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  1. Philatelic World
  2. Philately of the World
  3. Philately Sites of Interest - SM Cohen
  4. Private Treaty Stamp Trading - M C Strathdee
  5. P.A. Waddington, .uk-Wales
  6. Palsson Vigfus, .is (Iceland)
  7. Pam Penhey, Ray and - P. Penhey & Associates (sales: Br C'wealth) .uk-SU(?)
  8. Pamela Vogt (Auction Agent) .us-CA 94010
    cf.: Phillip Vogt
  9. Panayotis D. Cangelaris (Greece, Cyprus)
  10. Panos Ioannidis (Greece; Heres, local overprints) .gr
  11. Pascal Olivier Behn (Expertization: & Colonies) .fr
  12. Pasquale J Rinaldi (Auction Agent) .us-CT 06708
  13. Patricia Dollar Armstrong Philatelics, @ (Specializes in all US & Possessions incl. P/H) .us n/a
  14. Patricia (Trish) A. Kaufmann (consultant, Sales/Expertization: CSA) .us-DE
    Cite: Entities : US
  15. Patrick Hartnett - Shamrock Stamps (mixtures) .ca- ; No DNS 11/1
  16. Patrick Lehne - Japanese Stamps (sales) .us-
  17. Patrick Lam (Hong Kong)
  18. Patrick D Paxton- Paxton's Stamps (sales: WWF, wildlife) .us-CA 93298 - 9/1
  19. Patrick C. Pearson (RDP) (Expertization: .hk, .au-WA, .lk; Ceylon, .iq) .uk-SF
    Was: .uk-NF
  20. Patty Holt and Bill Wade - B and P Ltd. (Philately and Deliotology), .us-
  21. Paul Bouchard
  22. Paul Buchsbayew (Expertization) .us-NY
  23. Paul Chan - Chan and Tu's Philatelic Corner (Hong Kong, Macau, British Empire) .hk
  24. Paul Davies - Australian Football & Philately (Sports)
  25. Paul Edney - See: Dealers Index: Edney, Paul
    sells: France & Colonies, GB & C'wealth
    See Also: Stamp Shows Worlwide,
    Stamp Yellow Pages,
    Hawaii Postcard Club Hawai'i Post
  26. Paul J. Fusco - Fusco Auctions (and Auction Agent) .us-OH 44094
  27. Paul Hasse, .de
  28. Paul Herber (Scandinavia ; host societies etc), .uk-__
  29. Paul Hoyer (Auction Agent) .us-DE 19803
  30. Paul J. Lareau - Pitcairn Island Virtual Shopping Mall (Stamps & Postal material) .ca-
  31. Paul Marcano - Stampzonia Publishing (aka: Pacific Wholesale) .ca-BC
    residgned AskPhil (c.2000)  
  32. Paul den Ouden : Opera - A Philatelic History
    Cite: Topicals : Music
    Cite: Exhibits : Other
    Note: Paul is (was) the host of the ATA (American Topical Assoc.) website
  33. Paul Talbot (Mixtures, lots) .us-CT 06430
    82 Barlow Place, Fairfield
    Ref.: Postal Authorities: Andora (Andorra story)
    cf: Paul Talbot - Aztec Ranch, .us-
  34. Paul Walker - Hawthorn Stamp Sales (Territories, Pacific, wholesale) .au-VIC 3122
  35. Paul-Peter Jäschke (Expertization) .de
  36. Paolo Fontana, .it
  37. Paulo Sequeira, .pt (Portugal)
  38. Paolo Vollmeier (Expertization: .it) .ch
  39. Pedro Duarte - Illustrious Portuguese Navigators
  40. Peeter Krusten - sales: Estonian Stamps & Kiloware, .ee
    Peeter? v. Peter; ck
  41. Peng Lee (Australasia, coins/banknotes, p/h, p/s) .au-ACT 2601
  42. Peng Hian Tay (Expertization: Straits, Burma, East Indies) .sg
  43. Penny Wells - Hyde Park Stamps, .au-WA 6014
  44. Per Gummesson - Rolf Gummesson AB (Scandinavian Since 1939) .se
  45. Per Erik Nilsson - Ersta Stamp Department, .se
  46. Per Ronberg, .dk [PWO]
    Greenland WW2 Censor's & APO's [EN]
  47. Pete James - Awardmaster Philatelics (mall, online auctions +; PayPal) .us-TX
  48. Pete Walters (Boys' Brigade stamps)
  49. Peter G. Aitken, Dr - (deals: ww; Canada, Japan, Germany) .us-NC ; need addr
    Cite: Resources (a search engine, Stamps FAQ host, Scanning tips)
    Cite: Gen. Links : Newsgroups : Links
  50. Peter Bulloch - Bulloch VFNH (sells: finer Canadian) .ca-ON
  51. Peter Crichton, .uk (ships)
  52. Peter Darmietzel (Expertization) .de
  53. Peter van Esch - East Europe Philatelics (sales) .nl
  54. Peter Faure (sales) .mt
  55. Peter Gladman - Peter's Stamps, .uk-KT
  56. Peter Hagler - Stanley Lisica, (sales: GB, C'wealth) .us-MI 48047
  57. Peter Harlos (Expertization) .de
  58. Peter Hille (Expertization) .de
  59. Peter Holcombe (Expertization) .ch
  60. Peter Hunter (Private Stamp Collection for Sale) .uk-
  61. Peter Hornung
    Alt?/Diff? URL: International Peacekeeper's Mail - Peter Hornung
  62. Peter Jennings, Chairman: Millennium Commemorative Covers Ltd., @ (First Day and Commemorative Covers) .uk-BR B17 9JU
  63. Peter L. Johnson - Australian Philatelic Wholesalers Pty Ltd .au-Vic
  64. Peter Kavcic (scuba, underwater life)
  65. Peter Lazar - Official Halley's Comet Stamp Catalog, The - .us-
    http://philatelicholdings.com "No web site is configured at this address."
