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  1. Palau's John Lennon Commemorative Stamp
    - Commeration Ceremony side note
    "..Soon after, Lonnie Ostrow, the representative from IGPC, took the podium. He recounted a moving tale from his fourth grade class. John Lennon had just been shot the day before and the teacher played Lennon's music and told her students about him. She then asked if there were any questions and after a couple questions by other students, Lonnie burst out, "Why the hell would anyone want to kill John Lennon?!" The teacher, who couldn't answer the question, began to cry. I bet that teacher is still trying to come up with the answer.

    Conclusion, " Does anyone know where Palau is?
    (nice looking stamp though)", Sam Choukri, c.1995

  2. The Stamps of Palau - John London, .us
    now an ad for tiles.. c.2001?
    http://solo.abac.com/streamrdr '404' c.2008
    "...a small country having so large a history..."
    Mark Twain, The Innocent Abroad, 1869 *

  1. Palestine Stamps Gallery - * Tan Wee Cheng, @post1, .sg
    From: "Wee Cheng's Amazing Travel Tales & Photos"
    aka: Nomadic Tales from Tan Wee Cheng
    - 148 Countries/ Political Entities since 1993
    old: weecheng.simplenet.com/mideast/israel/gallery-palestinestamps.htm
  2. A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine
    Collectors' Societies and Other Organisations
    "This is a concise list of collectors' societies, study groups, journals, and websites, covering broadly the field of collecting stamps and studying postal history of the Holy Land and Palestine. "
  3. Wikipedia's Postage stamps and postal history of the Palestinian National Authority
  4. Wikipedia's Postage stamps and postal history of Palestine

    See Also: Israel


  1. Panama - Patrick Lamastus
    P.O. Box 678498 . Orlando, FL 32867-8498
    http://www.geocities.com/Paris/3248/ 'forwards' c.2008
  2. Postal History of Canal Zone Panama Canal Review -- May 1964 (CZBrats - Panama Canal)
  3. Cited in Authors & Articles
    PNG - Papua and New Guinea

  1. Postal History of British New Guinea and Papua - John Redgrave, .au
    British New Guinea and Papua - John Redgrave, .au
    members.ozemail.com.au/~redgrave/stamp.html '404' c.2008

  1. Joe Hahn's Paraguay Handbook

  1. Peruvian Locals - Rainer Fuchs

  1. ABdA's Philippine Stamps - Arturo B. del Ayre, @ - very active c.2008
    ( pseudonym or 'nom-de-plume': REY ADEL)
    Cite includes Glossary, Discussion Forum, Articles...
    Philippines - ABdA (Alt. URL; good c.2008)
    b. Legazpi City, Philippines
    www.geocities.com/~abda/ - ABdA '404' c.2008
  2. philippinephilatelists - a YaHOo! group (c.2009)

  3. The Philippine Philatelist, Nigel Gooding, @nigelgooding
    The Philippine Philatelist -
    Including: Queen Isabella II Collection - 1854-1864 Issues and Forgeries
    And other Collections
    "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE COMES CLOSE!" - Abraham Luspo Jr., .ph (c.2009)
    Another Nigel Gooding, @Hotmail, site: NigelGooding (Book sales page)
    Philippines Stamps - Spanish-Philippines, Nigel Gooding
    www.users.bigpond.com/ngooding/ '404' c.2008
  4. The Philippine Philately: Philatelic Terminology, Danilo L. Signo, @Hotmail, .ph
    he's a member of 'Apo Philatelic Society'.
    (his other site: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/1467/stamps.htm is '404' c.2009)
  5. Treskeidecamania (c.2008)
    Anthony's .."Life Beyond Numbers: An Accountant's quest
    for the Unusual Find on Philippine Philately and Numismatic(s).."
    Location: Bacoor, Cavite, PH

    See Also:
    The Philippines and some of its 7,000 islands
    Part in Italian and 1/3 in English : Search: ' History: ' - 1895 Revolution stamps of the Philaippines
    Pitcairn Island

  1. Pitcairn Exhibit - Jerry Jensen (GPS), Solutions Plus, .us-MN
    Ref. Authors/Articles; incl. .pn, .de
  2. Phillips Stamp Site (US and Pitcairn Island Stamps, @AOL c.2001
    www.stamp-site.com/ ; click-thur directory c.2008

  1. The Postal History of Przedbórz
    , Sam Ginsburg, Berkeley, CA, USA (samgins   at   yahoo   dot   com)
  2. Polish Stamps with Related Areas - Andre Mongeon, @, .ca
  3. Polish Stamps - Jan Prygoda, .us
  4. Go Poland! - A Short History of Poland Through Stamps
  5. Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland, Ben Nieborg @YaHOo!, The Netherlands
    An online catalogue for the stamps of Poland and related areas.
    old: http://members.home.nl/bnieborg/ ; forwards c.2008

    ->See Also: Dealers:
  6. Polish Stamps - Profilex - Dr. Janusz Konopka (sales, Agent) .pl
    Box 18, Tuszyn 97-315, Poland
    www.ld.onet.pl/filatelistyka/ '404' c.2008
  7. "Pro-Fil" - Jerzy KRUPSKI, [email protected], .pl
    os. Centrum B7, 31-927 Kraków, Poland
    Tel.: +48 12 643-01-72, Fax: +48 12 643-01-72

  1. Interios Postais de Portugal (@)
    "Web site de Hernâni Matos (@),
    Delegado e Jurado FIP de Inteiros Postais da FPF."
  2. Illustrious Portuguese Navigators - Pedro H. Duarte, @geo
  3. Filatelia em Portugal - Carlos José Gomes Pimenta, @fep, .pt
    A General Resource.

    In the past . . .

  4. Stamps of Portugal - Nuno Maia Goncalves, .pt
    http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/Mall/5443 '404' c.2009
  5. Portuguese India Stamps - Benegal (Benny) Pereira, .us
    www.empire.net/~cammot/pereira/acollect.htm '404' c.2008

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