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  1. Bahamas Postage Stamps & Postal History - Peter J. Roberts, .us
    incl.: Bahama Post Offices and Postmarks, Postal Stationery ++
  2. Bahemian and Worldwide Stamps - Don Joss, Bahamas


  1. Bangladesh, The Media Stamps of , .bd (dealer c.2009)
  2. Bangladesh - Mohammed A. Hasnat (sales) .us-
    www.angelfire.com/ny2/rin/ '404' c.200907


  1. Old Byelorussian Letters - Les Kolosov, .by


  1. The World of Belguim Stamps - online catalogue c.2009
    Gemaakt door de Koninklijke Philatelic Club COSMOS vzw
  2. Belgian Philately - Morten J. Lintrup, .dk
  3. Belgian WWI Red Cross Issues - Morten Lintrup, .dk - diff. URL root
  4. Feldpost der Belgier in Deutschland nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg 1918-1935
    (Field Post of the Belgians in Germany after the First World War)
  5. Les Timbres Poste de Collection en Belgium (1997) - Houlou Janvier, .be
  6. BelStamps : Philately in Belgium - Guy Sydor [FR, EN, DU] .be
    Cite: Entities : Belgium
    old: wakatepe.com/BelStamps.html ; forwards 12/2001
  7. American Belgian Philatelic Society
    621 Virginius Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23452-4417
    Cite: Entities : Belgium
  8. Belgium 1849-1999 - piratboy
    members.nbci.com/Luxem/belgium/ ; '404' 9/1
  9. Belgian Stamps - Fabian, .be
    members.xoom.com/hihowareyou/Stamps.html ; '404' 9/1

    (A dependent territory of the U.K.)

    Formerly called Somers Island, Bermuda was discovered by the Spanish mariner, Juan Bermudez in the early 16th century. It was colonized by English settlers in 1612. Internal self-government was acquired in 1968. Postage stamps have been issued since 1848 (Postmaster Stamps) and 1865 (General Issues)
  1. Bermuda's postage stamps, Keith Archibald Forbes, Royal Gazette (newspaper)

    See Also: Dealers (need some!)

    Bosnia & Herzegovina

  1. Postage Stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Siba's Friends and Relatives Worldwide, Inc., .ch
  2. Bosnia & Herzegovina Stamps - , .us (.edu)
  3. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  4. Bosnia-Herzegovina & Croatia, Chronology of Postal Authorities Issuing Stamps in - Zeljko Heimer
  5. Bosnia-Herzegovina 1879-1918 - Carsten Abildgaard, .dk

    British Antarctic Territory

  1. Postage stamps and postal history of the British Antarctic Territory - Wikipedia

    British Empire
    (cf Great Britain, United Kingdom

  1. Compendium of British postage stamp issuers - Wikipedia
  2. line-engraved.co.uk - An online 'Museum' ('404' c.2009)
        - incl. the I.T.Pickering collection of Maltese Cross cancellations
    Ref.: UK Dealer menu
    Ref.: UK Dlr: Mark Bloxham, .uk-TW
  3. British Commonwealth Postmarks - Robert S. Cragg, .uk
  4. British Empire Stamps - Luca Chierici, .it
    different URL
  5. British Library Philatelic Collections
  6. KGVI Stamps (Br Colonies sales, resources) .us-IL
    Ref.: .uk dlr menu
    Ref.: Stamp Issuing Entities: 'B' Menu

  7. British New Guinea and Papua - John Redgrave, .au
  8. Postal History of British New Guinea and Papua - John Redgrave, .au ; different URL
  9. British Solomon Islands ( Charles Miller - tulagi.com, .us) ; FIP & Medaphil awards
  10. British Stamps - Arne Danielsen, .?
  11. KGVI Stamps - Tom Cussick - United States; links page

  1. Philatelic Journey through the History of Bulgaria - Bjorn H. Bakken, .no
  2. Stamps of Bulgaria & Rest of the World - Stefan Mihaylov, .bg
  3. Bulgarian Antarctia (Branimir Lambiev)
    Cite: Topicals : Polar Regions
    offers to supply dealers with antarctic material
  4. Easr-West Stamps - E. Knudsen, @ (esp. Bulgaria & thematics) .dk


  1. Paulo Comelli Philatelist (Paulo Comelli - Brazil)
  2. Brazilian Stamps (Mauro Cernea - Brazil)
  3. Brazil to issue coffee aroma postage stamps - The Nando Times 12/7/2001

    Burma (Myanmar)

  1. Stamps of Myanmar (Burma) - Steven Htut - Burma

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