  66. Peter Marxer (Expertization) .li
  67. Peter Provinsky, Dr. (Expertization: German New Guinea) .de
  68. Peter Rennie (Auction Agent) .ca-QB H9J 1N5
  69. Peter Richardson (sales: Wants, PC's, P/H, .de: new issues, translations valuations) .uk-BR RG7 4EH - 9/1
  70. Peter Sem (Expertization) .de
  71. Peter Sihler, .de (Switzerland)
  72. Peter N. Spooner, Dale L. Williams and - American Stamp & Coin Co. (US & ww) .us-
  73. Peter Strich Stamps & Coins (Agent) .ua-VIC
  74. Peter Tichatzky, Dr. (Expertization: DDR: 1949-1960) .de
  75. Peter Whittaker Chalon Stamps (.nz, .au, GB and Pacific Islands) .nz
  76. Phil - 'Uncle' Phil - Philnet (WW: Kiloware, Topicals, books) .fr 31400, .us-NY 10594
    Uncle Phil says, "250 Mega Bytes of informations and images".
    ...looking for representative in your country .. ; cf /summary.html
    PhilNet [Mirror Site in French]. Also an English version
  77. Phil's Postal Page (Postal matters; stamp collectors, carriers, unions etc)
    Cite: Bibliography: Postal Authorities: See Also  
  78. Philip R. "Pib" Burns - Cryptozoology ; ck root
    Cite : Topicals : Fauna
  79. Philip Harper [aka King Kong] (The Author Anniversaries Pages, copyright data)
    (NOT philatelic) See : Topicals : The Arts : Literature : See Also
  80. Philip & Henry Stevens (sales: Postal Stationery) .us-NH 03809
  81. Philip Wolf - Select Stamps & Covers, @ (sales; Canada and Newfoundland) .ca-AB T2P 1G3
  82. Philipp Harder (Expertization: 1945-46 locals: Apolda, Fredsdorf) .de
  83. Philippe Potel, .fr (ww exhcanges)
    'Les Carnets d' Histoire Postale - Postal History Note-books' (links)
    BP 50 F-50380 St-Pair-sur-mer, France
    Tel: +33 (0)2 33 90 06 00 (fax possible)
    E-mail: [email protected]
  84. Phillip S. Vogt - Vogt Stamps (Auction Agent, sales) .us-CA 94010
    cf.: Pamela Vogt
  85. Pia Palmblad Wright, .dk (Danish FDC's, dogs on stamps)
  86. 'Pib' - See: Philip 'Pib' Burns
  87. Pickering, I.T. (Maltese Cross cancellations)
    via 'line-engraved.co.uk' - An online 'Museum'
    Ref.: UK Dealer menu, Ref.: UK Dlr: Mark Bloxham
  88. Pierre Alexis Messmer, .fr (European countries)
  89. Pierre Bauduin - Astrophilately - (sales)
    Cite: Topicals : Space
  90. Pierre Kaiser (Expertization: & Congo) .be
  91. Pierre Morillon - NetPhila (sales) .fr 33110
    aka 'PHILCOLEC'
  92. Pogu Zef (sales: Albanian Stamps & Coins) .al
  93. Poul-Erik Amby Christensen, .dk (Scandinavian)
  94. (oops) (Indian Postal Stationery)
  95. Pranay Aggarwal - Global Collector (sales) .us- (.uk-?) ('NO DNS' 10/1)
  96. Prashant H. Pandya [PWO] - .in
    Home Page [EN]
    Indian Postal Stationery []
  97. Predrag Zrinjscak (Expertization: .yu, .hz, Triest) .de
  98. Pvael Pittermann (Expertization) .cz


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