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    Saint-Piere & Miquelon

  1. Saint-Piere & Miquelon - David Allen, .ca
  2. Encyclopedia of Saint-Pierre & Miquelon - David Allen, .ca ; diff. URL  
  3. St. Pierre and Miquelon - Canada Philetilic Library, Jim Taylor, .ca-AB
    incl.: St. Pierre & Miquelon Specialized Stamp Catalog
    Samoa (Western)
    ( cf US Possessions ... )

  1. Fellowship of Samoa Specialists - Janet Klug, .us
    Saudi Arabia

  1. Stamps From Aramco And Its World on Tughra Net http://maki.simplenet.com/cgm/tnet/tn2000.htm
    "... in the 1930's the California Arabian Standard Oil Company (later to be renamed Aramco) came ashore at Jubail ..." but sent it's mail via Bahrain unitl 1941.
    Sierra Leone

  1. The Sierra Leone Stamp Collector: Paul Vreugdenhil, .us
    'The Internet Magazine for Collectors of Sierra Leone Stamps'
    Editors (E-mail): Don Carter, Paul Vreugdenhil
    Site features back issues (6/yr) 1996-2000 (a/o 9/2002)
    "We try to provide helpful advice to any person who requests help concerning Sierra Leone philatelic matters."
    & Sierra Leone Stamp Collector, Sierra Leone site (same?) ; 'no response' 9/2002

  1. Singapore Stamps Catalogue/Index - Tang Boon Swa
  2. Singapore Philatelic Museum - SPM, .sg
  3. Singapore Postcards - Frederick Ong, .sg
  4. Singapore Stamp Page - Tang Boon Swa, .sg
    Slovakia - Slovak Republic
    ( cf Czeck Republic)

  1. Postage Stamps of the Slovak Republic - znamky, .sk
  2. Czech and Slovak Stamp Artists (English) (in German) - Gerhard Batz, .de
    Solomon Islands

  1. British Solomon Islands - Tulagi.com, Charles Miller, .us
  2. Solomon Islands Stamps ; one good imgage at Volcano World
    "The Web's Premier Source of Volcano Info"
    South Africa

  1. South African Stamp Colour Catalogue
    International Philatelic Service
    P O Box 567, Johannesburg 2000, South Africa
    Soviet Union
    ( cf USSR )

  1. Former Soviet Union: New Issues From Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbayjan, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Kirgizia, Kazakhstan, Russia ; including Local Issues - Dmirtry Narishkin, .ru
  2. Norvic: Resource for Philately of the Former Soviet Union and GB - Ian Billings, .uk

  1. Spain - ATM Stamps - Josep Jové i Jové
  2. Spain - ATM Stamps - Leon Swinnen
  3. Classic Spain 1850-65
  4. The Album Torres (Spanish History) [SP] - François Camus, @, .es
  5. Culture of Spain in Stamps - Ediciones Filatélicas Torres, [SP] .es
    'coleccionando los sellos de Espana'
  6. Postal History of the City of Ceuta - Eduardo Martin, .es
  7. Spain and Andorra - 1997 Issues - F. Valenci, .es
  8. Mexico and Spain; Stamps - Moises Rebollar, .mx
    Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

  1. Sri Lankan Stamps - Thushara Wickramasinghe, .lk?
  2. Sri Lanka Stamp Web - Rifki Sameem, .lk
  3. Ceylon - Sri Lankan Stamps - Kavan Ratnatunga, .us

  1. Swedish Stampbooklets - Christoffer Trygg, .se
  2. Swedish Stamps - Evert Johansson, .se
  3. Svenska Frimärken / Swedish Stamps - Erik Nordblad, .se
  4. Swedish Collections - Ed Denson, .us
  5. Swedish-English Dictionary
  6. Swedish Stamp and Postcard Magazine - Bo Bergforsen, .se

  1. Postage Stamps & Philately in Switzerland - , .ch
  2. Timbres Suisses de Collection: History of Swiss Stamps - Gillard Didier, .ch
  3. Resources for Swiss Philatelists - R. Eggen, ch
  4. Swiss Stamps - at postage.dk
  5. SBZ - Swiss Philatelic Newspaper - Markus Seitz, .ch
  6. SBZ Catalogue de Timbres Suisse - Switzerland.
    aka?: Schweizer Briefmarken Katalog - Switzerland.
  7. Zumstein, .ch #
    - the cataloge for Switzerland & Europe.

  1. Sarajevo Postcard - Tan Wee Cheng, .sg ; '404' ????
    http://www.singnet.com.sg/~tanwc2/stamps/sarajevo.htm ('404' c.2009)

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