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  1. The Stamps of Canada - by Bertram W. H. Poole (c.1908)
  2. Learn About Modern Canadian Philately - Philatelic Speaker: Bob McClelland, .ca
  3. Canadian Stamps - Normstamps, Norm Wagner, .ca
  4. Philtek Philatelie and Genealogie Canada - Jean-Paul Guiard, .ca
  5. Canada - Walcer Stamps, Wally Walcer, .ca
  6. Canada FDC Cachets - Mr. fdc  
  7. Canadian Definitive Stamps, BRC - Brian Cannon, .ca  
  8. Yahoo! eGroups: Canadian Stamps
  9. Adminware Corporation - D. Robin Harris, Canadian Definities ..., .ca
    A DOS-based software program (Adminware™ for Philatelists) has been developed (but not yet marketed; c.2002) for Canada
    Robin has produced a series of seven specialized books covering the Canadian definitive stamps issued since 1952
  10. Canadian Definitive Stamps of 1972-77 - Jean Lafontaine, .ca
    Canadian Definitive Stamps of 1972-77 - different URL
  11. Canadian Inkjet Postmarks - Michel Gosselin, .ca
  12. Canadian National Postal Museum
  13. Canadian Postal Archives Philatelic Collections - National Archives of Canada
  14. Canadian Postal Issues - Stewart Clamen
  15. Canada Postal Issues - Stewart Clamen (cmu.edu) ; slightly/significant diff. URL
  16. Canadian Stamps and History - Marcel Granger, .ca
  17. Canadian Stamps Auctions: News - Morton Jaquays, .ca
    a non-profit service
    Incl. article: "How to bid at an auction"
  18. Canadian Stamps: Mint and Used - Karl Marquis, .ca
  19. Guy Olivier, E-mail (sales: Canada) .ca-__ »
    ; no addr posted - Responds to questions about Canadian stamps
  20. Canadian Stamps Online - Barry Marles, .ca
  21. David Marasco @ (Canada Philately & sales: precancels, perfins, rev.) .ca-BC
    1: Commonly Mis-identified precancels.
    2: Types R and S Precancels.
  22. 1995 Canadian Stamp Program - CRB Heritage project, .ca

    Canada - Specialities

  23. Manitoba Stamps Calling - Glenn F. Hansen, .ca  
  24. Nova Scotia Index - Richard Frajola, .us-NM 87557
    Nova Scotia; Pence Issues - Richard Frajola, .us ; diff URL

  25. Newfoundland Stamp Catalogue - John Walsh, .ca
  26. Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps,1639-1952
    - Canada, British Colonies in America, Maritime Provinces, {PB} Robson Lowe 1973
  27. General Instructions For The Guidance Of Post Office Inspectors In The Dominion Of Canada,
    Alexander Campbell (1822-1892)
    Postmaster General.
    Ottawa, 1st August, 1879.
    From the Gutenberg Project
  28. Canadian Postal Guide
    From the Gutenberg Project




    "The earliest records of the administration of the post office in Canada bear date 1750, at which period the celebrated Benjamin Franklin was Deputy Postmaster General of North America. At the time of his appointment the revenue of the department was insufficient to defray his salary of £300 per annum; but under his judicious management not only was the postal accommodation in the Provinces considerably extended, but the revenue so greatly increased, that ere long the profit for one year, which he remitted to the British treasury, amounted to £3000."

