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  1. German and Austrian Area price lists - Ralph Schneider, .us
  2. German Language Philatelist Links - Walter Christ, .de
  3. German and Scandinavian Stamp Site - Jurgen v. Schmeling Briefmarkenversand, .de
  4. Kurland - Germany - Wilhelm van Loo
    old: http://bpp.de/wvanloo/ (forwards c.2009)
  5. PGP - Pretty German Postcards - Ronald Frank, .de
  6. Philanet German philatelic sites (Markus Seitz, .ch)
  7. Allied Occupation of Germany after WWII,
    (Yahoo Discussion Group) Stamps and Postal History

    Germany - Specialized
  8. German States in the 19th Century, David Anthony Wyatt, B.Sc. (c.2017)
    incl. stamp issuers.(cc)
  9. Germany: Crown & Eagle Issue - Jerry Jensen
    Cited in Authors and Articles, Referenced in .de
  10. History of the First Bavarian Stamp Issue - Thomas Hitzler, .de
    Philatelistenclub Bavaria
  11. German Propaganda Forgeries for Great Britain - Wolfgang Prätzsch, .se
    old: http://www.swede.com/stampwolf
  12. Third Reich Stamps Group - Jim Kellogg [PWO], .au
    Cite: Newsgroups
  13. Guernesey 1940 - 1946 (German Occupation period incl.) Bruno de Morel, .fr
  14. Martins Philatelie: Franco-German Philately - Ralf Gottelmann, .fr
  15. Kosel's Briefmarken Lexikon - In German
    Cite: Basics : 'Tools' / 'Glossaries'
  16. German museums of the communication of Bonn, Berlin, Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Hamburg.
    (Station, philately, telecommunications und 'Archiv für Philatelie')
  17. Philately of the Allied Occupation of Germany - John Tollan, .AU
    a Yahoo! group.

    In the past...
  18. Germany - Frank Weiler
    http://www.uni-bielefeld.de/~fweiler/stamps.html '404' c.2009
  19. German Trains on Stamps (von Manfred Kopka - Germany)
  20. http://home.t-online.de/home/kopka.manfred/stamp.htm '404' c.2009
  21. German specialist - Southern Mail, Stephen Le Vine, .uk
    http://www.southern-mail.com '404' c.2009
  22. Germany - Peter Bjork, .se
    http://briefmarken.hypermart.net/ '404' c.2004
  23. Germany - South East Philately, Peter Hornung,
    http://come.to/south.east.philately & Suedost-philatelie.de '404' c.2009
  24. Germany and Related Areas - J.G. Heckert, .us
    http://members.aol.com/BAYDAZ '404' c.2009
  25. Early Issues of Germany - Gregg, .us
    http://www.datarecall.net/~bgprice/stamp.htm '404' c.2009
  26. Stamps of Grand Duchy of Baden
    http://home.earthlink.net/~adeptmoron/BadenA.html '404' c.2009
  27. German-English Philatelic Dictionary
    http://wwwhomes.uni-bielefeld.de/fweiler/dictdeu.html '404' c.2009
  28. Russian Zone Handoverprints - Ekkehard Haas, .de
    http://home.t-online.de/home/EkkiHasi/szo.htm '404' c.2009
  29. German private post - Thomas Burger
    http://members.aol.com/Local555/Privatpost.html '404' c.2009

    See Also:
    First German Settlers Land in America - Davitt Publications

    Wikipedia: States of Germany

  1. Gibraltar Stamp Society
    80 Farm Road, Weston Super Mare, Avon BS22 8BD, UK
  2. Gibralter Study Circle
    4 Quarry Drive, Stainton Village, Middlesborough TS8 9AS, England
  3. Sonia McKay, .gi (Gibraltar, Spain, GB)
    http://www.gibnet.gi/~smckay/ '404' c.2009
  4. Gibraltar Daily Chronicle
    Cite: Dealers : Gibraltar: See Also
  5. Gibraltar Government
    Cite: Dealers : Gibraltar: See Also
  6. Gibraltar Museum (sells books on local history)
    Cite: Dealers : Gibraltar: See Also
    Great Britain
    ( cf British Empire, United Kingdom )

  1. Wikipedia's Regional postage stamps of Great Britain
    "In 1958, special regional issues were commenced in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales received their own special issues. The designs used the same portrait as the Wildings and then later changed to the Machins, but were modified to incorporate the symbols of each of the home nations. While generally sold at post offices in their respective areas, all were valid throughout the UK and the Crown Dependencies. .."


