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  1. S. Burton (sales) .uk-ST
  2. SF Chow - Agreeable Stamp Store (Singapore) .sg
  3. S. Jhingan, Madhukar & - @ [PWO] Stamps of India [EN] .in ; ck.
  4. S. Nellemann [URL], .dk (airmails, postal history)
  5. S.W. (Shawn) Graham (sales: Nazi / Third Reich) .us-NJ
    xRef: Gen. Topical Index : World War II
  6. S. Sugiyama, .jp ( Science on Stamps)
  7. Sally Campbell - Carolina Mountain Stamps (ww, covers) .us-
  8. Sam D. Virzi Philatelic Sales, .us-CA?
    Selling aerophilatelic, postal history, navals, transportation, FDC, Cinderella, and W/W.
  9. Sam Zwetchkenbaum :
    Famous Portraits on Stamps of Israel
    Cite: Topicals : People
    (sub section) Musicians on the Stamps of Israel
    Cite : Topicals : The Arts : Music
  10. Samir Chad, (Wholesale/Retail: Middle East countries, new issues svc., topicals..), .lb 11/1
  11. Samuel Cheung [URL] (Hong Kong)
  12. Samuel Pezzillo, .us [URL]
    Ref./Cite: Clubs : US : American Air Mail Society Exhibit Awards  
  13. Sandrine? ___ ? - Pierre et Sandrine vous invitent au voyage... [FR] (home: /saauber/)
    Images de Pierres [FR] (/saauber/images_de_pierres/..)
    Images de Pierres / Stamps about places of interest - Sandrine [EN] (/saauber/images_de_pierres/..English.htm)
    Timbres de distributeurs (ATM Postage vending machine labels - /saauber/atm/)
      -   (clubs, links)
  14. Sanford L. Byrd - .us-MI - African-American Philatelic Experience
    Cite: Topicals : People
    Ref.: Entities Index : Regions : Africa
    Ref.: Entities Index : America (USA)
  15. Sangmok Seo - Phila-Tely & Phila-Tour (sales: Korea) .kr
  16. Sapan Jhaveri, @ URL (India, Topicals) .in  
  17. Sarah Perelli-Minetti PWO 'Topicals on Stamps' - directory [EN] USA-CA
    Cite: Topicals : Enviroment
    Cite: Topicals : Introductions
    Cite: Topicals : History
    Ref.: Clubs : US : Bakersfield, CA
  18. Scott Kitchen (resources) - see : Kitchen, Scott
  19. Scott Starling, Dr. [URL] (Europe), .au-
  20. Scott Taylor - Scojo Stamps (Auction Agent) .us-MD 21660
  21. Scotty's Nude Male Gallery
    first name only.
  22. Sean Connolly - JC Cashet (FDC's; producer, autographs, stamps, ..) .us-__; no data on site: E-mail
    His specialty is in the WWII era.
  23. Sebastian Barzel - German Stamps and Coins, .de
  24. Sebastien Delcampe, @ [PWO] - online Auctions, Auction Facilitatior (sic) [EN] .be
  25. Sebastiano Cilio [URL] (Europe, Russia, Disney)
  26. Serge K. Nikolaev [URL] (sales) .lv
  27. Serge Ungeheuer - Luxembourg Stamps (Lux., supplies, catalogs) .lu
  28. Sergey _____? - Sales: Stamps of Russia, .ru
  29. Sergey Belaev, @ ( Topical postal stationery of Russia; trade for ww) .ru
    Including FDC's, Cite: Dealers : Russia : See Also: Traders
  30. Sergey Kalantarian - Artsakh - Arvest (Rep. of Mountainous Karabakh), RMK
  31. Sergey Okun : -= S P A C E   S T A M P S =-
    'Designed as a part of "COSMONAUTICS" Encyclopedia by Aleksandr Zheleznyakov'
    Cite: Topicals: Space
  32. Sergio Koreisha [URL]
  33. Sergio & Liane Sismondo (Auction Agent, Expertization) .us-NY 13290
  34. Shawn (S.W.) Graham (sales: Nazi / Third Reich) .us-NJ
    xRef: Gen. Topical Index : World War II
  35. Sheila Grimshaw - Norfolk Island Stamps, .nf
  36. Sherry Straley (Auction Agents) .us-CA 95825
    and John Van Alstyne - Sacrament Stamp Mart (stamps, lit, acces.)
