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  1. T. Furuya - Music on Stamps [in Japanese]
    Cite: Topicals : The Arts : Music
  2. T. Horvath - Lakeshore Philatelics, @ (.ca, .de, .jp, better ww) .ca-__
  3. T. MacGill - J F Hills (Pacific, Cvrs, P/S, Mail Bids) .au-WA 6000
  4. T. F. Mills (resources, Land Rovers)
  5. T.H. Richardson [URL] (Duck Stamps, Etc.*)
    *Selling duck, fish and conservation stamps, prints, souvenir cards, old hunting and fishing licenses, and related paper collectibles.
  6. T. Sommer - Sommertime Stamps, [EN] @ (ww lots, collections eBay, PayPal)
  7. Tadahiro Iwata [URL] (Japan) .jp
  8. Tage Frederiksen [URL] (Denmark, Greenland, Norway, Faroes Islands, India, ww), .uk
  9. Iain D. Kettley .uk-CH
  10. Takis Karatzas (Expertization: Crete; incl. Greece overprints) .gr
  11. Tan C C, @ (Malaysia stamps & phonecards) -"last updated 01/10/01" - c.2008
    but tons of good graphics (see 'Gallery') - ajw c.2008
  12. Tan Chun Lim - C. S. Philatelic Agency (Agent, .sg incl. FDC's) .sg
  13. Tan Wee Cheng, @post1, ltr@wc, Singapore
    "Wee Cheng's Amazing Travel Tales & Photos"
    - 148 Countries/ Political Entities since 1993 (& today)
    And who notes, "The author's family name is "Tan" (pronounced as "Chen" in standard Mandarin Chinese), and friends call him "Wee Cheng". In Asia, family names are usually spelled first before personal names."
    old: weecheng.simplenet.com/mideast/israel/gallery-palestinestamps.htm
    & weecheng.simplenet.com/stamps/stamps.htm
    & www.singnet.com.sg/~tanwc2/stamps/stamps.htm
    &*: www.singnet.com.sg/~tanwc2/stamps/sarajevo.htm
    Cite: Collectors : Country Data: Palestine
  14. Tari (Evyatar) Chelouche [URL] (Israel)
  15. Tatiana Kondrikova - Raritan Stamps (Russia, retail, auctions) .us-NJ 08904
  16. Teh Hean Lam [URL] (thematics)
  17. Telah W. Smith - Firefighting Topicals of The World, .us-
    cf.: FDCUSA: John White (aka: Whitecraft)
  18. Terri Waddell [E-mail (via Rose List)] (Bears Roses)
    lists 5+ good webrings, 1 rose announce list
  19. Terry Hamlette (sales) .za
  20. Terry & Rebecca Holdridge - Iowa Stamps & Coins (US, supplies) .us-
  21. Thierry Butez [URL], .fr
  22. Thomas Arlitt [URL] (ATM)
  23. Thomas Burger (German private post)
  24. Thomas Divier, .fr - History of Aviation
    Cite: Topicals : Transportation : By Air
  25. Thomas Graungaard (Specialised Stamp Catalog of Iceland) [online & in Engl], .DK
    Cite: Entities : Iceland
  26. Thomas Heinrich (Expertization: ; Württemberg) .de
  27. Thomas Schmidtkonz (ww) .de
    Thorbjorn Wikstrom, .se Group for Revenues and Cinderellas
  28. Till Neumann (Expertization: Pre-philately: Bremen) .de
  29. Tilo Rismondo (Expertization: Saxony & early .at) .de
  30. Tim Greene - EverGreene Stamps.com (WW) .us-
    Alt: EverGreene Stamps Tim Greene (US, WW) .us-
  31. Tim Lediard (sales) .uk-SU  
  32. Tim Odom (collector, author, web design svc..)
  33. Tim "Stretch" Streed
  34. Timo Jamsa, .fi
  35. Tina Allen (sales: U.S. Price List) .us-
  36. Tina McMillan, @ SDI T/M Enterprises (approvals, W. Europe, Br C'wealth) .us-CA 93907 ; n/a
    Salinas, CA - Phone/Fax: 831-663-3466
  37. Titia Vlaardingebroek, Rob & [PWO] - .nl
    a. Titia and Rob's Stampcorner [EN]
    features: Stamps designed by H.H. Kamerlingh Onnes
    b. NFVSkandinavie (Dutch Philatelic Association, Scandinavia) [EN, NL]
  38. Todd Olney - Olney's Stamp and Coin, .us-
  39. Toke Nřrby, .DK (Danish postal history, perfins, resources)
  40. Tom Adami - Aerogramme Society, .au  
  41. Tom Fortunato ('TMF') NY, USA
    > Homepage (resume, clip-art, exhibits, Olympic connection)
      Professionally "specializing in outsourced sales and marketing for high tech companies.." (e.g. Microsoft..) as program manager for The Sutherland Group.
