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  1. Thailand Stamps - Chutchai Suebklang
  2. Thailand Stamps
  3. Thai Postage Stamps
  4. Stamp Thai - Damrongchai Kittiprapas, .th
  5. Thai Postage Stamps Catalogue - Thailand.

  1. Tibet - Rainer Fuchs
    Trinidad & Tobago

  1. Trinidad & Tobago Philatelic Page (sales & Info) Edward Barrow, .us
    The Trinidad and Tobago Philatelic Page - Edward Barrow; diff URL

  1. Tunisia History Through Stamps - Meinhard Aits - .tn
  2. Tunisian Stamps - Braham Sami - Tunisia
  3. SPLM Society for Tunisian and Moroccan Philately - HAIK Jean, .fr
  4. Stamps of Tunisia - Mohamed A. Inoubli, .no

  1. Turkey - Robert Desert, .fr
  2. Turkey - M. Gultekin Ozaltinordu
    members.xoom.com/ozaltino1/stamp.htm - '404'; 9/1
    cf: Turkish Stamp Catalog online by M. Gultekin Ozaltinordu, .tr
  3. Turkey - Ari Philatelics - Febsi Arcioglu
  4. Turkey - Royal Stamps, .tr
  5. Turkey & Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, .tr
  6. Turkish Stamp Collecting Page - Aytekin Tank, .tr
  7. Tughra Net - Chuck Maki, .us
    Ottoman Empire et al
  8. Tughra Society, The
  9. www.tughranet ...
  10. Lexikon der türkischen Philatelie
    (German dictionary of Turkish Philately)
    Author: Dr. Andreas Birken, Chairman & Journal Pub.:
    Osmani realm/Turkey (AROS) study group (BDPh)
    Cite: Dealers : .tr
    Tuva / Touva / Tannau Tuva

    "Tannu Tuva was an autonomous region in central Asia between Russia and Mongolia, which in 1921, under Russian instigation, became the Tuvan People's Republic. A treaty between the Soviet Union and the Mongolian People's Republic in 1926 affirmed the country’s independence, although no other countries formally recognized it. In 1944, it was annexed to the Soviet Union as part of the Tuvan Autonomous Oblast and in 1961 became the Tuva Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Its successor since 1992, the Tuvan Republic, is a member of the Russian Federation." - Wikipedia

  1. Tuva 1927-1936 - Sperka International, Bruce Sperka, .us
  2. Stamps from Tannu Tuva - .us (rutgers.edu/~deis)
  3. Tuva resources; stamps, catalog, links
    on the Anders Backman Stamps Websites - (Silver Dalen Stamps), .se
  4. Tannu Tuva Collectors Society, FL 33460, USA
  5. The Tuva Trader (J. Eric Slone), .us-WA

    See Also: Clubs : Topical : (about) Tannau Tuva

  1. Tuvalu Online - Brian Cannon, .cz
    members.xoom.com/tuvaluonline ; '404' 9/1

    See Also: Clubs : Topical : (about) Tuvalu

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