  2. The Postage Stamps of Great Britain 1840-1901 - Tim Burgess, .us
    aka: 'Line Engraved Issues of Great Britain - Tim Burgess'
  3. Great Britain Line Engraved Victoria Made Easy - Bill (Wm F) Blank, @
    old?: http://www.cam.org/~anfc/p_somod.htm
  4. Great Britain Philatelic Society Library - a reference center
    Based on the Library List issued in July 1996,
    combined with the First Supplement (July 1997),
    the Second Supplement (March 1998),
    and the Library Update (May/June 1999).
  5. Great Britian & Australia: Philatelic Studies of John A. McCulloch - John McCulloch, .us
  6. Machin Collectors Club
  7. Great Britain Machin Collectors in Australia - Albert Farrugia, .au
  8. Great Britain Machins: Over 1,333 varieties Identified - Robin Harris, .ca-
  9. GB Machins - Roy Simpson, @
    Alt URL), (sic) (sales and resources) .uk-__ B45 ODN
    Another URL: Great Britain Machin Definitives - Roy Simpson, .uk-
  10. Norvic: Resource for Philately of the Former Soviet Union and GB - Ian Billings, .uk-
  11. Great Britian - Arthur Ryan and Co., Dez Thomas, .uk
  12. Great Britain - GBStamps.com, Larry Rosenblum, .us
  13. Great Britain (Used to Trade) - Thomas Schmidt, .de
  14. Great Britain - piratboy ; '404' ; mbci.com site 9/1
  15. Nice >Article on the 40 year reign of 'The Penny Red' stamp
    From: 'Pennyred' [aka: Buchanan Street Stamps] (GB, FDC's) .uk-Scotland G1 2JZ
  16. George VI Definitive Printers - David Studd
    Diff URL: King George VI Resource Page - David Studd
  17. King George V Silver Jubilee Issue, 1935 - Neil Donen
  18. Club Philatelique Franco Britannique (Great Britain)
    32 rue Henri Laloue, F-72430 Pirmil, France
  19. Great Britain & International Philatelic Society
    aka: Great Britain & Commonwealth Philatelic Society
    Postfach 563, CH-4001 Basel, Switzerland
  20. Great Britain Collectors Club
    4769 Silverwood Dr., Batavia, OH 45103-0309, USA
  21. www.gbstamps.com/links.html - one of the best! (c.2012)
  22. German Propaganda Forgeries for Great Britain - Wolfgang Prätzsch, .se
    old: www.swede.com/stampwolf

  1. Sarantopoulos Philatelics - Peter Sarantopoulos (Greece), .us-IL
    c.2012: Provides one of the best sets of Greek related philatelic links.
  2. Hellenic Ministry of Culture: Philatelic Museum, .gr (vs. x; same phone)
    old: http://www.culture.gr/4/42/422/42202/42202k/e42202k1.html

    in the past...
  3. Greece's Stamps - Dimitrios Gotzaridis, .gr
  4. Greece - images - /kvezdrevanis/
  5. Greek Stamps - George (Giorgio) Nikolaou,. gr
    www.geocities.com/Augusta/3138 (no recovery found; oocities.org & geocities.ws)
    or: http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/http://www.geocities.com/Augusta/3138

    See Also: Clubs : Greece

  1. Greenland WW2 Censor's & APO's [EN] [email protected], Per Ronberg [PWO], .dk
    old: http://home6.inet.tele.dk/ron/greenland/geen_main.htm , [email protected] '404' c.20150
    ( cf Channel Islands , Alderney )

  1. Guernesey 1940 - 1946 - Bruno de Morel, .fr
    Cite: Dealers Directory : .gg (featured resource)
    Cite: Index Entry : Germany (above; incl. German Occupation period)
  2. Herm Island
    Cite: Index Entry : Regions : Channel Isls

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