Trial Color Proofs
    Author: Peter Schwartz
    Source: The Museum of United States Essays & Proofs
    http://www.essayproof.net/epco/glossary/glos.html '404' c.200909
  41. United States Three Cent Postage Stamp Issue of 1851 - 1857 - David Aeschliman
    http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/8349/ '404' c.2009
  42. Just-A-Bubba's Stamps (aka 'Philatelic Bubba') @ (US and Mexico classics [esp. US #11's]) - .US-CA
    http://members.aol.com/JstABubba/ '404' c.2009
    Cf.: CAJ's Stamps  
  43. 1st Day Covers.Net - Capitol Marketing, (Limited Edition US FDC's) .us- (10/2001)
    http://www.firstdaycovers.net , [email protected] '404' c.2009
  44. US International Postal Rates 1872-1996 - Anthony Wawrukiewicz (good), .US
    http://home.teleport.com/~tonyw/index.html '404' c.2009
  45. Texas on Stamps - Jon L Allen, .us-TX
    now technically '404'; i.e. article not found there. - inquire!
  46. Ulysses S. Grant - /mkelsey/
    http://saints.css.edu/mkelsey/grantsta.html '404'
  47. U.S. #1058b - Dr. Michael L. Derewitz (The Liberty Series Wet Print Key Item) .US
    http://www.home.earthlink.net/~mderewitz '404' c.2009
  48. Jim's Stamp Collection and Info. (US perfins & precancels)
    a basic primer
    members.xoom.com/jtstamps/ - '404' 9/2001

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