  37. Shoban Sen, @ [PWO] (ww, author)
    Cite: Basic Collecting: Key: 'done so well' ; # & annotate 'Key'
  38. Siegfried Paul (Expertization: DDR: 1949-1960, Soviet zone; Michel 182-241) .de
  39. Silman's Stamp Pad - F. Silman
  40. Silvano Sorani ( Expertization) .it ; 'exp' link?
  41. Silvio Börner [URL] (German colonies, DDR)
  42. Silviu Popovici - Polarphil (Polar stamps, p/h, booklets ...)
  43. Simen Sveen [URL], @ 'Frimerker' (Scandinavia) .no
    In Norwegian: huge list of collectors trades/wants and URL's
  44. Sinisa Pavleski, @ - [URL] (sales: Macedonian Stamps, FDC's) .mk
  45. Sjoerd Jager [URL], .nl (Philately in the European Union)
  46. Socorro Rosow, Leonard and - A and R Worldwide (US, packets, topicals) .us-CA-la
  47. Soeren Jahn [URL], .de (ww)
  48. Soeren Nellemann [URL], @ (sales: WWII Military and Civil Censored Covers), .dk
    "I have more than 7.000 covers relating to WW2 .."
  49. Sonia McKay [URL], .gi (Gibraltar, Spain, GB)
  50. Sonny Mřller, .fo [URL] (ww)
  51. Stacey Sylvester - Sylvester Stamps and Covers of the World, .ca-
  52. Stan Goldfarb - Error Stamps, .us-MD
    xRef : Dealers : StampHall, .us-MO
    8520 Atwell Road Potomac, Maryland 20854, USA
    Ph 301-279-0754 / Fax 301-279-9490
    www.geocities.com/Eureka/Enterprises/6481 '404' c.2008, rescued c.2015 (data c.2001).
  53. Stan Steliga's NetChess - Play online chess (not philatelic)
  54. Stanley Jameson (Auction Agent) .us-FL 33731
  55. Stanley M. Piller and Associates (eBay Auction Agent) .us-CA 94610
  56. Stanley J. Richmond, @ - Daniel F. Kelleher Co., Inc. (Public Auctions; Est. 1885) .us-MA 02210
    E-mail only.
  57. Stanley Yip - Hong Kong Stamp Market (sales) .hk
  58. Stavanger Frimerke (Mynt, Telekort) .no
    dead: loevaas.norge.org
  59. Steen Hartman, .dk [URL] (Denmark, Greenland, Faroes, Germany)
  60. Steen Hřgfeldt, @ ( Censored Mail ; alt) [DN, EN] .dk (need addr)
    Cite: Clubs Alpha Index : C
  61. Steen J. Peterson [URL], .dk (Faroe Island)
  62. Stefan Mihaylov [URL] (Bulgaria, worldwide)
  63. Stefan Petriuk (Expertization: .pl) .de
  64. Stefanie Steidley [URL] (The [US] 1 Cent Franklin)
  65. Stephen K.Y. Cheung [URL] (Hong Kong, PR China, Macau, Taiwan, Canada) .hk
  66. Stephen Holder - H H Sales (Philatelic Literature) .uk-
  67. Stephen J. Osborne - Osborne-KaufmannTM, .uk-Scot, .us-DE
  68. Stephen P. Reedy, Gerald or - Stateside Stamps (ww; sets, singles, ss; cc) .us-MI 49631
  69. Stephen J. Sayer, .uk-AV
  70. Steve Chandler [URL] (Sales), .us-
  71. Steve Cohen - Philately Sites of Interest
    /~smcohen/, rutgers.edu
  72. Steve Malack [URL] (US specialist; incl. Coins) .us-
  73. Steve Rose [URL], @ (US wants/trades)
  74. Steve Sherman (ww)
  75. Steve Spoerl - No Limits Stamp Club (sales: WW; Used US, .au) .us-
  76. Steve Staton [URL] (ww)
  77. Steve Trussell - Chess on Stamps (Sports & Games)
  78. Steve Washburne [URL]
  79. Steve's Philatelic Page (US mint plate blocks)
  80. Steven Haddock [URL] (Approval and Exchange Service) - (ww) .ca-
  81. Steven McLachlan - Shades Stamp Shop Ltd. (incl. Antarctic, Greenpeace) .nz
  82. Steven Scott - The Stamp Centre, .uk-LO
  83. Stewart W. Robbins - Burpengary Stamps (.AU, PNG, auctions) .au-QLD 4505
  84. Sue Mertens - Director: London Stamp Exchange Ltd. (public auctions) .uk-ES rvw
  85. Suraj Jaitly [URL] (India, thematics)
  86. Susan E. Morton, U. S. Postal Service Crime Laboratory (Gannif Fakes case)
    Ref.: Topical Dir. : Transportation : By Air
  87. Susan Tucker (& Bobby Castle), S & C Stamps and Collectibles (Topicals, US, Canada, Disney) .us-OH
  88. Svein Bjerkolht [URL] (ww)
  89. Swamy Iyer - Asian Stamps (China, .jp, Korea, Manchukuo)
  90. Szi Min Yeap [URL]
  91. Szucs Karoly [URL] (Hungary, revenues)


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