    Some Online Exhibits:
    > Idioms [or 'Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries'] Exhibit
    >Wrestling - an exhibit
    Cite: Topicals : Sports
    Ref.: Toot Toot! c.200904
    >A Journey Into The World Of Exhibiting - a 'TMF' work at ISWSC
    Cite: Exhibits : Other
    >Hosts ISWSC's Online Application form
    >Hosts 'Rochester Philatelic Association'
    >Formerly (?; still?) hosted: 'Federation of Central New York Philatelic Societies'
    Ref.: Vandemonia's Postal History Resources Page (c.1999)
    old: members.nbci.com/stamptmf
    research other exhibit topics!
  42. Tom Jenkins - Australian Stamp & Coin Co Pty Ltd, .au-VIC ; research
  43. Tom Paulson and Lisa McNeill [URL]
  44. Tom Richards (Liberia, Movie + Stars), .us-OH
  45. Tom and Rose Wiley - Gateway Stamp Company (sales) .us-  
  46. Tommy Chiu (Cancellations of Imperial China)
    Cite: Entities : China
    old: http://www.accessv.com/~tgmc/stamp.htm, [email protected]
    Also: Postal History Society of China
    Cite: Clubs : China
    xRef.: Clubs : Topical : Postal History
  47. 'Tonga Jan' - See: Janet Klug (South Pacific, Tin Can Mail)  
    'Tony' - See Also: 'Anthony'
  48. Tony Bellow (dealer) .uk-DV
  49. Tony (A) Boyd - A W Boyd (stamps, pkts, p/h, acces.) .au-QLD 4064
  50. Tony Clayton [URL] (GB Machins, pd's, regionals, Italy, GB coins), .UK
    3 articles on coins, catelogs Machins, pd's, regionals, QEII..
  51. Tony Crumbley - Carolina Coin and Stamp Inc. (Confederate Stamps and P/H) .us-
  52. Tony Frasketi - Joe Frasketi's Space Covers (FDC's; Space) .us-FL 33901
    Cite: Gen. Links : Newsgroups : Links
  53. Tony Lester (sales) .uk-WM
  54. Tony Robinson - firstpost2000 (sales) .nz
  55. Tony (A.) Shields - Shields Stamps & Coins (stamps, p/s, p/h, phonecards) .au-VIC 3088
  56. Tor Andre Paulsen - Samleriet, .no
  57. Torbjorn Helgesen [ URL] (Norway)
  58. Torsten Weller - Aero Collectibles, .au-VIC 3182
    (Aero collectibles, AU, GB & C'wealth, kiloware, packets..) (aka: Collect Postmarks & Covers)
  59. Tousaint Coppolani - Coppoweb - French Philately
    Cite: Entities : France (an several topics - See 'Coppoweb' link)
  60. Irina Dyomkina - Sahara Stamps / Sahara Publications Ltd. .uk-LO
    See: Stamp-Collector.com
  61. Tracy Barber, Alex Zdonick - B. Trading Co. (P/H, PostCards, Victorian Trade Cards) .us-
  62. Tracy Pearson, John & - Pittwater Philatelic Service (.au, .nz, Pacific) .au-NSW
  63. Trevor Davis (Expertization: Australia) .uk-LO
    keeps Stampshows in the UK w/ Chris Rainey
    Cite: Dealer Topics : Stampshows
    Cite: Entities Index : U.K.
  64. Trevor Lacy - Cygnet Philatelic Consultant, .au-WA 6018
  65. Trevor Pateman (sales: USSR ..) .uk-ES
    Cite: Entities Index : Russia
    'Trish' - See: 'Patricia' or 'Pat'
  66. Truman G. Blocker, Jr. - History of Medicine Stamps, US-TX
    Cite: Topicals Dir. : The Arts : Medicine


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