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    Abu Dhabi

  1. Abu Dhabi Stamps and Postal Stationery - Andrew Gondocz, .ca : Oh My Gosh!
  2. Abu Dhabi Postal History - Khalid A. Al Omaira
    Incl.: Abu Dhabi Aerogrammes ; diff URL root
    a function of: Emerites Postal Museum

  1. StampDomain's Aden Resource Page
    From 1854 to 1937 stamps of India were used in Aden Most Indian stamps from the 1854 issue up to the 1935 issue can be found with Aden postmarks. These can be recognized by the word ADEN appearing in the postmark or from the numerals 124, 125 or B-22 which were used on their own or in a duplex with an ADEN datestamp.
    From 1937 till 1964 Aden issued its own stamps.
    In 1965 Aden was incorporated in the South Arabian Federation.
    In 1967 the South Arabian Federation became fully independant to become the Yemen People's Democratic Republic.

    See Also: Yemen

  1. Afghanistan Stamp New Issues - Dave Joll, .nz '404' c.2009

  1. Aitutaki Stamp New Issues. - Dave Joll, .nz ('404' c.2009)
  2. StampDomain's Aitutaki Resource Page
    The island was under the protection of Great Britain from 1888 and stamps of Cook Islands were used from 1892 till 1903.
    From 11 June 1901 it was a New Zealand Dependency and from 1903 till 1932 stamps of New Zealand and Cook Islands were overprinted for use on Aitutaki
    On 15 March 1932 stamps of Cook Islands superseded those of Aitutaki.
    Seperate issues for Aitutaki were issued from 9 August 1972, whilst remaining part of the Cook Islands which has its own postal service. Although Aitutaki is part of the Cook Islands and the stamps can be purchased in the Cook Island Post Office they can only be used from Aitutaki.
  3. Wikepedia's Postage stamps and postal history of Aitutaki
  4. Bird stamps from Aitutaki

  1. Ajman. The first Postage stamps ... -
    The first Postage stamps from Ajman were issued 1964. One of the Trucial States in the Persian Gulf. On 18.7.1971, seven Gulf shaikhdoms, including Ajman, formed the State of theUnited Arab Enirates. The federation became effective on 1.8.1972. ('404' c.2009)

  1. StampDomain's Albania Resource Page
    ... Albanian postage stamps have been issued since 1913.
  2. List of people on stamps of Albania, Wikipedia
    ( cf Channel Islands, Guernsey )

  1. Peter's Stamps New Issues listings for GB, IOM, Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney
    [email protected]
    Andorra (co-principality: .fr, .es)

  1. Spain and Andorra - 1997 Issues - F. Valenci, .es
  2. StampDomain's Andorra Resource Page
    a good set of links!

  1. Argentina - Robert Granat (Roberto Lerner?) .ar
    'Catalogo de sellos argentinos'
  2. Argentina (a online catelog)
    Ref.: .ar Postal Authority listing
  3. Filatelia Argentina - Pablo Di Maria , @

    In the Past...
  4. Orientation (search engine): Argentina: Stamp Collecting ('404' c.2008)


  1. StampDomain's Ascension Resource Page
    First discovered on Ascension Day 1501 by a Portugese navigator, in 1815 the Britain took possession and used British stamps until December 1922 when Ascension became a dependency of St Helena. The first Ascension stamps were issued on 2 November 1922, these being St Helena stamps overprinted ASCENSION.

  1. The Postal System of Australia, Wikipedia
    Incl. Norfolk, Keeling ...
  2. Australian On-line Stamp Catalogue, Larry Bailey, NSW, Australia (c.201109)
  3. Revenue & Railway Stamps of Australia , Dave Elsmore, Queensland, Australia
    "To quote Joshua Bell the Queensland Colonial Treasurer 1866,
    'The only things I have forgotten to tax are babies'."
  4. Australian Postal History & Social Philately
    by: Maurice Mishkel, Dundas, Ontario, Canada (c.2009)
  5. Philately in Australasia - Alan Arnold ('404' c.2009)
  6. Australia and the Pacific, Postal History
    Hans Karman, PO Box 462, Civic Square, ACT 2608, Australia ('404' c.2009)
  7. Canberra, Australia Philatelic, Postcard and Postal History - Hans Karman '404' c.2009
  8. Australia, Pre-decimals, Mike Andrew, [email protected]
  9. Great Britian & Australia: Philatelic Studies of John A. McCulloch - John McCulloch, .us (forwards to: c.200909)
  10. Australian Collectors Network - Andrew Little and George Knight ('404' c.2009)
  11. Australian Flora on Postage Stamps - Australian National Botanic Gardens
    Murray Fagg, [email protected] ('404' c.2009)
  12. Australian Football and Philately - Paul Davies ('404' c.2009)
  13. Australian Postal History Pages - John R. Tollan
  14. Australian Stamps - Isaac Nakhla ('404' c.2009)
  15. Australia and the South Pacific Stamps -
    Charlestown Stamps, [email protected]
    P.O.Box 357 Charlestown , NSW 2290 AUSTRALIA
    PHONE or FAX = International + 612 4943 8739
    PHONE or FAX = Australia 02 4943 8739
  16. StampDomain's Australia Resource Page
    Extensive set of links and references.

  1. Austria 1986-1996 - Briefmarken-Album
  2. The Postal History of Austria - Thomas Berger '404' c.2009
    See Also his work on Russia
  3. The APS System for the Classification of 20th century cancellations on Austrian stamps - via Andy Taylor
    Andy is/was Editor for Austrian Stamp Club of GB
    (now the Austrian Philatelic Society (GB)) ('404' c.2009)
  4. Kosel's Briefmarken Lexikon - In German
    Cite: in 'Tools' / 'Glossaries'
  5. Austria Netto Katalog (Austria)
    Taborstrasse 47-49, A-1020 Wien, Austria
  6. StampDomain's Austria Resource Page
    Extensive set of links and references.

  7. Austria 1918-1999 - piratboy ; '404' 9/2001


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