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    Falkland Isls

  1. Falkland Islands Stamps - Alan R. Barasch
    I have been collecting the stamps of the Falkland Islands since about 1969 and exhibiting them since 1977.
    old: www.stlcyberjew.com/alan/philatelic
  2. Falkland Islands Philately - Stefan Heijtz, .se
  3. Victoria Stamp Company - E-mail (British Empire auctions) .us-NJ 07451
    No. Amer. distributor of 'The Falkland Islands and Dependencies Catalogue' by Stefan Heijtz
    Faroe Isls

  1. Faroes - Steen J. Petersen Faroe Islands; diff. pg.
    Alt./Diff. URL: Faroe Stamps - Steen Petersen, .fo
  2. Faroes - Jeffrey Crown
  3. Faroe Islands Stamp Catalogue - Tom Lintern-Mole, .uk

  1. Fiji 4 Me - John Ray, UK

    ->See Also: Post Fiji Limited

  1. Finland Postal History & Stamps - Marten Naarstad, .no
  2. Stamps of Finland: Saarinen Definitives - Watson (?), .uk
  3. Finnish Stamps - Erikoisleimat - Henri Seulanto, .fi
  4. Stamps of Finland - Saarinen definitives

  1. philatelistes.net - Toussaint COPPOLANI's Le Top du Hit-parade
    le site des philatélistes francophones

  2. Stamps from France - Toussaint Coppolani's Coppoweb, .FR
    Incl. Le Dico [FR] (dictionary)

  3. Comte de Lavalette
    étude avancée d'un timbre à surtaxe émis pour la journée du timbre 1954.
    (Advanced study of a surcharge stamp issued for Stamp Day 1954.)

  4. Philatélix : catalogue des timbres-poste français en ligne (numérotation Dallay)

  5. Timbres Magazine : le site officiel.

  6. Phil-Ouest - Les timbres de France et les oblitération de l'Ouest
    Bernard Le Lann, .fr
    old: www.le-lann.com/Phil-Ouest/ (forwards c.200909)
    perso.wanadoo.fr/bernard.lelann/indexTimbres.html ('404' c.200909)

  7. Marques Postales de France
    Author: Guy Maggay
    Comment: In French (mostly), well detailed! (also available on CD)
    Maggay, Guy
    Incl.: Illustrated 'Dictionnaire Philatélique'
    aka: Cancellations on the Stamps of France - Guy Maggay, .fr
    And 'Collection of Cancellations on Classic and Modern France' - Guy Maggay, .fr
    cited in 'Authors' and 'Articles'
    old: www.i-net.fr/marcophilie
    old: www.citeweb.net/phila/
    old: www.chez.com/memorial/
    old: www.postalmarks.bizland.com

  8. D'Histoire Postale Francaise - January 1849
    aka: Histoire Postale des oblitérations de Janvier 1849
    Author:Jean-Luc Bonnafoux - E-mail
    Comment: In French and English
    Quote: "..the use of stamps would begin on January 1, 1849."
    old: madness.esil.univ-mrs.fr/promo/1998/lucio/
    old: www.esil.univ-mrs.fr/Eleves/P98/lucio/
    old: [email protected]

  9. Site de Référence des Créateurs de Timbres
    "Le but de ce site est de recenser le maximum de créateurs de timbres poste français ainsi que leurs oeuvres philatéliques."
    (..to identify ..creators of French stamps and their philatelic works..)

  10. Des Entiers Postaux Français
    (The Postal Stationery of France - v11, 24/01/2012)
    old: http://mapage.noos.fr/entiersfr/ ; points forward c.2012

  11. The French Marianne Issues - David Mills, .us (in English c.2012)
    "During the French Revolution (1789-1792), the idea of a woman representing the Republic became popular, but it wasn't until the Second Empire, some 60 years later, that she was named Marianne. . . "
    Web site by Skinny Dog Studios, content and images © David Mills
    old: members.unlimited.net/~dmills/marianne/

  12. French Offices of the Ottoman Empire - Robert Desert, .FR
    Older version (of above).
    old: robert.desert.chez.tiscali.fr/ ('404' c.200909)
  13. French Railroad Postmarks - Alain Bonnevie, .FR
  14. Yvert et Tellier's Glossary [FR] .FR
  15. France Le 1F50 brun type Pétain - Max Derouen
    diff. URL (.fr v. .net): Le 1Fr50 brun, type Pétain - '/~derouenm/' .FR
  16. 1,50 Pétain : tout sur ce timbre méconnu., [email protected]
  17. Le 2,20 F Liberté de Gandon - Christian Barret, .FR
  18. France & Colonies Philatelic Society
    P.O.Box 364, Garwood, NJ 07027, USA
  19. France & Colonies Philatelic Society (G.B.)
    2 Kings Court, Kings Road, Flitwick, Bedford MK45 1EW
  20. French Definitives - Dominique Stephan, .fr
  21. French Numerals on Covers - Emmanuel Lebecque, .fr
  22. The Pigeon Post into Paris 1870-1871, by J.D. Hayhurst O.B.E. (x)
    "The purpose of this study is to describe the pigeon post which was in operation while Paris was besieged during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871."

  23. Martins Philatelie: Franco-German Philately - Ralf Gottelmann, .FR
    Does feature a Philatelic Dictionary

  24. Marianne de Gandon Issues of 1945-47 - Julien Sobrier, .FR ("under construction")
    old: philatelie.8m.com/ (forwards c.200909)
  25. France - Christian Scherer
  26. Stamps of France - Vedier Pascal, .FR
  27. The A to Zee Web guide: Stamp Collecting : France
  28. Wikipedia: List_of_people_on_stamps_of_France

    In the past...:
    <>France 1949-1999 - piratboy ; '404' : nbci.com site
    <>Stamps of France 1876 to 1900 - H. Cantineau, .fr
    http://home.nordnet.fr/~hcantineau '404' c.200909
    <>France: History By Its Stamps - Laurent Lemerle, .FR
    "2000 years of French History illustrated by 2600 stamps !"
    old: www.francetimbres.com/ ('404' c.200909)
    old: perso.infonie.fr/francetimbres/ (forwards to above c.200909)

    <>French Postal History - Thomas Berger, .CH (.de?)
    old: de.geocities.com/tbbch/FPH/FPHindex.htm
    old: die.geocity.de/t.berger/ArgeF/ArgeF.htm
    old: www.datacomm.ch/t.berger/FPHindex.htm (all 3 are '404' c.200909)
    see also Berger's 'Russian Postal History' (good c.200909)
    French Southern and Antarctic Territory

  1. Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises (TAAF) - Yves Duflot (Antarctic Philately) .FR
    Cite: Topicals: Polar Regions

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