  1. Sellos de Chile - Fernando Alvarado, .cl

  1. Tiananmen Square
    An actual stamp produced by the Chinese Postal Bureau; later resinced!; very rare - most were destroyed. (cc)
  2. Guide to Stamps & Cancellations of Imperial China - Tommy Chiu  
    Ref.: China Philately page
  3. China Imperial Post Postal History - Paul, ChinaBike
  4. Star of Chinese Philately
  5. Stamps of China - .com, Steve Cohen, .us
  6. Collectibles Museum.com: China - online museum, .ma
  7. Chinese Stamps - BUPT
    Cite: China Philately Page ; '404'???
  8. All China Stamps - William Zhen, .us ; diff. URL; chat is hosted elsewhere
    All China Stamps: Message Board and Chat Room - William Zhen, .us
  9. A Complete Stamp Collection of China (1878-1993) - China Guide Company, Longtian Wang
  10. China - Fidelity Trading Company, Cliff Herrick, .su
  11. China and Hong Kong - stampNETion, Daniel Wong, .hk
  12. China Fivestar Philately Union [EN] - non-profit.
  13. China Philately - ChinaBike '404'??
  14. China Stamps [EN] Sunji (Ji Sun), .us (.edu)
  15. China Stamps [IT, EN; in listings]- Mauro Pascalis
  16. China Stamps Catalogue [CN] Curacao Stamps & Coins Company, @
  17. Chinesestamps.Net [EN] - Mr. Chow, ChineseBook.com (.tw, .cn, .ma, .hk) .hk, .us
    @, Suite B, 5/F, Wing Hing Commercial Building,
    139 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
    Tel: (852) 9487 5871, Fax: (852) 2545 9845
    or: 1722 Junction Ave., Suite C, San Jose, CA 95112-1011, USA
    Fax: (208) 575-1189
    ChinaBook.com is owned by NA Global Link Limited
  18. Chinese StampLover Online [CN]
  19. Chinese Stamps (Hu Hengjie - China)
  20. Chinese Stamps Collection - ShuXiang Zhen
  21. Philately from China and other Asian countries
    - Austrian Consult AG, Dr. Friedrich Zettl, .at
  22. China / Stamps / Stamp Collecting /
    Philately / Postal History /
    Post card / Postal Stationery
    Imperial Chinese Posts (1897 ~ 1911)
    - Paul, ChinaBike? see above (cluse url)

  1. Cocos Island Stamp Album - Peter Disch-Lauxmann, .us

  1. Columbia Stamps - Norbert Fiks, .de
  2. Colombia Semi Officials & Rural Stamps - Rainer Fuchs, .us
  3. Philately in Colombia - Daniel Alejandro Lopez, .co
  4. Club Filatelico De Bogota
    P.O.Box 5258, Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia

  5. Notes On The Stamps Of The COLOMBIAN STATES - Dr. Gene Scott, Delores Press, Inc. .us-CA 91205
    Cite: Entities : Colombia
    xRef: Dealers Directory : Colombia

  1. Stamps of Comoros Islands including Mayotte Official site for SNPT Comores - MWEZINET, Olivier Bergissi & Eric Milan, .fr

  1. Flags of the Congo on Stamps - Joan-Francés Blanc - Zaire

  1. Stamps of Croatia Vladimir Braus, .hr
  2. Croatia & Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chronology of Postal Authorities Issuing Stamps in - Zeljko Heimer
  3. Croatian Provisional Issue Plate Varieties - Phil Hughes, .us
  4. Croatian Stamps - Tomislav Mikulic, .au
  5. Croatian Stamps - Tom Mikulic, .au
  6. Croatian Philatelic Society
    P.O.Box 696, Fritch, TX 79036-0696, USA
    Ref.: Topicals: People ...re: Marco Polo author

  1. Annotated Bibliography of Cuban Philatelic Literature - Ernesto Cuesta, .us
  2. Cuban Postal Museum - , .cu
  3. Cuban Stamp Program - Alfred Brito (on FaceBook c.2012), .us
    old: www.geocities.com/Eureka/Park/4600/cuba98.htm '404' c.2009
  4. Club Cubano De Coleccion, West Miami, Florida, USA
    ( cf North Cyprus)

  1. Cyprus Stamps - Y. Yashar Senturk
    Czech Republic
    ( cf Slovakia)

  1. Czech Postal History - Peter Gebauer, .cz
    old: http://www.mujweb.cz/www/phist/
  2. Czech Entires - Lubor Kunc, .cz
  3. Czech Philately On Line - Lubor Kunc, @, .cz ; 5/2
  4. Czech & Slovak Stamp Artists - Gerhard Batz , .de  
    Czech and Slovak Stamp Artists - diff page.
    Czechoslovakian Stamp Resources - diff page
  5. Czechoslavakia 1918-1939 - Peter Hoffman ; diff URL?; slight but in root.
    Peter's Page of Czechoslovakian Stamps - Peter Hoffman, .se
  6. Gallery of Czechoslovakia Stamps 1918-... - Radomir Danenberger, .cz
  7. Czechoslavakia Gallery of Internet Philatelistic Shop, .cz
  8. Jason Cartwright, @ - Czechsum Alt URL (Czechoslovakia catalog, chat ...) .cz
  9. Czech Rep.: Prague Museum Guide
    Cite: Topical: Transportation: By Rail
        incl. reference to their postal museum
  10. InterContinental Marketing Ltd. Trojan (Czech) Catalog 1918-1996 + 1997 .cz

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