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  1. Macau's Topical Stamps - G. Augusto
  2. Stamps of Macau - Hong Kong Philatelic Homepage Association

  1. Stamps of the Republic of Macedonia - Dimitri Laskoski, .nk
  2. Macedonia Philately FAQ - FAQ Development Team, .mk

  1. North Borneo - The Dana A. Krueger Collection. (c.2009)
  2. Malaysia - Fatin Azhar
  3. Malaysian Stamps A listing of stamps issued by Malaysia Post (Lee Chia Mei, .my
  4. Malaysian Stamps & Postal History - Syburi Maxwell
  5. Malaysia; Dealer/Kiloware page - K.C. Tee, .us
  6. Malaysia and Singapore Stamps (Kok Heng Lee, my
  7. Malaysian Stamp Park (Ahmad Faisal Alias. my

  1. Malta - As Seen Through Postage Stamps - Albert Farrugia, .au
  2. Valletta European City of Culture 1998 : Malta Sourvenier Sheet - Elaine Cachia and Mark Fiorentino, .mt
  3. Malta FDCs Online (Mark Fiorentino, .mt
  4. Maltese Philately - John D. Dingli, .mt
Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI)

  1. Stamps and Postal History of the German Marshall Islands - Dirk H.R. Spennemann (.au)
    cited in 'Authors' and 'Articles' & 'Pacific Islands' here

    Captured from France in 1810, independent within the Commonwealth (as a republic since 1992), was in 1847 the first British colony and the fifth country in the world to issue postage stamps. Mauritius was also the first colony to order stamps via the Crown Agents (1848), the world's first surcharges were prepared in 1854, though not issued until 1858. The definitive issues from 1860 onwards, notably the Queen's head and Arms types, are full of interest for the philatelist and postal historian alike. Also of great interest is the pre-adhesive postal history, of both French (before 1810) and British (after 1810) periods.
  1. by: Mauritius Resources - Stamp Domain
    Featured Links:
    MAURITIUS " Post Paid " Issue
    Joseph Osmond Barnard
    Mauritius Postal Services
    Mauritius Philatelic Bureau
    General Post Office
    Quay Street, Port Louis, Mauritius
    Tel (+230) 208 2851, Fax (+230) 212 9640
    Stamps of Mauritius - Ministry of Telecommunications & Information Technology
    , by Dave Tarry (a Stamp Domain pg)
    other Books:
    Maritime Mails 1815-1868, by J. W. B. Ruffle, 1987-1988, 100 pages
    Accountancy & To Pay Marks 1860-1876, by J. W. B. Ruffle, 1985, 38pp, Indian Ocean Study Circle
    Picture Postcards 1901-1955, by A. de Kervern, Indian Ocean Study Circle 1991, 72pp
    The Provisional Stamp Issues, by Baker
    The Coat of Arms Issues, by Baker
    The B53 Obliterators of Mauritius, by Baker
    POST OFFICE MAURITIUS - 1847 The Tale of Two Stamps, by Michael Harrison, 1947, 52 pages
    This little publication which was printed on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the famous "Blue and Red MAURITIUS" and tells the story of the few surviving stamps of this issue known. It contains a little sheet with two reprints of the famous stamps.
    Mauritius Postal Museum, Place Du Quai, Port Louis
  2. Mauritius - Catherine Woo

  1. Philately in Mayotte (J-F Horq)
  2. Stamps of Comoros Islands including Mayotte
    Official site for SNPT Comores - MWEZINET, Olivier Bergissi & Eric Milan, .fr
  3. The Comores Archipelago - StampDomain Resources
    "The French Colonial period began with Mayotte in 1841, Grande Comore and Anjouan in 1886. Attached to Madagascar in 1914, becoming a French Overseas Territory in 1946. In 1975 all but Mayotte declared unilateral independence."

  1. Mexico 1856 - 1861, Jesper Andersen, @
    a very good programmer with philatelic interests!
  2. The 1868 Issue of Mexico (Alt (older) URL/Ver.) - MEPSI (x)
  3. Filapost - Expo Virtual (c.2008)
    "Más de 30 colecciones expuestas por aficionados de Europa y América te esperan."
    Incl.: Filapedia. La Enciclopedia Filatélica
  4. Online Catalog of Mexican Stamps - , .mx: CFBPM
  5. Filatelia Mexicana /Philatelie Mexicaine - UQAC, Juan-Manuel Torres, .ca
  6. Mexican Stamps - Mexistamps, Miguel A. Mota, .us
  7. Stamps of Mexico and Spain - Moises Rebollar, .mx
  8. Aerophilately of Mexico - Marino Riosa, .uk
  9. Exporta Stamps of Mexico - Richard Gaines, .mx
  10. Stamps of Mexico - Enrique Sanchez Garcia, .mx
  11. Timbres de Correo de Mexico
    - Luis Alberto Alvarez Perez, @, .mx
    Alt URL1, Alt URL2
    dead: http://members.nbci.com/laap_mx/filat 9/1
    ; new c.2008
    "Made by Luis Alberto Alvarez Pérez." (data c.2004?)
    "Last modified: December 19, 2004"

  1. Society for Moroccan and Tunisian Philately (SPLM) - Haik Jean, .fr
    (Society de Philatélie du MAROC et de la TUNISIE)
  2. La Poste Marocaine
Myanmar (Burma)

  1. Myanmar - Myanmar.net
  2. A Catalogue of Telegraph and Revenue Stamps for Burma and Myanmar
    by Gerald Davis and Alan Meech
    Ref.: Dealers Index : Richard Warren (for sales)
    Ref.: Dealers Directory : Myanmar

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